Jesus Audio Blog for Monday August 25th

The excitement mounts!  Here in the spiritual realms we are all agog as we observe the tremendous progress you are making as you power forwards towards your awakening.  It is so very close!  Keep shining your Light brightly as you hold determinedly to your intent to be loving in every moment, in every situation, and prepare yourselves for unbridled amazement and wonder when it happens, as it most surely will.  You are on course and on schedule for a great event that has been planned for eons.  You are at the forefront as it prepares to unfold, beautifully and very dramatically, for all of humanity who choose to be part of this momentous and uplifting move, away from the dark energies that have been so prevalent on planet Earth, and into the eternal Light of God’s infinite Love.

God’s Love is the infinite energy field in which all of creation is eternally enfolded.  There is nowhere else, and there is no need for anywhere else because your divine Source provides in infinite abundance all that you could possibly dream of, wish for, or desire as you use your brilliant creative capabilities to join with Him in endlessly expanding that creation.  There are no limits!  And yet there is nothing beyond our divine Source, the Source of all that exists and into which all is inextricably, freely, and lovingly integrated.  For you, presently experiencing scarcity and limitation within the illusion, this is a paradox of incomprehensible proportions.

However, deep within each one of you is the absolute knowing that you are each inseparable and essential parts or aspects of the divine energy field.  But because you chose to play games of separation, abandonment, heartache, and suffering within your unreal and illusory environment, you closed off, temporarily, your awareness of your divine and eternal nature.  It is as though the sacred flame of His Love, burning eternally within each one of you, had been hidden or covered over, leaving you apparently alone and abandoned in the strife-torn and fearful darkness of a cold and insensitive universe.  And your science, in its extremely limited perception, confirms that space is an extremely cold and forbidding place into which you would only venture at your peril, and, should you choose to do so, quite a pointless exercise 1) because you have neither the ability nor the technology to traverse any but the smallest portion of it, it being so vast, and 2) because your lives are far too short for you to have enough time to make any meaningful return journeys or forays out into its vastness.

Nevertheless, this is a totally incorrect assessment of your situation.  As divine beings, which you most certainly are, you were created free, free to explore the whole vastness of creation without let or hindrance, and in comparison your visible universe is like unto your backyard.  Temporarily, however, you chose to build an illusory and severely limited environment in which to play some rather insane games.  The initial excitement that this environment provided has long since faded away, and the realization that this is not God’s Will for you is now dawning.  Consequently you have collectively made the decision to let it dissolve back into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being, and so, inevitably, you will awaken.

If you could tune in to any of the infinite number of positive energy frequencies of the spiritual realms, which are boundless, you would be astounded by the ongoing and eternal creative enterprises in which you are all involved.  Even though it seems that you are earth-bound, encased in bodies that constantly limit you, you would be able to see the incredible and uncountable contributions that you are all making to the infinitely growing and expanding field of creation in moments when you are either sleeping, meditating, or just quietly relaxing without engaging with your fear-driven egoic minds.

You are all divine beings, and your true Home is in the infinitely varied and endless spiritual realms where there are no limits.  Anything you can imagine you can create and that will add to the divine and most beautiful energy field that is all that exists.  God’s Will in creating sentient life was to expand Reality and have all of you assist Him in filling the energy field that He had created with beautiful creations of your own.  And you are all inseparable parts of that divine Reality.  This expansion is a creative tour de force in which all sentient life is fully involved, joyfully and eternally.  As humans, in a state of limited and severely restricted consciousness, you can have no idea of the wonders that await your imminent awakening!

Creation, Reality, is an ongoing exercise in joy!  It is endlessly delightful, enticing, and entrancing, and Its sole purpose is in the pure joy of creating further wonders to amaze all who are part of it, all sentient life.  God is Love, an infinite and ever-expanding field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.  It is into that wondrous state that you are all shortly to awaken, whereupon you will truly know yourselves for the first time as brilliantly competent individual centers of intelligence who are at the same time One with your divine Source.

Within Reality there are no needs because you are all complete just as God created you, and so you are unlimited, untethered, and free to create as your moods and inspirations take flight, bringing into existence ever more brilliant demonstrations of the creative geniuses that your loving Father created when He created each one of you.  Creation is an ongoing and endless series of mind-blowing delights which will fill you constantly with joy as you forever expand your visions of what is possible.  And, of course, anything that you can envision is possible.

An exhilarating awakening experience is at hand, so hold your Light on high and prepare for boundless wonder as the limits that have bound you for so long fade away as you allow yourselves to be led forwards into this divine garden of enchanting beauty.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday August 23rd

We are surging forwards towards the moment of humanity’s awakening from the dream or nightmare in which it has seemingly been ensnared for eons.  It is difficult for you to imagine how very close that wondrous moment is.  You have had many disappointments and “false dawns” as you have waited longingly and hopefully for this promised event, and so you are wary of forecasts and prognostications such as this one.

Here in the spiritual realms part of our job is to encourage you to keep holding your divine Light on high because that is your task and it ensures that the awakening happens; and one way we do this is to offer you uplifting guidance about its proximity.  And it truly is very near!

All that you have to do is to continue holding on high the Light of Love from which you were created and in which you have your eternal existence.  Separation from It, from your divine Source, is not possible because to be separate you have to remove yourselves from the proximity of that from which you wish to be separated, and there is nowhere else, so your experiences of separation, aloneness, or abandonment are utterly illusory.

What is illusory is unreal, it is an hallucinatory state that you invented to pretend that separation was real, and you did your utmost to make it appear real by filling it with experiences that were totally alien to Reality – fear, pain, suffering, deceit, and betrayal – all surreal inventions that were in opposition to Love to which, as you well know, there is no possible opposite.

And you have had enough of unreality.  You, humanity, have collectively decided to release your hold on, your belief in this disquieting environment that has caused you so much fear, pain, and confusion, and return to your true and natural state at one with your ever loving Source.  To awaken is to wake from this long endured dream of poverty, scarcity, danger, and solitariness into the ecstasy and joy of your eternal Home.  The time for disturbing and painful games has passed, the last remnants of those “games”are occurring as I talk to you.  Do not attempt to understand them, they are incomprehensible, just let them go, along with all the beliefs and attitudes that sustain them.

Your way Home is through your hearts, not through logic or reason which are important instruments for use only in the illusion where there is constant confusion and misunderstanding and an apparent urgent need to make clear.  In Reality all is clear, utterly clear, all is known thus making reason and logic meaningless tools that have no purpose, as you will discover to your delight and amazement.

When your awakening occurs, as it will very shortly, a great clarity will fill your minds as a full understanding of your human life’s purpose is revealed to you, and a sense of unconditional acceptance and Love will embrace and delight you.  Your long held hopes and dreams will be mightily and eternally delivered on a far grander scale than you can possibly imagine, as all your fears and anxieties dissolve into nothingness.

You will be Home, and you will recognize and remember how you belong here as you are welcomed into the wonder of these heavenly realms.  We, too, will be filled with joy and wonder as we observe you observing the marvels that surround you, and seeing your realization that it truly matters not how long you have spent in the illusion because you were at all times homewards bound, and because your return was inevitable.  Your arrival will totally resolve and remove any remaining traces of the time you spent apparently lost, confused, and seemingly alone and so often suffering in that strange and often threatening environment.

Your arrival is excitedly anticipated here because we can see that it is indeed absolutely inevitable.  To you, still seemingly endlessly anchored in the illusion, the prospect of awakening into Reality is something for which you yearn!  And that intense desire is one of the thoughts, one of the powerful intentions that is impelling you forwards on your journey back to your Source.  The, as you might describe it, intense magnetism of of God’s Love for you is irresistible, It is drawing you onwards resolutely, and with purposeful and unwavering determination.

The illusion is an egoic construct, and the ego’s intent is separation so that you are endlessly enslaved in its unreal world of fear, distrust, betrayal, and confusion where it rules supreme.  But of course the ego is unreal!  It is terrified that you will realize this and therefore also realize that it is an incredibly divisive aspect of yourselves that you can instantly discard and then lovingly reintegrate into your whole Selves where it truly belongs.

The ego is part of the illusion, but it is a part that you invented from within yourselves because you seemingly needed it to protect you from all the dangers and threats with which the illusory environment surrounded you.  Indeed it has been useful to you as a helpmate in the physical tasks with which you needed to deal as a human.  Unfortunately it has always assumed that you are under attack or about to be under attack, and so its motives have been defensive and mistrustful, of you, and of humanity at large.

Remember, the ego is a collective entity that expresses the general beliefs and concerns of humanity, while at the same time doing its best to convince each individual that this general perception is absolutely valid.  It has succeeded, and as a result you have wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on drunk driving, wars on illiteracy, wars on crime, wars on terrorism . . . on and on, nothing but wars!  And of course they all seem perfectly valid to the ego driven world of the illusion.

In the last twenty years or so, however, the applicability of the term “war on . . . ” has been increasingly questioned, and in many cases discarded as utterly inappropriate.  That is a sign that the ego is losing its grip, that humanity is uncovering its true nature – Love – and is beginning to respond to the problems and issues that disturb you and alienate you one from another by listening to the differing perceptions that until very recently served only to drive you apart and into opposing warring factions.  The insanity of that approach to problems is at last very clear as you observe the intense suffering that it has caused over the eons.

Humanity is growing up and letting go of its ego-driven behaviors and attitudes that may be appropriate in three year olds as they learn to cope with the insanity of the illusion in which they find themselves, and have to engage with others at the same level of intellectual development.  But, after a few bruising encounters, anyone with any sense, any true awareness, realizes that war is most definitely not the answer to any disagreement whatsoever, whether as little children in pre-school relationships, or as fully grown adults in nation to nation relationships.

War does not work!  It never has, and finally that is being accepted as a scientifically proven fact, even though the scientists in the arms industries and the politicians that support them might choose to disagree.  However their influence is fading very rapidly.  People are asking with grave concern why it is that in a world where unnecessary poverty is endemic nations are spending inordinate amounts of money on weapons.  And of course the answer to that is “Because those who would engage in war and in the manufacture of armaments are attempting to place themselves above humanity, and protect their favored and elitist positions by the use of police and military forces that are answerable only to them.”

Well, the time for those kinds of shenanigans is over.  Those who would control and suppress the mass of humanity have lost control!  Humanity has turned to Love, is opening its collective heart to engage once more with its true nature, and so the moment for your inevitable awakening draws ever closer.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Peace meditation

Hi Friends, Readers, and Listeners,

Quite recently I mentioned a World Peace Meditation for Friday August 15th 2014 that I had heard about.  I then tried Googling for it and found NONE!

So, OK.  The 15th of August is a day for honoring Mother Mary in memory of her bodily assumption into heaven to be reunited with her son Jesus, some 2000 years ago.  From her heavenly home she is constantly watching over us most lovingly, responding to each and every individual or collective call that we make to her, because she is also our mother.  And that is one of the reasons that we honor her on this day.  We could think of it as “Mother’s Day” for our Mother Mary.

Well, we all know that we NEED a collective human change of heart here on Earth now to finally bring to an end the eons of suffering, betrayal, torture, conflict, and war in which we have engulfed ourselves.  Mother Mary can and will help us with this if we ask her humbly and sincerely.

Now that we have moved firmly into the New Golden Age let us all open our hearts in LOVE, and with the power that that provides spend 30 minutes in meditation together on this Friday, August 15th 2014, intending to be in her presence and holding the intent to love, honor, respect, and forgive one another for all the hurts that we think and believe we have been subjected to, and by doing so bring lasting peace to our earthly home.

Only by forgiving ourselves and one another can we move forward to experience the peace, joy, and happiness that this New Age is offering us.  It is there waiting for us to accept it.  And to accept what is offered means that we each have to release our individual hold on anger, resentment, judgment, and condemnation of others, and our belief that we are entitled to restitution for the pain that we have experienced.

We are mirrors to one another, so what I believe I have suffered at the hands of another is really what I have inflicted upon myself, appearing as a lesson for me so that I may learn to forgive both myself and others.  To forgive brings peace, it truly does!  So let us all join in a holy meditation and forgive everyone, and then experience the wonderful, the absolutely amazing peace that ensues.  It is we who are changing the world, moving it towards unconditional Love and Peace, OR towards more anger hate, and resentment depending on whether we open our hearts to accept and share Love, or close them by holding on to grudges, distrust, and a desire for vengeance and restitution.

I shall spend 30 minutes in meditation this Friday from 12.00 noon, East Coast or New York time, holding this intent, and I invite you to join with me.  Each one taking part increases the power of Love that we embrace and share . . . exponentially!   So let’s do it.  AND, as time is of the illusion, if you are unable to meditate at that illusory time, know that just by making the intent to be a part of this group meditation your period of meditation, at any time that works for you, will effectively occur in the now moment when we all meditate.

Love and hugs to you all,



Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday August 13th

The pace of the awakening process continues to accelerate, as more and more of you make a point of meditating daily with the intent that the Tsunami of Love penetrates every heart and brings peace to mankind.  You are ready for peace, you have been for a number of decades, but the old order, which grew up in strife and conflict, was not willing to give up the power with which conflict provided it.  However, the number of members of that old order remaining on Earth is greatly reduced, as is their influence, and as ever more of their secrets are revealed their support among the populace continues to fall away.  They will either allow Love into their hearts or move on because their warlike intentions can no longer fit with humanity’s collective intention for world peace.  Humanity has finally realized that force of arms, war, cannot lead to peace, and will not therefore countenance any more wars.

You know that you are presently enveloped in the Tsunami of Love, but you have absolutely no idea of Its immense power!  Do not be swayed into hopelessness or depression by the horrifying news of conflicts worldwide, because the Love field, in which all is contained, is steadily and irreversibly calming the minds and hearts of those who would engage in further conflict.  The time for conflict is past!  The New Golden Age, which was initiated on Earth on December 21st/22nd 2012, is now most firmly and incontrovertibly established, consequently no new major conflicts can arise anywhere on Earth purely because the collective will of humanity has moved from fear to love, and as a result peace will ensue.

You can all assist this move into peace, harmony, acceptance, forgiveness, and LOVE by intensifying your will to peace whenever you meditate.  And, do not forget to participate in the Peace Meditation on Friday August 15th, the date on which the Roman Catholic Church commemorates my mother Mary’s bodily assumption into Heaven.  Because that date is so widely known and honored the collective power of your intent for peace is vastly magnified on that day.

Make it a further tipping point in bringing peace to all nations, cultures, political organizations, religious organizations, families, and one on one relationships.  Let everyone of you embrace unconditional acceptance and forgiveness as you meditate, because it is up to each human to change him or herself and that change will encourage and enable the world to change to reflect that intention.  Refusing to forgive, holding on to resentment and a desire for restitution, drains your individual energy fields, builds a fortress of defenses around you through which your essential needs are unable to approach you, because you are closing yourselves off from Love, the Source of life.

Love offers you infinite abundance, but you have to allow It to suffuse and possess you by releasing from yourselves anything that is not in alignment with It.  You can do this because deep within yourselves you do know that resentment and a desire to see others punished for the pain and suffering you believe that they have caused you only intensifies your own suffering.  Listen to your hearts, they will guide you Home!

Love never condemns or punishes, It cannot because to do so is totally alien to It’s nature, God’s Nature!  You are, each and every sentient being, an aspect of God, and so those drives to judge, condemn, or punish are in truth utterly alien to you.  When you cling to them peace and happiness desert you, because, as you engage with and encourage fear and hate into your lives to pursue those unloving ends, you drive out Love.  While pursuing those ends, you have to maintain your focus on how wrong those who have hurt you are, and how much they need to be punished for you to find peace.  But, even if your desires for restitution are delivered, you do not find peace because you are still left with endless resentment for what you see and experience in the present as suffering unjustly and unfairly inflicted upon you in the past.  To focus on memories of suffering that you have undergone prevents you from enjoying the present moment, the only moment that exists, and just prolongs your suffering.  Let them go and enjoy the peace and relief from stress that doing so provides.

Most of you, as you grew from childhood into adulthood, grew up in a world where God was believed to watch over your every thought, word, and deed.  You were frequently taught to fear this powerful Being from whom you could hide nothing, and who could and would condemn you to eternal suffering in hell unless you took great care to follow incomprehensible rules and regulations that your parents, priests, and teachers informed you were God’s Will for you.  That upbringing has scarred all who experienced it, no matter which religion they were born into, and the residue of that tender scar tissue is where those rules and regulations abide ingrained, still retaining the power to fill you with a sense of guilt and unworthiness.

When you meditate bring your guilt and unworthiness to your holy altar and release them into God’s loving embrace which will utterly dissolve them.  You were created perfect to live in joy for all eternity because all that God creates is created in Love, where all of creation has its eternal and ever-present existence.  That is where each one of you has always existed and will forever exist.  The guilt, pain, suffering, and fear that presently plague your lives are unreal as you will see with astonishing clarity when you awaken once more into your natural and fully conscious state.

God LOVES you in a manner that is incomprehensible to you as you sleep your way through the illusion, experiencing all these sensations that are anathema to Love.  It is only a dream or nightmare, however painful and frightening it may seem to be, and you will awaken from it.  Ask for a Love squeeze every time you enter your quiet place of inner peace, that sacred sanctuary where the inextinguishable flame of God’s Love was placed at the moment of your creation, and relax into the divine embrace that awaits you there.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog forSunday August 10th

There is a very intense energy field enveloping Earth at present as those in the spiritual realms boost the power of the Tsunami of Love to unprecedented levels.  There is an enormous energy push going on as the move into full consciousness gathers momentum and many of you are feeling tired, worn out, and exhausted as a result of this; it is tough on your bodies.  Although it does not feel very comfortable it is having an extremely positive effect all across the globe, especially as it combines with the energies of those meditating and intending to embrace and share the Tsunami of Love as they pray and intend for peace on Earth.

You all incarnated to be a part of humanity’s awakening process, and that process is now at a very critical and important phase.  What each one of you is doing is absolutely vital to the process, even though you maybe almost completely unaware of what it is you are doing.  The fact of your just choosing to be incarnate on Earth at this time, your quiet presence without any obvious – to you, or to anyone else – personal spiritual agenda is in itself an enormously powerful force that is assisting in bringing the awakening process to fulfillment.

No one is ever on Earth as a human by chance, coincidence, or accident.  No one is saying “Oops, what on Earth am I doing here?” – that thought may have occurred, but it will have been dismissed because of that deep inner knowing that you are definitely here with a divine purpose.  Even though it seems that vast numbers of millions, even billions of humans have absolutely no idea what life on Earth is about every single one presently on Earth absolutely did make the truly inspired choice to be here now.  The fact that they have forgotten making that choice does not negate it, and that is why it is essential for those of you who do have a slight awareness of the divine purpose that is being fulfilled on Earth in this and every now moment must absolutely refrain from judging or condemning anyone.  Everyone has a role in the awakening process, even if that role is to remain asleep!

One of the major difficulties for those of you who are spiritually inclined, spiritually motivated, or somewhat spiritually aware is that for the most part you cannot access your memories of the intentions that you set for yourselves before you arrived on Earth as humans.  You know that life has a meaning, a very important meaning, and so you go searching for it – studying religious texts, studying other religions, studying other cultures, studying shamanic rituals, seeking guidance from someone who appears more spiritually conscious and “holy” than yourself – but, as many of you now understand, that meaning can only be found by yourselves within yourselves.  It is your inextinguishable inner Light, hidden under the veil of the illusion, and that veil is slipping!

Seeking for life’s meaning can definitely help you, because it will bring to your awareness the ineluctable truth that what you seek is within you.  Frequently, however, that is a very hard truth to accept because most of you have been inculcated with a powerful sense of unworthiness – others maybe worthy, but I am not!  Eventually your persistence pays off, because your spiritual intent along with the intent you made before incarnating leads you to an awareness that you are indeed a spiritual being having a temporary human experience, and that you are eternally one with God, the Source, the divine field of existence from which you have never been separated.  You become aware that God does Love you eternally and unconditionally, even though you do not feel it fully, you just know that this must be so because you realize that God, the Supreme Intelligence, is unconditional Love.  When this awareness arrives, quite suddenly or by slowly seeping into your consciousness, it is indeed most comforting and brings with it a lasting sense of peace.

When doubts arise, as they surely do for everyone, go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, and intentionally and determinedly ask your spiritual friends, guides, mentors, angels, me, in fact anyone here in the spiritual realms whom you feel at home with and comfortable addressing, for a powerful and loving hug or squeeze, and allow yourself to feel it, because it will be given instantly.  You are not alone, abandoned, or forgotten, ever.  You are constantly held in full awareness by all in the spiritual realms, where you are greatly honored for the enormous and demanding task that you have undertaken so willingly and enthusiastically.

In this period of great stress on Earth, with new and frightening dramas unfolding daily, just know that the divine plan is unfolding perfectly.  What you experience, physically or emotionally, is a major aspect of the ongoing clearing process that is leading you all to your awakening, which is inevitable because it is divinely assured.  Hang in there!  You are doing an extraordinary job of immense importance which you cannot fail to complete with outstanding success.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Thanks to Anny for this heads up! And to Goldenageofgaia from where I copied and pasted these details. Definitely one to be a part of. John.

Deepak Chopra Peace Meditation August 8, 2014

Spiritual health advocate and author Deepak Chopra is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the largest meditation during the Seduction of Spirit retreat in Toronto. Thanks to Julie.

Chopra has long touted the many personal benefits of meditation. Now, he’s hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the largest collective meditation.

Chopra will be leading the record-breaking attempt from Toronto, where he is attending his biannual seven-day meditation gathering.

On Friday, Aug. 8 at noon, Chopra wants to bring together retreat participants with thousands more participants online for a collective meditation. Participants can log in online to watch alive stream of the guided meditation which will feature a performance by Indie Arie.

In order to break the world record, at least 15,000 people need to participate, but organizers say that shouldn’t be a problem: 40,000 have already registered to take part online.

The event is being called the Global Meditation for Peace, and Chopra says the idea is to harness the power of a collective focus on the same goal.

“What we hope is to create that critical mass of peace consciousness,” he told CTV’s Canada AM Tuesday.

With so many conflicts dominating headlines recently, Chopra says the aim of the meditation is to promote peace in the same way that Mahatma Gandhi encouraged others to “be the change that you wish to see” in the world.

“So if you want love in the world, you have to be loving. If you want peace in the world, you have to be peaceful,” he said.

Chopra, a former physician, says he believes in the health and wellbeing benefits of meditating alone, but that gathering together to meditate is even more powerful.

“There is scientific data that if a group of people meditate — even a group of two together — the effects are magnified. And you can see that on brainwaves on EEG. So yes, it can be private but it can also be collective,” he said.

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, which Chopra co-founded in 1996 in California, says it selected Toronto to host the Global Meditation “based on the strong connection Torontonians have to both meditation and yoga.”

Sign up for the meditation here:  http://globalmeditation.chopra.com

If the following resonates with you, then go for it!


Shared message from Pat Mcabe:

Dear Special Lightworkers,
On July 30, through www.stage2omega.com, Dave Schmidt presented a thought provoking talk on his blog/talk radio.  After carefully considering his well-thought-out ideas, I wondered how I could help all of us find the way to cure this problem.  I thought about trying to create a world meditation for the 15th of August, the day of our Blessed Mother’s Assumption into heaven.
Allowing a day or two for answers to come, while meditating last week on the I AM Presence and the Violet Flame I was “impressed” to use the most powerful tool we light workers possess.  The Violet Flame, of course.
I am the webmaster for Russ Michael’s Blog/web site, www.healingpyramidenergy.com so I checked with him, and he was thrilled – he is also a Violet Flame follower.  I then asked St. Germain to guide my creation and thus we created a page called Manifest with the violet flame on the HPE web site.
With each of your help we could actually have that “world meditation” one person at a time until a new consciousness is created as in the 100th monkey.  I have plenty of sites and email addresses to call on but if you like and approve of our new page, would you be precious enough to send a brief note to all your members and other spiritual webs you know of about this enormously important action that needs to be taken asap.
Thank you and just follow the healing pyramid energy link and the first blog page will lay the ground work for you then just follow the link as directed.
I love you all for helping, blessing and much light,
Pat Mcabe.

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