Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday November 22nd.

Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Saturday November 22nd 2014. Today he is once again talking to us about the closeness of our awakening. Again I will share with you our complete communication.

Jesus Blog # 239 for ​Saturday November 22nd 2014. Channeled Friday November 21st 2014 17.10.

Me:  Good evening Dear Jesus.  Thank you very much for your last message.  Is this a good time to start a new one?  I think I’m relaxed enough if you are free and willing.

Jesus:  Good evening John.  Yes I’m ready, willing, and enthusiastic about the idea.  There is so much to tell because so much is happening.  Yes, it really is.  Glorious delight is in store for you all SOON!

Me:   Well, there has been so much disappointment that it’s now way past the time to reverse the flow and give everyone an amazing and uplifting Thanksgiving!  Please go ahead, SURPRISE me.  Yes, there is a touch of cynicism there.  Forgive me, but in human 3d terms it seems that we have been waiting forever and forever!

Jesus:  The event for which you have all been waiting so patiently and hopefully is very nearly upon you.  Amazing developments have occurred over the last few days and those who would maintain the status quo – poverty, misery, suffering, and enslavement of all but a tiny “elite” – have lost their influence and their power to control events.  Yes, that has happened.  The old order is crumbling away rapidly, and with them the structures that have kept humanity tied to the treadmill of work and debt.  I feel your strong doubts, but I assure you that amazing developments have taken place, and what they entail will very shortly be widely published for all to see.

The Tsunami of Love, as you have been told, is extremely powerful and has enveloped all in its loving embrace, and the inevitable results of being held in that embrace are soon to be revealed to an astonished world.  It’s power is GENTLE but totally pervasive, none have escaped its enthusiastic and uplifting influence, all hearts have opened to it and been inspired.  Love is now the predominant energy being experienced and felt all across the entire planet.  Despite the mainstream media reports of escalating conflict in many parts of the world – political, military, religious, and financial – this is not the real situation at all.

There is a desperate effort being made by those who have been in control of the world’s resources – the political powers (not the elected representatives who are nearly all in the service of the insanely wealthy), industrial powers, military powers, andcontrollers of earth’s energy resources – to convince you that nothing has changed by using the mainstream media, which they own, to distribute their messages of alarm threatening impending doom unless you support them.  But due to the freedom of expression and the flow of information through the world wide web these efforts are failing dismally.  The mainstream media will not for much longer be playing the tunes that the dark ones order them to play.

In fact the tunes are already changing.  Listen . . ! Watch . . . ! and be uplifted, because the controllers have finally lost control, they know it, and they are stunned.  They truly believed that nothing would change unless they ordered it, and they are now finding daily that this arrogant presumption is utterly wrong.  It is very difficult for them to understand because they have held the reins of power on Earth for so long that they believed themselves invincible.  Hidden in darkness, manipulating and controlling nations, multi-national organizations, political parties, and religious establishments, they believed that no one could threaten them, let alone unseat them.  They are now realizing that their moment has come and gone, that their deceit and corruption has been uncovered and publicized, and that no one will raise a finger to support or protect them from public notoriety as their crimes against humanity are made known to all.

However, this is not a time for condemnation and punishment, because those who have abused you, and who have abused your trust in them are, themselves, very severely damaged souls who need your compassion.  Not to offer it is basically an attempt to replace them with others who are apparently of the Light and who will judge and condemn them to the delighted cries of the masses, and in so doing take their places.  If this happens their Light will fade rapidly as the power they suddenly find themselves holding corrupts them absolutely.  But that will not happen.

The way forwards, as always, is in Love.  Anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love is unreal, corrupting, and corruptible.  As the old order falls rejoice, but do not attempt to replace it, no matter how seductive and enlightened the offered replacements appear to be.  A very wise man some years ago wrote a book called “Small is Beautiful,” and on Earth this is a truism that has been neglected, ignored, denied, and ridden over roughshod with disastrous results for humanity and the planet.

Now is the time for communities to come together to resolve all their local issues in a wise and loving fashion.  With loving intent, honesty, and integrity on all sides this can be achieved very easily indeed, because all issues are local issues.

However, when they are raised to international status, as has often happened, they become insoluble, because along the way they collect detritus of a most unsavory nature – hidden agendas, divisive agendas, corrupt agendas, good but unworkable intentions, and multitudinous lobbying then occurs to distract and divert attention from those original issues.  If issues are easily resolved those who gain from drawing them out lose out, so it is very much in the interests of the wheelers and dealers, the lobbyists, to turn local issues into regional, national, or international issues that apparently require “supermen” or “superwomen” of great intelligence to resolve them.

Release your beliefs that others of greater intelligence are needed to organize and run human society in a safe and civilized fashion through the power which you invest in them when you mistakenly give them yours.  All that they will do, as they have done in the past, is establish a system that grants them privileges, claiming them as their right for establishing and maintaining order in society which they insist will collapse without their presence and wisdom.  This is a fallacy!  History shows this very clearly.

But humans through the ageshave happily given their power away as they did not wish to bother with their communal responsibilities, being either too busy with their own selfish agendas, or too busy eking out a living because in their impoverishment all their efforts and energy were required to do just that.

This is no longer to be the case.  All will be provided for most abundantly with everything they need to maintain a comfortable and satisfying lifestyle, thus freeing them to develop their individual creative talents for their own enjoyment and for the benefit of all.  The time has come for you to truly live free and follow your bliss.  When the interminable stress and anxiety of survival as presently experienced by the vast majority of humanity is removed people will start to uncover an amazing array of creative talents, talents that most of them were totally unaware that they possessed.

That is what the Golden Age is all about – living in perpetual peace and security because the energy field in which you are all totally and eternally enveloped is Love, which always provides for you abundantly.  In that state of utter and unrestricted freedom to be yourselves your talents will blossom as you discard the masks you felt you had to present to the world to be acceptable to it.  You will realize that you are acceptable, infinitely acceptable, and that that has always been the case, and your joy will be boundless as you interact freely and creatively with all your brothers and sisters in a grand and ongoing extremely creative celebration of life.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday November 16th

(Dear Readers, Good News, the audio has now uploaded, John)
Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you also have your eternal existence, even if you are temporarily unaware of this truth, we are observing with joy your continuing magnificent progress towards the moment of your awakening. As we have often told you, and as I repeat now “There will be no delays!” God’s plan is always perfectly on schedule and on time, although for you who are “seemingly” limited by and locked into the illusion, and who have been following with hope the various uplifting messages relayed to you over the eons by many holy channels, it does appear that nothing much is changing on Earth.

Many of you who have experienced PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are aware that it can be intensified by recurring nightmares of a quite horrific nature, further stressing you out because there is no escape from it, even in sleep. The illusion is a similar nightmare for many of you – on top of any new PTSD that may have been caused by traumas during your current earth lives – in so far as it is ongoing with very little sign that it is only a nightmare, because it appears to be so real and because you do not seem able to awaken from it. However, you do get some respite when you sleep, because your higher Self withdraws you from your body for brief periods to recuperate at night so that you can carry on with the human life path that you have chosen to follow this time around.

Yes, for many of you this particular life time is intensely stressful and unsettling because it appears even more real than previous ones. This is because over the eons you have accumulated much negative karma all of which needs to be addressed and released in this life time so that you can move forwards to your awakening as divinely planned and intended. When you chose this particular incarnation you knew it would be very hard work, very demanding, and very stressful, but with much forethought and with some extremely wise guidance to help you in your choice, you decided that it was the best path for you in this now moment. Having to accept amnesia as part of the deal does not make it any easier for you.

However, all on Earth are doing sterling work and making tremendous and most effective efforts to collectively bring humanity to its moment of awakening, and you will succeed most wonderfully. You are receiving an amazing amount of help from your brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms, and the Light of Love burning powerfully at the deepest center of your individual divine beingness is nourishing you, and encouraging you forwards. Failure to awaken is neither an option nor even a remote possibility. Keep reminding yourselves of this truth, especially when you feel weary, or when doubts and anxieties plague you. You most definitely are achieving what you set out to do, and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal.

You need to keep reminding yourselves that you are immortal; perfect divine beings created by your loving Father to enjoy eternally the gifts with which He showered you when He created you. Gifts that enable you to create as He does. Yes, you do have the power to create! He created you and then gave to you every part or aspect of Himself; He made you equal to Him so that you could engage fully with Him in all your creative endeavors. There is no hierarchy in Heaven because all are One.

Of course you then used your limitless freedom to build a severely limited and imaginary environment in which to play your games of separation, separation from the Source that maintains you eternally alive and abundantly well. Not a terribly good idea. But God knew that you would quickly learn that it had been unwise to discard the wonderful gifts with which He had endowed you, by placing yourselves in a spartan environment with very tight restraints on your freedom of movement, and that you would quickly start to seek your way Home. Those gifts await your willingness to reclaim them, and they will assist you on your homewards journey.

No longer able to roam freely throughout all of creation, you began to get irritated with one another, blaming one another for the situations in which you found yourselves – cold, wet, hungry, and fearful – having totally forgotten that you had made this unwelcoming environment and the weak and feeble bodies in which you had enclosed yourselves.

Yes, amnesia is part of the illusion, a part that adds to its seeming reality for you. If you could remember God and Heaven the illusion would not work, and you very much wanted it to work, until it did! Then you seemingly found yourselves alone, cold, lost, confused, and frightened. You had forgotten Love. You desperately wanted Love, wanted to be loved because you felt so empty and unfulfilled without It. But you had forgotten what It was, you just knew that something was seriously wrong, something of great importance was missing, but you knew not what. You entered into relationships in the hope of finding that missing aspect of life in another, and that other sought it in you.

But of course It was within you, always! Not outside, in someone else who might be persuaded to give It to you. But you were blind to that Truth, and in your misery you turned on one another, or gathered in like minded groups for support, and fought those whom you saw as different from you, and therefore a threat to you that must be destroyed.

All your personal spiritual guides, and all the loving ones who channel guidance from the masters in the spiritual realms keep telling you that the way out of the illusion is to embrace Love, and only Love. There is nothing else. But still many of you have trouble with this “concept.” Within the illusion to rely on Love appears to be insane, an open invitation to others to rob you of all your worldly goods. And nearly all the business organizations on the planet are set up with the express intention of destroying other businesses and taking over their domains.

But, there are no worldly goods! Anything of a worldly nature, anything that has form, physical substance, exists only temporarily, and as soon as it is made or constructed it starts the process of its decay. It seems to you that the visible Universe, having existed for 13.7 billion years, is extremely old, but in truth that is but a blip, less even than a second or two as compared to eternity. It is just that as humans you experience life as very short, passing by very quickly, and in relation to the Universe your life spans are as nothing, unnoticeable in the larger scheme of things. But this is precisely the kind of separation you were seeking to experience when you constructed the illusion. And it is overwhelming for you to attempt to imagine your place and your importance – and you most certainly do want to be important – in the seemingly vast Universe of which you are each such small insignificant particles, existing for but a most fleeting moment on the enormous wheel of time.

So, be glad that it is all nothing but an illusion, an illusion that you built for yourselves and which you maintain by your belief in it! If this was not the case then your future would indeed be bleak. However, there is no future, and there is no past, there is only the eternal now moment in which all of God’s divine creation is eternally present in infinite joy. Your unavoidable destiny is to awaken and re-engage with your loving Source and experience that unutterable joy.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Friday November 7th

The event for which you are all waiting – humanity’s move into full consciousness, its awakening, its ascension – draws ever closer.  I know you are becoming tired of hearing this kind of message, you want results, not rhetoric.  Well, time is of the illusion, and although you experience it moving sequentially and at a relatively constant rate, this is not the reality of it.  There are very few of you who have not been aware of time speeding up when you are enjoying yourselves, and of it slowing down when you are in pain.  Time, like the illusion of which it is a major aspect, is purely subjective!  That is probably difficult for you to accept or understand, and yet everything that you are aware of, that you experience is most definitely subjective.

Ice cream, a dream, an illness, are all deeply subjective experiences – the joy you get from eating ice cream is not provided by watching someone else eat it!  But your scientists have for many years been discarding subjective evidence, claiming that it is inadmissible as proof of an event, and demanding objective proof in order for them to validate it.  But objective proof is still subject to their subjective opinions – needless to say their “expert” opinions – as to whether or not it is valid.  And over the years many proofs that those scientists have validated have later turned out to be invalid.

You, each one of you, and God are One.  Scientific proof of this truth is not available and never will be, only subjective proof is available.  Only a few of you have had this most wonderful and ecstatic experience, and it did not last.  In human form, embodied, you could not undergo this state of extremely heightened and intense energy for more than a few moments or your bodies would just dissolve, disintegrate, or burn up.  However, once experienced, this experience is never forgotten, because it is utterly beyond any state that you could ever imagine, utterly REAL, and completely unforgettable.

Those who have had such an experience often attempt to describe it in words, but quickly admit that to do so is impossible.  But the changes that occur within them as a result – their attitudes, their behaviors, their increased wisdom, and their uncomplaining acceptance of life in whatever form it unfolds for them – is immediately apparent to all who know them.  And for many that is more than sufficient proof of the existence of an infinitely loving God in which all that exists is contained.  Within the illusion the only proof of the Reality of God, of His eternal existence, is personalsubjective experience, or acceptance of the validity of another’s personal subjective experience.

Once you accept that proof into your hearts you discover or realize that no other proof is necessary, and a great weight is lifted from you as you relax into the knowing that God is All, and that you are an eternally inseparable part of Him.  Your Oneness with Source is a deep inner certainty, a knowing that nothing and no one can invalidate.  If you want further confirmation from your 3D environment then read some of the reports from those who have had NDEs (near death experiences), and be inspired and uplifted. None who have had NDEs have any fear of death, nor do they have any desire for an early termination of their human existence.  They know they are on their path, and they surrender totally to God as they go about their daily human lives, doing His Will by being, sharing, and extending the Love that He offers to all.

So, to repeat, the event draws ever closer!  All that you need do is to accept that divine guarantee, and then go lovingly about your daily busyness or chores.  The important word there is “lovingly.”  To lovingly go about your daily lives is all that God asks of you.  He does not ask or demand that you change the world, because to attempt to do that is to engage with the illusion and attempt to solve insoluble problems with your human intellect, and that cannot be done.

However, if you go lovingly about your day, every day, you will perceive that the world around you is changing.  If you go forth lovingly you will experience love, and if you go forth fearfully you will experience fear.  Up until very recently people whose intent was to be loving used to find their intent oscillating regularly between love and fear as they listened to their friends and relatives and occasionally heard some good news, or listened to the news media and heard of disasters and catastrophes.

Now, enveloped in the Tsunami of Love as you are, you have unprecedented assistance to maintain a loving intent in every moment.  All in the spiritual realms are now over-lighting you 24/7 because the moment for your awakening is exceedingly close.  The Ocean of Love that is following closely behind the Tsunami that leads It is vast, unstoppable, and very close!  Love is momentous, it absolutely overwhelms all in Its path, and all that exists is always in Its path.

Within the illusion that you built and entered by means of your powerful imaginations, you chose to exclude God, the Source of your eternal existence, thereby excluding Love.  But Love is always knocking on the door, the door of your heart, because It wants to fill you with the joy and ecstasy that only It can provide.  And when you open to It, as soon you will, you will find yourselves instantly AWAKE.

You cannot avoid Reality, your heavenly Home, because you are always within It.  The pretence that you have been maintaining – that you live in world that is a real and threateningly dangerous place – is dissolving under the enormous amount of evidence proving it to be unreal.  You are in the process of returning to your natural state of eternal joy because that is your will and God’s.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday November 4th

Enormous changes are afoot!  All across the world . . . your world . . . Gaia, the attitudes of the collective are continuing to soften as the Tsunami of Love flows around you, enveloping and embracing you, while further intensifying in every moment.  It is totally irresistible because It is bringing to your awareness your real nature, your Oneness with God in the infinite abundance of His energy field which, as you have been told so often, and as you know deep within yourselves, is LOVE.  There is only Love, anything else that seems to be or to exist is unreal, illusory, and is decaying.

The illusion is only maintained by your collective intent and effort, and that intent is steadily weakening, as is the strength of your collective effort to continue maintaining it, as more and more of you focus on being only loving, because you are realizing that nothing else works.  Humanity has just come through a vast shift in awareness due to that realization, and you will not now be able to fall back into your old and unloving ways that have for eons brought so much confusion and anxiety into your lives.

The Love that is your true nature can no longer be concealed under a cloak of darkness because the glory of Its brilliance is dissipating or dissolving that dark cloak.  Since entering into the illusion and engaging with it you have all always sought Love, but until recently you were not really aware of this because the illusion hid from you the nature of Love, your true nature, instead offering you a very minimal form of acceptance or approval if you accepted the rules of the game – every man for himself, you have to be strong to survive, expect the weak to perish – which you did; and rules like that have, needless to say, brought humanity untold pain and suffering over the eons.

The Tsunami of Love was set in motion by your intense desire to move away from conflict, betrayal, and suffering; a desire that had been building for a long time and which has greatly intensified since the end of “The Great War,” World War 1 which many hoped,as they observed the incredible cost in human life and misery, would finally bring an end all wars.  It did not!  However the intense and lasting misery it did bring to so many led to a major reassessment within the human collective of attitudes about judging right from wrong, and since then awareness of the destructive insanity of the intense need to be right to which so many cling has been growing.

It may seem that this awareness is lacking in far too many places and situations, but previously – before the start of the 20th century – many were absolutely convinced of the rightness of their own beliefs as opposed to the beliefs that others embraced, and of the behaviors that accompanied those beliefs.  Beliefs that most of you now view with amazement because you live in an age where the granting and maintaining of human rights for all are expected to be honored worldwide.  This understanding is very recent, and of course there are still far too many places where this honoring does not occur.  Nevertheless, most on Earth are aware that each human without exception should have access to adequate clean water, food, and shelter.  This was not the case less than 100 years ago.  Great progress has been made in a very short space of time.

So, while remaining constantly aware of the injustices that are being perpetrated daily all across the world, do not focus your attention there, instead focus on Love, and on the wonderful results that loving individuals all across the planet are achieving as they constantly demonstrate love in action in their daily lives.  Remember, you bring into your lives that on which you focus your attention – the so-called “Law of Attraction.”  It matters not whether it is something you desire or something you most definitely do not desire, it just brings to you that on which you focus most of your attention, because that is its purpose – to respond to your thoughts and bring them to fruition.

You live either with Love in your hearts and in your consciousness, or fear.  Fear has been endemic for eons, it is a survival issue for many that is constantly being replenished.  Now, however, many are letting it go and embracing Love.  You could all do that in an instant, but the fear has become so heavily ingrained that you mostly choose not to, and move into being trusting and loving very cautiously, step by step, because you have so many memories of betrayal.  But the intent to Love has now been firmly established, and fear is on the way out.

As more and more of you choose to let go of fear and open your hearts to the vulnerability of Love, you are discovering that Love works, and that the vulnerability of Love is in fact Its greatest strength.  In the presence of Love fear dissolves.  All of humanity is enveloped in the Tsunami of Love because It is all-encompassing, and the major changes that that is causing can be seen all across the world.  Humanity is moving very rapidly towards awakening into its natural and fully conscious state, the state of Oneness and Love in which you were all created.

Do not allow yourselves to be alarmed by the various mainstream news media reports of catastrophes and disasters, nor by their suggestions of the grave possibility of further impending disasters of even more catastrophic proportions.  Alarm should be but a momentary experience if you become aware of some personal threat to life or limb, so that you can take immediate and appropriate action to avert the danger that threatens.  A state of constant fear or alarm is most unnatural and serves only to drain your energy.  It is a method the dark uses to maintain control of people, and it only works if people allow themselves to be so intimidated.

You are, each and every one of you, Love incarnate!  You have, for eons, chosen not to be aware of this, but now is the moment to open your awareness to your true nature, as many of you are indeed doing.  Go within, to your quiet inner space, your holy sanctuary where the Light of your Love burns eternally, open your hearts to the constant warmth that It offers you, and delight in the knowing that It reveals to you as you welcome It in and allow It to suffuse you, bringing you a most wonderful sense of peace, safety, and contentment, a sense that nothing within the illusion can ever provide.

You are all divine beings on your way Home.  You are very, very close, so Rejoice in that knowledge, knowledge that God’s Love for you brings you whenever you turn your full attention towards Him and allow yourselves to rest there.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

[I apologise for the long break in blog postings, both here,and on the Saul blog.]

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday October 12th

Waiting is difficult for you.  Here in the spiritual realms, where time is not an issue, we do understand this aspect of the illusion as many of us have had lives as humans.  In the spiritual realms all is always just as it should be, perfect.  Within the illusion more and more of you are opening to the Tsunami of Love and to the awareness that you are, each and every one of you, on a spiritual path or, if you prefer, a spiritual mission to assist humanity to awaken and dispel the illusion.

To do that you have to be human!  And that means that you are, to a certain extent – in fact to a very large extent indeed – unaware of the absolute brilliance with which the divine entity that each of you is shines forth, constantly.  You were created perfect and you remain perfect for all eternity.  But to enter the illusion as humans to assist humans in the awakening process it was essential that you became like them, lost, confused, and seemingly abandoned in a fearfully threatening and unforgiving world.  It is unreal, but it seems wholly real, all that exists, to the vast majority of humans, and death seems like the end, the termination point of a brief, unsatisfying, and pointless life.  An unfair and unreasonable experience that gives you no choices of your own that would allow you to alter it to suit your rightful needs and desires.

The illusion is your conception, your institution, your dream or nightmare depending on how you are experiencing and interpreting it.  For eons it seemed that it was a given that you had to accept and cope with, but in the last hundred years modern psychology has begun to show you that you can change your experience by changing your mind about it.  You can choose to feel overwhelmed by the situations that seemingly envelop you, and collapse under them remaining a crushed and helpless victim of circumstances, or you can choose to accept life as it is presented to you, deal with the situations with which it apparently confronts you, and move forwards.

Life is always about this now moment.  However, you have managed to lose sight of that, and you focus massively on the past in vain attempts to prevent it from recurring in the future, or to ensure that it does recur in the future.  But, there is only the now moment, and everything that affects you, that influences you in any way happens in this now moment.  The other problem for you is that the now moment seems so brief.  Could such a brief, ill-considered thought, word, or momentary motion or activity truly cause such an enormously unexpected outcome?  The answer is a resounding yes!

You do create your own reality by the thoughts, words, and actions with which you engage.  Your problem, as humans, is that in the restricted environment that you appear to inhabit it is very difficult to foresee the possible consequences to which they lead.  You collectively chose to build an environment that was severely restrictive, limiting, and uncertain, because you wanted to experience that uncertainty and the confusion that it produced.  And now, after eons of pain and suffering, you have collectively decided that enough is enough.

Having made that very sensible decision you have then needed to ascertain the way forwards out of your endless suffering and into a state of lasting peace.  “How is peace possible?” you ask one another as you observe the vast number of conflicts, distrusts, and betrayals that you observe all across the world?  Peace is impossible you declare, because of all those unstable and violent ones who would maintain a constant state of war because it gives them power, control, and wealth.  And so you conclude that armies and weapons are an essential form of defense against those misguided onesin order to maintain peace.  That is an insane belief, as you know in your hearts, but fear prevents you from acknowledging that one truth that would set you free.

As all the channels are repeatedly telling you “LOVE is the ONLY answer to all the problems that you experience.”  Yes, if you embrace love, it seems to you that you are laying yourselves open to permanent abuse, pain, and suffering by making yourselves insanely vulnerable.  But, on the other hand, you know deep within yourselves that Love is THE answer.  What the spiritual channels are doing, and what you Light workers, starseeds, and wayshowers are doing is fearlessly embracing the Love field that eternally supports you, and demonstrating by your faith, and by the results that occur in your immediate lives, that this is true.

AND where people are refusing the Love, and refusing to trust, the conflicts, suffering, and betrayals continue, endlessly.  There are now more than enough of you on Earth actively demonstrating Love as a way of life, the only way of life, the Real way of life, to bring lasting peace to your confused and suffering multitudes.  Keep on loving and watch your relationships – personal, societal, business, and international – stabilize, warm, develop, forgive, accept, and become as one.  You know it makes sense, and that nothing else does.

Remember, you are eternally and infinitely supported by your loving Father, and therefore by all sentient life forms that our Father has created.  The only opposition is from a few, a very few, a tiny minority of insane ego-driven souls in human form who can only achieve their aims if you support them.  Just stop supporting them.  Your only reason for doing so is because you are fearful, believing that you are small, insignificant beings in a vast and threatening universe, and you fall for the egoic blusterings of these few insane and utterly misguided ones who would persuade you that Love is weak and that you need their strength – but they have no strength!  And to fall for that line of reasoning is also insane.

You are all divine beings created from Love by God for eternal joy.  That state is available to you right now!  Wake up and embrace your Father, the divine field of Love, the Tsunami of Love that surrounds and supports you in every moment!  Release yourselves from fear by embracing Love, and watch with amazement as those few misguided ones who would control you fade away into the unreality of the dissolving illusion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

When we tell you that your awakening is imminent this is the truth.

Greetings to you, my brothers and sisters gathered in Lake Tahoe for the Council of Love Annual Meeting.  My dear sister Linda will be leading you on a magnificent journey into your hearts so that you can receive an understanding of who you truly are, why you are incarnate at this moment, and what you can expect over the coming months and years as you continue to bear the Light on high, living always with Love as your guide.

Union, as the divine Mother, through Linda, is explaining to you, is unavoidable because all are One, and the sense of separation and individuality you experience as humans, while seeming incredibly real – especially when a beloved partner chooses to separate from you – is unreal.  Separation, let alone abandonment is a physical impossibility, because God is One and all of creation is contained within Him.  And, no, that is not a limitation.  It is a most wonderful aspect of Reality that is incomprehensible to the vast majority of those incarnate as humans.  It is a paradox of unimaginable proportions.

Oneness is infinitely limitless, anything you can imagine is possible, and far more besides.  But, within the illusion, it appears that to be an individual sets an inflexible and unbend able boundary around your space that no one can penetrate.  Consequently you can have individual thoughts, ideas, and attitudes that set you apart from everyone else.  Hence the belief that “We are all different, individual, on our own, perfectly independent beings with free will.”

But of course in Reality, although all maintain their individuality when they choose to do so for whatever creative reason they may be expressing, there is no separation and all know all that is to be known.  Individuality is an aspect of Oneness that can be and is used to make it easier to communicate with those who believe that they are just individual physical beings.

As a human, due to this sense of separation and abandonment, you are always seeking for someone to love you, someone to accept and value you, because you have, in your imaginations, separated yourselves from your natural and unchangeable state of Union with God and all of His divine creation.  Therefore you feel unnaturally alone and have an intense need for a significant other in your lives who will provide you with the love that you have lost by pretending to separate from Reality.

However, the human is ego-driven, and the ego needs constant recognition and, if possible adulation, and this can only be achieved by appearing superior, better than, or more important than others, the masses.  And what a recipe for disastrous relationships that is.

To awaken is to become once more aware of your Oneness with God and with all of His divine creation.  When this awareness dawns so does awareness of your infinite value as an aspect, a part of all that is God, the Source of all that exists, and of the fact that all that God created is absolutely perfect – how could it be otherwise? – and you then know without the slightest doubt that you are infinitely loved, you feel loved in every moment, and, of course, you are!

And, your awakening is imminent.  Believe it and make it happen, for in truth, you were never really asleep.  God never sleeps.  Why would He?  You are an eternal part of Him, so why would you?  You did not!  You built the illusion to experience unreality, individuality, “non-godness,” and therefore had to build in aspects that would make that unreality appear very real, real enough to convince you that it was real.  As infinitely powerful children of God that was easy for you, a momentary intent was held and the illusion happened as a result of your collective choice.

Love is free.  It never binds or restricts and so, of course, Our divine Source, God allowed you to play your games while knowing that you would inevitablyand very quickly become totally disillusioned with what you had built.  But time is a major aspect of the illusion, and so it seems that you have been playing these games for an extremely long time.

Consequently when we tell you that your awakening is imminent this is the truth, and awakening will be instantaneous when it happens because in Reality all is instantaneous.  But for you, still embroiled in the illusion, time drags on and on, and the expected divine event, your awakening into your natural and fully conscious state remains like the proverbial carrot held in front of the donkey to keep it moving forwards.  There is an important difference – the donkey never reaches that carrot, but you most definitely will awaken.

To be fully conscious divine beings in your natural state, at One with God and all of creation, you have to release all the ties that bind you to the illusion for they are what support and maintain it.  Those ties are any aspects within you that are not in perfect alignment with Love, because in Reality there is only Love.  It, as you all know, is all that exists.

The Tsunami of Love that envelops humanity has the power and the intent to assist you in releasing those ties, and all that you have to do is allow It to do so.  The collective choice and decision to do so has been made, but many are still fearful because to them it seems that the illusion is reality and if they let it go they will cease to exist.

You Light bearers and wayshowers are doing tremendously effective work by intending to hold only love in your hearts at all times, and when you do that your energy field is a field of Love that infects everyone with whom you interact in any way at all.  As a result Love is penetrating into the darkest corners of the illusion, gently, determinedly, and irresistibly.

It is only a matter of time before the tipping point is reached and Love dissolves all that is not in alignment with It, an easy task because that is all unreal!  And time, being unreal, it can happen at any moment in a moment.   Your loving intent is the power and the process that is bringing you to the tipping point, the point at which the Tsunami of Love dissolves the remaining ties, and the brilliant Light of eternal day pours into your awareness as the veil that hides It disintegrates.  Keep holding the Light and make it happen now.  And of course it will happen now, there is no other possibility.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday October 1st


We are on course and on schedule for humanity’s awakening.  I know many of you have doubts and anxieties about this forthcoming marvelous event because you have been told so often how imminent it is, and so far many of you get very little sense of its actually coming to fruition.  Keep holding your Light on high, it is extremely effective, and when you go to your quiet inner space, your spiritual sanctuary, go with hope and expectation for the wonders that lie ahead.

Your hope and your expectations intensify your intent for humanity to awaken, and the many, many groups meditating frequently and regularly for world peace, for the Tsunami of Love to penetrate even the most tightly closed hearts are succeeding.  Hearts are opening, and enormous change is in the air.  You Light bearers and wayshowers are doing what you incarnated to do, you are bringing humanity forwards to its inevitable awakening.  Deep within yourselves, where you are in contact 24/7 with the spiritual realms and your own Real Selves, you know this.  Any doubts or anxieties to which you are clinging – if you did not cling to them they would be gone, dissolved – are of the illusion, unreal, and they serve only to distract you from the task at hand, awakening all who choose to be ready and join with you in this wondrous and long planned divine event.

We watch over you with increasing admiration as you determinedly hold the intent to complete your divine task no matter what odds you encounter.  Deep within you the strength of your real and spiritual Selves supports you in every moment, and this why you have the strength and the courage to continue even when you feel low, disillusioned, exhausted.  The illusion is a place of disillusionment, nothing is as it seems, and this is demonstrated to you regularly in all areas of your daily lives.

Only God is Real.  All that exists exists within Him, Who is eternal, infinite, and unconditional Love.  There is nothing else.  The suffering, the pain, the conflict, the confusion, the corruption, and the betrayals that surround and envelop you, although seemingly real, are only as real as your belief in them.  To believe in them gives them energy, because to believe in them is to believe in the unreal, and that is how you built the illusion.

When small children get totally caught up in their games it can be very difficult for the adults – their parents, guardians, teachers, care-givers, or other authority figures – to bring them back from the imaginary reality that they have built in which to play in order for them to have lunch, supper, or get ready for bed.  Well, you are even more strongly attached to the illusion than those children are to their games.

Remind yourselves of those games that children play, and the intensity with which they believe in them, and determine to withdraw your belief from your own insane games.  You should never engage in or play any game that is in the least bit unloving.  You chose to incarnate to release the residue of previous unloving lives, lives in which you had suffered hostility, abuse, betrayal, and defeat, or poured it forth on others, because on Earth, as humans, you have frequent opportunities to choose again and again to be loving in situations where, as humans, some form of defensive or attacking behavior might seem to be called for.

Anything that is unloving cannot leave the illusion.  Reality, All That Exists, is Love.  There is nothing else, so to return to Reality, to the Presence of God, you have to let go of all that is in opposition to Love, all that is not in harmony with It.  All that opposes Love in any manner at all is very firmly anchored in the nightmare that illusion has become for so many.

The way to dissolve the illusion is to let go of any need to be right, to judge, to get even, to punish, to shame, and to destroy.  Hatred embraces all of those “needs” and is therefore very enslaving, retaining you in the illusion so that you can practice satisfying those needs.  However, if you do that, all you succeed in doing is causing yourselves pain that can easily intensify into severe hatred.  It is a closed loop of suffering after suffering with no way out.

Unloving behavior by anyone is a very clear indication of deep inner pain, pain that the one cannot accept or acknowledge, and so it is projected on to others.  Do not judge or condemn them, be compassionate if you engage with them, and quietly and silently intend that Love fill their hearts.  You will probably neither see nor sense any change in them, but what is happening all across the world right now is that the Love and compassion that is being directed to those suffering, in pain, in conflict, and in despair is penetrating increasing numbers of hurt and damaged hearts.

Think again of small children who have been hurt or shamed.  They do not recover instantly when a loving person embraces them and offers comfort; the unloving experiences that they have undergone leave emotional scars that take time and much loving care to heal.  Adults are in a far worse state because the emotional damage has been with them far longer, and frequently they do not have a loving companion to support and comfort them.  They have built strongly fortified defenses against further betrayals and the intense emotional pain that that causes them, because their ability to trust has been so severely damaged that it is something they can no longer engage in with anyone.

The good news, and it is extremely good news, is that the loving intentions of meditators all across the world are dissolving the barriers that so many hurt ones have set up around their hearts.  Your task remains to continue visiting your inner sanctuary and when there to intend to send Love to all who are suffering.  What you are achieving is amazing.  Keep up the good work, it truly is God’s work, and know that you are constantly supported by those in the spiritual realms.  Do not forget to call on us for assistance and a love squeeze whenever you feel the need.  Do not be stoics who can live with the pain, ask for our help, because when you relieve your own pain you are far, far more effective in transmitting Love across the world.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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