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Happy New Year

Dear Readers and Listeners,

I just want to thank you all for your loving support and inspiring comments during this last year.

It is so good to know that while you are “out there,” that you are also We, that We are One, and that there truly is no possibility of separation for even one of us from our divine Source, ever.

May 2014 be the year of Peace, Love, Reconciliation, and Harmony for which we have all been praying and intending for all of humanity.

Love and hugs to you all,



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On this Christmas Day, as on every Christmas Day, and as in fact on every day, I offer you greetings and love because as children of God we are all brothers and sisters divinely enfolded within our Source Who is infinite unconditional Love, which we share and extend constantly because it is our will and His Will that we do so. His Will is our will. Life, existence, is as simple and as utterly profound as that. There is no part of creation of which God is ever unaware because He, Love, is infinitely aware and infinitely loving unceasingly. Consequently we are forever safely enfolded in His loving arms where there is nothing to conflict with that divine and eternal state which is forever His Will.

On awakening the beauty, the magnificence, and the wonder of Reality will transport you into a state of utter and presently unimaginable joy, which is your heritage and your destiny. Here in the spiritual realms we wait expectantly and with ever intensifying delight as we observe your continuing progress towards the moment of your awakening, knowing what wondrous and awe-inspiring amazement will engulf you as your awareness opens expansively to take in and rejoice in the immensity of God’s Love for you. What our Father has prepared for you, and, therefore, for all of us, for all of creation, is utterly beyond words, beyond pictures, and beyond description, it has to be be consciously experienced by a fully awakened being, and you are all shortly to become fully awakened and fully conscious beings enjoying the infinite wonder that is God. Truly you can have no idea of what is coming to greet you as you open your hearts to accept and receive God’s eternal gift to you.

If any of you think that this message of God’s infinite Love for you offered and delivered through me and through all the holy ones here in the spiritual realms by way of this channel is too good to be true, unreal, the wishful dreaming of an aging eccentric, then I can absolutely assure you that the wonder of what you are so soon to experience – REALITY – will mightily blow away any doubt, disbelief, bitter humor, or unhappy memories that experiences within the illusion have encouraged and supported.

As you have been repeatedly told “There will be no disappointments!” Why? Because our divine Father always delivers. He loves you all without exception and without reservation, and His Will for you is infinite joy, and His Will prevails, always. There is no opposite or alternative to His Will, there never has been, never will be, and never can be because He is All, there is nothing else, and therefore you are all essential parts or aspects of that All, eternally inseparable from It, just as He created you.

The unreal illusory state that you built, seemingly so infinitely many eons ago, is dissolving. It is but a wispy, misty, vaporous thought with which you once mistakenly engaged, and in a moment it will be gone leaving you free to engage fully with the sublime and utterly engrossing Reality that is God, All that exists, and from which you have never been separated. Your sense of yourselves as billions of small insignificant beings drifting, alone, abandoned, and of no consequence in a vast, threatening, and completely unconscious universe is fading as your collective intent to awaken strengthens and intensifies.

You are coming Home. There is nothing in your way, and your glorious arrival is, as we have so often reminded you, inevitable. Rejoice on this Christmas Day as you celebrate the anniversary of my birth into the illusion, which happened as part of God’s divine plan, in order to lead you all back to a fully awakened state of awareness in which you can enjoy eternally the wonders that our Father has created for us all simply because He loves us way beyond anything any one of us can possibly imagine, for it is only as One with Him that we can experience and engage with Reality, our true and only Home.

It seems to many of you that you have been embedded interminably in a universe that expands constantly as it continues to try and convince you that you are small and insignificant players in an environment that has come into existence as a result of an unpredictable, highly unlikely, and random occurrence for which there can never be any satisfactory explanation. Rejoice therefore as you become increasingly conscious that such a vast and complex state could never occur randomly, that in fact an incredibly complex and and powerful intelligence – YOU, the One child of God – built it, entered into it, separated yourselves into billions of separated selves, and became lost there as in an enormous maze.

Many have come over the eons of its existence to show you the way out, and slowly you have come to accept the loving guidance and help that they have offered you whatever your culture, race, or religious or atheistic beliefs may have been. Now you are moving rapidly towards the moment of your awakening from the illusion, and many of you are already sensing it very strongly because it is very near. Continue holding the intent to be only loving, to share that love unconditionally as does your heavenly Father, and absolutely know that you will soon (Yes, that word again!) awaken as divinely promised in the moment that your first thoughts of separation from your Source occurred to you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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We are very rapidly approaching the moment for which you have all been praying while strongly holding the intent to bring it about, and your prayers and intent have been and continue to be extremely powerful.  You will not be disappointed. God has promised and He always delivers.  Many of you are feeling the stress of waiting very intensely, and it is causing you anxiety.  Therefore you need to relax daily into your quiet inner space and allow your guides, mentors, and guardian angels to talk to you, and uplift you and inspire you as they embrace you in a loving hug.

You are the beloved children of God, eternally enfolded in His loving embrace, and that will never change.  The illusion – your present state of experiencing life as humans – is not your natural state, it is unreal, it is a concept that you imagined into existence eons ago but only for a very brief instant.  However, while you are within it the time element is quite overwhelming for you as you consider geological periods of time stretching back to “the big bang” and possibly even before it.  In the illusion you made yourselves seemingly very small and insignificant in relation to your imaginary environment – universe upon universe without end – and so life, as you experience it, seems very fragile and insecure.  Rejoice in the certain knowledge that it is unreal, and that you are in truth at Home and sleeping deeply as you dream collectively to maintain the illusion.

As I have said before it is impossible to remain asleep indefinitely, and your moment for awakening is approaching, very rapidly.  Keep holding the intent to bring it about, because it is very effective and you will awaken, in fact many of you are stirring as you have had more than enough of the illusory dream and nightmare, and the energy of your stirring is nudging others into a similar state.  The tipping point – the point at which the collective intent to maintain the illusion is changed to a collective intent to allow it to dissolve – is very close.  Then you will move into the state that I refer to as “the happy dream” in my relatively recent book “A Course In Miracles.”

From that joyous state it is a very short journey Home to a state of Oneness with our divine Source.  Remember, anything that is not actually occurring in the presence of God, the Mother, the Source, is unreal and does not last, but as you begin enjoying life, seemingly to the full in the happy dream, that really will not be an issue.  You have all experienced periods as children when you were so caught up in your imaginary games that all awareness of time dissolved, and others of you have experienced that same sense as adults in moments of great creativity.  You are brought out of that creative state by hunger, someone addressing you, or some other distraction only to find that hours have passed in what, to you, seems to have been but a few minutes.  It is a state that you would all love to re-experience, and so you will!

The happy dream state is one in which there can be no pain, suffering, or conflict, only harmonious interaction, because all that could conflict with a state of loving harmony will have faded away into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being.  You will be free to socialize in whatever way suits you from grand social occasions, to small intimate gatherings, to being quite alone while experiencing God’s loving embrace.  What you are to experience will be constantly uplifting, inspiring, and utterly enjoyable because all worries and anxieties will have dissolved leaving you free to be fully yourselves, each one of you exploring and engaging with your vast creative potentials in any way that appeals to you.

Your eternal happiness is divinely assured, guaranteed, and inescapable, which is definitely the state in which you would all choose to be eternally present.  You have only experienced other states or conditions because you were experimenting both with your free will and with your immense God-endowed creative powers in ways that were, to put it very mildly, rather less than wise.  The choice has now been made collectively to cease following paths that lead to conflict and disharmony, and therefore suffering, pain, anxiety, and of course any forms of betrayal will no longer occur in your lives, having dissolved back into the nothingness of being neither thought of or imagined.

You truly are well on your way home to eternal joy and happiness, joy and happiness that at present you cannot even begin to imagine. You have never been truly alone, abandoned, or lost, even though it often seems to you that you are. Reality is God Who is All That Is, so each one of you is and only can be an essential aspect of that divine Source, eternally and unbreakably connected to That from which you were created for eternal joy.  You are now getting ready to leave behind forever the illusion and all its misery, as you awaken into unimaginable wonder.  Nothing can prevent your imminent awakening, so hold the intent ever more firmly as you shake yourselves enthusiastically awake.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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Life is eternal, you are alive, and therefore you too are eternal beings.  There truly is no death.  Yes, of course you lay down your illusory bodies as you leave the dream environment and return Home from your “travels,” but that is a glorious awakening into the brilliance of Reality.  Your forthcoming human awakening or ascension is different because it will be a mass awakening in which you retain your bodies which are then restored to full vitality and perfection, with an age or physical appearance and abilities appropriate to it that suits your wishes.

In “A Course In Miracles” I talked of moving from the nightmare into a happy dream, and that is what is about to occur.  Very many of you have been extremely dissatisfied with your earthly lives, and to move into a “Happy Dream” is the next stage on your journey back to Reality.  You cannot move fully into Reality while holding on to any energies, attitudes, or beliefs that are not in complete alignment with our Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love.

The Happy Dream is a state where all that you could desire is there for you.  There is no need or possibility to compete or to fight to obtain your “just deserts,” all your needs and wants are met without in the least inconveniencing or “short changing” anyone else.  It is an environment in which you can learn to relax, release your fears and anxieties, and realize that you have no need of those negative aspects of yourselves.  You will live there in joy, happily developing your infinite creative abilities thus giving pleasure to all.

It is very hard for you to imagine a world in which there is no conflict, no mistrust, no disappointment, only harmonious cooperation for the good of all – a “good” with which all can identify irrespective of their race, color, culture, or creed.  From that joyful state, when you feel ready, you can move all the way Home to join us in the spiritual realms.  But the state of being in this Happy Dream is very soothing, relaxing, even enchanting, and many of you will be in no hurry to move on.  And that is just fine.  God wants only your complete happiness, and seeing you in the Happy Dream enjoying yourselves gives Him enormous joy too.

This may sound to some of you like a change of plan, but I assure you that it is not. To describe in words the new environment into which you are about to be ushered is impossible.  There is a very great difference between the Happy Dream and Reality, but from your human perspective or vantage point it is almost impossible for you differentiate between them purely because of the perspective limitations that your humanity imposes upon you.  Consequently the Happy Dream will, for all of you, be a heavenly experience.

You will have no worries, no fears, no lack, in fact anything that you could imagine you might need to make you happy will be instantly at your disposal.  But of course, because of your varied and harsh experiences in the illusion, it will take some time for you to adjust into a state of complete confidence in your safety and security. You have all experienced abandonment and the intense pain it caused you, to a greater or lesser extent, and so it will take time for you to release all the ingrained suspicion that suggests to you that it could happen again.  I assure you that it will not, in fact it cannot, but you will need time to accept that this is true, that abandonment, suffering, or betrayal can never, ever happen to you again.

Over many Earth lives within the illusion you experienced abandonment and betrayal, rescue from abandonment and betrayal, and then further abandonment and betrayal, and so it is difficult for you to release all the ingrained pain and suspicion that those experiences brought to you.  Many of you have helped with abandoned children – yes, there are still far, far too many of them on Earth right now, despite the enormous progress your collective has made in moving into Love – or pets, and so you are aware of how long it can take to rebuild their trust, and of how easily it can again be destroyed.

Well, in the state that is the Happy Dream, that breakdown of rebuilt trust and faith cannot recur.  That trust and faith, that confidence that you are truly safe at last can only get stronger, it can never be weakened or destroyed.  However, each of you will develop lasting trust at the pace that suits you best.  No one will attempt to rush you, the pace of development that you choose will be wholly honored, always.

You are all intensely honored for what you have undergone during your many and varied Earth lives, and for the spiritual progress you have made in spite of all the obstacles, diversions, and general distractions that have frequently taken your attention away from the task in hand – Waking Up!  The Love that surrounds you all is now making It’s inevitable and irresistible way into every human heart, and the effects of that are becoming ever more difficult to ignore or deny.  It has been a long hard road, but the end is in sight.

Your loving brother Jesus.


[For your information I, John, am going away on vacation until the end of December, so my postings on both blogs will likely become even more erratic than they have been, and until I return there is unlikely to be an audio version.

I wish you all a very Peaceful and Love Filled Christmas Holiday, and an Amazingly uplifting 2014.

Love and hugs to you all, John.]

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We love you and always will because we are all One, loving each other eternally as our dear Father does, as He Wills us to do likewise.  He is the Source from which all flows in one infinite and eternal stream of Love.  He is beyond comprehension and yet we know that His Love embraces us in every moment, and that nothing else is possible.  That is what we experience and know in every moment, eternally, constantly, because that is all that there is.  Love is all that exists, and in It everything has its place, every iota of consciousness, all life, there is no outside or beyond, all is here within the Oneness and perfect harmony that is the Source, which inevitably and unavoidably includes all that is created.

The illusory environment that was built to experience separation from the Source is illusory, but because those who built it wanted it to appear very real it does, frequently very painfully so.  Outside the illusion there is no pain, no suffering, no anxiety, no worry, no fear, no anger, because those are all aspects of the illusion, aspects of unreality.  It seems vast to you, universe upon universe, but in truth it is nothing, and when you awaken, as you cannot avoid doing, that will become immediately fully apparent.  You have just been playing games, having unreal experiences to demonstrate what separation might be like if it was possible for it to occur, but of course it could not.

The vast majority of you have had more than enough of game playing and will only to awaken, and the human collective has endorsed and joined with that intent. Without your will and intent to maintain it the illusion will disintegrate, dissolve, disappear, and be gone.  It was only a very temporary illustration or representation of what might occur if separation was possible and could be experienced.  A momentary idea that could not be supported because it was utterly beyond the bounds of possibility.  God is Love, as you very well know, and anything not in alignment with Love is impossible.  The idea of non-alignment or opposition to Love cannot be extended, enlarged on, or developed in any way because such a state is impossible.  Love is . . . end of story!

Focus your attention on the Reality of God’s Love for you, and release your grasp or focus on the illusion and all the pain and suffering that it appears so effectively to produce.  Your bodies are part of, an aspect of the illusion, an essential part of experiencing separation.  The more you can realize this and choose to focus on Love, on Reality, by entering more fully and more frequently into your inner space of peace and tranquility the less suffering they will bring to your awareness, to your attention, and attempt to make a part of you.  You will observe suffering, conflict, sadness because others are choosing to experience it, and you will be able to offer compassion, comfort, and support without getting drawn into the pain and thereby making it seem real.  You have the power to dissolve the illusion and that is what you are in the process of doing, so keep holding that intent, and keep reminding yourselves that it is your intent when you find yourselves being drawn back into unreality.

Reality is your eternal Home, the Home that you never left, and it is time for you to awaken from your unhappy dream of unreality, pain, conflict, and suffering and once more enjoy Reality.  You intend to awaken, you have always held that intent, but you have as it were “put it on the long finger,” in the “no rush tray.”  Now is the time to attend to it, to focus your attention there until completion occurs.

As you are constantly being advised by those in the spiritual realms you have unlimited assistance in this, but you do have to constantly reaffirm the intention because the environment that the illusion supports enticingly encourages forgetfulness of all that is spiritual, Real.  The distraction of everyday life as a human can be all consuming if you allow it, so focus on disengaging from the constant train of worrying, anxiety making, or disturbing thoughts that fill your mind to the exclusion of what truly matters.  Has your worrying solved any problems?  Has it brought world peace, abundance for all, an end to corruption?  The list of your worries is endless, and focusing on them, as you well know, achieves nothing.  But focusing on them does close your mind to Love because they are not in alignment with It.

Most of you have had experiences when something beautiful caught and held your attention causing all worldly distractions to fall away, and you experienced a few moments of intense stillness, peace, even Love.  An experience such as that is an approach to Reality.  Smell the roses, even if the house is burning down!

It is essential to go within and sit with your spiritual guides and mentors daily, quietly listening with the distractions of your restless minds subtly quietened if not fully stilled.  A sense of peace will come over you – probably not total, but a vast improvement from the non-stop constant mind-chatter that so many of you experience – and you will find yourselves able to discard a lot of the noisy distractions that normally fill your mind.  It will enable you to see more clearly that just being alive is an incredible gift because you become conscious, conscious that the worries and anxieties so often filling your minds are distractions from the Love that always envelops you.  You will feel that Love, even if only momentarily, and it will uplift, strengthen, and inspire you as you continue your divine task of holding the intent for humanity to awaken, and you will make it happen!  You cannot fail because in this your will is perfectly in alignment with God’s.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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As Thanksgiving approaches please give thanks for all that is good in your lives. There are truly none among you who do not have something to be thankful for, so go within, to that quiet safe place where you can, if you choose, access your spiritual guides and mentors and ask them to bring to your attention an event or an aspect of your life for which you are eternally grateful.  Then say “Thank you” for it. Just saying thank you is uplifting for you even if you are not feeling very thankful, because it opens you to receive the Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of Its constantly proffered embrace.

Love is the key to spiritual awareness because all that is spiritual, all that exists, rests in Love.  Love is gentle, kind, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, and yet It is the most powerful energy, the most powerful Will because It is infinite, and there is nothing apart from It.  It cannot be destroyed, defeated, weakened or avoided because all is contained within It.  It does not impose or demand, but within the illusion you can pretend that It does not exist, and by doing so you shut out joy and happiness from your lives, replacing them with fear and anxiety which you either deny, attempt to conceal, or cower away from like helpless victims of some hideous monster.  However, Love is endlessly patient, It will wait until you choose, as you eventually will, to accept It, whereupon boundless joy will be eternally yours.  That, surely, is reason enough to give thanks?

Because Love is the Source from which all that exists flows, because It is That from which all is created, it makes absolutely no sense whatever to deny It, avoid It, or hide from It.  To do so is to be like an infant that on putting its hands in front of its face believes that what it can no longer see is no longer there. Humanity has collectively chosen to remove its hands from in front of its face and once more see its Mother looking at it adoringly. You have played at hiding yourselves from Her for far too long, but She has never lost sight of you, She never will, and your awakening is divinely assured.

It often seems to you that you have been waiting interminably to experience the infinite joy of being eternally in the Presence of your loving Source, and that is because you continue to cling to the unreal, the illusion and all the deceits and tricks that it offers to you claiming them to be real.  Bodies are part of the illusion, without them you could not properly experience it, and they are subject to illness, pain, suffering, aging, and decay.  Mostly you identify with them instead of seeing them as just temporary vehicles that enable you to experience what is not real, and their shortcomings terrify you because their life span is so short and they are so vulnerable in such a vast and complex universe.

It is indeed a great paradox for you to have to attempt to understand, but if you will accept life as it occurs, if you will accept that you are in fact eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, then your terror of death will dissipate, because you will perceive quite clearly that there is no death.  There is a transition through which humans have been passing for eons, leaving their broken and damaged vehicles behind and awakening back into the spiritual realms where they have their eternal existence.

However, at this point in your evolution you have chosen to withdraw yourselves en-mass from the illusion while retaining your physical bodies, and in so doing you will move from a world of suffering, distrust, and betrayal into an environment of peace, beauty, and abundance for all.  You have been making your way towards this moment through many crises, disappointments, and catastrophes as you have struggled with the concept of releasing your fears and returning to and sharing the loving embrace that God offers you in every moment.

Embodied, you have surrounded yourselves with shields to protect yourselves from the intense energy of the divine Love that would cause them to disintegrate if they came into direct contact with It.  Within your illusory world you have to protect yourselves by wearing protective clothing if you intend to be in the vicinity of something that is projecting radiation such as the inside of a nuclear power plant, or in a hospital where x-ray equipment is in use.  In like manner, to maintain the integrity of your physical bodies you also have to protect them from the full power of divine Love.

Eventually you will come to understand that bodies are an impediment to union with the Source, your loving Father/Mother.  On Earth you are very aware of your separation from one another, and grateful for it, except occasionally when you are so in love with another that you want to truly be “two in one flesh.”  When you ascend Love will envelop you as you have never before experienced It, and gently and gradually you will start to release yourselves from the protective shields that your bodies provide as your trust in God grows and you allow yourselves to become disembodied and return once more to your natural state of Oneness with your Source.  And that is yet another reason for you to give thanks.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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The excited anticipation as we wait enthusiastically for humanity’s imminent awakening is intensifying, moment by moment.  Yes, we can and do get excited here, especially when what we are looking forward to is of such enormous significance.  Emotions in the spiritual realms are always happy, but their intensity varies with the importance of the occasion that arouses them.  We encourage you to hold on to your enthusiasm and your excited anticipation as you too look forward to your inevitable and exhilarating moment of awakening.

Excited enthusiasm is a powerful intent, and it intensifies your strength of purpose, so do not dismiss it, embrace it.  Your disappointment because it seems to you that there is no real sign that your awakening is imminent is quite understandable, but do not engage with it because it weakens your intent for it to come to pass.  Your awakening is divinely assured, so when you go within, to your quiet inner space where you can connect more easily with those of us in the spiritual realms, be enthusiastic, light-hearted, and joyful, in the certain knowledge that your moment for awakening is close at hand.

Awakening is your destiny and cannot be avoided because the illusion is unreal, a temporary and fanciful state, a reverie that cannot and will not last.  The seeming reality of it has caused you much pain over the eons that you have apparently spent engrossed in it, but now you have collectively chosen to awaken, and that decision has brought about the initial crumbling and disintegration of that uncomfortable and disturbing unreality.  And your news media is giving you confirmation of this, although it does not admit that this is what is happening.  Believe the evidence of whistle-blowers and reporters who are recognized for their investigatory abilities and their unassailable integrity, and know that all is proceeding precisely as divinely intended because God’s Will is the only Will, all others are, naturally, illusory.

Being part of God, of your divine Source, it is impossible for you to have a will, an intent that is in opposition to His.  Yes, the illusion, and your egoic interactions with it, would have you believe otherwise, would have you believe that your egoic intentions expressed through either your thoughts, words, or actions are indeed powerful influences on the world around you.  And as you observe the political, religious, scientific, and philosophic theories, beliefs, and concepts with which your various forms of media constantly bombard you, it is difficult for you not to engage with and get caught up in the competitive discussions and arguments that constantly arise demanding your attention, and which suggest to you that if you do not take part in them that you are failing in your duties as a human and as a citizen of planet Earth. And of course that is all egoic grandiosity, which inevitably leads to intense disagreement, judgment, and condemnation.  War is always the result of egoic decisions in which “your side or team” is judged righteous, and the opposition is condemned as inhuman and offensive to God!  Even atheists believe that God is on their side, they just refer to Him as “reason, logic, self-evident validation, or scientific proof!”

Everyone believes in a higher authority which is most definitely on their side, and that is an enormous error.  There are no sides to choose between because all are One, permanently embraced by and supported in the loving arms of God.  You have a well known saying “divide and conquer!”  But what is One cannot be divided or separated, let alone conquered.  Slowly, over the last few centuries of the “modern” world humanity has begun to realize this, but it is a grass roots realization, and those who would control and enslave you have been extremely reluctant to admit either that humanity at large has any intelligence that needs to be honored, or any rights that should be recognized.  That reluctance is no longer viable or practicable.

Humanity is One with the divine Source from which you were all so lovingly created, and the extremes of the illusion, with its belief in forces of good and evil fighting interminably for God or the devil are, at last, being recognized as fantasies of severely damaged or limited states of consciousness, minds that have been led astray by the enticing distractions of the illusion.  In fact the illusion has been a painful experience in learning the insanity of denying God and attempting to set yourselves up with the belief that you are the most intelligent beings in the universe, the most intelligent beings who have ever existed.

And until very recently you believed that the one universe of which you had become aware was all that existed.  Now your science has shown you that there are a multitude, an uncountable number of universes existing apart from your own.  And, of course they too are all illusory.  But your scientists, military leaders, and politicians would like to persuade you that because there are so many, in fact innumerable numbers of them, that your world is an even unsafer place than had previously been believed, and that therefore your need to support them – the “wise” authority figures in positions of power – and believe and trust in their wisdom so that they can protect you has become even greater.  Egoic delusions of grandeur of a previously unimaginable magnitude!

Each and every sentient being has an unbreakable connection to God, your Source, without which you would not exist because Life, Love flows from Source to Its creations constantly, eternally maintaining life, gloriously and forever.  You are not beholden to any being other than your Source, God, the divine Mother, the divine creative field in which all that exists has its eternal existence.  And you are at last becoming aware of this.  You do not owe your life or your existence to anyone!  God created you perfect for eternal and joyous existence within His loving embrace, but within the illusion, where confusion reigns supreme, there are many who would attempt to persuade you otherwise, and many of you have, over the eons, given away your power to those misguided and fearful ones.  Yes, they are far more fearful than most which is why they seek incessantly to control and enslave.  Fear drives mistrust and betrayal into ever more confining and threatening environments leading to ever more ferocious turf wars to protect what can never be protected from ceaseless and insane attacks.

Love, Love, Love.  Love is Real, anything else – there is nothing else! – is of the illusion, so discard it and embrace your true nature, and share that nature widely, unconditionally, indiscriminately, and bring humanity to wakefulness in the infinitely and eternally loving Presence of God, your heavenly Father.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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