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  Jesus Audio Blog for Friday November 1st

Here in the spiritual realms – which of course is not ‘a place’ but is the One infinite energy field of Love, Mother/Father/God, where All That Is has Its eternal Presence, and therefore, where all sentient life has its eternal existence, even when unaware of this – we are joyfully observing humanity’s long anticipated awakening process approaching fruition.  All is proceeding beautifully.  The chaos, conflict, and confusion in so many areas is drawing to a close because the collective intent to awaken has intensified enormously over the course of this current Earth year.

The human collective intent has limitless power when finely focused, and it is now being focused very intently on being loving whatever arises.  Obviously each one you holding that intent – because you are each the One that is the human collective – is extremely effective.  You are doing the task that you incarnated to do, and you are doing it magnificently.  And this is, of course, what was expected, because you are all divine beings starting to remember who you truly are, and consequently you are also remembering why you chose to incarnate at this moment in humanity’s awakening process.

Stay calm, peaceful, and loving, regardless of what may be happening, because that is the most effective and powerful way that you can each move the awakening process forward towards its completion.  This is what you incarnated to do, so do not let your own egos, or anyone else’s for that matter, persuade you that what you are doing is meaningless or ineffectual, because it most definitely is NOT!  You are awakening humanity.

Love is infinitely powerful, there is nothing It cannot achieve or create, however, It never imposes, forces, or compels anyone to accept It.  It is always available, waiting to be invited to enter the heart of any – and there are many – who have, until now, chosen to close their hearts off to It.  And It waits with infinite patience because there is only now, and that is when everyone will open their hearts!  It is ALL that exists, but It will not attempt to terminate the dream state, the unreal state of form with which humanity is able to engage only by inserting a veil or curtain between itself and Love.  That state was established, as you well know, to experience separation from Source, from Love, which in truth is impossible.  The separation appears real to those in form because that was the intent of those who established it, but it is and always has been a very insecure or flimsy state because it is unreal, because it does not exist.  It is an unreal state of mind that can evaporate or be dissolved the moment you choose to have it do so, by releasing any attachment you have to fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, victim-hood, and the accompanying felt need to blame, judge, and condemn anyone – yourselves included – all of which are major aspects of the illusion in which so many of you are very heavily invested.

Love is your true nature, and therefore you are all capable of loving.  To Love is to be fulfilled, to be complete, to be in joy, to be at peace.  If you are choosing to love only those with whom you agree and with whom you choose to associate, namely those who are of the same culture, ethnicity, faith, political persuasion, or social standing, then that is not Love.  Love never discriminates, it is unconditionally accepting of All that God has created, because that is what Love is, and there is nothing that God has not created, because there is only God (Love/Source/Supreme Intelligence/Divine Wisdom/All That Is) within Which all of creation has its eternal existence.

In form, playing the harsh game of separation, judgment of others is one of the main objectives of the game.  And of course judgment leads to blame and condemnation – and whenever possible – punishment of those so judged.  That totally prevents you from loving.  To awaken is to remember your true nature and embrace It fully and completely without any conditions whatsoever, because that is what Love is and what Love does.  That means that you must each fully accept yourselves, and all others, as the humans in form that you appear to be, without any judgment at all – either negative or positive – about your appearance, skills, abilities, beliefs, levels of intelligence, social standing, etc.  Why?  Because there is only One of you, and therefore all judgment is effectively self-judgment.  What you see, like, and admire in another is merely a reflection of those aspects of yourself, and what you see, hate, despise, and condemn in another are also reflections of aspects of yourself.  In the latter case they are probably aspects that you have denied in horror and buried very deeply indeed in the subconscious parts of your minds.

As humans, playing the game of separation, you are all endowed with every possible aspect of being human from the best to the worst, from the highest to the lowest, and you each did choose the role that you would play in each human lifetime for the lessons that you, and the others with whom you would interact, wished to learn.  So condemning another is to condemn your self.  But, it’s all unreal!  When you believe that it is real it seems that the world is filled with people inflicting intense pain and suffering on one another, and you either see some of it as totally justified, and some of it as totally unjustified, or you see it all as something that must be stopped.

However, if you set the intent to be only loving and allow Love to enter your hearts, you will see that each person “out there” is doing their best in the circumstances in which they find themselves, and that all that they want is to be loved, and to escape from the terrifying and intense sense of separation that they are experiencing as they continue to engage with the dream or game of unreality.  However, within the game or dream there is no solution, because Love has been blocked out of the unreal state of mind in which the game is played, in which the dream is experienced.  Nevertheless, you can each invite It in by setting daily, and renewing frequently during the day, the intention to be only loving whatever arises.  Everything that arises is, in truth, a call for Love, a call that each of you has to answer by setting that intent and inviting Love into your lives Full time!  Only then can you truly answer that call.

Supporting appropriate charities or doing good works is indeed very helpful, but it often involves judgment, and to truly answer the call for Love you must release all judgment, and you often find that hard to do, because it does seem, as you look at the world around you, that much that is occurring is unconscionable and completely unacceptable.  But when you set that intent firmly, and without conditions – such as “when those in power make a serious attempt to achieve peace,” or “when those in power make a serious attempt to stop violent crime,” or “when those in power stop taking advantage of the impoverished,” “etc., etc.” – then the power of your intent is enormous, and it is precisely what is needed right Now in your awakening process.

As we in the spiritual realms continue to watch over you and support you in every moment, we absolutely know that you will achieve your awakening, because you set the intent to do so before you incarnated, and because that intent is perfectly aligned with the divine Will.  So, keep on celebrating, because celebrating is an expression of joy, and your awakening is a most joyful event which your joy is bringing on.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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  Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday Ocotober 22nd

The mood worldwide is amazingly uplifting as more and more of you come to the realization that essential changes are necessary in the way in which you interact with one another, with the planet herself, and with all the life forms she so lovingly supports.  Although your physical environment is unreal, illusory, nevertheless, because the vast majority of you believe that it is real, your thoughts and intentions concerning it intensify its apparent reality, causing much joy or much suffering depending on those intentions.

When children play games for fun they enjoy themselves enormously, however, when one of them finds that others are being unfair or are cheating he or she suffers considerable distress.  Your illusory physical environment could be likened to a vast arena in which many different games are being played at the same time, and conflicts and wars arise when the players in one game get upset with the players in another game that they believe is encroaching on their space.  The thing is, because the whole environment is illusory, unreal, you can always change its size and shape to make room for all the games that the players wish to play.

This is what your awakening process is all about – making room for all the players, and embracing the differences between them instead of judging some of them as unacceptable.  There is room for everyone, and there is room for all the different games when they are played with loving intent to honor and respect all the players without exception.  You need to let go of any desire to judge others as less worthy or more worthy than yourselves; and, of course, this desire only arises because of your own negative self judgments that you then project out onto others rather than acknowledging them as issues within yourself – very painful issues you would rather deny or ignore – and choosing to release them.  You are all perfect children of God, infinitely loved by God, so since He loves you all unconditionally and never judges any of you, why would you override His loving Wisdom and judge others, seeing some as acceptable and others as unacceptable?

Many of you envisage or imagine the creator as ‘someone’ immaterial, and as such as ‘someone’ vastly wiser than yourselves, but nevertheless judging you, your thoughts, your words, and your actions, and so you feel that it is right and proper for you to judge others who are, in your opinion, wrong!  And you know that that this god would agree with your judgment.  But that god is only an imaginary idea, an improved or advanced form of human, who is not in form, that you have envisioned as god.

God does not judge because ALL that He creates is perfect, and so there is nothing to judge.  In your illusory environment of form you judge that many people are wrong, unconscionably wrong, and you want to fix them, by force if necessary, even though your history clearly shows you that this has never worked.

Right and wrong are concepts that you learn as you grow from infancy to adulthood, you are not born with them already instilled.  Initially you see your parents as right as they correct you when you spill or break things and then judge you negatively for doing so, even though what you did was unintentional, and occurred only because you were not yet able to be fully in control of your body.  What happened were mistakes and errors due to your youth and inexperience, but you accepted those negative judgments to which they led as correct, leaving you feeling increasingly unworthy and unlovable as you continued to make mistakes and have or cause minor accidents that upset your parents leading to further negative judgments of you.  This was extremely painful for you and so you learned to project those feelings onto others, possibly often blaming ‘them’ for what you had done, and even claiming that ‘they’ had done it.  And as you grew it became far too painful to admit to your mistakes and errors, and to undergo the shaming that often followed.

Awakening is coming to the realization that God is perfect and that everything He creates is perfect, flawless, immaculate, because What is perfect can only create like unto Itself.  On attaining that realization it becomes apparent that to judge another is insane.  The thoughts, words or actions expressed by another may well be totally unacceptable, but at the center of that other is divine perfection.  To judge that other only intensifies the apparent unacceptability, while loving that other helps to bring into view its perfection, although initially that perfection will probably be seen only dimly.

The awakening process is a collective process leading to a collective outcome in which every human is involved by his or her own choice, made prior to incarnating, along with the firmly held intent to assist all others to awaken.  Love is the most powerful assistance that you have to offer to one another, and your preincarnate intent was to do precisely that.  You all knew that incarnating as a human would very heavily veil your memories of your divine nature, your Oneness with Source, but you also knew that you would each have an amazing spiritual support team permanently on call to assist you in every moment.  That team responds instantly to you whenever you call for help, but, because when you call you are often feeling desperate, your calls to them tend to be non-stop and extremely vociferous thus drowning out their responses.

When you call on your support team for their assistance you need to let go of judgment and expectations – “this is bad, unfair, unconscionable, and must be put right” – to allow the loving guidance that you are seeking to move up into your awareness.  It will often present you with a new way to look at the issue, perhaps surprising you with an “aha” moment which completely resolves the issue in a previously unforeseeable way.  Remember, your support team is always with you, and that it has great wisdom to share with you if you quieten or slow down your thoughts enough to allow it to find a gap between them into which it can slip a suitable suggestion.

As you have often been told: “Love is the solution to every issue,” whether between individuals or between nations.  Of course it appears to be far more effective between individuals because the resolution is far more easily seen and recognized, whereas between or within groups it takes longer, as disagreements or differing view points have to be discussed and then synthesized before the resolution becomes apparent.

The main thing to be fully aware of is that Love always succeeds in Its aim which is to establish peace within the one expressing It, sharing It, and extending It.  Thus you can be in a war zone and at peace within yourself if you choose only Love.  In human terms that seems to be very counterintuitive, because it would seem that to be at peace in a war zone indicates a complete lack of concern or compassion for those who are there and who are suffering.  But if you are at peace in a situation like that you do bring peace to others who are there with you by your mere presence in their company.

Love is amazingly powerful, so choose to engage with It and share It, and then enjoy the spontaneous expansion of Its effect as It flows out through you and into the energy fields of those in your vicinity.  Anyone who presents a loving presence always has a healing and comforting effect on those with whom they interact.  There are very few among you who have not experienced this at some time in your lives, so understand that you too can most positively and meaningfully effect the environment in which you find yourself just by setting the intent to be loving whatever arises.  It is a very powerful intent to set, and Love will always honor that intent and make Its Presence felt, even if those in that local field – your field – are unable to account for the effects that they are experiencing.

Your awakening is the awakening into fully conscious awareness that there is only LOVE, and that You and Love are identical, and therefore what an absolutely magnificent experience your awakening is going to be!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Jesus audio Blog for Saturday September 28th

Constant change is an aspect of the illusion which is constantly being demonstrated by the “passage of time.”  Time, too, is an aspect of the illusion; in Reality there is only Now!  That makes no sense to beings in form because you have clear memories of times that have past, and you have ongoing expectations, moment to moment, that show you that in the future certain events will probably occur, and that other, as yet unknown events, will also occur.  Time and change are two facets of the same material environment in which you experience your existence as humans in form.  Most clearly seen and acknowledged as your bodies grow, strengthen, and develop emotionally and intellectually from infancy to adulthood, then maintain that state for a number of years, followed by the aging process that leads to bodily death and decay.  And your history, however far back you choose to look, confirms this.

BUT, deep within yourselves, below the level of your human conscious awareness, there dwells the absolute knowing that life, your life, is eternal.  However, because the vast majority of you identify utterly and completely with your bodies, with your human forms, you are therefore unable to access that deep inner knowing, and, instead, accept that you were born and that you will die, believing that your life is the period from birth to death – and nothing more – with the final state being termination, extinction, a state of eternal non-being.  Awareness of that seeming truth is frequently denied or ignored because it is a terrifying concept.  Thus, however unsatisfactorily your human lives may be unfolding for you, the vast majority of you do not wish to end them.  There is within you all a sense of hope that life as a human does have a meaning, a far deeper meaning than plain survival, whether experienced by someone who is wealthy with much in the way of material goods and worldly power, or as one who is impoverished and struggling daily to attain the basic necessities that survival as a human entails.

It is this hope that motivates people to engage with life and with other people, and it can be clearly seen that groups or communities working together can achieve better and more sustainable standards of living than can anyone on their own.  This demonstrates humanity’s interdependence.  From that realization the logical conclusion that separation is a myth must arise.  But, because you feel so separate in your individual bodies, and because you each only experience your own sensations – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell – and the pains or pleasures that arise therefrom, that sense of separation is seemingly confirmed.  This creates confusion.  Newborn infants have no sense of separation initially, having grown within and at one with their mothers. But, as time passes, and they start to grow and become able to move about on their own, a sense of separation begins to develop, which, at times, is a great joy, and at other moments absolutely terrifies them when they feel an intense and immediate need for attention, and it is not immediately forthcoming.

These experiences during infancy and childhood leave a long lasting impression, often deeply buried in the subconscious part of the mind where they are “forgotten,” because, if they are remembered, they can cause intense emotional pain and turmoil.  But of course they are never forgotten, and now, as your awakening process accelerates, they are rising unbidden into many people’s conscious minds, alarming them as that buried or denied inner turmoil demands acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment and release is the way forward, it is the way to disarm these powerful feelings by becoming fully aware that they are caused by memories, and that the time in which those those feelings occurred has passed, and that the painful event or situation is over, and that there is no pain now.  Accepting and acknowledging that allows compassion for the hurt self of that time to be comforted and healed, and also allows compassion for the perpetrator to arise.  Then Love blossoms within, dissolving all judgment, bitterness, resentment, and hatred, so that complete healing of all ancient traumas occurs.

As each individual awakens Love of a magnitude never before experienced in human form fills each one’s heart.  The joy, the peace, the compassion, and the forgiveness that then arises is truly mind-blowing, it is beautiful beyond your ability to conceive of in advance.  You realize that you are One with Source, and you absolutely know it, from the depths of your being to the peak of your conscious awareness in this endless now moment.  It is an everlasting experience in which any thought of separateness, unworthiness, or inadequacy of any kind is totally dissolved because, by being and knowing Yourself to be One with Source, no limiting thoughts can arise.

As One with Source, as each and everyone is, there are no limits to your creative abilities because, at the moment that God created you He endowed you with all that He Is, He created you like unto Himself.  From the moment of your creation you are able to create as He does, you are beings without limits of any kind because you are perfect beings; you are the energy field of infinite Love that is Source, Mother/Father/God, All That Is.  God is Perfect, He has no blemishes, inconsistencies, or imperfections of any kind because that is what perfect means, and nor do any of you, being inseparably One with God, always!

The perfection that is Source is infinitely joyful, infinitely peaceful, infinitely content, and so are all of you because there is no other state, and thus you will awaken into complete and unshakable awareness of this divine and eternal Truth.  Joy is your destiny because it is God’s Will for you, and it is also, of course, your will because you are in total agreement with God in every moment in the Unity that is that perfect and unchanging state.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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  Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday September 12th

The most important subject with which humans have to deal is Love – which is their true and only state of being – or the apparent lack of Love they experience while they are in form as humans.  But, of course, there is no lack of Love, because there is only Love, which is the infinite field of divine energy in which all sentient life is lovingly and eternally held and embraced.  Love is found within!  There is nowhere else that it can be, because there is no without, there is no outside, outside is unreal, is nowhere, is the unreal dream-world of form which lasts only as long as the sentient collective that is experiencing form chooses to maintain it.

Initially, when form was first established, the flow of sentience that vivified it was so tenuous that it had practically no presence at all.  As form evolved, sentience became slowly more clearly manifest, allowing form to become ostensibly real.  Senses then developed that felt, saw, tasted, smelt, and heard its environment through those forms, and as a result of those sensations sentience began to identify with the form in which it found itself.  In form it seemed to be separate from other forms and experienced a sense of alienation, abandonment, a sense of being lost or not belonging, and from this unsettling feeling fear arose.  There had never been fear because in Reality, in the field of Love there is nothing to fear, because all is One, living in perfect peace and harmony with Itself in a state of eternal joy!

Fear is the main limitation that is experienced through form, and from that all other limitations arise; you could say that the words limitation and fear are synonyms for each other.  When people rise above their fears, or move through them and beyond them, limitations just fall away.  You have a saying “Feel the fear but do it anyway,” and those that do appear to others to be fearless.  They are not, of course, they are simply not allowing their fears to rule or control them.  In the gospel of St. John there is the statement “PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR,” and when you engage with Love and operate from Love you find that you have the strength to overcome your fear, to cast it out!

Judgment, blame, bitterness, hatred, and resentment are limiting attitudes that tie people into beliefs about right and wrong – beliefs that are frequently invalid – that makes it almost impossible for them to have meaningful discussions in order to resolve issues that are dividing them.  Love is unconditionally accepting of all, and will listen to anyone without judgment.  When love is intended and demonstrated all issues can be satisfactorily resolved without blaming, shaming, or punishing, and all will feel honored and respected when that resolution is achieved.

It is the ego that constantly demands a person’s attention, and demands that its opinion be honored as the truth.  But the ego’s perspective or perception is always fear driven.  Whenever you feel emotionally or psychologically unsettled or uncomfortable your ego is in the driving seat – especially noticeable when actually driving as irritation arises seemingly as a result of other drivers’ unreasonable or dangerous behaviors.  When you accept and deal with what arises in your lives, without making any judgment and without feeling any need to judge, those feelings dissolve.

Love always honors and respects all with whom It interacts – all sentient life.  It has no need to judge or separate beings due to color, race, culture, social standing, or creed, because those seeming differences are only differences of form, an aspect of the dream or illusory world which is the only state in which it is possible to experience form and all its limitations.

You are all perfect manifestations of the Divine One, Mother/Father/God, Source, experiencing Itself in the only way that It can – in myriad reflections of Itself that allow It to know Itself in every aspect of Its infinite and multifarious creative possibilities.  You are One with Source, and you have been since the moment of your creation, enjoying with the One the infinite variety of magnificent, beautiful, and amazing creative expressions that It chooses – in every moment – to be.

At the same time, or in the same eternal moment, as a human in form, you are experiencing the unreal, a state of limitation and fearfulness in which conflict is ever present, seemingly threatening your physical existence, your life, at all times.  And, until you remember that you are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary and unreal experience of life in form, fear, and the conflicts that arise from it, will seemingly guide and rule your behaviors, your lives, because your behavior is your life, is who you are . . . until you remember.

It does seem to you that life is a one time event, and that when it ends you cease to be.  A terrifying thought.  Many attempt to collect or gather an abundance of material possessions that experience has shown long outlast a human lifetime, in order that they be ever remembered through these artifacts by the tribe or culture to which they belonged.  And your cemeteries overflow with memorial stones and ornaments to those long since returned to the non physical realms.  People are terrified of being unseen or forgotten.  However, as eternal divine beings you are always seen, you are permanently in the sight of God, and you can never be forgotten.

As Love fills your hearts, as you begin to remember that you are indeed spiritual beings having a temporary experience in form, fear falls away, and with it the need to collect stuff!  Many of you know loving souls who have very little in the way of material possessions and who are supremely content and happy.  And, in this the age of your awakening, more and more of you are choosing to move away from materialistic wants as the dawning realization or awareness of your true nature becomes more firmly felt.  Love flows through you, just as you and Source have always intended.

This awareness starts to dissolve the egotistical fears and needs that have for eons encouraged and led to conflict.  Instead, seeing that all are One, and that what an individual says, thinks, or does affects all, the individual now knows itself to be either lovingly acknowledging Oneness, or finds itself blindly and egotistically attempting to maintain the unreal state of separation.  With this awareness becoming ever more consciously present, service to others increasingly becomes the motivation for action, and personal peace and satisfaction replace the previous and almost constant sense of need that had been motivating and guiding its path through life.

Life is the field of divine energy in which all exists interdepently, it is Love, from which no one is separate, even for a moment, and when this is recognized it is impossible not to behave in a manner that is intended to be for the benefit of all, and doing this is intensely satisfying.  Oneness is realized, known, and lived, bringing lasting happiness that deals appropriately, in the moment, with all that arises and needs to be addressed by beings in form.  This is what your awakening process is all about, and it is proceeding apace.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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  Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday September 7th

Life is a divine and infinitely joyful creation of our infinitely wise and loving Source, and It is what we are, both those of us in form and those of us without form – an eternal and expanding flow of infinite energy that is most easily understood if defined as LOVE.  As humans in form, you all want LOVE, and for many it seems that it is outside you, to be found within someone else.  So you spend large parts of your human lives seeking it from that perfect other who you hope will, when found, fulfill you, making you feel complete, seen, heard, understood (at last!), and cherished above all others.  But of course what you seek elsewhere can only be found within yourselves, because you are all, each and every one of you without any exceptions of any kind, already and utterly inseparably One with Source – you are the Love that you seek.

Source, Love, and You are One.  As humans in form this appears not to be the case because your bodies are indeed individual separate forms, each experiencing Life/Love in their own unique way.  But this is only a temporary arrangement, because your bodies, like all forms that have a life force flowing through them, are vitalized only for a limited time, whereas you – who are the life force flowing through them – are eternal beings, forever One with Source.  You and Love are One.  As humans you have forgotten that and do not know it in the way that you know that you are your bodies.  You are a very like actors in a play or a movie playing parts very convincingly for yourselves and for your audience, and in fact being those parts.  When the play or movie is over you return to being yourselves; and, in the same way, when as humans you lay down your bodies in death, you return to being yourselves/Yourself.  Death should not to be feared but should be willingly accepted when it arrives, terminating the play or movie in which you have been engaged, and freeing you to return to Reality, to knowing Yourself as you truly are, One with Source in an inseparable and infinitely loving eternal embrace.

To be incarnate as a human in form is a gift of inestimable value that you have given yourselves in order to come to a far fuller comprehension of your divine and eternal nature.  Being human and limited allows you to become aware of the infinite vastness of Source relative to the seemingly smallness and insignificance of your human forms in a way that is impossible when you know Yourself as One with Source.

For example, many of you admire and look up to other humans who appear to you to be better, more valuable, more beautiful, more accomplished than you believe yourselves to be, and you choose to attempt to imagine what it would be like to be that other person.  However, you cannot actually be that other person, all you can do is have your own personal perception of what you imagine it must be like to be that other person, and that is invariably very different from how that person actually experiences him or her self.  Life in form is, therefore, unreal, imaginary, an experience of playing a part in a drama or story for the sole purpose of creating an interesting character and watching that character grow and develop as the story unfolds.

In human terms, you all watch or listen to stories as you grow from infancy to adulthood, and these stories powerfully influence your growth to maturity – and of course it does seem that many humansnever mature.  So, remember, it really is an illusory world that you live in and experience as humans, because in REALITY you have never separated from Source from the One.  What you are doing is playing a game that can inspire and motivate you, or that can lead you to shut down in fear.

Fear then leads to depression and lack of motivation, or of your will to live, and it then seems that someone else or god is the reason for your unhappiness, and there seems, therefore, to be nothing you can do about it.  Or it can lead to intense anger which is directed at others who, it seems, are threatening or attacking you, and so you feel forced to engage in conflict because, as you see it, your very survival depends on it.  Conflict requires at least two willing adversaries, and as you look at the news on the mainstream media you can see an inordinate number of examples of this state of affairs, as each adversary claims to have the truth, and blames the other for the conflict.

Your awakening is the collective consciousness becoming increasingly aware that Love is the only way to resolve issues, whether between individuals or between nations.  All over the world groups are being established by like-minded individuals in which the intent is set, each time they meet, to be loving whatever arises, and the group members are each asked and encouraged to reset this intent each morning when they awaken, each evening before falling asleep, as well as during the day, especially if a threat of conflict appears to be developing.  And these groups of loving people are not only finding that this intention setting is extremely effective and beneficial to themselves, but that it is also changing the world.

You all, every human presently incarnate, chose to take form at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution precisely for this purpose.  The time for the collective awakening is NOW, and you are all, each in your own carefully and divinely designed way, assisting in this process.  It is your reason for being human, it is your mission, and you are completing it successfully because failure is an absolute impossibility when you are doing God’s work.  Never forget that you are divinely guided in every moment, and this is ensuring your success.

The current chaos and conflicts worldwide are the visible signs that enormous changes are occurring, so when you find yourselves in situations that for humans in form are intolerable, know that these are passing events that are leading you Home to Reality.  To repeat, you are LOVE, and Love is the creative force, the divine Source, the infinitely vast and varied field of energy that fulfills and supports Life, Consciousness, Awareness, the state of being of which, as humans, you have only a tiny and severely limited awareness.  In fact enormous numbers of people, as they go about their daily human lives, are almost totally unaware that they are spiritual beings having a temporary experience in form.  Your collective awakening process is changing that, and awareness of the absolutely massive power of Love is now arising into people’s conscious awareness and astounding them.

Humanity’s awakening is occurring right now, and every human presently incarnate is an irreplaceable and essential part of the awakening process, so you are each to be firmly and strongly congratulated for the amazing work that you chose and agreed to undertake.  You are succeeding way beyond your human and limited ability to imagine or conceive of, so, despite what you see on the mainstream media – and some of that is very unsettling as you see the suffering that many are presently experiencing – keep on CELEBRATING!  When you celebrate, and allow the constant out-flowing energy field of divine Love to express Itself through you, you enormously intensify the Power of the energy field of Love that is awakening the human collective.  Your awakening is divinely guaranteed, and is occurring NOW!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Jesus Audio Blog for Friday August 16th

Although this does not appear to be the case, humanity is on the fast track to awakening.  It has always been the collective intent that humanity awaken from the dream or nightmare that it appears to be actually living and experiencing so very realistically.  The realism is because the vast majority of you fully identify with your bodies which are very vulnerable to pain and suffering through disease, accident, and conflict.  When you chose to experience separation from Source you also chose to use your bodies as as your main means of experiencing life in form, effectively shutting out the absolute vastness of Reality, and thus reducing your ability to enjoy the fullness of life.  Instead avoidance of pain and suffering became one of your driving motivations, along with the motivation to seek pleasure as a distraction from the seemingly never ending succession of painful realities with which life in form is constantly presenting you.

In this present age, the twenty first century, as a result of the recent advances in science, medicine, philosophy, and psychology it has come to humanity’s awareness that by changing your beliefs and how you choose to perceive others and the world around you, you can successfully manage your life experiences so that they are positively uplifting, inspiring, and enjoyable . . . or fear-filled, anxious, and painful.  You do each have the intellectual and the spiritual tools you need to build lives that fulfill you, but very often you allow moods of a negative nature to influence you unduly and unhelpfully.  As I have told you before, you are all powerful divine beings who have chosen to place yourselves in situations that are limiting and restrictive.  From that place you then choose how to proceed, either positively trusting your intuition and engaging in life with honesty, integrity, and loving respect for one another, or as victims in an environment over which you believe that you have no control at all.

Life is an aspect of Love, and if you will allow it to do so it will flow as you intended that it should before you incarnated.  Your incarnation was not blind chance!  You chose to incarnate as a human at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution so that you could participate most meaningfully in the collective awakening process.  Even if you are unaware of this you are, nevertheless, following a path that you most carefully designed in cooperation with other members of your soul family, and in which you were also most divinely guided.  The vast majority of humans do not have a clear picture of their reasons for incarnating or of how their life paths will unfold.  However, in every moment, your support team in the non physical realms is watching over you most lovingly, and is instantly available to answer your calls if you choose to seek guidance from them.  They will not put you on hold if and when you do call, but very frequently you allow yourselves to be distracted by your thought processes, moods, and emotions even as you are calling on them for assistance, and so frequently you do not hear their wise and loving responses.

This is why every message received from those in the spiritual realms continually stresses the need for you to take time out daily to go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and while there to relax, let go of any judgments, bitterness, resentments, blames, or thoughts that someone, anyone, owes you restitution for their mistreatment or misunderstanding of you.  When you engage with thoughts and beliefs of that nature you block out the Love residing within you, which is always there waiting to embrace you, guide you, and comfort you.

Love is always, and eternally, unconditionally accepting, and your true nature is identical to It.  However, when you engage with unloving thoughts, judgments, and beliefs, you yourselves shut yourselves off from Love.  Love is always calling to you to remind you of your true nature, but, as humans, you tend to focus on judgment and on being right – it often seems to you that as a human you absolutely need to defend yourself or be on the defensive as the world and its other human inhabitants are likely to attack you at any moment – and just doing that, even if you do not express it to anyone else, is to be in a state of conflict.  Conflict and Love cannot occupy the same space.  Nevertheless, if you will allow It, Love can and will most gently and efficaciously dissolve any and all conflicts.

Some of you have tried being loving even when it seems that you were under threat, and oftentimes that intent, set very firmly in your heart, has defused the situation instantly.  Expect Love, offer Love, and be amazed at the most wonderful experiences that follow from that expectation, when it is firmly backed up by your heartfelt intent to be loving whatever arises.  As you know, if not consciously, then you certainly do know at the depths of your being that you are eternally connected to Source, and that separation from that state is totally beyond the bounds of possibility.  Nevertheless, most humans have great difficulty in accepting that divine truth, because it is almost impossible for them not to buy into or get brain-washed by their cultural upbringing which encourages them to believe that they are not good enough, and attempts – mostly successfully – to persuade them to try to be other than who they are.  This causes intense inner pain and turmoil which is then either denied, or very deeply buried in the hidden recesses of their minds, in order for them not to be driven to despair by a strong but invalid sense of having no value as a person, as they try to imitate or become a copy of someone whom others admire.

Please believe me when I remind you that you were created from Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, which is the infinite field of divine energy in which all that exists is eternally present, and that only you can fulfill the infinite potential that arose as a direct result of you being created to be exactly who you are.  You are absolutely perfect for the role for which Source created you, and by fulfilling it, as you will, your joy will be boundless and endless, when you allow yourself to realize and recognize yourself as One with Source.  No one can replace you in God’s divine plan, and neither can you replace anyone else.  Reality, God, Source, Love is ALL that exists, and every created being fits precisely and perfectly into the position for which it was created, and which was created for it.  No one is misplaced, lost, or abandoned because that is utterly impossible, you are each precisely where God intends you to be in every moment of your eternal existence, and you are infinitely loved and cherished because that is the purpose for which you were created.

As humans, living the dream life of form, that is not what you experience, however, the unreal but seemingly intensely real sense of separation from Source that living a life in form provides is too painful to accept and undergo, so you distract yourselves by believing that who you are in form as a human is all that you are or can be.  Doing that eases and conceals from you the unbearably intense suffering that separation, were it even possible, would impose upon you.

That is why I and others keep on reminding you of your True, Divine, and forever unchanging Nature.  Collectively humanity has chosen to awaken from the insanity of the dream, and you are presently undergoing the awakening process which is bringing into your conscious awareness various aspects of life in form that are not in alignment with your true nature, and which need to be recognized as unreal and released.  It is painful but necessary, and it will pass.

Remember this message, and regularly remind yourselves that you are indeed One, One with each other, and One with Source, that your true nature is LOVE, and that you are awakening into eternal Joy.  Therefore, as I have suggested to you previously . . . CELEBRATE.  Your awakening is progressing unstoppably, and is absolutely inevitable, because you are bringing it to fruition through the infinite power of your loving intent.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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A Recommendation!

Brian Longhurst  experienced the presence of Jesus personally in 1967, and since then . . . over 40 years ago . . . he has maintained that uplifting and absolutely awe-inspiring connection.

And on Sunday evening (August 4th 2019) I watched/listened to an excellent BatGap interview, where Brian was interviewed by Rick Archer. They had an uplifting conversation that I highly recommend:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feiRZ3Lb5t8    it runs 2hrs 20mins.

And below is a link to Brian’s web site where he offers a short excerpt from his book describing his mystical meeting with Jesus in 1967. Well worth reading.


Enjoy, John.


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