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Love is reality, is life, and it is The Gift that God gives constantly making All of creation One with Him eternally, in every moment, without break or interruption, ever.

Love is the medium in which every sentient being exists and interacts with itself, with God, and with all other sentient beings constantly.  It is the environment that provides the means for all interactions throughout all of creation.  There is nothing outside of it or beyond it, it just IS, and many names or labels have been chosen over the eons in multitudes of human cultures by which to identify it – God, Infinite Supreme Intelligence, Divine Wisdom, All That Is, Source, and many other variations – and none of them even comes close to the Reality of it.  So here, just for convenience, I will use the word God.

There is not, never has been, and never will be any language that can, even while setting the intent to discuss it in the most heartwarming and lovingly speculative manner, describe or explain what can only be personally experienced as an individual relationship with God.  Many have tried, and there are uncountable numbers of theses, dissertations, hypotheses, and holy interpretations that have attempted to explain this mystifying and impenetrable enigma.  And while many do find areas of agreement, in the end any understanding of it, while still utterly inadequate, is a completely unique and individual experience.  As those who have had and talked about their Near Death Experiences have all reiterated “it is an experience of Love that is totally beyond description or comprehension.”  It just IS, and it is the most magnificent and wondrous experience of complete and utter loving acceptance and acknowledgment that the individual has ever undergone.  All who have become aware of the possibility of having such a transcendent encounter naturally want to experience it for themselves, and this is what the collective human awakening is all about!

The awakening, although collective, is an individual experience of the utmost beauty and wonder that each will interact with through their own unique, most wondrous and miraculous essence, the particular and incomparableness of their divine being, the peerless being that God in Her wisdom created that one to be.  Yes, All are One, BUT within that Divine and Supreme One, each individual sentient being, created in Love by God, experiences themselves as differentiated individual beings in personal relationship with that One, and equally with one another.  It is a state of total and endless joy, it is God’s divine Will expressing Itself as Love in each and everyone individually, and thus creatively expanding and most beautifully making Herself known endlessly and without limitation of any kind whatsoever.  It is divine magnificence infinitely and eternally expressed, now and forever!

The Allness of One and the Oneness of All is utterly incomprehensible to those experiencing the limitations of life in form, because in that state of being everyone and everything is seemingly separated from everyone and everything else.  Modern physics has been pointing out that their scientific experiments do indicate that there is no separation, that all is enclosed in a limitless or vast field of consciousness, but for practical purposes this is really incomprehensible.  While those who have had NDEs know that there is only Love, the field of conscious awareness in which God envelops all of Her beloved children in every moment of their existence.

Without exaggeration I can assert that each one of you, each of God’s beloved children, is VAST, vast beyond the most enormous concept you can conceive of for that word.  And yet your core or heart is constantly fully consciously aware of the minutest element of its essence, and of whatever it may be experiencing.  There is NO separation from the Oneness that Is.

Allow yourselves to accept that Truth.  Embrace It and honor It.  It is Mother/Father/God and It is each one of you.  The miracle of your beingness is astounding!  In human terms it is indeed astounding.  Just accept that whatever God chooses to create will always be thus, there is no other possibility.  Each one of you is also THUS!

As you go about your daily lives in form, remind yourselves of this divine Truth and make a point of honoring and respecting yourselves – and all others – regularly and frequently, even though your egos will attempt to convince you that this cannot possibly be the case.  The ego relies on your sense of smallness, and on your belief in your unworthiness of God’s Love, a sense that it has established within you so that you will live fearfully and allow it to guide you as you live your human lives.  Let go of your totally invalid ego-driven fears and anxieties, and accept that you are, have always been, and will forever be the most dearly beloved children of God.  That is the unchangeable state in which you were created for your own eternal joy and for the infinite joy of God.

God is Love and Joy creating more of Itself endlessly.  God is Reality.  Your experience of life in human form totally limits and restricts your ability to understand this because, by intent, by becoming a limited being in form, you all made the free choice to lose awareness of your true nature.  It appears to you that your human form is your identity, because it is through this form that all your experiences are delivered to you by way of your physical senses, and they are constantly giving you feedback that confirms this.

However, all of you are also convinced that there is far more to life than your physical bodies can provide, otherwise you would not be reading this and other encouraging and uplifting messages.  And you are right.  There is way more to life than you are able to experience in your daily human lives, and your collective awakening will return you to full conscious awareness of your natural and eternal state of being at One with and fully and most lovingly embraced by Mother/Father/God.

Your awakening is imminent, so make sure to go within daily to invite Love to enter your hearts.  Doing this is to make the choice to feel the deep inner knowing that God is, and that you also are a being of vast Love.  Feeling that uplifts you enormously and intensifies the power of your presence just being in form, an essential presence at this most wonderful moment in the glorious awakening process.  Remind yourselves that you are never alone, and that if you do feel alone it is because you have allowed your egos to distract you with their fearful ‘what if’ scenarios that keep demanding your attention.  Let go of that and just BE!

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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Humanity’s collective arousing into the actuality of your awakening is accelerating most beautifully, and great delight awaits you all very, very, soon.  Ignore and totally discount the drama with which the various media are distracting you, you are all precisely where you are supposed to be, and doing or being precisely what pre-incarnationally you planned to do to mightily assist in the collective awakening process.  All is flowing perfectly towards a most magnificent moment of fruition.  The Love that you each are, your individual but united energy fields are inundating the energy fields of those who are starting to come to an awareness of their essential need to awaken, and also of those who remain deeply asleep.  The time for sleeping is past, and your loving intentions are most effectively nudging and stirring all those who are still in a state of almost total amnesia about their true nature and their life’s purpose as humans in form.  Without all of you most willingly undertaking the tasks you so courageously and lovingly chose to embark upon prior to your present incarnations, the progress towards awakening would have been far slower.  Thank you all from the depth of my heart, the One Heart of Mother/Father/God, the Heart of All Creation.

There is just ONE infinite Heart, the Heart of Life, of Love, and of each differentiated and individuated being, inseparably United with The One, All That Is in eternal and infinite bliss.  Who you each truly are is presently and very temporarily hidden from you solely because, just a moment ago – eons ago – you freely chose to construct and enter into an environment of form where your abilities were, by your own choice, severely limited.  This choice was made in order to experience an unreal state – separation from Source – while you imagined yourselves to be autonomous beings, alone and abandoned in an environment where your very existence was constantly threatened, and where you would eventually cease to even be alive because your existence would be terminated by the death of your physical human forms.  And yes, your human forms will cease to exist, but, when that happens, you can always choose to create a new one, or return Home and cease playing the game of independence and separation.  You are always and eternally FREE to choose the limitations of form or the infinite possibilities that your natural non-physical being enjoys in every moment of its existence in the Presence of and at One with God.

Deep within everyone of you is the intense and infinitely powerful knowing that you are indeed always in the Presence of the One, because no other state is possible.  But, in form as humans experiencing the limitations of that state, you have chosen to remain unaware of your true nature.  Doing that is part of the adventure or ordeal of undergoing the unreal state of separation.  So, yes you know that separation is unreal, has not and never could happen, nevertheless, you have constructed a seemingly extremely real environment of unreality, and within it you experience fear – actually TERROR – and the inevitable pain and suffering to which separation from your all loving Source would lead you.

The terror, of course, was of the idol you invented and called god or some other seemingly appropriate name, an unreal being modeled on the idea of an older, wiser, and far more powerful human type of being to whom you owed total allegiance, and who would judge, condemn, and punish you most viciously if you did not do his bidding and honor him totally.  You then started wars to defend him from others who had envisaged a different god whom they honored and defended instead of yours.  The madness of this unreal response to life is inconceivable, and yet you embraced it for eons.  Now you are finally allowing yourselves to recognize the insanity of this way of living, as more and more of you become aware that there is only Love, and that all that is alive is enveloped in and embraced by this, the only Reality, without even the least possibility of a micro-moment of separation from It.

Those of you now choosing to set the intent to be only loving whatever arises in your lives – and the numbers of you doing this are growing exponentially every day – are finding yourselves increasingly at peace within yourselves as you disengage from the gossip, drama, corruption, and lack of ethical behaviors on which the news media attempt to get you to focus your undivided attention – all of it unreal!  That endeavor used to work, but now, as all the media are telling the same story, and others are bringing forth the hidden information about this propaganda that has for a long time been used to control and subdue you, vast numbers of you have come to realize how those you have trusted for so long have been relentlessly misleading and misinforming you in order to control you and give themselves inordinate power over you.

You are now in the process of reclaiming your personal sovereignty, of refusing to bow down to authoritarian attempts to regulate your personal daily lives “for your own good and the good of society!”  The deceit has been revealed, and unquestioning endorsement of authoritarian control of your individual freedom will never again succeed.  You know that you were created as eternally free divine beings, and that that state has never and can never change.  Total personal freedom is your divine right, given to you at the moment of your creation as differentiated aspects of the One with Whom you are united both now, and in every moment of your most glorious and eternal existence.

Love is the only Reality, the only possible Reality, and you are all, without any exceptions whatsoever – including of course those who have been misleading and deceiving you – enveloped most joyfully in that state.  Truly you do know and recognize yourselves, without any possibility for doubt, as perpetually at One in the all-embracing Presence of Mother/Father/God.

Mother/Father/God, Source, Love IS Reality, is your eternal and unchanging Home.  It is where you reside eternally in infinite and endless peace and joy.  Many of you are beginning to encounter a sense of Reality, of your inseparable Oneness with God, more and more frequently as you regularly choose to spend quiet time alone with yourselves by just being.  And as the roof-brain chatter subsides or even ceases for a few moments, you begin to feel different, somewhat serene in the quietness of that beingness, and a knowing comes to you that in truth you are never alone, that you really are One with Mother/Father/God.  This knowing is why you feel serene, and you know that what you are experiencing is the reality of Love enveloping and embracing you.  That knowing will remain with with you when you return to engage with your normal daily human lives, and you will find yourselves much more easily accepting and dealing with your human lives as they unfold for you in every moment.

Spending quiet time alone daily is an absolutely essential requirement for you, because during that time you have the full power of Mother/Father/God embracing and fortifying you as you again set the intent to be only loving whatever may arise for you during the day.  You incarnated holding this purpose within you, and you are fulfilling it most beautifully.  Do not judge yourselves negatively for the times when you forget to do this.  You knew before you incarnated that this was bound to occur, and so you forgave yourselves in advance!

You are all most wonderful beings, perfect divine children of God, splendidly dealing with your lives in form just as you planned.  Therefore I offer you the most hearty congratulations on your ongoing accomplishments as you assist so many – far more than you can possibly envision – on their path to awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Humanity is moving forward beautifully and very rapidly towards the collective awakening and, as I have told you many times, this transcendent occurrence is divinely assured, and consequently the progress that you have made is utterly irreversible.  There are just ‘a few loose ends’ to tie up, and then you will awaken, and your joy will be boundless.

As you continue to wait with enthusiastic faith in God’s plan for this most wondrous event to unfold, do make sure to spend quiet time daily just being.  You are all extremely powerful beings, so when you just sit holding the intent to be only loving the effect of your individual and collective intentions is way beyond your ability to envisage.  Know that your earthly presence at this time in the awakening process is essential, and that your success in achieving fulfillment of the divine tasks you each set yourselves before this incarnation is total.

It is the individual presence of each one of you in form –Truly, All of humanity! – that is the driving energy behind your awakening process.  To awaken is humanity’s collective and individual free will choice, as well as being your sovereign right.  That choice was made almost as soon as you started engaging with the separation experience, because you immediately felt the intensely terrifying sense of abandonment that real separation, could it occur, would induce.  However, your initial engagement was made with great excitement and enthusiasm, so that you moved instantly and very deeply into the illusory game or dream that you had constructed, and then you were unable to find the way out.  You were lost and extremely frightened – that was your initiation into the sensation or feeling of fear, and consequent belief in fear as a state of being.

Suddenly you each had egos!  And, as you are well aware, in the present day egos tend to run rampant when allowed to do so.  This happens very frequently because the great majority of those in human form totally identify with their bodies and their egos.  This idea of having an individual and totally personal independent identity was a major aspect and intent when you constructed the illusory state in which you appear to be having a once only experience of life.  This was to be followed by your individual terminal extinction, the culmination of the game of separation that you invented and chose to engage in with your full attention to make it as real as possible.  You succeeded beyond your wildest dreams!

Now, it’s Game Over!  There is no possibility of re-engaging with it because it has served its purpose and is being discarded.  You have chosen to return to wakefulness, to Reality, and deep within yourselves there is great joy arising as you begin to feel it happening.  Acknowledge and honor these feelings of joy arising within you, because you do know intuitively that they are completely valid, that you are all infinitely worthy of God’s eternal Love for you.  Your intuition always leads you to increasing awareness of the love that each one of you is, even though your egos resist and attempt to have you believe that you are each an unworthy and insignificant being among billions.  Divine guidance is available to you in every moment, all you need do is hold the intent to be conscious of it, and then allow yourselves to engage fully with it, this will at least start quieting your egos’ vociferous opposition to the reality of who you are.

Having never ever been separated from your Source – the eternal energy field of infinite Love and Wisdom – you need only set and maintain the intent to once more be consciously aware of being One with It in order to return Home.Many of you are experiencing the sensation or feeling of not belonging here as humans on Earth.  And you do not!  Life as a human on Earth is an extremely limiting and temporary state which lasts only until you allow yourselves to become aware that you are not your bodies, and that these limits are unreal.  Those who have had near death experiences or out of body experiences are aware of this, and have for many decades now been sharing this information widely.  However, it is only very recently that this information is being accepted as a valid indication that not only are you indeed far more than your bodies, but that you truly are eternal beings, beings who will never die!

Awareness that your lives as humans are but temporary experiences, and that life is eternal has become far more widespread over the last seven or eight decades, intensifying the collective intent to awaken into the fullness of Life as One with Mother/Father/God.  This awareness is as a direct result of people choosing to respond to the Voice for God within themselves – the Holy Spirit – which has always been gently calling their attention to it throughout their human lives.  It is a very quiet Voice which is easily drowned out by the raucous and vociferous voices of your egos.

What has happened is that more and more of you have become totally dissatisfied with the almost complete negativity of your egos’ thought systems as you realize that it is they who are constantly leading you into conflicts, either one on one, or with many others, such as in wars between nations, as they enthusiastically encourage you to blame others or the world at large for any pain or suffering that you yourselves may be undergoing.  Awareness that either attacking others or defending yourselves inevitably leads to further conflicts has finally become obvious and indubitable to the vast majority of humanity.  In the twentieth century the 1914/18 War to end ALL Wars was soon followed by World War II, making it clear to anyone who chose to see that in order to establish peace on Earth people needed to cease blaming and fighting each other over their differences.  Nevertheless, war has continued to be a major economic benefit to those who have the power and authority to start them, while encouraging and directing others to do the fighting.

Now, All have chosen to SEE!  The peace movements, that were established in the latter half of the last century, have made it almost impossible for anyone tocontinue to believe that it makes sense to engage in war with those who have different views or opinions.  Awareness has grown that all have the right to follow their own belief systems as long as they do not attempt to force others to agree with them.  You are All One with Mother/Father/God and, at the same time, you are each differentiated and individuated beings free to engage in your own creative and inspiring endeavors.  As an analogy you can think of the individuals playing their individual musical instruments in a vast orchestra, and together creating a most beautiful musical harmony of sounds to delight their ears and emotions, and also those of the audience who are listening to them, enraptured.

Harmonious cooperation with one another is your natural state of being, as Love fills your hearts and guides your every thought, word, or action.  While many of you would agree that this must be so, it is extremely difficult for you to follow that divine guidance in every moment when your egos are longing for conflicts in which to engage so that they can then prove themselves to be RIGHT!

This is why, as you all most definitely and clearly understand, it is so essential for you to spend time daily at peace in your holy inner sanctuaries.  When there, relaxed and undisturbed even if only for a brief moment, make a point of inviting Love to fill your own hearts and the hearts of every human.  Doing just this is your purpose for being in human form at this precise moment.  Totally trust your intuition which is constantly reminding you of this, and let it guide you throughout the day.  When you do, as many of you have already discovered, your day will flow far more smoothly and lovingly, and you will find yourselves having moments of joy simply because you are alive.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Dear John, and dear friends with whom we share these messages, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Easter, the day on which we celebrate not only the anniversary of my resurrection, but also the resurrection of each one of you – your return to your natural state – to constant full conscious awareness of your true nature.  You are all eternally at One and in the Presence of Mother/Father/God, from Whom you have never been separated, even for the briefest of instants.  All are One, everyone, every sentient being is in every moment One with Mother/Father/God.  Therefore, to come again to FULL conscious awareness of this divine Truth is unimaginably exhilarating, far beyond your ability while in form to even conceive of.  So once again, here’s wishing you all


Now, as you continue to wait with enthusiasm for your individual moment of awakening, which is also the collective moment of awakening, allow yourselves to feel the joy growing gently and unmistakably within you.  No, you are not imagining it!  What you are feeling are the first stirrings of your awakening, so accept those feelings and delight in the dissolution of any remaining doubts to which you may be clinging.  You are all my dearest brothers and sisters and I would never mislead you, your “dream” of awakening is not a dream, it is but a growing awareness of your eternal divine nature, as deep within yourselves your knowing of this Truth intensifies.

Love is All.  There is only Love.  Our single andonly need is for Love, and we are all enveloped in It and embraced by It in every moment of our eternal existence, It is what We are – eternally One with and in the Presence of Mother/Father/God.  Therefore there is absolutely nothing to fear – EVER!  Fear is unreal, a construct of that part of the mind that chose to experience the unreality of separation from Source.  Something that can never happen, except as an imaginary and unreal state, and only for as a long as the free will desire to experience it is maintained.  That desire is dissolving very rapidly, as more and more of you become aware of the insanity of attempting to live in that state, where the unreal – fear – fills your minds with an endless array of anxiety-driven ‘what if’ thoughts and scenarios.

This collective and growing awareness of the unreality of your seemingly separated state is the major aspect of your awakening process, and it is gently but firmly and rapidly nudging you ever closer to the moment of your awakening.  That moment is imminent, and you are no longer willing to maintain your belief in the unreal state that is and has been your daily experience for eons as anxiety-driven humans in form.The time for time, for an illusory sense of separation from Mother/Father/God, is coming to a well deserved point of termination.  You never needed it but you chose to experience it, and now you have collectively changed your mind, and are in the process of closing it down in order to return to your infinite state of normality that isReality.

Nevertheless, while living as humans in form you have also allowed yourselves to experience many meaningful lessons, lessons that you could only have learned by experiencing that intense sense of separation that is the major aspect of being seemingly limited by your human forms.  You are all, all sentient life forms, the beloved, loving, and wise children of God, and you have over the eons enormously expanded your self-knowledge as differentiated and individuated beings, while at the same time remaining totally and completely at One with your ever loving Source.

That may seem to suggest to you that you have gained in wisdom from the unreal separation experience, but that is not the case.  You have, since the moment of your creation, always been infinitely wise and loving, it is just that while undergoing the unreal and short-lived experience of separation you have also been engaged in the ongoing and endless expansion of Creation – remember, separation is impossible!

You are Creators, and Creators are endlessly expanding and extending Love and Wisdom, the infinite field – or, if you prefer, ocean, atmosphere, galaxy, universes – that is All, that is Mother/Father/God, and this Oneness is always complete, indivisible, and yet infinitely expansive.  To attempt to explain Truth, Reality, Mother/Father/God, Source in words is totally unsatisfactory, and yet, as beings in form you want to understand what God is, and words are what you use to elucidate thoughts and ideas.  So we try to explain, but truly the attempt will always be utterly inadequate, as you will fully comprehend when you awaken.

During these last few moments of life in the illusion, continue to go within as frequently as you can each day to reset and intensify your intent and desire, and that of the collective, to reawaken into Reality.  Doing so most powerfully increases the effectiveness of just being, the major and most emphatic manner in which your presence on Earth in this moment is assisting in bringing this divine plan for humanity to its magnificent and inevitable moment of bloom, blossom, and fruition – Divine Completion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Here in the non-physical realms we are loudly applauding you all as you so beautifully prepare to bring the collective human awakening to its most glorious conclusion.  This is the main purpose of each of your current individual human incarnations.  And remember, you are never alone!  When you incarnate you each have your own support team in the non-physical realms watching over you and giving you gentle nudges whenever necessary – you each made clear to us, before you were born into your present bodies, that you might well need a nudge from time to time to assist you to remain on your chosen paths, and we completely honor those instructions – and we are always with you to answer immediately if you call on us for guidance.  Not one of you is here alone, by chance, and without the constant availability of our loving assistance!

You each made a totally free choice to be incarnate at this moment in the awakening process, fully understanding how difficult it would be.  You are all doing magnificently, and we want you to be aware of this so that you can release any doubts you may have about how wonderfully helpful, effective, and essential your presence on Earth is at this moment of the awakening process.

As you each engage ever more fully with the awakening process – your own and that of the collective – be aware that distractions of a worldly nature are quite normal.  You not only have your own egos attempting to distract you, but also the collective one which is resisting the call to awaken.  Do not let that concern you, all is divinely taken care of, and your irreversible collective choice to awaken is leading you forward most beautifully.

Your egos, individual and collective, are but split off parts of your minds – the parts you use as your human identity – and their purpose is to assist you during your daily lives in form as an aspect of your autonomic nervous systems, which keep your bodies operating normally without any need for you to pay them undue attention.  However, because your bodies are delicate and can easily be damaged, your egos have developed individual warning systems for each of you so that they can easily attract your attention if any untoward threat to your body should arise; and because they love and greatly desire your attention they spend a lot of time looking for new ways to capture it.  They are really rather like small children attempting to attract their busy parents’ attention, and, like small children, they will mature, they will be re-integrated into the wholeness of your true nature.  Therefore, do not blame or condemn them, realize that they are always doing their best, and treat them gently with love and affection, while not allowing them to bully you into being “helicopter parents” who can always be cajoled into satisfying their every need without discernment.  It is good for them to have quiet time without your constant attention, while knowing that should real needs arise you will be there for them.

When you awaken, as soon you will, the experience of Love flooding into your hearts will delight and inspire you.  You all know that Love is your nature, but most of you do not regularly experience the sense or feeling of that divine truth in your daily lives, and often even find it hard to believe that Love is your nature, as you observe the constant flow of unloving behaviors occurring that are causing pain and suffering to so many on a daily basis.  However, actually being aware of this, as you are, effectively intensifies your intent to be only loving whatever may arise in your daily lives because, appreciating as you do that your intentions are extremely powerful, you continue to make a point of resetting that loving intent at the start of your day.  Doing so is a major duty of your present human life purpose.

Yes, your presence on Earth Now, is essential, and you know that.  That is why you are presently incarnate, and whatever personal issues you may find yourselves dealing with that may be causing you anxiety, pain, or suffering generally, are also reflections of what much of the unawakening and presently unaware ones are also dealing with.  By dealing lovingly with those issues of your own, you greatly assist the collective to do the same.  Remember: All Are One, separation is unreal.  Therefore by just being, you and the collective are doing indispensable work to bring the awakening to its most magnificent fruition.  Just being is both essential and extremely effective, so please do not doubt the efficacy and potency of your earthly presence in human form at this moment.  You are needed, you are loved, and you are honored for choosing to undertake this divine and demanding task.

So focus daily on your deep inner knowing, your knowing that you are essential participators in the collective awakening process, and ask us, your support teams, to assist you in every moment to deal lovingly with all with whom you interact, no matter how much your egos might be suggesting to you that judgmental responses would be both appropriate and more impressive.  When you call on us we are instantly there for you, if you will quieten the distractions of roof brain chatter and allow yourselves to listen to us.  The guidance we will offer you is always totally appropriate for the situations with which you are dealing, and as you accept it and act on it you will experience an increase in trust and peace in that moment.

We love you all most dearly, and we experience great joy in assisting you, so never hesitate to call on us.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Humanity’s collective awakening is surging ahead with increasing rapidity toward the Now Moment in which it is occurring – NOW!  It may well seem to you that this is not the case, as you watch the unfolding of worldwide events that are in no way near being in alignment with Love, the only Reality.  Relax, ALL is divinely taken care of.  The illusory dream or game-like environment of form in which you are still experiencing the unreality of separation from Mother/Father/God is dissolving before your very eyes.  The divine plan for your awakening is, of course, proceeding perfectly, which is the only way that it can.

Signs of this divine unfolding can be seen all across the world, even though your social and MSM are deliberately not reporting them.  Your awakening, as you have so frequently been informed, is totally assured and guaranteed by God, Whose only Will for you is that the Love that you are arises fully into your living conscious awareness, to utterly eradicate any doubts to which many of you may still be clinging.  Trust in God, release any doubts, and know, as you do deep within yourselves, that your trust is completely justified because it is trust in Him, your infinitely loving Creator and Father.

You are all the beloved children of God, and you always will be, because Her love for you is endless, eternal and unceasing.  To be separate from Her is utterly impossible because there is only the One, the All, which enfolds and embraces all that She has created and continues to create.  Creation, like God, is an eternally ongoing state of existence, sharing and extending Love – the life force that establishes vitality and sentience in all that is created – for Her endless delight and joy as She watches the jubilation and merriment of all of Her progeny as they engage most enthusiastically with the life with which She has endowed them.  Her divine Will IS that you fully and completely enjoy every moment of the life with which She has so lovingly blessed you.  And you can!

Enjoyment of life is your God-given inheritance, fully available to you in every moment of your eternal existence.  However, as humans in form, by your own individual choices, you frequently allow what is not in alignment with Love to confuse and distract you.  You can and do choose either love or fear, and they are, of course, mutually exclusive.  You cannot engage with both at the same time, because fear is a choice to avoid and exclude engagement with love, which as you well know is your true and only nature.  Fear by its very nature excludes, it is a major aspect of your sense of separation, and it encourages you to believe that life is unsafe, and it then floats ‘what if’ thoughts of possible dangers into your minds so that you feel obligated to prepare for the worst that could happen either to yourselves, or to your nearest and dearest.  And this often fills you with anxiety.

But Love envelops All that God creates – Reality – and does not know fear which is non-reality, a state of the egoic mind that has chosen separation and aloneness because it cannot trust others who appear to it as ones who would betray it.  As many humans believe that their egoic minds are their real minds, the only form of protection that they have, they cling ferociously to them and search constantly for others who have beliefs that are similar to their own.  You see this everywhere as people choose to take sides and support those whom they believe will, when necessary, support them in their hour of need.  Frequently the results of these kinds of choices can be very unsatisfactory, and sometimes they are even disastrous.

Therefore choose only Love.  Love is the power, the infinite field of divine Energy that is All.  There is no escape from It!  And no one who has experienced love ever wants it to be terminated.  You are unconditionally and infinitely loved by God in every moment of your eternal existence, and that means that you are utterly and completely free and unrestrained by any restrictions – Love makes no demands, and withholds Itself from no one.

Nevertheless, youcan, and an enormous number of people do, choose to believe that the illusory state of existence that you experience as humans in form is the only reality, and they then live as if their current human lives are a once only event.  Of course they are not, they are just temporary moments in which the unreal appears real, similar to the dreams that you undergo when you allow your bodies to sleep, and which are rapidly forgotten when they awaken.

By choosing Love instead of fear your egos are disempowered, and then you will find yourselves at peace and enjoying the continuous flow of now moments, as your human lives unfold following the plans that you each individually designed before incarnating.  Plans that you designed with divine guidance in order to experience the collective awakening, and so that you could mightily assist many – you will be amazed when you realize how many – who are more deeply asleep within the illusion than you are.  Remember All are One!

The collective awakening is for everyone without exception.  Nevertheless, you are utterly free, and consequently a small minority may decide that awakening is not for them.  That will not in way affect or delay your collective awakening.  But that unwise choice does not mean that they will not awaken, because realization will dawn upon them, eventually – when they choose to allow it to do so – that only Love is Real.

No sentient being can remain eternally unaware of this divine Truth.  When that realization does arise, as it most surely will, then they too will move forward and awaken, and they too, when they make that most wonderful decision, will also, just like all of you, receive the most magnificent welcome from Mother/Father/God as they return Home.  No one will be left behind, forgotten, remain unseen, let alone be judged as unworthy of God’s infinite Love.  How could Love possibly reject Love – which is what all sentient beings are – when It is All, and there is no state or place beyond It?

So, as I tell you every time we commune, do make sure to allow yourselves quiet time daily to visit your holy inner sanctuaries, and while there, relaxed and at peace, feel the Love flowing freely and beautifully as it envelops and embraces you.  When you do that you assist all sentient life to move forward most expeditiously through the awakening process, and you also strongly empower the intentions you set daily to be only loving whatever arises.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Humanity is awakening right now in this moment, the only moment there is – eternity – the time without beginning or end, in which creation is constantly ongoing as Mother/Father/God shares and extends Her nature, which is infinite Love, for the infinite glory of God and All of Her divine creation.  Every sentient being is forever One with Her, as well as being an individuated entity with its own self that reflects back God’s glory to Her in every moment.  Truly life, existence, aware consciousness, Love, is beyond awesome, and this is what you are awakening into.  Your nature is Love, Life, and Joy, and your memory of It, which has never been lost, only mislaid, is about to be fully restored, as you let go of your belief in the limitations in which your human forms appear to enfold you.

You are all unlimited beings, just like God your ever loving Father, but you totally engaged with the game of separation and, as a result, with the limits that are a major aspect of it.  Over the ages holy ones, who have often been described or labeled as mystics, are merely ones who have delved deep within themselves and by doing so have become aware of their oneness with Source.  Through that awareness they have realized that their inner world – at one with Source – is the only Reality, and that the physical world without is in fact unreal.  It is but an individual and very personal appraisal of what the person’s brain/mind believes that it perceives in the physical environment seemingly outside itself.

You can all find the Truth within yourselves if you will take regular quiet time alone, inviting God to fill your hearts with Love.  She is with you in every moment, and when you choose not to pay attention to the distractions with which your egos are constantly presenting you, and listen instead to the quiet voice of God within you, you will feel Her Love and therefore know that you and She are eternally inseparable – that She is the One in Whom you exist in eternal Oneness.

For eons, due to the brilliant construction you built in which to experience the unreality of separation, many have convinced themselves that there is a being – a god or idol – to whom they must constantly offer obeisance and sacrifices so that he will not judge them too harshly, or even destroy them.  Thus many bought into the idea that there was an overriding authority figure who watched their every thought, word, and action.  And then, after a while, a small minority chose to presume that they had been chosen by him to have dominion over everyone else, and from that small group have arisen the systems of governmental or religious authority that still exist in the world today.  And most children on Earth are born into cultures that teach them that they must obey “the authorities” or face judgment and punishment.

Over the last few hundred years awareness has started to grow that this cannot possibly be true, because wise ones throughout the ages have regularly demonstrated and shared the falseness of this belief with those who would listen, and then mass communication systems were invented – printing, mail services, telegraph, radio, TV, telecommunications generally, and the worldwide web – making it possible for everyone to learn this truth.  And as a result of coming to an awareness of this increasing numbers of people have chosen to honor their own personal sovereignty, instead of continuing to align with the long enforced systems of authoritarian control.  By doing so they have been able to eradicate the ingrained and false beliefs within themselves that they were trained as children to accept and respect.  This was a necessary step for humanity to take on its path back to awakening, and once taken collectively, as has happened, there can be no regression.  This is why there has recently been – over the last several decades – such an intense acceleration in the growth of civil rights for all, no matter what their cultural, religious, or political persuasions may be.  It is the realization that the very fact of being born gives every individual an inalienable right to be and express herself in whatever fashion she may choose – as long as she does not cause physical harm to someone else – which may not and must not be overridden by anyone.

So I repeat, you are all divine beings created in Love as eternal and individuated aspects of the One – God, Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, or whatever label you use to address the One – and separation from your Source is utterly impossible!  Nevertheless, as humans in form, you do experience yourselves as individual separated beings, and therefore believe yourselves to be susceptible to attack, sickness, injury, and death.  And of course your human forms can and do encounter exposure to various dangers, and because nothing in form can avoid aging, decay, and death, the death of your human forms is inevitable.

Those who are reading or listening to this message are aware that they were created by an infinitely wise and loving being – Mother/Father/God – and trust that She will never cease loving them or terminate their existence.  However, many still believe that after their physical death that they will be subject to divine judgment, and possibly some form of punishment may then be imposed.

This is most definitely NOT the case.  As has been explained to you very frequently: God is Love, and Love is always totally without conditions of any kind, She just IS.  Therefore, when you lay down your physical forms, a most glorious and wondrous welcome awaits you, and you will find yourselves embraced by and fully enveloped in the Love that you and God are in every moment of your eternal unbroken and boundless existence.  Yes, at that moment, you will experience an entire unabridged review of your human life that has just closed, and every thought word or action in which you have engaged will unfold a bit like a movie in front of you.  However, you will experience absolutely no sense of guilt or shame.  Mostly you will be amazed when you see the enormous amount of good that you accomplished during that life, and how your loving presence – even though you were unaware of it and received no feedback – uplifted and inspired so many others.  Your return from a temporary life in form will unveil for you what was hidden during that time, the complete and full awareness of your unbroken and uninterrupted eternal existence in the Presence of Mother/Father/God.  Expect to be overjoyed, and know that what you are going to experience will totally and most gloriously exceed any expectations for which you may be hoping.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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It is now impossible for almost any of you to be unaware that there is a great and much needed awakening unfolding.  Signs and indications are appearing all across the world that enormous and totally beneficial changes are occurring everywhere, as Love intensifies the divine and eternal embrace in which She holds everyone of you, all planetary life, and the Planet herself, Gaia.  This process has been ongoing for eons as you experience time, although it has been but a moment since it started, and its timeline – versus the numbers of the human population moving towards awakening – which has for all that time been rising in only a very gentle gradient above the horizontal axis, has most suddenly become almost vertical.  You are all doing wonderful work in bringing it to fulfillment, and for this you are most highly honored, because without each and every one of you so graciously and magnificently delivering on the promises you made prior to incarnating it would not yet be almost upon you, as indeed it most certainly is.

I repeat: your collective human awakening into fully conscious awareness of your true nature as One with God is about to envelop you and fill you with joy and wonder.  You have seemingly been awaiting this divine moment for eons, but when it occurs you will instantly realize that you have only been momentarily in a state of unconsciousness, a state of apparent unreality that has for eons seemed to you to be the only reality.

Your nature, as you have so often been reminded, is Love – Oneness or Union with Mother/Father/God.  This has been your nature since the moment of your creation as a beloved child of God, but, as beings in temporary human form, apparently alone, individual, and separate from one another, this knowing is hidden from you by the veil of amnesia that enveloped you at the moment of your birth.

Then the environment in which you found yourselves growing from infancy to adulthood thickened that veil, and you, for the most part, chose to see and experience your environment as only a physical and material one, where you, in your aloneness, had to take full responsibility for caring for yourselves individually because no one else would or could.  It is a very confusing state of mind in which you find yourselves, experiencing life as humans in form, as the sense of separation, of one from another, has induced intense fear – a seeming absence of Love – and encouraged you to think defensively, to expect attack, and thus to be distrustful of others who might at any moment betray you.  And what you fear and expect is what some of you often experience.

Alternatively, as you choose to be honest with others, you will find that this leads others to be honest with you, and that that kind of interchange breeds communal trust and will thus demonstrate to you that fear is unnecessary.  When you then find the courage to let go of fear it will dissolve, and Love will flood in to embrace you.

Many of you found yourselves living in cultural environments that believe in a superior and non physical authoritarian being who could observe your every thought, word, and deed, and to whom you owed obedience.  A being that would judge you and punish you severely in the afterlife if you deviated from the required path of extreme reverence, devotion, and fealty required of you during your human lives.  Others have chosen to believe that the material world in which you spend your human lives is the only reality, and that the death of your bodies is a terminal event.  This belief confirms the sense of separation that all are experiencing and encourages them to live their lives in a manner that they believe serves them well, regardless of the effect that attitude may have on others.  Neither of these life paths leads to peace and contentment, instead it drives people to an almost constant need to desperately seek for happiness outside themselves where it can never be found.

Peace and happiness can only be found within, as saints and mystics have been telling you for eons.  This is why it is absolutely essential that you spend quiet time alone daily, visiting your holy inner sanctuaries, and while there inviting Love to embrace, reassure, and comfort you so that you can deal lovingly with the issues with which your daily lives present you. Doing so brings to your awareness the confirmational realization that you are most definitely in every moment at one with God.  You all need this daily confirmation to assist you to remain steadfast in your faith in Her, because the daily dramas with which the various media shower you constantly tend to stir up any doubts to which you may still be inadvertently clinging about the Reality of Mother/Father/God.  Let them go, because they are a major distraction, and make it difficult for you to just be.  Truly you are most lovingly blessed and cared for in every moment, and that will never change.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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The apparent chaos, suffering, and confusion all across the world at present is very unsettling!  Therefore, remember that every one incarnate now is in human form by choice in order to participate in the collective awakening process, thus ensuring their own awakening while greatly assisting others to also awaken.  There is NO ONE who is NOT assisting in this process!  That is probably very difficult for many of you to accept, so I would remind you that everyone – there are NO exceptions – is precisely where they are meant to be as they assist magnificently in this divine plan, the plan that was established at the exact moment that the collective choice to experience separation from Source was implemented.

There are no accident, no unintended events, everything that occurs in your human lives has a purpose, even if it is not understood or accepted.  You all chose to be incarnate now, knowing that when you ‘arrived’ your memory of your divinely guided purpose would be hidden from you in order to allow you to fully experience and learn from the life paths on which, seemingly randomly, you found yourselves.  You are all divinely loved in every moment of your uninterruptible eternal existence, and while living your human lives in form your intuition guides you most beautifully along your chosen paths.

However, when intense doubts arise within you – as they sometimes do – when your intuition appears to you to be leading you astray, your heavenly support team are gently nudging you towards self-trust.  Trusting yourselves is essential because you are divine beings and are, therefore, completely trustworthy – God always trusts you.  Self-doubts are egoic attempts to distract you from your intuitive guidance, which is always valid, by presenting you with anxiety producing ‘what if’ scenarios.  Look carefully at any thoughts that are presented to you in order to help you differentiate between egoic falsehoods and your intuition.  If you remain unsure delay making any decisions, then ask for clarity, and your guides will respond.  They are always with you, and will offer guidance and comforting supportive energy whenever you call on them – everyone who calls on his guides is answered – instantly!

To trust yourself is to be yourself, and you cannot ever be, nor would want to be anyone else!  Others may offer their opinions, which you may or may not find helpful, but it is always up to you to make your own life choices and decisions.  Only you can know what is right for you.  Of course throughout your lives choices arise and decisions have to be made, and when you look back over the years there may well be decisions you have made that you now regret.  Remind yourselves, when recalling life events, that your lives in form are unreal and that what you see as errors you have made were, in that moment, the best choices that you could then have made.  Let go of all self judgment because it distracts you from living, and you become anxious about the possibility of offending someone, even God.  People do take offense – God does not – but to be offended is to accept another’s judgment of you, and why would you do that?  No one, except for God, knows you as you know yourself.

You chose to experience your human life and learn lessons that you were divinely guided to place on your path.  As humans you cannot avoid making errors, it is part of the learning experience.  So welcome the errors, they are demonstrating something to you of which you were unaware.  To awaken is to become fully aware.  You are all aware that you are conscious, but just being conscious, consciousness experienced as your self in form, is often not enough, and so you can be quite unaware, and unaware that you are unaware.  However, you are all very good at noticing when someone else is unaware!  Thus your own awareness is often shut down by your ego distracting you – I need a coffee, to get gas in the car, to call my boss, to finish work and go home – and it is extremely adept at doing so.

Do not judge yourselves negatively for the errors that you realize you have made.  If they could or have adversely affected someone else, do attempt to amend the situation, but do not engage in self-blaming, as it drags you down energetically, and totally unnecessarily.  So many have been trained during infancy, childhood, and adolescence to believe that making a mistake is disastrous.  This is seldom if ever true.  It may cause inconvenience; and it may also show you a new way to address an issue.  Also, once you can cease automatically blaming – yourself or others – the stress and emotional upheaval that mistakes tend to generate reduce enormously, allowing you to focus more clearly as your anxiety about making errors diminishes.

You are all, each and every human without any exceptions, the beloved children of God.  There is nothing any of you can do that will change your relationship with Her.  Forget divine judgment and eternal damnation, they are utterly invalid ideas or concepts that humanity invented to attempt to assuage the guilt felt for attempting to separate from God.  God’s only wish for you is that you be happy, and return Home.  Of course, you have never left!  But, while in form as humans, it does seem that you are indeed far removed from God.  It is a little like infants hiding their faces behind their hands and believing that they cannot see or be seen.

Feeling so separated, so unloved, many seek love from others, compete with others for love, and frequently find themselves in conflict.  This has been occurring since the moment of apparent separation – but a micro-moment ago – and over the eons of time many wars have been fought on God’s behalf!  What an insane idea to fight for God and attempt to punish those viewed as His enemies.  He has NO enemies, He loves all His children no matter what mischief they may have engaged in.  Remember, life in form is illusory, and the ongoing conflicts, pain, and suffering are unreal.  Nothing that is not in complete alignment with Love has ever happened, or could ever happen.  You are always, and eternally, at peace and in joy in the Presence of Mother/Father/God, your eternal Home from which you have never departed because there is nowhere else!  Nevertheless, as humans in apparently very real bodies, this divine Truth is extremely difficult for you to accept.

Humanity is right now finally awakening from the eons-long dream of separation and abandonment.  You collectively chose to experience this unreal state, and because you have free will, given to you at the moment of your creation like all your other God-given gifts, until you collectively chose to awaken from that state, separation from Source has been your experience.

The first steps in your awakening were for you to become aware that what you were experiencing was unreal.  Over the last few hundred years these steps have been taken, and now your collective awareness is in the last few minutes of waking you from the dream.  There is no going back, you are awakening, your awareness of your Oneness with God can no longer be denied or ignored.  There are signs of this all across the world as more and more of you come to the realization that your collective ego has fooled you into believing that the insanity you see around you is real.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

As you spend time daily deep within yourselves, at your own individual holy inner sanctuaries, consciously at One with Mother/Father/God, allow the Love that She is to completely envelop you.  You will feel Her Love, and feeling It you will respond to Her in the same manner.  You are permanently in an unbreakable One on One relationship with Her, and the only reason that you have spent most of your time unaware of this divine Truth – of actually feeling the Love that is God – is because you have believed in the reality of the unreal . . . separation, aloneness, abandonment.  And that belief, invented by the ego, is one that you have been most loath to let go of, to cease clinging to, even though it has caused you such intense pain.  As one of your common and disparaging sayings goes “would you rather be right or happy?”

Finally you have chosen happiness, and your awakening is almost upon you.  Be prepared for wonder beyond wonder as you rub the sleep from your eyes, and find yourselves fully awake and engaged in the most magnificent revelries to celebrate your long awaited awakening, your return Home to Oneness.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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As you all continue to wait expectantly and enthusiastically for the great moment of your collective awakening, do let go of your doubts and anxieties about its certainty.  It is God’s divine plan for those who chose to experience the totally unreal state of separation from Him that they awaken when they freely choose to do so, and that irreversible collective choice to awaken has already been made.  Your awakening is assured, no other option is required or available.  As you continue waiting, be in peace and be patient, as you become increasingly aware of the disasters that major corporate and political organizations are allowing to occur across the world, and as the frequency of extreme weather conditions and earth movements also appears to be increasing worldwide.

Just know that the divine plan is proceeding precisely as intended, and an age of most wondrous joy awaits you when you awaken.  To awaken is your destiny, you all chose to be in human form at this moment in time to massively assist in and participate in this magnificent collective awakening process.  Before incarnating you KNEW that the awakening would occur during this life time, your current or present life time, and you also knew that you would have a veil or cloak of forgetfulness drawn between you and this knowing in order for your participation to be fully a part of its complete and unexpected spontaneity.

The separation experiment that you collectively planned eons ago has been “very successful,” and has, as intended, enshrouded you in a sense of aloneness, abandonment, uncertainty, and unknowingness.  You had a perception that you had no need of Mother/Father/God, that you could be a totally independent being, and you chose to build an unreal or imaginary environment in which you could experience that state.  What you constructed was vast compared to the small and insignificant beings you found yourselves to be as humans in form within it.  This sense of apparent smallness and insignificance then effectively provided you with a strong belief in your sense of unworthiness, of “not being good enough,” thus causing you intense fear.  This has resulted in a strongly perceived need to seek and find love from another in order to give yourself even a modicum of hope that you are a valid and acceptable human being in this vast universe in which you truly do appear to be so small and insignificant.

This has, through the eons, led each of you to seek a superior being – a god – to whom you could turn for guidance and approval.  This search is driven by the very faint memory you all have that you were created, brought into being, begotten for a purpose, a purpose that has meaning for you.  Through this searching some of you have slowly been able, when resting or relaxing at peace and undistracted by the world or people around you, to reduce your attention on, your consciousness of your egoic sense of identity, and in that clear and empty space has arisen a deep knowing that you are indeed One with a divine Being of infinite Love and Wisdom.  These ones have been sharing this inner knowing with all who were open to receiving it – initially not very many – although over the last few hundred years more and more have been finding themselves able to access this deep inner knowing.  The result has been your collective choice to initiate your awakening process over the last few decades, leading forward to the present moment in which it is coming to fruition.

This choice has filled all of us in the non-physical realms with immense joy.  We have constantly been lovingly nudging any of you who have shown any interest in discovering your true nature, any of you seriously seeking to know Mother/Father/God, towards awakening from this frightening and illusory perception that seems to be your domain, your reality.  It delights us now to see the moment of your awakening about to burst into bloom around you.

This event will be a breathtaking and astounding occasion, utterly unlike anything the human collective has ever previously experienced, and will fill billions of hearts with jubilation and an intense need to engage in every kind of festivity imaginable, festivities that will delight and enthrall all of humanity, every ethnic, cultural, artistic, and spiritual community worldwide.  What is coming down the pipeline is way beyond your ability to imagine, and there will be NO disappointments – ALL will be in a state of galvanized enthusiasm and motivation to engage with enormous energy in just being alive!

You were created as Life, as Love, as One with God, as immortal beings, beings without form, but with the infinite power in which you were created providing you with the ability to generate and propagate whatever you wished to create, just as your Father had begotten you.  You had no needs because you were All.  And then the tiny and insane idea of independence from Source, of the possibility of living without oversight or supervision, of hiding or disguising what you were generating, arose in your mind, and you constructed the state of unreality in which you seem to have been encountering pain, suffering, abandonment, and intense fear for eons.

Now the moment to dissolve this unreal environment is at hand.  Continue, therefore, to go deep within yourselves daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries where you can offer an invitation to Mother/Father/God to enter your hearts and envelop you in Her infinitely loving embrace.  Doing this strengthens your sense, your knowing of who you truly are, and amplifies and augments your sense of Presence, so that the Love that is God, and that is You flows through you and on out to all of humanity, greatly assisting in and empowering the collective awakening process.  This is why you are presently incarnate, and what each one of you is doing as an individual can only be done by you.  You are each essential and utterly irreplaceable instigators and prime movers of this astounding process.

When you awaken, as shortly you will, you will be astounded at the importance of the parts that you have each played in bringing this moment to its divine conclusion.  Your joy and your knowing in the actuality of your divinity will occasion you intense and endless bliss.

Your loving bother, Jesus.

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