Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday January 10th.

2018 is here and well established, and much needed change is happening planet-wide.  Love is penetrating the hearts of even the most fear riven because the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify as more and more of you set and hold the intent to be only loving all day and every day, whatever arises.

That intent is Powerful!  Please keep renewing it when you take your daily journeys within, to your holy altar where Love resides eternally, supporting and embracing you in every moment.  That is why you are incarnate at this moment in time.  You courageously chose to be on Earth to assist in the awakening process for humanity, knowing full well that it would be difficult, demanding, and at times very painful.

You are greatly honored in the spiritual realms, as you will discover with joy when you awaken.  Even now you will get glimpses of it if you will allow yourselves to fully accept yourselves.  The time for self-disparagement and negative self-judgment has passed, and your constantconscious intent to be completely self-accepting makes it far easier for Love to flow into you so that you can feel Its warm embrace, and then out through you to interact most positively with the energy fields of all with whom you are in any form of contact.  And that is what you are here to do, so enjoy the fact and the activity of being alive, and in that state you are doing the essential work of helping to awaken humanity.

Life is eternal and is a divine gift that mostly you do not appreciate because you get so caught up in being human and all that that entails – taking care of your bodies with food, shelter, and clothing, and ensuring that you can provide those essentials for yourselves, your loved ones, and dependents by going to work and paying bills – and while that is occupying your attention life flows by practically unnoticed.

Make it your intention to notice the little things in your daily lives that you enjoy – being warmly clothed in winter or lightly clad in summer, that first taste of coffee or tea in the morning, a smile or greeting from a friend or loved one – for those are what life is really about, and far too often you are unaware of them.  BUT, Life is Awareness so, Be Aware!  Choose to live mindfully, and keep reminding yourselves of that choice until it becomes automatic.  Being consciously aware of this now moment, instead of lost in the worries, anxieties and deadlines of daily human life, will bring you a sense of peace and contentment, thus assisting you to deal more easily and effectively with whatever issues arise throughout the day.

You are divinely assisted in very moment because there is only One, from which separation or disconnection is impossible.  However, as humans, you have cut yourselves off from your knowing of that by your choice to experience separation, and, believing yourselves to be alone and separated, you attempt to solve and resolve your issues with your extremely limited human intelligence, instead of allowing divine knowledge – your intuition, not your ego based thought system – to guide you lovingly to a resolution that is for the highest good of all involved.

To be alone is not an option that is available to you, such a state does not exist, but you can and did choose to be unaware of your unbreakable connection to Source, your oneness with Source, while experiencing life as a human.  This choice has not only made the illusory world of form seem intensely real, but has also led you to believe that your life as a human is a onetime event, terminating finally, and without you having any choice in the matter, at the moment of physical death.  However, death is just a moment of transition, the point at which you lay down your physical form and return to your natural state of being fully wide awake and consciously aware of your unbreakable connection to Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.  Many who have had near death experiences have shared what they learnt about death very widely, and yet it is hard for individuals to release their doubts about their own personal immortality, and their fear of that seemingly life-threatening termination point – Death – remains.

Truly, death is but a transition and should not be feared.  Life as a human, during which you engage with family, friends, and workmates, does provide you with experiences that you value, and relationships that you do not wish to end, but your relationships do not end with death.  It seems to those who remain as human after your passing that the relationship that they had with you has ended because they are no longer able to experience your physical presence or be in contact with you, and so they grieve.  But when you transition you will be met and most warmly greeted by a multitude of friends and relatives who have already transitioned, or who have chosen to discontinue the cycle of human life experiences and remain in their natural state at One with Source.  You will be at Home, embraced by joy, and fully at peace as you once again fully understand the meaning of Life.  And, of course, you will always remain fully aware of those with whom you had any kind of relationship while in human form, and will continue to be able to interact with their energy fields, even though they may well be unaware of your loving presence.

You are eternal beings created in joy for all eternity, while presently you are, by your own choice, experiencing an unreal but seemingly very real sense of separation from Source.  However, deep within yourselves you know that you remain One with Source, always.  So go within daily, to your holy inner space, and join with the Love residing there and allow yourselves to feel It’s loving and uplifting embrace.  This will strengthen your faith that you are forever One with God, and your ability to hold the intent to be always loving whatever arises.  Then you will notice the little things that can and will inspire and uplift you as you go about your daily human tasks and duties in a state of awareness and openness, inspiring and uplifting those with whom you interact in any way at all.  And in so doing you will indeed be doing God’s divine Will in every moment, just as you have always intended.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday December 28th

As the year of Our Lord, 2017, draws to a close, make a point of giving thanks.  There are none among you who have been completely without occasion to give thanks in 2017.  Giving thanks is a very powerful energy exchange, much like forgiveness, which you should all also be offering to those you have offended – including yourselves for the negative self-judgments and disparagements you have dished out to yourselves far too frequently during these last twelve months.  So, remind yourselves frequently, as this year closes and 2018 dawns, that you are the perfect divine children of God, and that therefore, surely, you should be loving yourselves purely and completely just as God does.  Yes, of course you have made errors, that is part of being human, but forgive yourselves and move on, instead of dwelling on your perceived failings and inadequacies, thus depressing yourselves and your energy fields.

You all must have heard the saying: To err is human, to forgive divine.  Well, you are all both human and divine, because you are eternally one with God.  There is only God, Love, Source, Father/Mother/God, the Supreme Intelligence – or any other word or phrase that you feel may better describe All That Is.  You are inextricably entangled within and at One with God, who, in His infinite perfection is error-free!  Therefore, so are you!  Sins, errors, mistakes, pain, suffering, bitterness, hatred, judgment, and blame are ALL of the illusion, as will be abundantly clear to you when you awaken, as you inevitably will.  Your awakening is completely unavoidable!  So CELEBRATE, and bring it on!

This is the day – December 28th – that Christians remember as the “Feast of the Holy Innocents.”  In truth you, all sentient life forms, are Holy Innocents.  Even you, as humans, do not blame or punish very small children, because you are fully aware of their innocence, of the fact that they do not understand what it is they have done, and that what they have done carried not the slightest hint of an intent to offend you.  In truth, as humans you are very like them.  Yes, you have grown into mature, adult humans, but in the larger scheme of things, in contrast to Reality, you too are Holy Innocents.

You are playing your games within the illusion.  You are learning from them, and you continue, at a deep level within yourselves, to keep on renewing the intent to learn from the errors that you make, of whatever kind, and to behave ever more lovingly to all with whom you interact.  As humans you do need to do this, it is part of the game, and part of the awakening process, but in Truth you have never separated from your divine Source.  Separation is an unreal state that you have imagined, and to which you cling as you try to differentiate yourselves from others you judge as good or bad, right or wrong, more beautiful or less beautiful – making endless meaningless comparisons and judgments of God’s holy and beloved children – in desperate attempts to crush or deny your own totally invalid feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness.

The result is that you do feel separate, alone, frightened, in constant danger, and many of you focus intensely on all that could arise to hurt or destroy you, thus effectively bringing into your human lives all that you fear!  Let go of fear, but don’t jump off a cliff to prove that you are fearless.  Be loving with yourselves and with others and enjoy the peace and contentment that that way of living offers you.

God’s infinite Love for you surrounds you in every moment.  You are Love, as is He, so therefore you yourself must be constantly enveloped in the field of Love in which all is lovingly and eternally embraced.  All that you have to do is open your hearts to receive and accept the infinite Love within which you are held eternally safe.  It is always there, and you have the choice either to be aware and welcome It’s embrace, or to deny It by refusing to love the Love residing within you – the first step to loving all that God creates – and thus seemingly place a veil or cloak between you and It.  That obstruction is but a very frail, diaphanous, inconsequential cloud of smoke or mist – however you choose to imagine it or name it – except when you intend to be aware of it instead of the infinite field of Love that envelops you.  Then it seems to you that Love, God, is inaccessible, unavailable, in fact far removed from where you imagine yourselves to be, maybe separated from Him by an unbridgeable gulf, by an impenetrable forest, or by billions of galaxies.

And yet, God is always closer to you than you are yourself!  So close that you are forever looking beyond or through Him, seeking Him where He is not – out there!  But, as you have so often been told there is no out there, there is only here, immediately in the Presence of your loving Source, Mother/Father, God, infinite loving Wisdom, All That Is, and That always has to include you.  You would be incomplete without God, and God would be incomplete without you.  But for God to lack anything is impossible, therefore you are eternally safely at Home within Him, and have just temporarily shut off your awareness of this your natural and most joyful state. So, to reiterate what you have been told in many channeled messages, and by many saints and mystics: It is essential that you go within daily, to that holy and Love-filled sanctuary of inner peace, and rest awhile to renew and re-energize yourselves.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday December 13th

As Christmas approaches and the year draws to a close, much is happening for all humans at a level that is far below their conscious awareness, and this is bringing into their normal conscious awareness discomfort, unsettling thoughts and ideas, and much confusion.  For a very long time people have been accustomed to burying or denying extremely painful experiences that they have undergone in order to carry on with their lives and the commitments that they have taken on.  It has been very generally accepted that after painful events have occurred it is best to forget about them and move on with life – you have a song: Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again, which very well describes that belief.  It works, for a while, and it is useful, but eventually the feelings of pain, bitterness, resentment, and suffering have to be honored, thanked, forgiven, and released, or buried more deeply and totally denied, which takes enormous amounts of your energy.  And as the majority of people make the latter choice, these past events or experiences then, naturally, have a very marked effect on the way they live their lives, with many eventually seeking relief through psychotherapy.

What is happening now for so many is that all their buried and denied feelings are rising into awareness to be released, as they must be for your awakening to happen, and most cannot understand where all this “stuff” is coming from or how they should deal with it.  Those of you who are intending to be on your spiritual paths, and who attend seminars and workshops and read channeled messages like this one, are on Earth to assist in the awakening process, and from your human perspective it is indeed a mighty task.  But, of course, you are never alone, you have limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms on whom you may call for help at any time. The thing is that you often forget to call!

This why your daily visits to your holy inner sanctuaries are so important.  When you relax there fully, even if only for a few minutes with the intent to be only loving whatever arises, you are giving permission to those in the spiritual realms, who are with you constantly wanting only to support you, to infuse you with the Love for which you all yearn, and which is your true nature.  This divine Light, this Love is always within you, but It will not intrude or attempt to control or direct you.  It offers you loving guidance which is very clear, but frequently your egos want either for you to use it for personal gain, or not hear or dismiss it.  Even the most highly evolved humans have egos that attempt to seek personal gain.  You are all aware of ones who have abused their positions of trust to manipulate and control those who saw them as highly evolved and very wise spiritual beings deserving of their service.

Egos are a part or aspect of your human nature that seem to be separate from you – the one following the spiritual path – but you do need them to enable you to operate in the world you perceive through your human form, and you will also have to integrate them completely into your true nature, where they truly belong and from which it appears that they became separated.  When you experience inner conflict it is because your egos are desperately seeking your undivided attention, and they will suggest to you all sorts of ways that you can use to gain advantage over others who they will suggest are attempting to do the same to you.  It is very difficult for humans to be graciously and unconditionally giving of themselves or of their possessions without there being some kind of pay off that is sought in return.  It can be anything from a large financial payoff to just a simple grateful acknowledgment, but that underlying need is seldom absent.

Love, however, is a total absence of need because It is and haseverything!  When you succeed in opening yourselves to the Love residing within you, allowing it to fill your hearts, you will instantly be free of needs.  If you have ever fallen in love, you have probably briefly experienced that beautiful state, but, because of the limitations you imposed on yourselves by choosing to become human, it never lasts.

Your egos always want more.  It is your egos that create your dissatisfactions with your lives by constantly comparing your situation with that of someone else, suggesting that that other is more . . . . successful, attractive, accomplished, wealthier, happier, loved.  The thing is that you are who you are, by choice, and envying anyone else for any reason at all is a total waste of your time and energy.  You all know people who have struggled enormously, often very selfishly, to become wealthy and yet, despite all the accoutrements and accessories they have gathered to themselves, they remain unhappy and disillusioned with life.

Attempting to model yourselves on someone else is to have lost your way.  Who you are is who you most wisely and carefully chose to be, and the path forward is always by way of total self-acceptance.  When you make the choice to accept your self fully, just as you are without conditions or negative self-judgments, the need to compare yourself to others dissolves, allowing you to just be, and then to do what attracts you by allowing your creative abilities, and you all have them because they were given to you at the moment of your creation, to grow and develop as you intended when you chose to incarnate.

You are all creators!  God, Source, Mother/Father/God, the Supreme Intelligence, the aware and Conscious Universe – whatever word or phrase you personally prefer is perfect for you – created you and at that moment gave you everything It had – Love, All – so that of course includes enormous creative abilities and the potential to use them as you chose.  You have all heard the phrase: You create your own reality.  It has become considerably overused and abused over the years, nevertheless, it is true.  You each have your own totally personal perception of life as a human, no one is the same, for each one of you it is individual and unique – there are no copies, no one who exists, has ever existed, or will exist in the future is or could be the same as you.  The reality you experience as a human is the one you have created for yourself and continue to create in every moment of your human existence.

When your perception changes, due to experience, new information, maturity etc., it is because you are creating that new perception.  As humans many of you think or assume that you were born without any input or choice in the matter, and from that assumption you build your lives – I’m ugly, I’m beautiful, I’m smart, I’m stupid, I’m unlovable, I’m worthless, I can achieve anything – to fit those assumptions that you have made about yourselves.  You have forgotten that you are creators with infinite potential.

Many of you do change your self-perception over the years, some for the better and some for the worse, but it is generally within the fairly limited confines of the original basic perception that you developed during your childhood due to family, cultural, ethnic, religious and political influences present in your environment as you grew up.

There have always been people who have moved well beyond that original conditioning and have created amazing human lives for themselves, and over the last two or three hundred years the percentage of humans doing this has been increasing, and today the growth in that percentage is accelerating rapidly.  More and more of you are realizing that you can create, that you are creators, and that is causing enormous and essential changes in perceptions and behaviors to occur throughout all human cultures and ethnicities.  The world is changing, and it is you, collectively, who are doing this.

This is what your awakening is all about, namely changing your perceptions and your beliefs about what is achievable, and then working to make it happen.  When you do this your own personal awakening becomes inevitable.  Of course doubts and anxieties will arise, they are aspects of being human, but by attending purposefully to your spiritual growth – choosing to remember that you are Love incarnate – you can dispel them and continue to move forward gracefully and beautifully, just as you intended when you planned your present human life path prior to incarnating.

Your daily visit(s) to your holy inner sanctuary to reconnect with the Light, the Love that resides there always, awaiting your invitation to commune with you, strengthens your energy field, empowering you to be and demonstrate the Love that you are as you go about your daily lives.  The warmth of the loving embrace that you experience when you go within is also felt by the Light, the Love, because you join there in Oneness.  It wants you to accept and engage with Its embrace because it deepens that unbreakable relationship you have with your divine Source.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday November 29th

As humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate, know that it is unstoppable.  The collective has made the choice and the decision to awaken, and that intent goes on intensifying.  There are signs of your awakening everywhere, however, at the same time, much is arising that is not in complete alignment with Love, and it is arising only to be seen, recognized, and released.  Your own daily individual visits to your holy inner sanctuary to open your hearts ever more fully to the Love residing there greatly assist in that intensification, and are an essential aspect of it.

When you go within to commune with Love, by opening your hearts to It, you are most effectively assisting in the awakening process, which is why you are incarnate as a human at this point in the evolutionary cycle.  The awakening process started the moment that you chose to experience separation and was completed in that same now moment, because God, Source, Love did not want you to suffer for even a moment.  Nevertheless, you chose to play your games in the illusion, where time is a major characteristic, and they appear to you to have been ongoing for eons.  – The “eternal now moment” and “time,” what a paradox they present you with!

To awaken is to release yourselves from the illusion by letting go of your hold on all that is not in perfect alignment with Love – by putting all the pieces and the board on which you are playing back into the box and discarding it because it no longer serves you.  The game of separation is all about resisting Love and proving to yourselves that you do not need It by destroying It, but of course you cannot destroy the indestructible.  So it remains a game, a painful one admittedly, an unreal state into which you introduced judgment, blame, bitterness, hatred, conflict, and, of course, fear, the underlying aspect of all the states that are in opposition to Love.

Because Love is gentle as well as infinitely powerful, It just is, and all that is not in alignment with It will just dissolve into Its warm embrace and become One with It.  There is ONLY LOVE!  There is no beyond, outside, or elsewhere.  Therefore the game of separation will come to an end, as will time, and then the peace, joy, and utter contentment that is your natural state will fill your awareness, and your creative potential will blossom in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.

God is Love, and Love is ALL.  As children of God you are infinitely creative because He gave you all His skills and abilities at the moment of your creation, and consequentlyyou too are creators.  As creators your abilities are limitless, but as humans, playing the game of separation, you find yourselves severely limited because that is the nature of separation.

But separation is unreal, a game in which you have discarded the skills and abilities with which you were endowed at the moment of creation as One with God.  Consequently, because you are attempting to live alone, separated from your Source, you experience yourselves as small and insignificant beings in a threatening and unsafe environment.  There you need to work hard to access the means of survival, and however hard you work it never seems to provide you with the essentials that you deem necessary, and so life is a constant struggle.

This need not be so, because within you Love resides.  You are Its eternal Home as It is Yours.  When you open your hearts to It and allow It to flow freely and continuously your suffering will ease.  Yes, you may still be in pain, but the warm flow of Love that you are allowing in will lead you to acceptance of whatever arises, to awareness that you are where you chose to be, experiencing what you chose to experience, and in that awareness the suffering will become less intense.

Suffering arises whenever you focus on judging and apportioning blame on those whom you perceive as having hurt or offended you.  When you can allow yourselves to know that those who have done so are themselves suffering intensely, you can then allow compassion for them to arise within you, and that will ease your own suffering.

To do that is demonstrating Love in action even when you do it privately and silently.  Love in action heals, comforts, and uplifts, and It is always within you awaiting your acceptance and acknowledgment of It.  It is your Home, your place of rest, a place within to which you can retreat and receive the strength and courage you seek to continue following your human life path knowing that it will bring you to your moment of awakening, while also helping others to move toward theirs.

There is only Love, and all of humanity is moving positively and powerfully toward remembering this and knowing that in truth It is their nature.  You block It from your awareness by holding onto grudges, resentments, judgments, self-righteousness, and bitterness at others, and at life’s unfairness.  When you choose to let go of and discard those apparently justified feelings, Love can and will fill your hearts, bringing you peace and contentment even in situations that previously terrified or infuriated you.  Love is always the answer to every problem, issue, and painful situation.  Love neither attacks nor defends Itself because there is nothing that threatens It, because there is nothing apart from It.  It is Mother/Father/God, Source, All That Is, and so are You, even though as little human you that does not appear to be the case.

Go within daily, open your hearts to the Love residing there, feel Its warm acceptance of you, just as you are with all your apparent faults and inadequacies, and know that you are eternally safe at Home in the Presence of the One.  You have just temporarily forgotten that divine and unchanging truth.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Here’s a man who has a lot to offer us as we tread our spiritual paths, enjoy.


WOW! From The Mystery Experience by Tim Freke.

I saw Tim interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump in October 2017, and was very taken with his ideas. I bought a couple of his books (he has written more than 30), and today I am reading his The Mystery Experience, which he wrote and published in 2012.

I’ve only just begun and right at the beginning – the book is about the awakening experience into the mystery that is life as a human – and his book is talking about the spontaneous awakening experience. Because, at age 12, he had his first awakening experience, he became enthralled by the mystery that is life as a human and so he went on to become a philosopher, writer, and public speaker who gives retreats to assist people to have an awakening experience.

He says that when it happens for someone for the first time the instant response from nearly everyone is almost always WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the 3rd chapter that really moved me:

Last year my father died of a stroke. For the previous eight months he could move only one arm and he would lie in his bed plaintively muttering ‘help me, help me.’ It broke my heart because I love him. Being deep awake didn’t stop me suffering and I didn’t want it to. I wanted to suffer with my dad. I wanted to be right with him in the awfulness of the situation.

For me, awakening isn’t about transcending suffering, as some spiritual traditions teach. Rather, awakening allows me to suffer willingly because of love. And then my heartbreak becomes poignant … meaningful… even beautiful. When I suffered with my dying dad there were precious moments of deep connection. The bitterness was also sweet. The deep pain plunged me down to the depths of life. It broke my heart and what poured out was a deeper love.

When I listen closely I hear the WOW of life expressing itself in many different tones of voice. There is the ecstatic WOW of joy and the subdued WOW of sadness. The intoxicating WOW of hope and the sobering WOW of disappointment. The warm WOW of intimacy and the piercing WOW of loss. The great song of life passes between the major and and the minor modes … and I am stirred by both.


Perhaps there have been moments in your life when you tasted the WOW in some of the ways I’ve been describing? Most of us, at some time or other, have found ourselves suddenly seeing through the superficialities of life and diving into the mysterious depths. This can happen when we embrace a newborn child … or listen to beautiful music … or enjoy a deep conversation. It can happen when we confront death … or feel defeated by failure … or wrestle with a mental breakdown. It can happen at any time. It can happen now.”

And his web site: http://timfreke.com/

Hi Everyone,

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Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday November 15th

As you well know – YES, you DO! – you are all dearly loved, so let go of your doubts, they are utterly and completely invalid.  You are presently in human form, and you know, because Saul and I and various other channels keep telling you and reminding you, that every human without exception is a beloved child of God.  Therefore stop trying to leave yourself out to remain alone and unloved, because to do so is impossible. OK?

All are Love incarnate because God creates only from Love, as there is only Love.  However, as humans playing the game of separation from Source, it appears to you that you are alone, unseen, and unloved in a dangerous world where your physical survival is constantly under threat of destruction.  It seems that you have to work very hard to earn your living and to avoid personal catastrophe and death.  But after birth the only sure thing is death – Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In ten years? – while its timing remains unknowable.  But the only thing that is born and dies is your human body, which you use like a chess piece on the board game of separation.  YOU are an eternal and divine being, an essential, and irreplaceable part of the Oneness that is All That exists, that is God, that is Source, that is LOVE!

There is absolutely nothing to fear.  Nothing can destroy you because there is only Love, and Love is eternally One with Itself, and therefore with You.  And while still playing the game you can access the knowledge that you are infinitely more than your human body.  You do this by spending time within, where all knowledge resides and is available to you if you choose to access it.  All knowledge at once would utterly swamp or blow your human mind/brain.  However, sections or aspects that are in harmony with your pre-planned life path as a human are readily accessible in the appropriate now moment should you choose to avail of them.  All that you have to do is set the intent to be open to receive what you need now.  And it is your heart that you need to open so that the knowledge you require and desire can flow in and inspire you.

Initially, when this happens, you will be amazed and wonder where the knowledge can possibly have come from, and then you will remember that you invited it in by asking a question that your human brain was unable to answer.  Then your human brain/intelligence will instantly pick it up and run with it, building ideas and uses for it, and you may well forget that it came to you from the field of infinite knowledge to which you are always connected, and decide that it must have been your clever human intelligence that brought it to you.

There is infinite knowledge available, but mostly people are so bogged down in the trials and tribulations of life as a human in the illusion that you planned and constructed collectively, and which you continue to maintain, that they generally only access this infinite field momentarily and by “chance.”  They then thank their good fortune and continue as before.  Generally the geniuses that you honor and admire were more open to this extravagantly varied field of information, and have taken numerous creative ideas from it to use in their own spheres of interest and then share widely.

Information gathered in this way will insist on being freely shared, but sometimes those with whom it is first shared attempt and sometimes succeed in laying claim to it for their own personal benefit.  Recently, as has been well reported, there have been a number of brilliant individuals who have most cheerfully and happily shared ideas that they have “uncovered” in this way so that all may benefit, and this trend is growing as awareness of your oneness and interdependence spreads far and wide.

Awareness of humanity’s interdependence on one another, and on Earth and her ecosystem, is intensifying as more and more choose to realize the insanity of conflict.  Conflict is self-destruction.  It has been endemic on Earth for eons, but over the last one hundred years the will to peace has been growing, and over the last two or three decades that growth has been exponential.  Despite the areas of ongoing conflict, the vast majority of humans want peace.  In truth the vast majority have always wanted peace, but the intense desire among a few to have and own power over others has prevailed, as those few have engaged in extremely emotional rhetoric to persuade others that conflict is essential.  Now, however, the numbers who can be persuaded by that kind of rhetoric have decreased enormously, so although the rhetoric may continue for a while, very few will be persuaded by its transparently invalid arguments.

You are all beings of Love, and so Love is your nature.  Conflict is unnatural, unnecessary, unsought, and unwanted by the vast majority of humans, although personal conflicts still arise due to the personal choice to identify with emotions and act on them.  However, that method of self-identification, which is a powerful aspect of the illusion, especially for the young as they grow, but before they develop into mature adults and see for themselves that it is self-defeating, is rapidly being released as the awareness of humanity’s oneness with itself spreads to all corners of the Earth.

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long, arduous, and painful, but many lessons that were chosen as a syllabus for your educational journey have been well learnt and do not need to be repeated, hence the collective choice and decision to awaken.  You are well on the way to that magnificent moment when all pain and suffering cease as you finally become aware that there is only Life, Love, Consciousness, Source, all of which are everlasting, never ending, eternal.  There is nothing apart from This, and This is boundless, unlimited, inexhaustible, an ongoing creative endeavor of stunning beauty and complexity flowing constantly in a state of harmonious cooperation, and yet remaining beautifully simple.

A paradox indeed, but one that you will understand, wonder at, and delight in when you awaken as you inevitably will.  There are no losers, no one will left behind, because what is One cannot be divided, separated, or dismembered, It just is, eternally, in the infinite field of divine Love that contains All in perfect concordance.  This is where you are right now, in this present moment as you read or listen to this, and your full awareness of this will be uncovered.

Your loving brother, Jesus.