Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday March 19th

Healing is occurring on a vast scale all across the planet as humanity engages with its awakening process.  The news media focuses on the conflicts and political upheavals worldwide as it attempts to increase the sense of fear that is endemic all across the planet.  But what they report show very clearly indeed that great changes are in progress everywhere, and these changes truly show humanity’s ongoing awakening progress.  Everything that is not in alignment with Love is coming up to be acknowledged, addressed, and released, and that is what is happening.  So be uplifted by the news, not depressed and worried, because what is occurring is leading humanity forwards on its collective spiritual path, not back into the darkness of the illusion.

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching over you with love and wonder as you continue to hold and intensify your collective intent to depart from the nightmare and awaken into Reality your eternal Home.  You never left Home, but you have been asleep and dreaming some quite terrifying dreams over the eons, eons that are also aspects of the illusion.  There is no time as you are experiencing it as humans, there is only the eternal now in which all of creation is always present in a state of permanent joy, and it is into that state that you will awaken.

Joy is God’s Will for you and He created you in that state, however you chose to experience a state other than that and built your illusion.  You have now realized that it does not serve you and so you have chosen to awaken.  Within the illusion time is a major aspect, and so while you remain embedded there you have to deal with it.  But, you can change it – speed it up, slow it down, or even stop it – and many of you are choosing to do that.  However, because you have many differing agendas within the illusion, even though you have all agreed to awaken from it, you also have many different beliefs about time, and presently you are all working to integrate those beliefs so that you can align them and then dissolve the totality of time – your myriad different experiences of it – back into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being.

Modern physics has proved conclusively for you that there is no such feature, state or substance as time, but it does take time for what that means to be understood and then expressed by humanity in general.  You still have jobs, working weeks, vacations, time off sick, because you believe you need time to get things done.  In Reality everything happens in an instant.  Many are beginning to realize this, and as a result are getting much more done in any given day as a direct result, and are quite startled by their “increased productivity,” which needs less rather than more effort or energy.  It is a very freeing experience and helps them largely release the stresses to which most of you who have to work for your livings have become accustomed.

Time is unreal, illusory, but you made it a major aspect of the illusion in order to have a linear flow from beginning to end, a sense of order and direction which was immutable, very limiting, and on which you could rely consistently for a logical understanding of the unreal world you had built in which to experience separation and loss.  And within that unreal world it is very effective.  Everything appears physically solid, measurable, and with a lifespan that complements the density of its physical nature.  The more ephemeral the substance the briefer the lifespan – mist, weather – and the more solid – rocks, metals – the longer.  But everything in the unreal world you built is subject to decay with time.  Because of this apparent fact it is very difficult for you to have an understanding of eternity, of no time!

Eternity, the timeless Reality in which All exists without interruption of any kind, is your true Home.  It is without limits of any kind and allows endless potential and creativity to interact and, therefore, to be constantly ongoing in perfect harmonious cooperation, producing unbounded delights and enjoyment for all who participate.

To awaken is your inevitable and unchangeable destiny, because you were created eternally fully awake, alive, and joy-filled, and consequently it is utterly impossible for you not to awaken and return to that state.  You have choices about when you will do that, but as time is unreal – you have, of course, already awakened – you are just at present (more linear time!) choosing to remain unaware of your infinite options as divine beings and beloved children of God.

Here, in the spiritual realms, we are observing your constant and intensifying stirring towards wakefulness.  We are a little like parents on Christmas Day (or whatever major fete you celebrate) waiting for our children to awaken and discover with joy and excitement the gifts we have prepared for them.  And our excitement and enthusiasm keeps mounting as we observe your progress along your path to awakening.

Know that you will awaken into unimaginable joy, and keep on paying regular daily visits to your inner sanctuaries where the evidence of God’s Love for you is constantly embracing you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday March 14th

This is a pivotal moment in human history.  Enormous changes are underway as your attitudes and beliefs go through extensive cleansing, releasing, reinterpreting, and renewing in preparation for your imminent awakening.  It is imminent, and the chaos and conflict that fills your news channels is a very clear indication of this.  There are many open hearted and loving people doing great work all across the planet to help the majority deal with all the core issues that are arising within them, seemingly unbidden.  Nothing happens to anyone without their agreement and permission.  On Earth that often does not appear to be the case, but that is only because your awareness of your true nature is so deeply buried that you cannot access the knowledge or memory of what you incarnated to do.  It is very confusing for you as you go through your “dark night of the soul” experience feeling lost, alone, and abandoned.

Of course you are not lost, alone, or abandoned, but you are releasing your vice-like grip on the seeming reality of the illusion and the inadequate sense of belonging with which it provided you.  You have chosen to awaken into Reality, and for that to happen you have to release your grasp on the unreality of the illusion, and as you do so it seems that you are losing everything.  But that “everything” that you are in the process of losing is nothing.  It is but a dreamlike sense of place, community and purpose that you built into the illusion to give it a sense of substance or solidity.  What you are doing is releasing your hold on unreality and allowing it to fall away or dissolve.

It is a bit like working in the dark with a flashlight to repair something, and being able to see well enough to do what is necessary, when suddenly the brilliant light of the sun fills the workplace dazzling you so that you are unable to see what you are doing.  If you just relax your eyes will adjust and you will be far better able to see what you are doing and complete your work quickly and easily.

The “dark night of the soul” is a little like that, only darker, but you will come through it if, instead of fleeing to mind numbing drugs, alcohol, or sleep, you remain aware and allow the darkness in that space to develop and fill it, which it may well do.  But that space, which is you then expands enormously and the darkness becomes so thinly spread, so tenuous, and so innocuous that it evaporates and the brilliant Light of God’s Love, with which you are always One, then fills your space, surrounding and embracing you so powerfully that you cannot avoid being aware of It, seeing It, and, with amazing unremembered joy, returning Its loving embrace.

You are all divine creations of God, Who is Love, and Love is infinite in Its giving, sharing, and expanding, holding within Itself all of creation.  The illusion has been but a tiny restricted space where God’s Son chose to hide and close Himself off very temporarily from His divine Source – the Oneness that is God, Source, Creation, All That Is, Father/Mother/God, Universe, Supreme Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom, in fact use whichever words with which you individually and personally feel most comfortable.  God loves you unconditionally and will respond to any form of address you choose to use, He cannot be offended by you or by anyone else because offense is of the illusion and is completely unreal.

You have all, while experiencing life as a human, felt offended at times.  Why?  Because as humans you are in an extremely limited state of consciousness and are seemingly unloved, lost, and abandoned because you have chosen to close off your awareness of and your unbreakable connection to your divine Source.  Unaware of who you truly are, and seemingly separated and lost, intense fear developed in this unreal environment convincing you that God was displeased with you.  He was not.

You were displeased with yourselves, mightily displeased because your fear was so intense, and unable to bear it you projected it onto others who then mirrored back to you that sense of inadequacy in the same forms of judgment and disapproval that you had projected onto them.  Judgment of others is your way of escaping self-judgment, and the more intense your personal sense of inadequacy and worthlessness seems to be in the eyes of the imaginary god you invented as an authority figure, the more intense and unrelenting is your judgment of others.

The way out of this seemingly no-win situation is to accept yourselves fully, while releasing all negative self-judgments.  As humans you are severely limited in wisdom and intelligence and, therefore, you cannot avoid making errors.  Instead of judging yourselves for them, and perhaps even denying that you made them, learn from them and forgive yourselves lovingly as the lessons are learned.  The more you can accept yourselves with all the inadequacies and incompetences you see yourselves as being burdened with, and as you come to really know that God never judges you but only and always loves you infinitely, the more you easily you will be able to accept and forgive yourselves as beloved children of God.  And once you accept yourselves others, too, become acceptable with all their errors and inadequacies as you recognize them as merely reflections of yourselves, likewise infinitely beloved children of God.

You are, all of you, every human, One with God, even though as humans that is very difficult for you to understand and accept.  But, as God is ALL THAT EXISTS, it must be true.  So allow yourselves to know this, as you most definitely do at the deepest level of your being, and be at peace.  When you are at peace your energy fields expand and blossom pouring Love into every human heart that is open to receive It.  You incarnated in this day and age to do this work, and when you do it your satisfaction with life grows and strengthens.

Going through your individual dark nights of the soul brings you to a place where your doubts dissolve and you feel God’s Love for you daily.  Not yet constantly, because the illusion distracts you, but when you go within each day to visit your holy altar, Love embraces you and you feel It.  You need to do that daily so that you can do what you came to do without being dragged down into doubt about your infinite value as a child of God, as an essential part of the divine plan that is awakening humanity.  Those doubts can be very unsettling, so immediately they arise call on your supporters in the spiritual realms to assist you in releasing them.  You hold onto them, they do not enslave or ensnare you, they are merely the results of your own negative self-judgments.

Ask to know yourselves as God knows you, and rejoice in the experience that arises to confirm that you are and always will be an infinitely loved and inseparable part of the Source, All That Is.  You are One, you are Love, that can never change, and your increasing awareness of this divine truth will dissolve your invalid self-doubts.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday March 8th

All is unfolding precisely as divinely planned and intended, there are no other options.  Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken spiritually, and evidence of that choice is appearing all across the world and is being reported on by many news and alternate news sources.  Underlying all the disturbing or unsettling events is an intense desire and will for change, and that is what is driving humanity powerfully forwards towards awakening.  Your awakening is imminent!  Expect it because you have chosen it, and know that your choice is confirmed by your constant intent to terminate the game of separation which does not serve you.

Love is your nature and you have collectively chosen to open your hearts to welcome It in.  When you welcome Love into your open hearts you also allow and intend for It to flow out through you to all with whom you interact personally, to all who pass through your energy field each day, and to all on Earth.  Love cannot be contained, It always flows abundantly and ceaselessly into and through every space that offers even the most minimal of welcomes, endlessly seeking to integrate and mingle with all of life.  All that anyone need do is allow It to enter.  It desires to fill those empty, lonely, and abandoned spaces that have been locked closed due to fear and free them from their fear.

There is no one God does not love.  Love is the life force that flows constantly through all living beings.  Without It life would cease.  Even those seen by you as the most despicable and unconscionable of beings is living with Love flowing through them; they need It as much as anyone else.  What happens within those sad and lost ones is that they deny It and attempt to block It completely, but that is impossible.  It cannot be dammed or stored for use in circumstances the ego might think are to its advantage, It can only be diverted by those unhappy beings so that it appears that there is no Love within them or flowing from them.

As the awakening process unfolds unremittingly Love expands the hearts of all those who are in the slightest way open to receive It, intensifying the energy field in which you are all so lovingly held.  Those who would block or deny It are also most positively effected by It’s increasing intensity, even though they continue to hold the intent to block or deny It.  As you know, Love is gentle, It does not impose, but It is irresistible, and even the strongest and most powerful attempts to shut It out completely fail, because It is All That Exists.

As the flow of Love intensifies all across the planet the changes necessary for your awakening continue to be put into effect.  Many of you are doubtful, you think you see no signs of awakening but only signs of increasing chaos and confusion leading inevitably towards catastrophic disaster for Earth and all the life forms she so lovingly supports.  Know that this is not the case.

Vast quantities of karmic inheritance – bitterness, hatred, jealousy, rage, and betrayal – are rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness and being massively released!  You are not alone, you are never alone, you are firmly and lovingly supported by all of God’s divine creation as you divest yourselves of all that is not in perfect and harmonious alignment with Love.  What you are releasing is unreal, it has caused you much pain and suffering because your physical forms, your human bodies are severely limited in their ability to transmute and release what blocks the divine Love flow.  These constrictions – emotional, psychological, and physical – are the source of that pain and suffering.  As you allow yourselves to release all that is so uncomfortably arising your pain and suffering will ease and dissolve.

Do not fear what arises within you for release, and do not judge it.  There have, over the eons, been many thought forms of violence which arose from the sense of fear, abandonment, and separation from Source that the illusion was intended to provide.  It worked very well, but now is the time of release for those horrifying thought forms, even as you wonder how such insane and unloving thoughts could arise within you when you want only to return to your natural state – Oneness with your Source.

Well, the illusion was constructed to allow insanity to develop in the sense that you would believe yourselves alone and separate, and then apparently find yourselves in that state, an intensely painful and terrifying state even though quite unreal.  As you know, when you were created God gave and shared with you everything that He had because Love is all encompassing, all sharing, It withholds nothing.  Therefore you had, and of course still have, the power of God in all its wonder to use freely as you chose.  You used that power to construct the illusion, and it was a major construction project, now you are deconstructing it, tearing it asunder because you realize and fully understand that it does not serve you.

Over the eons, although you have experienced much pain and suffering within it, the illusion has become very familiar.  You can sometimes even feel safe within it for short periods of time, and there is a reluctance to let it go, to release it, because, as humans within it, it is extremely difficult for you to imagine life without it and without all the restrictions that it places upon you.  To imagine life without it, because you have forgotten what your true nature offers you in every moment, is frightening – “if I let go what will happen to me?”

It is a little like someone who got lost at sea in a very small boat that eventually drifts to the shore.  The boat has become his life support system and he is most reluctant to move away from it, from its apparent safety and familiarity.  Finally he starts to move further and further from it as he explores his new surroundings, having initially used it upturned as a shelter, and in doing so he finds freedom and then discovers that he can build a far more satisfactory shelter from the abundance of material available all around him.

You will awaken, and your joy will amaze you as you find yourselves utterly free, just as you were created, and in that joy your own creativity will align once more with God’s and your creative potential will lead you to ever more new and wonderful opportunities to continue endlessly intensifying your joy.  Release your hold on all that holds you back – bitterness, resentment, rage, and fear – and open yourselves fully and completely to the intense divine field of Love that enfolds and embraces you in every moment of your eternal existence, and know that you have come Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Monday February 27th

As you move further into 2017 the changes that are occurring worldwide will intensify and increase in number because enormous alterations in the way in which humans interact with one another are occurring as you prepare for your awakening.  Part of the process is the recognition that the ways in which you do interact must change dramatically if you are to avoid self-destruction on a massive and planetary scale.

Humanity has chosen to awaken, and so self-destruction on a massive scale will not occur because of that choice.  Nevertheless that does not mean that everyone can sit back, relax, and assume that all will be well, that all will be divinely taken care of.  It is you, humanity, that will divinely take care of the multitude of major issues that must be addressed and resolved so that your awakening can continue to progress to the stage where no one is left behind, ignored, negatively judged and then abandoned.  Every single one of you – every human regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, politics, intelligence, physical or psychological health, wealth, workplace competence, or in fact any personal aspects that can be used to differentiate between any of you – is a beloved child of God created perfect to enjoy eternal life at One with God.

What God creates is eternal and perfect, and has infinite value.  What humanity has done is to invent judgment in an insane attempt to build a hierarchy of variable value among you, enabling you to separate good from bad or right from wrong and then attempt to raise a favored few to the level of a god – the unreal god you imagined to be like some superior form of human that you could aspire to become – an all-powerful judge, and honor them greatly, while discarding those judged of less than acceptable value or bad on whatever value scale you chose to construct as a means by which to make these assessments.

You have been doing this for eons, ever since you established a social order in your tribal societies, and it has always led to disagreement, competition (like the biblical story of Cain and Abel), and then violent conflict.  Now that you have the technical ability to make your beautiful planet uninhabitable either due to the dumping of toxins in your lakes, rivers, and oceans, or by the destructive use of nuclear explosives in global warfare, it is essential that urgent steps be taken to ensure that these insane activities are brought to an end.  The vast majority of you want to live in peace and cooperation without any desire for a hierarchy of values separating you into artificial and disparate groups competing with each other.  However, at present, due to the acceleration in your awakening process, everyone of you has enormous amounts of “stuff” arising all at once that needs to recognized for what it is – ancient memories of mistreatment, bitterness, and resentment that have never served you, but which you have insisted in carrying with you from lifetime to lifetime, and which do appear to separate you into a multitude of opposing camps.

Doing this has led to these memories being very deeply buried within you, way below the level of your conscious awareness, and from there they arise suddenly and powerfully often causing you to react unthinkingly and perhaps also violently in interactions with others.  Most of you have experienced powerful and unexpected feelings of intense anger arising for no apparent reason, and have acted on them in the moment as they aroseLater on becoming aware that they were inappropriate, you were filled with a sense of guilt and possibly more anger that you again had to direct outwards.

Now, knowing this, when anger arises within you just acknowledge it: “I’m feeling (great) anger, or (intense) rage,” and let it flow through you without expressing it.  At first this can be very difficult, and you may well feel unable to restrain yourselves from expressing it, but as your awareness grows that it is just a feeling or an emotion, you can also see that nothing outside yourself is truly responsible for it, and that you can choose to just let it go because it is not you, it is only a feeling which does not and can never control you.

Previously you would have searched quickly and earnestly outside yourselves for a cause – the election result, an unexpectedly large bill, a comment made by someone in that moment or previously – and then justified and blamed your feelings on that event.  And of course you have all had the experience of being angry at something that did not affect anyone else in the same way, demonstrating to you quite clearly that all anger is your own internal disturbance and really has nothing to do with outside events

When anger or rage arises do not look for a cause, either outside yourselves or from old memories – thoughts in your mind – instead just acknowledge them and watch as they flow and dissipate.  You all are well aware that anger does not last indefinitely, and you are also aware that you can prolong that sense of anger by dwelling on the apparent cause.  But the cause is always within you, arising as a result of a painful and possibly completely unacceptable negative self-judgment of a thought, word, or action that you almost automatically project onto another person or an external situation in order to escape from it.  Release from unwanted emotions or feelings is achieved by acknowledging them: “Wow, that’s interesting . . . intriguing . . . unsettling . . . disturbing . . . frightening . . .” and releasing them without acting on them or judging them.

As you know Love is complete in Itself, It has absolutely no needs and does not sustain anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment, or a desire for restitution or revenge.  In fact those extremely divisive characteristics of the illusory environment you inhabit close your hearts to Love.  That is why it is absolutely essential that you go within daily, to your holy altars, and open your hearts to the Love residing there in every moment, and invite It to dissolve all that you are clinging to that is not in perfect alignment and harmony with It.

Doing that every day with intent and integrity, by letting go of all judgment and conditionality will bring about great changes within you.  You will, through doing this, find peace and contentment as self-love and self-acceptance grow within you.  And of course, because all are one, as you change yourselves you change the world which is what so many of you have been attempting to do by demanding or forcing others to change.

You can only change yourselves, but when you do the whole world changes!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

A beautiful message

Here’s the link to a beautiful message from Archangel Gabrielle through Genoveva:


  Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday February 19th 2017

Humanity is on a roll.  Humanity is awakening.  Yes, of course you are very much aware of conflicts, suffering, and other chaotic happenings all across the world that are continuously brought to your attention by the various media sources you follow.  However, those are powerful indicators of the enormous changes that are in progress all across the planet.  These essential changes are being preceded by a collective releasing of vast amounts of emotional baggage that humanity has been burdened with and carrying for eons.  This emotional negativity has severely restricted your ability to see the truth of who you are – divine beings having temporary and unreal physical experiences as humans in an insane illusory environment. Insane because it allows so much pain and suffering to arise within it.

Now the collective has chosen to release all that unreality and awaken to its true nature – LOVE!

As we keep on telling you there is only Love, all that is not in perfect alignment with Love, God, Source, your higher Selves, is but a minor and irrational state of emotional turbulence in a vast, calm, and magnificent ocean of Love in which all that God creates has its eternal existence.  You, in your severely limited state of consciousness, can really have no idea of the absolute immensity of God and His infinite Love for you all.  When you awaken, as you are indeed going to, the joy that envelops you will astound and amaze you as the tiny part of you that has been experiencing the insanity of the illusion is reintegrated into the vast whole that is You and is God as One.

You were created from Source, God, Love, and therefore you are and always will be absolutely free.  You used that freedom to build an illusory environment of severe limitation that led to fear, pain, and suffering, in which you freely immersed yourselves to discover what it would be like to live without access to your Source.  Now you know very clearly that a state of separation is not a state you wish to continue experiencing, and so you have chosen to awaken from that dream state.

However, because you have been immersed in it for so long, it has become very real for you with all its negative judgments and apparent states of being right or wrong, in which the righteous righteously blame and punish the wrongdoers.

As many of you now understand quite clearly what appears wrong or sinful to one appears righteous and praiseworthy to another.  You are finally realizing that judgment is a very personal thing, even though in most societies standards of behavior have been established to which nearly everyone is expected to conform.  There are always some who consider themselves to be above society’s laws, and who, through their power and influence, are given a free pass so that they do not get called to answer for their crimes.  That is now changing because the age of information in which you live makes it impossible to keep things permanently concealed.  Unsavory truths are coming to light all across the planet, and very, very few are now able to remain above and beyond the law.

Deception concealed has been a major aspect of human life on Earth because intense shaming has been a major aspect of most cultures’ ways of raising and educating children.  Shaming or threatening to shame another takes the power from the one being threatened and allows the one making the threats to manipulate and control him.  To escape shaming children quickly learn that deception is their only defense.  It becomes so deeply and emotionally ingrained that they are no longer aware that that they are practicing deceit, especially as everyone else behaves similarly.  Modern psychology has pointed out that the majority of humans wear a mask to present to the world because the real self within is terrified to disclose itself because of its deep sense of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and incompetence.  It is terrified of being recognized because it believes that those feelings are utterly valid.

A major part of the awakening process is to recognize the total invalidity of those feelings, and to let them go.  The way to do this is to allow yourselves to open your hearts to the divine Love that surrounds and envelops you in every moment so that It may flow in filling you with an enormous sense of well-being and self-acceptance.

You are you, and you can never become someone else however much you might admire, respect, and honor another.  And the only reason that you are drawn to that other, whom you wish to admire, respect, and honor is because that person is being true to herself, and is reflecting back to you your own beauty.  Yes, many of you admire in others the aspects of yourselves that you have denied in yourselves!  Beautiful aspects of yourselves that you refuse to see.  Others see them, but you cannot accept that what they see in you is the truth of who you are, and so you put yourselves down by personal disparagement and by refusal to accept compliments that are offered to you in loving acceptance of the glory that is you.

An essential part of your awakening process is your daily visit to your inner sanctuary, that holy altar within you where the Love that is God resides permanently.  The illusion is a place of distraction and confusion where chaos reigns supreme, and its sole purpose is to make you feel separate, alone, and worthless, thus filling you with fear.  Your egos attempt to lead you through these emotional mine fields by encouraging you to feel threatened and fearful so that you will either hide behind the defenses you have erected against the outside world or attack those in the outside world who appear to threaten your safety.

However the illusion is illusory, and you are always held safe and secure within the loving arms of God.  Your daily visits to that holy altar within will confirm for you that this is the truth, and you will feel the warmth and comfort of God’s infinite and eternal Love for you if you open your hearts and allow It to enter.  You need do nothing more than this.  When you do, your energy field, the field of Love that contains you, expands enormously and draws others to you because they can feel the Love and safety that is you and they want to be in your presence.

Love is irresistible!  Love is within you because you are Love, so accept that divine Truth and follow your life path of assisting others to awaken just by being you.  Release your masks of fear that you present to the world, the masks that hide the real you, the you that is infinitely honored, respected, and loved by God.  You are all immensely powerful beings, so reclaim your power by accepting yourselves and by living the lives you chose to live as humans before you incarnated.  You incarnated to assist in the awakening process, and you do this quite magnificently just by being You.  You are all magnificent beings of Love, of Light, so let your Light shine forth in the resplendent glory that is You.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday February 5th

When a human awakens into awareness of their true nature it is always an unforgettable moment.  They will always remember precisely what they were doing at that moment and how sudden this awakening was.  One moment everything was rolling along in their lives “normally,” the next moment they knew that they were One with Source, and all doubts and uncertainties immediately dissolved. It was a moment of intense joy.

Everyone, every conscious entity created by God, will experience the wonder of that awakening.  It is everyone’s destiny, an inevitable and divinely assured completion of each one’s return to awareness of Oneness with their Source – the Alpha and the Omega.  Neither is complete without the other, and incompleteness is impossible, so you are never without the Other, your higher Self, your God-Self, your Oneness, and so your utter completeness in Divine Oneness is constant and eternal.  You were created One with Source, and that state is unchanging and unchangeable, you have just very temporarily lost sight of it, momentarily it is hidden from view by a very small passing cloud – and then, instantly, the Sun is visible again in all Its infinite brilliance and lustre.

God so loves His Creation that He wills It to be fully awake, fully conscious, fully aware, and fully alive, and so It will be.  The choice to play games in an illusory environment of pain and suffering has been rescinded and your awakening is occurring right now.  There are signs of this all around you, open your eyes and see, then delight in the ensuing knowledge.  Not one of you is forgotten, abandoned, unseen, unworthy or in any way judged and found wanting.  You remain eternally perfect, just as you were created, so relax fully into self-acceptance and enjoy the human form you chose to inhabit until you feel you no longer need it, and the full awareness of your divine nature will fill your hearts with joy.

You are Love.  There is nothing else, so allow yourselves to be once more aware of this divine Truth.  God wants you to be aware because He knows that it will bring you great joy, and His desire, His Will for you is constant and eternal joy.  The only reason you do not experience this state is because you do not allow yourselves to experience it.  You allow negative self-judgments to cloud your view, to hide Reality from you.

One of the main aspects of the illusion is your negative self-judgment.  When you chose to experience separation you knew that it was a rejection of God’s eternal Love for you, but you made the choice anyway to prove to yourself that you had no need of God.  It was a bit like a teenager needing to prove independence from parents by leaving home or going on a long world tour.  But underneath that need to prove their independence there remains the knowledge that if things don’t turn out well, then they can always return home.  If that happens for them, they may well feel a little ashamed having discovered that they are not yet fully independent adults, able to cope alone in the world, nevertheless, they do return to the safety of home.

Well, it’s very much the same for you and God.  Deep within you do know that you are eternally loved and cherished, but there remains that underlying sense of shame coupled with negative self-judgment – “I’m not good enough, I couldn’t make it on my own and now I must ask to come home, maybe I will be turned away.”  And as parents, unless you are in extreme conflict with your children, you know that you will always welcome them home because you love and them and want to assist them in any way that you can.  You would never turn them away.

And, of course, God, our heavenly Father is infinitely loving and accepting!  You just need to turn to Him in complete trust, setting aside your doubts, your anxieties, your fears, and your negative and invalid self-judgments, by opening your hearts fully to the field of Love that surrounds you in every moment of your existence.

There is no such thing as divine retribution, judgment, or rejection, there is only Love.  And that Love is infinite.  Again, most of you have comforted another – a child, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, who is in pain, physical or emotional – and the feelings of love you have deep within for that other are very intense in that moment.  Well the feelings of Love God has for you are infinitely more intense, in fact way beyond your ability to imagine.

Just trust that God’s Love for you is with you always, as It most definitely is, and then go within to your sanctuary, your inner altar where the flame of His Love for you burns constantly and open your hearts to receive It.  He offers It to you in every moment and lovingly waits for you to accept It.  Do so, and feel the warmth and the comfort and the safety of His divine embrace.  It is your eternal Home, the Home in which you are always fully welcome, and which will never reject you or turn you away.  It is your Home, and you have every right to enter.  When you do your welcome will commence with the most glorious of celebrations because you have been sorely missed.

Your loving brother, Jesus.