We are all one, and yet as humans in form that is not what you experience, and the reason for this is that you made a collective choice and decision to construct an unreal environment in which to experience the unreal, the impossible – separation from Source.  And that is what you are experiencing, each one of you by your own individual choices because, by choosing to engage with unreality, you insisted on experiencing the individuality of separation instead of the unity of Oneness.  And that choice remains an insane illusion.  It is utterly impossible to be separated from Source, there is nowhere to separate to.  It is a little like very small children putting their hands in front of their faces and thinking that you can no longer see them!  God sees you, knows you, and is with you in every moment because you and He are One.  You cannot hide from Him, although you can pretend to yourselves that you are separated from Him.  Your awakening is about ceasing to pretend, it is the removing of your hands from in front of your faces, and delighting once more at being in His totally loving Presence.  God IS Love and therefore so are each and every one of you because you live in eternal unchanging Oneness with Him.

The intense joy of awakening into life as One is going to dissolve the illusory state of unreality with which you have been engaging for eons, because you have collectively chosen to release the illusion of unreality from your private and secretive mini-minds, your lost and deluded ego-minds.  It is now time to wake up, leaving the dreams and nightmares to fade away, as they will because there is no one left to recharge their power supply – the ego.  Life is free of all limitations, it always has been, but you chose to imagine that this was not the case, and you totally identified with the material form from which your human bodies emerged, severely limited in their abilities to deal with and feel safe within the vast universe in which they found themselves due to their incredible smallness in contrast to it.

As you have been told so often, throughout the eons that unreality has been the environment in which you experience life, God is Love, infinite Love, so with a little rational thought it must become clear to anyone that She would never subject even one of Her dearly beloved children to the separation experience that you are undergoing as humans in form.  You collectively constructed this environment to demonstrate your ability – like teenage counter-will – to live separated from and independent of God.  It has not been successful, and it could not be successful, because there is only God, the infinitely vast energy field of Love (use any term here that resonates for you) in which all that She creates is eternally present with Her in complete harmony and joy.  What more could such a Being of Love provide for Her offspring?  Nothing!  You have a saying, “Love is where the heart is.”  And Her heart and your hearts are One, so therefore you are permanently and most joyously united in the Love in which your hearts abide.

Your awakening is happening, Now!  There is only Now, the eternal center from which all that exists radiates outwards infinitely, constantly expanding and extending Love to embrace every aspect of creation – Its infinite Self – with the felt sense of Oneness, of belonging, of Being One with Source.  The joy of knowing and being in that eternal state is utterly indescribable.  It can only be experienced, and that is what your awakening is all about.

Ever since you constructed your unreal environment in which to experience independence from Source, its underlying and changeless purpose has been to help you to awaken from the nightmare of separation in which you found yourselves.  Upon engaging with it, by believing yourselves to be within it, you instantly felt lost and abandoned because you had hidden from yourselves the awareness, the experience of being eternally enveloped in God’s loving embrace.  Not feeling God’s Love for you is terrifying!  Consequently, since that fearful moment, you have been seeking outside yourselves – that is, within the unreal construct in which you are experiencing separation – the Love that is your life and your reason for living.

But Love is the Oneness that is God, and that is you!  It is within you, it is found by ceasing to search the world for the things you believe you need, for the relationships that will bring you happiness, and coming into the awareness that what you seek is within you, it is your Self.  That Self is your consciousness, your cognizance that you are aware, aware of your body, of other bodies, and of the world around you – things, material objects – none of which are You.  Remove all those things from your awareness that are constantly demanding your attention by quieting your minds – your thought processes – and by just being.  When you can do this, even for the briefest of moments, you will find yourselves in a state of deep peace and contentment, needing nothing and feeling the Love that ceaselessly holds you in Its loving embrace.

It will be brief because your human forms cannot withstand for more than a moment that intensity of Love.  Nevertheless, you will never forget that most wonderful and uplifting moment – you may even occasionally experience further brief moments of ecstasy when you go within yourselves to your holy altars to meditate, contemplate, or offer devotions to Mother/Father/God.  Your doubts will be dissolved, your faith in God will intensify, and you will know that all is eternally well.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


You are all dearly loved – infinitely loved by our loving Father.  You always have been and you always will be because the Love of God is eternal and unchanging.  Therefore there is nothing you can do to alter this divine truth.  As you live your human lives you frequently experience doubts about God’s love for you because, from early infancy, you have all experienced some, or maybe much, shaming and punishment by those who were responsible for your well-being, and having naturally assumed that those who are caring for you are good, you therefore concluded (in very early life!) that there must be something wrong with you.  This sense of not being good enough, of being unworthy, is very deeply ingrained, and I want to help you to dissolve every aspect of it so that you can come to a deep understanding of its total invalidity, as you awaken to the realization of God’s infinite and eternal Love for you, Love without bounds or conditions of any kind.  What God creates is unchangeably perfect.  He created you and He wants you to know this eternal truth about yourselves.

In fact, deep within yourselves you do know this, and your awakening is about coming to full and constant awareness of this divine and unalterable truth, thus constantly feeling, experiencing, and delighting in the supreme joy of knowing yourselves as you truly are – eternally, inseparably, and most deeply in LOVE with God.  Knowing yourselves as God knows you!  And knowing that this is His Will and yours.  You and M/F/G are in complete harmony in every moment, aware and fully engaged in the endless expansion of the Vastness that is Love.  That state of being, your natural and original state, is eternal and unchanging, and you are awakening into full awareness of it.

To be fully aware, fully conscious, fully alive is God’s Will for you, and as you are eternally One with God it is also your will.  You cannot not awaken, sleep is a very temporary and unreal break away from your natural state of being, a state of forgetting your true divine nature, it does not serve you, and so you will let it go.

Before you incarnated for this present lifetime you were fully aware and fully enjoying the oneness of Love that you are within the Presence that is God.  And you also knew, having most courageously and enthusiastically volunteered to be physically present as humans in form to assist in humanity’s grand awakening, that this present human life experience would be very demanding and might also involve much pain and suffering.  And yet you incarnated – most willingly!  Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms you are most highly honored . . . and rightly so!  Please start honoring yourselves, it is the Will of God that you do so, that you honor Her divine creation.

Call on us – me, saints, loved ones, who are always watching over you – for help and comfort whenever you doubt yourselves.  As a well-known saying states: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”  And you are far tougher and more powerful than you can possibly conceive of when you use only your human intellects to understand what life as a human is all about.  Just remember that you are never alone!

When you take your daily quiet time to commune with us, allow yourselves to just relax into your holy inner sanctuaries without expectations.  Allowing is essential.  Allowing is surrendering to the energy field of Love within which you are always present, even though you can hardly feel its Presence embracing you.  When you do this you will find your worries and anxieties reducing in intensity or even evaporating while you rest there.  You do need to do this at least once daily, more often if you can spare the time, because doing so refuels your human energy fields, and then you find within yourselves the intuitive sense, the inner knowing that all is as it should be, and that you are where you are meant to be, doing and being the energy field of Love that is enthusiastically encouraging humanity’s awakening and bringing it to fruition.

Yes, humanity is awakening, and you are doing enormously important work in ensuring that it comes to its most wonderful fruition.  Do NOT doubt yourselves, or your purpose.   You are all – absolutely NO exceptions – making a massive contribution to this divine plan.  It could not be happening without even one of you.  You are each essential and unbreakable links in the divine chain of the awakening process. 

Doing is a human activity that has been very helpful for you as you have been living your lives in the illusory state you constructed to experience separation.  It has enormously expedited your spiritual evolution as you have evolved in form and thus come to a greater understanding of what your purpose is as a human – remembering who you really are.

Being is your natural state where your thoughts are instantly implemented.  Thought is what creates, there is no doing – no hard work – involved.  Thoughts are choices you make to share and extend the infinite energy field of Love in which you all participate in every moment of your eternal existence.  They are harmonious cooperative events that bring intense joy to all involved as they burst into bloom.  They are not extremely difficult intellectual exercises like those that humans work with to concoct new consumer devices, or that help scientists, through reasoning, to more fully understand your material environment, and, perhaps, attempt to control it.  Thoughts flow beautifully for the greater glory of God.

So I confirm, humanity is awakening, and all of you are making it happen.  Keep resetting your amazing and most powerful intent to bring that awakening into being by . . . Being!  Being is totally natural, and as you become more accustomed to just allowing yourselves to be, your peace and contentment will effervesce.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

As you are all well aware, humanity is at a major moment of change, a turning point in its spiritual evolution, a massive moment of growth – it’s long planned awakening from unreality – with which it is engaging whole-heartedly as most purposefully intended from the instant in which it appears that separation occurred.  The unreal has always been unreal, but because of your most powerful creative abilities as the divine children of God, it has, from the first instant in which you collectively constructed it, seemed absolutely real, which was your intent in the decision and choice to concoct it.  Now you have decided that enough is enough.  Separation, division, disagreement, and conflict have shown themselves to be insane ways in which to engage with one another, very frequently causing you untold pain and suffering, and so you have chosen this moment to let it all go, and awaken into the eternal and infinitely loving Presence of M/F/G.  For us in the non physical realms this a moment of unutterable joy!  Finally you are releasing your intense grip on everything – truly on nothing!!! – that brings you only pain and suffering, and are in the process of returning Home, as in the parable of the prodigal son, to a most magnificent welcome.

Home is where you belong, where you are always utterly and completely welcome, and is a state of existence from which you have never departed, even for an instant.  Why?  Simply because there is nowhere else!  You just closed yourselves off temporarily from your awareness of Reality, and fully engaged with the unreal, the illusory environment that you constructed to experience that which is not and which can never be, an unreal state where Love is constantly sought instead of being constantly experienced.  It is time to awaken from the dream of pain and separation, and humanity is now collectively engaged in doing so.  You cannot fail to awaken, because your awakened state is ALL that exists!

Being awake is to know yourselves as One with Source constantly, and without any possibility of interruption.  Needless to say it is a state of supreme joy in which there are no needs of any kind, and in which your magnificent creative abilities are fully engaged in adding to the joyous harmony that is ALL.  All is All, and It is infinite perfection in every aspect of Itself as It shares and extends Itself with All, with ITSELF, and that is who You are!  Yes, You are One, and individual, which provides the perfect way to engage with and interact with Love, your nature of Oneness and All.  Words just cannot possibly express what I am attempting to express here, but when you awaken all will be absolutely crystal clear, only infinitely brighter and brilliant – the Light that is Love, that is God, that is You.  It is quite impossible for you to conceive of this state of being while you choose to remain in form – which is a choice you made – and you can and will reverse it.

As you all continue to flow through the awakening process you are becoming increasingly aware – of course! – and your awareness, which in truth is infinitely vast, is beginning to see more and more Love in the world around you, as you allow yourselves to open to it.  That awareness has always been with you because it is you, it is consciousness.

However, while experiencing life in unreality you have chosen to enormously limit your full awareness by focusing on only the details of the state that you experience through your human form – individual pieces of the seemingly vast jigsaw puzzle that life in form appears to be – and which you each personally extract from that state and identify with.  Doing so confirms for you your belief that you are all separate from one another, and confirms for you the almost constant underlying sense that by being alone you are in danger from those others.  Having experienced trauma in infancy and childhood, as you all have, although often not intended, this belief is very deeply ingrained within your human psyche.  This why you lack trust in, and have doubts about the authenticity of M/F/G’s infinite and eternal Love for you.

The way forward from these doubts is to go within and invite and allow the Love in which you are enveloped to embrace you fully so that you can sense and feel It.  Then your doubts will ease and fade as you truly feel the Love – Reality.  It will be only a temporary sensation because everything that you experience through your human forms is temporary – this too will pass!  However, the memory of it will remain within you and  accessible in every moment, easing your doubts and strengthening your faith in God’s Love for you.

That memory of your momentary experience of Reality will empower you to renew your trust that all is well, that your awakening is coming to fruition, and will assist you in accessing your own deep inner knowing that you truly are One with Source, always and forever.  You will no longer buy into the insanity of believing otherwise, because your knowing of Reality will be with you as a constant reminder that Love is All, and is infinite Wisdom and full acceptance of Itself as expressed through you.  You are One eternally with Love, and so it is your divine right to love, honor, and respect yourself at all times.  Not to do so is to dishonor God’s divine creation as you experience it in human form.  Simply because you are playing an imaginary game, living an illusory dream, nothing of who you truly are can change, it is just that your free will choice permits you to imagine yourself as an unworthy sinner – something else, something other, that is unreal and has never existed.

As you have been told so often by human mystics, and by those who converse with you from the non physical realms, sin, judgment, shame, and punishment are totally unreal, just like the unreal environment you experience while choosing to experience life in form as a human.

God IS Love.  Love IS unconditional.  Love is All that exists, and within that state – there is no other state, place, or environment of any kind – All is in perfect divine alignment.  Anything that is not in complete alignment with Love is unreal, could not, does not, and never has existed.

M/F/G is Love, You are Love, and your glorious awakening is divinely assured and guaranteed.  Therefore rejoice, because All is eternally well.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

As you have been told so often: “There is only One!”  This is an impossible concept for you to understand as humans in form, living in an unreal dream/nightmare environment that appears to you to be intensely and unalterably real, firm, and solid.  But it is true, and at the depths of your being, behind the veil or mist that you have placed between your true or higher selves and your egos, you do know and can access this divine truth.  Take time out at least once daily and set the intent very firmly and positively to access this deep and true inner knowing, and then relax totally – without expectation – thus allowing your higher selves to reveal themselves to you through your inner knowing, your divinely given intuition.

When you wait impatiently and expectantly, you give away your power to your egos, and they will always lead you away from Truth, away from M/F/G, insisting that you are wasting your time, that you are far too busy, and that you have a life to live, and thus you need all your energy for practical things with which your human lives need to be fully engaged.

But, there are no things!  There is only life, consciousness, awareness, Love, Source, M/F/G, the ONE!

So, being One, what do you need to do?  Nothing!  You need, in every moment, to BE!  That is your one and only task – to BE.  You are divine, you are One with Source, you are Love, and there is nothing else and no need for anything else, because LOVE is ALL that Is!  By trusting M/F/G and accepting yourselves, the divine and perfect children of God that you all are, as sinless and infinitely worthy of God’s love, you are being your true selves – All that you can be . . . ALL – and your very presence in form NOW is strongly and most vigorously assisting in bringing the collective awakening into bloom.  That is precisely why you chose to be incarnate at this particular moment in humanity’s irreversible spiritual evolution, while also accepting that while in form you would indeed forget who you truly were, but would nevertheless follow a particular personal path through the illusion to assist in bringing about the collective awakening.  This – the collective human awakening – is happening now, at incredible speed, and there are extremely clear signs of this wherever you choose to focus your human attention.  Be of good cheer, All is well, It cannot be otherwise.

You are doing what you incarnated to do, you are Being.  Being is being Love, which is your real and true nature.  You cannot be anything other than Love, although as humans in form, in an unreal and very temporary environment, you can, and mostly do, choose to believe that the environment in which you find yourselves is a totally real and often dangerous one, and so you mostly use or engage with your egos to guide and protect you from the dangers with which human life presents you, believing that to be loving is weak and will encourage others to take advantage of your weakness.  And this mightily distracts or discourages you from Being – you just don’t seem to have the time!  And yet you can’t not Be!

Remember, it was by your own free will choice that you incarnated, knowing that it was a most loving and courageous choice to make, and here you are seemingly lost and confused as you search for your life’s purpose – to gain security, money, safety, love? – and in the end none of those, even if achieved, serve to satisfy you.  How could they?  Only reawakening into your true state of Oneness with M/F/G – Love, capital L – will bring you true peace and joy.

Be fully aware that:

  1. You are here purely to awaken, and to help all those with whom you interact in any manner at all to awaken with you.  That is your task, your purpose, and you are carrying it out magnificently, even though it is not apparent to you, either because you are getting practically no positive feedback about your most amazing achievements, or because you are not paying enough attention as your human lives in form demand all of it.  Truly you are, every single human in form without any exceptions, most magnificent and wonderful beings working in the dark – and without a flashlight – to bring all to the Light, and you are succeeding.  Failure is not an option, it is impossible!
  2. Humans everywhere are about to have a collective awakening into full conscious awareness of each of their own individual and most beautiful creative states of brilliance as One with Source, eternally in that Presence.  However, your free will is also an eternal gift from God to use whenever and however you choose; it will never be overridden.  Therefore there will be some who make a completely incontrovertible choice to remain in the unreal state which humanity has been experiencing for eons of time.  Those highly personal and individual choices will be fully honored for as long as those ones choose to remain in unreality.  For them life will continue “as normal.”  However those choices will have no effect on your collective awakening, because, by those very choices, they will be be choosing to remain behind in an environment of fear, the state in which it seems that their survival is under almost constant threat, and in which it appears that conflict is an essential aspect of survival with which they have to engage constantly to ensure their ongoing existence as humans, the only form of life of which they can conceive. When they finally and fully realize the insanity of almost constant open conflict, they too will awaken, with great exhilaration, into the joy of that eternal Presence in the One. All are One, so not even one will be excluded, because then the One would be incomplete . . . a total impossibility.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Humanity is on a roll!  The collective awakening process, in which you are all fully engaged, is moving along quite beautifully, as is to be expected because it is God’s divine will.  The chaos and confusion planet-wide are themselves signs of your awakening as people start to become more fully aware of the corruption and dishonesty that has always been an aspect of the illusion that is life in form.  The illusion was constructed to experience a sense of freedom, and was established to allow an ‘apparent’ movement away from Love, and for each individual to live without consideration for others if he so chose.  Those in families and tribes did support each other, but could also be banished if their behavior was judged unacceptable for whatever reason.  Thus it became necessary to consider individual survival above all other human needs.  The realization that All are One was forgotten, hidden from awareness, and the human life being lived was understood to be a one time event that had to be used to the full in order to make the most of the seemingly limited resources available for the individual during the few years of a human life span.

Over the last few hundred years increased awareness has been growing of your interdependence on each other, and on the planet which lovingly provides all you need for your human survival.  This awareness has expanded most dramatically over the last four or five decades as you cannot fail to have noticed, and increasing numbers of humans have been living their lives to be at least partially in service to your collective awakening, even though they are probably not consciously aware that they have been doing this.  They just considered what they were doing to be normal human nature, the right thing to do.

This intent to be of service has meant that many have ceased to just do their jobs and collect their paychecks, but have also looked into the activities of the organizations that employ them – small businesses, large corporations, other large organizations, and, of course, governments – to see if they were in fact honoring humanity and the planet.  This increase in curiosity into as opposed to unthinking acceptance of the activities of large organizations has become progressively more effective in bringing into the public domain information regarding damaging and corrupt activities that need first to be massively curtailed, and then brought to an end to allow human and planetary healing to take place, as the numbers of you paying attention have increased.

Consequentially preparation for your awakening, which has been ongoing since the moment you constructed and engaged with your illusory reality, is now nearing completion and will allow and encourage your awakening to come into full bloom.  You will awaken into knowing and experiencing the joy of being Oneness, of being One with M/F/G, the Source of Love from which separation has never occurred.

Keep reminding yourselves of this divine truth:

Separation never happened!

Life in form, although seeming intensely and unequivocally real, is not Reality, it is a moment of confusion, a dream or imaginary state in which momentary experiences can overwhelm you emotionally and psychologically and escort you into words and actions in that state that lead you or others into intense pain and suffering.  Yes, there may also be moments of happiness, but mostly you spend your human lives seeking happiness, never ending happiness, and never finding it, a state that resonates with you and which you sense or intuit should be your natural state.  And of course it is, but you have lost awareness of it, and the pain of that loss remains with you leading you to seek outside yourselves for what has always been present within you.

You are One, you are Love, because that is how you were created, and what God creates cannot change, being already perfect as divinely intended.  Within the illusion, where you are experiencing life in human form, that does not seem to be true.  That is because life in form was constructed – imagined into being – in order to experience a non real state, and that is what you are experiencing.  However, you can choose to return to complete wakefulness – REALITY – just by setting the intent to do so, because you are very powerful divine beings.  Doing this is what the awakening process is all about, so make the choice now to wake up.  You have the absolute right to make this choice, and in order to awaken you must completely freely – by your own utterly free will – make and set this intent.  No one else can do it for you, because you are sovereign beings on whom nothing can be imposed.

Awaken now into the Love that you are, and share and extend that Love with all of humanity, because that is why you incarnated to be present in human form at this moment in humanity’s collective spiritual evolution – your AWAKENING into REALITY!

So, I emphasize and repeat yet again, it is absolutely essential that you take time daily – numerous times if you can – to go within to your holy inner sanctuaries and invite Love into your hearts to embrace you, and from there flow abundantly out from you to all sentient life where it will be felt – experienced – most powerfully.  That is, as I said above, why you are here NOW!  Remember, there are NO accidents or coincidences, everything has a divine purpose.  Yours is to awaken, and to assist others to do likewise – not by proselytisation, argument, or persuasion – just by most beautifully demonstrating love in action simply by being you.  That is your divine purpose as a human in this and, as long as time continues to flow, every moment.

You can do it.  You incarnated to do it.  And you have the infinite and most powerful support and enthusiastic encouragement from those in the non physical realms who are watching over you constantly, ever ready to respond whenever you choose to call on them for further assistance.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

We are One, there is only One, and yet the One constantly manifests Itself – the power and energy that is the One – in myriad uncountable numbers of sentient beings as expressions of Love.  All of us, all life, all consciousness, all awareness, all sentient beings are aspects of and permanently at one with the One.  There is NO SEPARATION, and there never could be because the One is ALL, constantly and eternally Present, just wholeheartedly LOVING!

Life and Love are your eternal state of existence, it is just that as humans in form, enveloped in a brief dream or, perhaps, a nightmare, you are asleep to and unaware of Reality.  That is changing very rapidly, as the human collective stirs in its sleep prior to awakening into the glory of just BEING!  Being is pure awareness, fully aware of All without interruption or distraction.  It is knowing Itself and All of creation intimately – persistently, perpetually, ceaselessly – because that is infinite awareness, the constant flowing and flowering of Love caring for and extending Itself in all-embracing joyous acceptance of the magnificence and brilliance that It is.M/F/G, Love, Source, All, Being, is One in an infinite, essential, and indispensable state of Beingness, forever expanding the awareness and consciousness that is All that exists.

Every sentient, conscious, and aware being is eternally connected and interwoven into what many call God. It is the infinite creative expression from which they all extend, mix, and interact for the total and complete joyful bliss that is All that is.  There, in that Oneness, there is only and eternally infinite vivacity, exhilaration, delectation, refreshment, wonder, rejoicing, and exultation – joy and bliss completely beyond your ability as humans in form to even conceive of.And that is what you are to awaken into, the Brilliance that is M/F/G infinitely loving Itself – ALL – in the most magnificent state of harmony and cooperation for the utter joy of every sentient and aware being.  The delight with which you will all participate in this most glorious celebration of the collective awakening will be stupendous, utterly mind-blowing – infinite joy which is absolutely way beyond infinite!

As the moment approaches, and despite the daily distractions of present day politics, conflicts, and weather extremes, make sure to set and reset your intent to be only loving whatever may arise throughout the day.  Doing this is not only enormously important, it is indeed essential.  You chose to be in human form at this amazing now moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution in order to assist most powerfully in the awakening process.  Although the vast majority of you get practically no feedback on the effectiveness of your loving intentions, I can assure you that you are having a most powerful effect.

Nothing is superfluousbecause with God every living being – regardless of the value or lack of value that humans may perceive it as having – has been most divinely and lovingly created in order that it may experience and express itself with complete freedom and to delight in doing so, thus delighting God and moving your collective awakening process purposefully forwards.And your awakening is imminent.

As you continue with your daily lives during this time of enormous change, know that you are blessed and beautifully cared for by M/F/G in every moment.  Trust and live lovingly, for that is what you chose to do by incarnating as humans at this time of great, in fact momentous significance for the human collective.  There are no accidents!  You are all here by your own generous and most loving choice to participate and assist in this momentous adventure, this leap into joy.  Continue therefore to go deep within yourselves daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and invite Love in to show you your worthiness and to encourage you yet again, because just by being present as humans in this moment, and each following moment, you are all bringing the awakening to its most magnificent completion.  You can have no idea of how dearly M/F/G loves and honors you for your stalwart work in bringing the awakening process to its most glorious fruition.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

To awaken is your destiny because, being One with Source – being fully aware in complete conscious wakefulness in every moment – is your constant state.  As humans in form it is difficult for you to conceive of such a state, because you are almost constantly being distracted by your worldly concerns and interests.  They are, of course, totally appropriate while you are in form as they assist you in maintaining your physical well-being.  However, you do not need to spend almost all your waking hours focused on those concerns and issues, whereas you do need to spend quiet time every day connecting with Source, by sitting peacefully as you invite Love into your hearts to embrace you and reinvigorate your energy fields.  There is still a lot of ‘stuff’ arising planet-wide that takes a heavy toll on everyone in form, so resting and recuperating deep within yourselves daily is essential, otherwise it becomes very difficult for you to share and extend to humanity the love that each one of you is, and which is your reason for being incarnate at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution – TO AWAKEN!

We are watching over you with intense Love as your awakening process approaches its most magnificent conclusion, and it will indeed be most dramatic and uplifting for you all, way beyond your wildest dreams.  You incarnated to be present in form at this moment and not one of you will be disappointed. Nevertheless, this short period of time remaining before the miracle occurs, is proving to be very stressful for everyone, so be aware of this and intensify your intent to be only loving whatever arises.You know that you are Love, One with Mother/Father/God.  You know this divine truth deep within yourselves, and yet you allow your egoic doubts to hide this from you with distractions – I am unworthy, I am a guilty sinner, I am not good enough, God couldn’t love me – all of which are utterly and completely invalid.  Because you are in every moment One with God none of these doubts or beliefs could ever be true because the One – YOU – is eternally perfect in every way.

The best way you can honor Mother/Father/God is by honoring and respecting yourselves.  Until you do that you will continue to find yourselves projecting those judgments on to others and condemning them – Self-Condemnation – as you attempt to relieve or disown your own sense of inadequacy.


How could you be inadequate when you are divine creations, the eternally beloved children of God?  Yes, as humans in form, you are different from one another, you are, each and every one of you without any exceptions, individuals with different skills and creative abilities.  Therefore, do not compare yourselves to others, to do so is meaningless, because you need to work together, harmoniously and lovingly, using your own individual skills and abilities, and thus awaken into the Reality of your Oneness, your inseparability from Source, and therefore from one another.

Source is Creation, and so, therefore, are you.  Your nature is continuously conjoined with and cooperating with M/F/G creating beauty in an infinite expression of Love.  You all love beauty – beautiful flowers, blossoms, gardens, trees, sunsets, animals, and people – and that is what you are unceasingly creating in myriad magnificent variations for the joy of All.  You are all beings of eternal joy, and yet that is what you spend much of your lives in form seeking outside yourselves, as for most of your lives it does not appear to be present or accessible.  But it is!  It is within you and is instantly attainable for you when you allow yourselves to release your grasp on judgment of the world and its people, especially those close to you with whom you interact regularly.

Judgment is a ‘skill’ that you begin to learn in infancy as you are regularly judged as not good enough for whatever reason – mostly very minor – and your learning of this skill never ceases because as you grow you feel an intense need to defend yourselves against the judgments of others, and you do this by judging and blaming those others.  For most people this also leads to judging and blaming the worldly environment itself – it’s cold, it’s raining, it’s too hot, there are too many people, there are too many wars, people cannot be trusted, it’s not fair – for your dissatisfaction and unhappiness with your lives.  But, the world is, and people are people, so instead of judging and complaining, extend and share Love with everyone because, as you know deep within yourselves, even if you do not wish to accept it, everyone is always doing their best.  The fact that you do not think this is true is an invalid judgment and personal belief.  And you can just let it go.

M/F/G is Love and Compassion, therefore so are you.  Instead of blaming and judging extend love to all.  Yes, some do need to be restrained from harming others, but thoughtfully, wisely, and compassionately, as closely as you can manage to the divine way – remember M/F/G never blames, judges, or condemns – She embraces all most lovingly.  She knows that all in form are desperately seeking Love, and the more desperate a person is the more unloving their behavior tends to be.  ANYTHING that is not in alignment with Love is a very desperate call for Love.  Honor that call and help people to awaken to the deep inner knowing that they are LOVE!  No one needs to seek Love, because your nature – LOVE – is with you in every moment waiting patiently to be discovered as you let go of the egoic distractions that hide your true nature from yourselves.  When you finally find Love within yourselves, and you WILL, all judgment has fallen away and, miraculously, you are most happily at peace with yourselves in complete self-acceptance, and in loving and compassionate acceptance of all others.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Humanity has entered the final stages of the collective awakening process.  You have all done incredible work, both individually and collectively, to bring this about, and you are about to be enormously honored for the work you have been doing, absolutely vital work that only you could do.  All are One, so every individual thought or intention to be only loving at all times combines with those of all others with the same intent, vastly and purposefully intensifying the final stages of your collective awakening process.  Do not doubt the immense power of your individual intentions to be only loving, because they are massive, being completely integrated with and in alignment with God’s Will.

Yes, you are humans in form and are daily experiencing the limitations of that state, nevertheless, your true nature is Love, and Its divine energy flows through you in every moment, expanding outwards like a vast ocean of Love enveloping all sentient life, making it One.  Not one of you is ineffective because your true nature, regardless of how diminished you might believe it to be, is most positively affecting everyone with whom you interact in even the slightest manner.  You all chose to be incarnate at this point in humanity’s journey to awakening precisely so that you could add your power and your intent to bring it to completion, and you are doing this far more efficiently and effectively than, in your human state of limitation, you can possible understand.

Not one of you is surplus to requirements!  God’s plans are always totally efficient, with precisely the required amount of focused attention and intent to bring them to a most beautiful fruition at the exact moment of now that He has chosen.  His creations always include your individual, but unified and integrated formulations and ideas, because All are One in perfect divine harmony and fusion.  Reality is perfectly joyful and harmonious, no other state is possible, but while you are choosing to experience the limitations of life in form that appears to be an impossible state of coalescence and integration to bring into being, where no conflict or disharmony of any kind is or can be present.

Reality is Love, it is your natural state of beingness, and yet it seems that you are separated from it, and so you seek it from others, and others seek it from you – neither will find it there!  It is you,  it is within you but hidden from you by your very powerful beliefs in your sinfulness, your unworthiness, your insignificance, your unimportance in the vast universe in which your very survival is always uncertain and frequently threatened.  As individual beings in form, tiny in comparison to your environment and to humanity at large, it is difficult to dispel those invalid beliefs about yourselves as you deem and presume that one individual – me – can have practically no effect on the whole.  Yes, you may think occasionally that some brilliant ones have had an immense, powerful, and marvelously innovative effect that has uplifted humanity – Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, to name just a few – but the chances of me achieving anything of real value for humanity are, you believe, tiny, way beyond remote.

So I would bring to your attention, yet again, that you are each One with God in every moment of your eternal existence.  Within each of you is all the power of God waiting for you to accept, honor, and avail of it.  However, while in form, you can only access a much reduced level of this infinite energy field because of the limitations of your human state, but when you choose to do so, and choose to be only loving whatever arises in your daily lives, the wondrous effects that you have on your environment and on humanity are enormous, just like those mentioned in the previous paragraph who chose to place their complete trust in Mother/Father/God.

And why do you not place your complete trust in Mother/Father/God?  It is because your egos work constantly to distract you from your loving intentions by directing your attention to issues and situations that arouse uncertainty and fear in your hearts.  Then you spend inordinate amounts of time thinking, analyzing, and worrying about those issues and situations, and not only forget your intent to be only loving whatever arises, but also engage in judging and blaming those that the MSM and others inform you are responsible for the worldwide chaos, confusion, sickness, and conflicts affecting the world.  The divisive propaganda to which you are exposed many times throughout the day further increase your uncertainty and fear.

It is time to cease paying attention to the distractions with which your egos are constantly bombarding you.  You know from your direct experiences, if you choose to be aware, that the vast majority of negative issues and possibilities that have caused you concern or worry in the past have generally failed to materialize.  You do know that when you go deeply within yourselves, to your holy peaceful sanctuaries, and ask for help and guidance from those on your spiritual support teams, that you always receive precisely what you need in the moment . . . IF you allow yourselves to listen attentively.

To listen is essential, but NOT to the MS and social media which are driven by humanity’s collective ego, instead listen to that deep and wise inner knowing to which you all have access.  Often you listen and hear some brilliant guidance, but then your egos convince you that you need to be more aggressive or defensive than your guidance suggests.  So you align with your egos, engage fully with their unwise and divisive suggestions, and find that the issues or situations are not only not resolved, but may well have become more problematic.  You will likely then recall your choice to disregard your wise intuitive guidance, and so be filled with regret.

Truly, Love is always the way forwards, and you know this because It is your true nature.  So let go of any regrets or guilt for any mistakes or errors you believe you have made – if appropriate make amends to anyone you may have hurt – and take the lessons that you have learned to heart with loving thanks.

Remember, every human experience is offering you a lesson, and that lesson is always: “Only Love can resolve all issues, because Love is ALL!”When you discount or dismiss your true nature – while you are in form it presents itself in many harmonious patterns such as kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, helpfulness, etc. – you are simply allowing yourselves to be ego-directed.

To be ego-directed is to forget that you are in an illusory environment playing the game of separation, and to fully engage with it by either seeking to control and manipulate others for your own purposes, or by giving away your power, your sovereignty to others and playing a helpless victim of circumstances that you perceive as being beyond your control.  Doing this is to be fully asleep and dreaming as in a reverie or a nightmare.  You all chose human life paths before you incarnated that would present you with the lessons that you wished to learn, and you knew it would be difficult, because of the state of amnesia into which you would be born, but you also knew that you would be fully supported in every moment.  Now that you are in form your amnesia is well established, BUT your spiritual support team is with you in every moment, just as planned, offering you appropriate guidance whenever you ask for it.  It all comes back to asking and then choosing to Listen!

This is why it is essential that you go deeply within every day, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and spend quiet time alone tuning in to the spiritual realms so that you can access and receive the love, wisdom, and guidance available to you in every moment that you allow yourselves to be aware of it.  You planned this before your incarnation to ensure that you would have the ability to follow your chosen life paths and receive and learn the lessons presented to you.  There are no accidents, every event and experience has a purpose, and that is to assist you and those with whom you interact to awaken.  And right now you most certainly are awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Lovewards is the way forward.  You all know that Love is the only Reality, the only way that relationships can grow and evolve, and you all want Love in your lives.  But you often do not trust yourselves, mainly because of traumas experienced in childhood, or traumas from past lives as humans, and that lack of trust shows up in yourselves as guilt, shame, unworthiness, and other invalid beliefs you cling to as a result, and then you indulge in further meaningless negative self-assessments as you compare yourselves to others.

You are all perfect divine beings because you are all the beloved children of God who created you as eternally perfect expressions of consciousness, of Himself!  All conscious sentient beings who exist were created by Mother/Father/God and are eternally present as the most beautiful and harmonious aspects of the One, and are never for even the briefest of moments separated from that One.  You are Love, and you are Loved – Now and Always.

The apparent lack of love that so many experience while in human form are free will choices thy have all made, and which they can revoke whenever they allow themselves access to the deep inner knowing of their infinite value as children of God.  Your belief in or your fear that the sense of guilt, shame, and unworthiness that always seems to be with you is valid, is true, needs to be released.  By holding these beliefs you would be effectively dishonoring God if that were possible, but of course it is not, by dishonoring His most beautiful creations.

You all dearly desire to honor and love God, and you dearly desire that He loves you, but you allow yourselves to believe in and engage with your egoic fears and anxieties telling you of your unworthiness, and then voice an almost constant stream of negative self-judgments to God, thinking that so doing is a prayer that demonstrates to Him your honesty and humility.  And you generally find that it seems that your prayers are unheard and unanswered.  And you are right, He does not hear you!  He is Reality and is not engaged in your dream/illusion.  He knows you and is loving you constantly in every moment.  Your egoic self-denouncing ‘prayers’ are heard only by you, and your egos compliment you on your ‘humility’ because they love to hear you express their negative opinions of you as your own beliefs.

Give yourselves a break!  Cease listening to or believing in your egos’ completely false opinions and beliefs about you.  Stop that almost constant negative roof brain chatter, and its accompanying vociferous conversation with itself, instead be quiet and listen.  When you are quiet, at peace, undistracted by egoic noise, you will feel and experience what words can never reveal or express, namely God’s infinite and eternal Love for you.  Your egos depend on you believing that you are your bodies, and that the limited experiences of yourselves that those bodies are capable of providing is who you are.  But you are VAST beyond your abilities to conceive of with your human minds.  Accept that that is true, then go within, be silent, and allow yourselves to experience Love embracing you, for you are always utterly and completely worthy of God’s Love which eternally envelops you in Its infinite field of energy.  Initially you may feel only a tiny sense of this, so tiny you may dismiss it as your imaginations.  Therefore, trust that what you feel is Real.  As you become practiced at quieting your minds and your egos for a few moments at a time, that true sense of the Love lovingly embracing you will intensify and become evermore frequent.

As you allow this to happen you will find yourselves increasingly at peace regardless of what is occurring in your daily human lives.  Doubt in God’s Love for you will weaken and dissolve, and will be replaced by the knowing that you are totally and unconditionally loved by Mother/Father/God in every moment of your existence.  That confident knowing will shine forth from you as you live in peace and calm demonstrating Love in action, and increasing numbers of people will find comfort just by being in your presence.  Because of this you are all absolutely essential and irreplaceable aspects of the collective free will choice to awaken.

This is why you incarnated to be on Earth now – to share and extend your seemingly individual energy fields of peace and calm – to assist humanity at large to trust Love, to discard fear, and to move towards their awakening.  You, millions of you all across the world, are powerfully dissolving the negative and self condemnatory energy clusters that the confused and egotistical ones have been using in their attempts to exert control over humanity.  This attempt to control others has been ongoing for eons, and at times has brought intense pain and suffering to many.  Now, because of the Love that so many of you are living and expressing in your daily lives, the negative egoic and narcissistic energies of public figures and their hidden masters which, contrary to appearances have always been weak, are now losing their ability to maintain and direct the various authoritarian organizations that they have been using to control and intimidate the people of the world.

Your daily visits deep within yourselves to set the intent to be only loving, and from where you invite and allow the power of God’s Love to fill your hearts, are moving humanity lovewards toward your collective awakening very rapidly indeed.  You incarnated to do this, and you are doing this by your collective free will choices to melt and dissolve the hardness of the predominant egotistical belief structure you constructed in order to experience the impossible – separation from Mother/Father/God – that has for so long distracted and diverted you from your free access to the Love that you all are.

Humanity is awakening, and the intense joy of that most wonderful now moment will amaze and delight you all.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Life is about Love, and nothing else!  Yes, I do keep talking about Love, and that’s because all that exists is enfolded most lovingly within It because It is All That Exists.  There is not and could not possibly be anything or anywhere else because It is infinitely vast, enveloping all sentient life, all of creation, and thereby satisfying every need and desire, and, of course, all that exists is alive.  Every one of God’s infinite number of creations is alive, is sentient, although humanity has chosen to believe that most of the apparently inanimate matter or basic elements which makes up the world of form – in fact the whole universe – is without life, consciousness, or sentience of any kind.

Your mainstream science still believes and continues to spread the message that life just arose by chance for no reason and with no purpose, even though the statistical chance of that happening is beyond the bounds of possibility.  Matter and form are no way as simple and basic as they appear when viewed through the very limited lens of perception with which your human forms provide you.  What appears to you to be dead matter is not dead, and modern physics has shown very clearly everything is in constant motion, but as to why this is so they have no answer.  The truth is that all that exists is eternally connected to the infinite field of energy – LOVE – and is at One with It!  And that is why I keep talking about Love!

As you go about your daily lives be aware of how often you seek, are hoping for approval . . . for Love.  Most of the time you do not do it consciously, but when you complete a task, mental or physical, there is very often an underlying hope that someone will notice and appreciate you for what you have achieved.  In Reality, at One with and fully aware of your existence constantly in the Presence of Mother/Father/God, you always know that you are infinitely loved and appreciated by your Source and you, of course, infinitely love and appreciate Yourself.  That is your natural and unchangeable state.  As humans in form, the pain of not experiencing or knowing that is overwhelming, and that is why you are always seeking it, even though you mostly do not admit this to yourselves.  After all, you believe yourselves to be independent beings, and so you attempt to present an image of yourselves to others that demonstrates this.

I am reminding you that you are Love, presently incarnate in a severely restricted human form, and that you at all times need to be open to Love – Vulnerable!  Love is the energy that eternally enlivens existence, and blocking Love due to feelings of unworthiness reduces the life force that empowers beings in form, which is why the thought of being vulnerable terrifies most people, as they identify it, incorrectly, as a loss of their power, whereas in fact to be openly vulnerable by your own choice is to be fully in your power and to demonstrate it to others.  And because so many of you feel unworthy, unlovable, unseen, of little value, you present an unreal image or mask to others that your egos have concocted, hoping that they will not see the frightened little you hidden inside.  Over time, as you grow from infancy to adulthood, you come to believe that you are the mask that you are presenting to the world, making it extremely difficult for you to see and understand that being in form is an opportunity for you evolve spiritually, for you to become aware of your true nature – Christ Consciousness – eternally at One with Source.

Therefore embrace yourselves!  Know yourselves as you truly are, as God knows you and sees you eternally.  What God creates is always perfect and remains eternally and unchangeably in that state of perfection.  You are as God created You . . . FOREVER.  That never changes.

When you make your daily journey deep within yourselves, to your own holy inner sanctuaries – and you do need to do this at least once daily – and when there set the intent to open your hearts to Love and invite It in, Love will bring to your conscious awareness a sense, a knowing deep within youof the divine truth that you have never been separated from your loving Source.

Your sense of separation is illusory, unreal, and yet it gets stronger as you grow from infancy towards adulthood as your egos insist that you are your bodies and nothing more, organisms that are very easily hurt or damaged, and which are eventually destroyed.  You value your lives, which is good, but because you believe life is short, temporary, and is terminated at the moment of physical bodily death, you live in terror of losing it.  You make great efforts to disguise or bury this fear, because being consciously aware of it drains your energy even further, and confirms for you your ingrained and totally invalid belief in your unworthiness and insignificance, andyour egos encourage this because it gives them great power over you.

You need to tame your egos, and you learn to do this by going within daily and inviting Love into your hearts.  When you feel Love within you, you become aware that you have no need of your egos.  Fear empowers your egos, but Love dissolves fear.  So be with Love, be Love, be vulnerable, thus showing yourselves as you truly are, and in so doing uplifting and inspiring many others, far more than you will be aware of, and thus assisting in bringing the collective awakening process to its most glorious fulfillment.  This is why you incarnated, so now complete the process by opening fully to Love and being your true perfect selves – vulnerable, and unconditionally accepting of all others – thus empowering them to open themselves fully and delight in the sense of peace and freedom that this knowing brings them.

Your loving bother, Jesus.