Mary Read

Dear Blog followers,

Mary Read is a dear friend of mine, and doubtless many of you remember my posting news of her back in 2016. Well, here’s another news item:

Mary will be making a presentation in Seattle, Washington, on Tuesday August 28th. Another dear friend of mine, Danna Beal, is the go to person for details if you would like to make a reservation to attend. If you are in or near Seattle on that date and you choose to attend I can assure you that you will be most glad that you did.




When humanity awakens, as it inevitably will, there will be an enormous outpouring of LOVE world-wide.  You have, collectively, been working towards this event for a very long time, and you are now ready for it.  The chaos, confusion, and conflict across the world, at this moment in your spiritual evolution, is a result of your collective choice to awaken.  Many agonizing memories of conflict, pain, and suffering are arising so that they may be released.  Retained and dwelt on, they hold you in a state of bitterness, hatred, and resentment.  Whereas released they allow you to open your hearts to the Love that is ever present wanting only to enfold and embrace you, as It will when you let go of your need to blame, judge, or seek vengeance or restitution for past hurts, and instead just accept and deal lovingly with whatever arises.  Love is your nature, and every human without exception desires only to love and to be loved.

Love is open, accepting, embracing, but It cannot enter where bitterness, hatred, or resentment are present because those feelings, those intentions, are choices to be closed to Love.  And Love will never force Itself on anyone because that is completely against Its nature.  To many to be loving seems to invite betrayal because so often, as humans, your trust has been betrayed.  However, betrayal is only effective when Love is sought outside the self.  When you acknowledge and accept that you are Love, and know it, betrayal is no longer an issue because – fully loving and accepting yourselves – you understand that the one betraying you is in intense pain and anguish and is truly only calling out for Love, and thus you are able to respond lovingly.

You all know, deep within yourselves, that you are beings of Love, but over the eons you, as children, have been brought up in situations that have, to a greater or lesser extent, exploited your innocence and abused your trust.  Most frequently those doing this were unaware of the damage they were causing, and believed that they were preparing you as best they could to live and survive in a dangerous and hostile world.

Love is within you all, it is the life force, the energy field that provides the power necessary for your human bodies to operate smoothly and efficiently.  When you lock Love out, by holding onto bitterness, resentment, hatred, or a desire for vengeance, your body becomes distressed and attempts to attract your attention through pain, accident, or illness – initially gently – but if you do not respond then with increasing intensity.  Even then many refuse – yes refuse – to see or respond, and so the body, denied the full use of the life force it needs and to which it is entitled as your willing companion in form, decays and dies.

If you could truly let go of everything within yourselves that is not in complete alignment with Love your bodies would remain strong and healthy, and would be able to live and relish much longer lives.  And, of course, under those conditions you would be living in joy instead of in anxiety, depression, and sickness, or in bitterness and resentment for your seemingly unfair life situations.  When you allow Love to fill your hearts Its energy flows through you freely and abundantly and out into the world, interacting with and effecting everyone with whom you come in contact in any way at all, thus spreading and sharing the joy.

Love is your nature, and when wholeheartedly accepted, instead of being blocked or denied, your lives flow far more smoothly and easily, enabling you to deal most satisfactorily with whatever issues may arise.  You need to trust Love.  To do that you have to love yourselves just as you are, accepting that as a human you are quite obviously less than perfect, that you have lessons to learn, and that is why you incarnated at this moment in humanity’s ongoing spiritual evolution.  In accepting yourselves unconditionally, and in refraining from comparing yourselves to others who, it seems to you, are more fortunate or more blessed, you will find peace, and then you will far more easily understand and learn the lessons with which you are presented.  Lessons that you planned for yourselves before you incarnated.

You all have egos, and to live as humans in form you do need them.  However, they are the aspects of yourselves that react in fear and anger to situations that appear threatening to them.  They are like small children who have not yet learnt to understand that they need to respect and honor one another, and who continue operate from the “me, me, me” mode of being.  As infants that is necessary because they need to be able to quickly attract the attention of those who are taking care of them and who are responsible for their welfare.  Unfortunately it frequently happens that the caregivers are either slow to respond, or just don’t respond at all, and this terrifies the little ones.  Then, as they grow, that state of neediness does not get resolved and released, and by the time they reach adulthood physically that “me, me, me” behavior has become deeply ingrained as a necessary survival skill.  Unfortunately it is very damaging because it prevents them from becoming aware that they are beings of Love, the major lesson for every human to learn.

To awaken involves becoming aware of this sense of inadequacy, which is all that it is, acknowledging its invalidity, and then choosing to let it go.  The ego is an aspect of yourselves that needs to be seen for what it is, namely your hurt and frightened inner child, and then you need to comfort it and show it that it is utterly secure by the love you give yourselves.  When you do this it can know itself to be totally safe, secure, and unconditionally accepted by you.  This is most easily done by loving and accepting yourselves just as you are, and then working gently and lovingly with yourselves to dissolve the fear underlying that intense sense of inadequacy by loving it.  When that happens, as it will if you choose to love and accept yourselves completely, your egos will then become fully integrated into the humanforms that you are, instead of remaining seemingly separated, and, in that state, feeling inadequate, unworthy, not good enough, and therefore fearful and angry.

You all know, deep within yourselves, that you are One with Source.  However, as humans in form, that knowledge is hidden from you in order that the lessons with which you are presented may be learned, thus furthering you on your path of spiritual evolution.  And you all want to evolve spiritually.  It just often seems to you that to evolve spiritually is completely beyond your capabilities as a human.  And as a separated human indeed it would be, but you are not separated!  You never have been and you never will be.  You are securely and eternally connected to Source, and you each have a whole team of guides, mentors, angels, and loved ones watching over you most lovingly and waiting for you to call on them for assistance in that evolution.

Your egos, in their fear and anxiety, often noisily drown out by their “me, me, me” demands the answer to the call for assistance that you have asked for and which is instantly offered from those in the spiritual realms.  This is why, as you are so often reminded, it is absolutely essential that you go within daily, to that holy inner sanctuary that you each possess, and rest there quietly, loving and accepting yourselves.  And in that self acceptance your egos will feel secure and become integrated.  You absolutely deserve to love yourselves because you are all God’s divine and beloved children created in and from Love, which is All That Exists.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 10th

All are One!  This is not a new thought, this is a divine Truth that is forever unchanging, but, as humans living the illusion, you have hidden this knowing from yourselves to make the sensation of separation as real as possible.  Now it is time to acknowledge this Truth, open yourselves to know it, and then allow it to guide you in every moment.  There is no possibility of separation from God, from Source, because That is All That Is, and all consciousness, awareness, sentience, arises here.  When you don’t sense It, feel It, know It, then you are choosing to be unaware.

It is time now to become aware, to become fully aware of your divine nature as One with Source.  This is not an egoic feeling of pride, of importance in being what you are, it is a full knowing and awareness of your true nature in which any need to compete with or impress others with whom you interact has totally dissolved, because all fear has gone, and because there is only the permanent Presence of Love, which is unconditionally accepting of Itself and of all Others in that Oneness that is Source.

When conscious awareness of this Truth arises within you it is immediately apparent that it has always been there, and this realization is generally quite mind-blowing when it is first experienced while occupying a human form.  It cannot ever be meaningfully described for you, it can only be experienced.  When it is, you know that you are Home, that you are where you have always been, eternally present in the Presence of the One from Whom all of creation flows outwards in an ever-expanding and limitless field of Love that is All, and that contains All within It.

Life, consciousness, awareness – Love – is eternal.  It cannot age, decay, die, or be destroyed, and nor can you because you are One with It.  Your destiny, your divine destiny, is to be in joy in every moment of your eternal existence, and so you are.  Anything that is not of Love, is illusory, unreal, and cannot last, and when it is gone only Love, and the joy that it demonstrates constantly, remain.

Your body is but a temporary home for your spirit as it chooses to experience lack, limitation, separation, aloneness, and learn the lessons it chose to encounter while incarnate as a human.  Also, those presently on Earth are also incarnate in order to take part in humanity’s awakening process by assisting each other to become consciously aware of their eternal spiritual nature and learn that Love is the only Reality.  Only through Love can you evolve spiritually, and your human form has also evolved and continues to evolve because it is spirit’s intent to raise it way above the basic needs of survival so that it too may experience the joy that is Love.

Many are now growing into a realization of this and are consequently changing their attitudes and behaviors to align with this Truth, and in so doing are finding themselves in a state of peace and happiness way beyond anything they had ever imagined was possible.  You are Love, but living estranged from It, as you have been doing for eons, led you to believe that It was an unreal state that could be experienced only briefly and weakly when it was offered to you by another – your parents, family, or partners – and then dissolved leaving you back in the “normal” state of uncertainty and fear that arose because of your constant and ongoing survival needs.

Love, when you open to It, demonstrates quite clearly that survival is not an issue.  It fills your heart with the certainty, with the knowing, that you are unconditionally accepted and infinitely loved in every moment of your eternal existence, and that absolutely nothing can alter or change that Truth.  You are closer to God, to Source, to Love than you are to your own body.  When you meditate you can reach a very clear understanding that your body is something you have, it is not what you are.  It is a learning device that enables you to live physically in the world and play the game of separation until you decide you want to return to Reality, to Source, to Love.  But, having apparently played the game of separation for eons, it does take time to adjust your perspective and identify the path that will lead you out of the game, the path that will unfailingly lead you Home.

Home is where you are going, and It lies within you!  You can never not be there.  It is the Life, the Consciousness, the Awareness of being alive with which every sentient being is endowed.  It is the energy that empowers and motivates you in every moment.  Within the illusory world of form it seems to most people that life is a biological energy that has been established and is maintained by food and water within the body until it dies, either from an accident, from illness, or from old age.  And, of course the body does die, because it is but a temporary form that an entity occupies in order to take part in the game.  The game continues as long as there are willing players, but enthusiasm for the game is waning, because it too is approaching the moment of completion.

Playing the game has enabled you to present yourselves with many meaningful and valuable lessons in ways that required you to engage with them fully and attentively in order to attain the maximum benefit from them.  The major lessons have now been learned and the information gleaned from them has mostly been assimilated.  Now you are putting all that you learned into practice as you work your way through your own personal awakening processes.

Those in the spiritual realms – your guides, saints, angels, and passed loved ones – are always on hand to assist you when you call on them.  Go within daily at least once, to your own holy inner sanctuaries, and open your hearts to the Love residing there awaiting your invitation for It to embrace you.  And during the day, when you have a moment – waiting for the traffic lights to change, waiting for your bus or train or plane, or waiting for a friend, loved one, or business associate to arrive – just go within briefly and renew your intent to be loving in every moment whatever arises.  That intent, repeated throughout the day, is extremely powerful and supportive, and responds instantly, giving you an enormous energy boost when you ask for it.

You are always fully supported, so do not attempt to do anything entirely on your own.  Call on your support team; they are waiting for your call.  Attempting to do things alone is an egoic pride issue that does not serve you, its only purpose is to convince you that you are alone when this, of course, is never the case.  Whatever the issue you are dealing with, call your support team for assistance because it honors them, and then they can honor you by responding, filling you with a sense of peace as you feel their Love embracing you.  Oneness means just that, and to shut out your awareness of it hides from you the guidance and knowing available to you as you follow your earthly path toward Home.  So, remind yourselves frequently that you are One with Source and with all of Creation, and that therefore you lack nothing and need not seek the path Home outside yourselves, it is within you and demonstrates its presence there by the events and issues arising in your lives.

Nothing that occurs during your lives is accidental, everything that arises has a purpose for you!  How you deal with it or respond to it is as a result of your free will, but your egos nearly always rush in instantly with a suggested reaction, so make a point of hanging back for a moment to allow your higher Self or intuitive spiritual guidance to offer you the most appropriate response to make.  It may be an action, it may be inaction, but it will always be a totally loving response.  However, your egos hate that and try to get you to override your innate wisdom and engage in the excitement of a quick, smart, clever, or attacking reaction.  You know from experience that that almost always causes pain and suffering, so now, in this moment, is the moment to cease allowing your egos to run – that is control – and oftentimes ruin your experiences.

You are Love!  Be That, and drop the seemingly protective masks that you are accustomed to presenting to the world, they do not serve your best interests, and they do not serve you.  When you truly allow yourselves to be your divinely created Selves, life flows far more smoothly for you, and you cope far more easily with the problems and issues that arise, and any pain or suffering that may arise will be far less overwhelming.

Again, Be the Love that you truly are!  That is one of the main lessons presented to you as a human, and you have unlimited assistance from those in the spiritual realms to learn from it and move forward.  God wills that you awaken, all of creation wills your awakening, You will your awakening, so be who you truly are, and move powerfully toward that inevitable moment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Monday May 14th

Humanity’s progress along the path to awakening is moving rapidly forward, and there is evidence of this all across the world as more and more of you set the intent daily to be only loving whatever arises.  This is the most powerful intent that you can set, and when you do you are enormously assisted by the unseen ones who watch over you lovingly and support you in every moment of your earthly existence.  You are never alone, you are always fully supported as you follow the paths to awakening that you set up for yourselves before you incarnated.  As a direct result your success is divinely assured.  Indeed the tipping point for humanity’s awakening has already passed, and many of you are now feeling the certainty of this.

Continue to set your intent daily.  The best time for this is when you make your daily visit to your holy inner sanctuary and open your hearts to allow the Love enveloping you to fill you with peace, compassion for all who are suffering, and also to flow out in an abundant stream of healing that will impact and uplift all who are presently incarnate as humans to assist in the awakening.  Also, at any time that you think or observe that you have left your intent undone, or have forgotten to set it, then reset it in that moment.  You are all doing wonderful work, even if you are unaware of it, because that is your life path.

There are no accidents or coincidences, every thing that arises is part of the awakening process, even the seemingly most catastrophic events that appear to befall people for no reason, and that make no sense to you as humans with your very limited capabilities to understand the big picture.  You are all intensely loved and honored for what you are doing to awaken one another in the most loving and effective ways possible.  Trust your intuition, your inner knowing, thus allowing the full power of your unbreakable connection to Source to flow through you freely and abundantly, because that is what you set as your life-long intent prior to your incarnation.

You are here – on Earth at this moment – to awaken and to create a state of Heaven on Earth.  This has always been your plan because you wanted a physical environment in which to enjoy and delight in the experience of being in form and using the senses that the human body provides.  It has far more senses than you are currently aware of, and you will discover them when you awaken and find that your human forms are not nearly as limited as they presently appear to be.  Limitation happened because you chose to attempt to live separated from Source, which is of course impossible, but by embracing the intent to experience that unreal state you set yourselves up to experience extreme limitation, and that is what occurred.  To be in human form should be joyful, exciting, intriguing, and inspiring, but the limitations that arose as a result of your attempt to be separate, independent, alone, have prevented that from being the case.

Your bodies, unlimited by the sense of separation, have the ability to live indefinitely in perfect health, and when you awaken you will have the ability and the option to regain that state and remain in form for as long as you choose, or you may choose to relinquish human form and return to formless existence as pure spirit.  Some of you most definitely have had enough of earth-life as a human, while others would very much like to live long and fruitful lives experiencing the wonderful creative possibilities of human form to the fullest.  When you awaken all possible options will be accessible to you, but choosing a particular option from the many amazing ones available will not limit you in any way, because you will be able to choose again and again from limitless options and use your God-given creative talents and possibilities in any manner that appeals to you.

You were created perfect and unlimited beings like unto Source, your heavenly Mother/Father/God, and the divine intention was for you to continue adding your own personal signature to creation so that it continued endlessly providing enjoyment in infinite and harmonious abundance for all.  The creative possibilities available to you are simply limitless, as is the constant and most powerful divine intent to do so, which is also yours.

All humans are aware that all is not well, that something very important is missing from their lives, and not just because of human pain and suffering due to the many causes that arise in their lives.  Many have no idea what that might be, and spend their lives seeking they know not what in myriad ways – physical, emotional, psychological, intuitive, and intellectual pursuits – that never satisfy them and that never can satisfy them.  Others are or become aware that there most definitely is some kind of spiritual purpose to life, and then spend much time seeking guidance and direction from mentors, those who seem to them to be more spiritually advanced than they are, or from religious leaders or gurus.

However, every single human has their own direct connection to Source through the Holy Spirit, and through their favorite saints, angels, or guides in the spiritual realms.  Mostly when a person is unable to make contact with those in the spiritual realms on whom they call it is because they feel unworthy of calling or of being heard.  Well this feeling is the ego trying to maintain its sense of individuality, of separation, because it believes that if contact is made its power over a person will be lost.  The ego lives in fear and does its best to keep a person in that state because then they are distracted and anxious due to the endless flow of thoughts about what they should or should not do, and they therefore cannot hear the quiet loving voice that resides within them desiring only to help and support them.

In the modern world it has become well known that too much thinking in an endless and repetitive loop is stressful and exhausting, and meditation, which was once seen only as a spiritual practice, is now a highly recommended form of stress relief.  In that form it is used basically to quieten the mind and allow a person to relax and let go of the worries and anxieties overwhelming him or her for a short period of time.  It does take a considerable amount of practice before the mind can be quickly and easily quietened, but the benefits of doing so are enormous for your human bodies.

What can be most helpful when you sit to start your meditation practice is to set the intention to commune with and clearly hear the guidance from your support team in the spiritual realms.  Then just relax into the quiet space that arises during your meditation, and listen.  Wise helpful thoughts or ideas that you immediately recognize are not your own roof-brain chatter will flow in.  We in the spiritual realms are always with you and we long for you to hear us so that you can avail of our loving guidance and support.  So persist in your meditation practice even if at times or at first it seems to be totally ineffectual.  Your persistence will bring results, and a sense of peace and safety will envelop you, and as you feel the love we offer you in every moment, any sense of worthlessness or unworthiness that you have been experiencing will start to dissolve.  You will come to a state of self-acceptance, acceptance that you truly are a beloved and essential part of the Source, the infinite field of Love that is All That Exists, thus recognizing and honoring your true nature as One with Source.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Monday March 19th

As the mainstream media focuses almost entirely on the drama of conflicts occurring all over the world – military, political, social, business, criminal, etc – I would like to remind you that there is an enormous change occurring in the way that most people see the world.  People are waking up to the fact that conflict needs to cease and that harmonious conversation and discussion between all races, nations, cultures, political factions, and business and religious leaders must be started with the intent to cooperate together to ensure that every form of poverty and abuse is eradicated planet-wide and that every human is honored and respected as a child of God.  Much preparation has already been done, and there are many working tirelessly towards this end.  Each one holding the intent to make this happen adds powerfully to the energies of Love inundating the planet.

Now is the time for inspiring changes to occur in the way humanity relates to itself and to all sentient life forms, so that you move away from what has been normal for so long on Earth – righteous judgment, disagreement, betrayal, violent conflict, and abuse – and into your true nature.  The true nature of every sentient life form is LOVE, but, due to the illusion of separation, fear has been nurtured instead, and as your Earth history clearly shows, this simply has not worked.  Fear is divisive, and causes people to shut down into themselves believing that it is essential for their survival.  It seems that when things are going fairly smoothly people enjoy disliking, judging, and distancing themselves from others over petty issues of no real importance.  And yet when floods, earthquakes, or similar disasters happen Love blossoms as all rush to cooperate and help each other.  Awareness of the irrationality of these totally opposite attitudes and behaviors is growing rapidly, as it needs to, and this is bringing in great changes that will massively boost humanity’s spiritual evolution.

To awaken is to evolve spiritually, and that is humanity’s divine and inevitable destiny.  The world will not end in a nuclear cataclysm, and nor will it cease to support sentient life forms, because you are waking up and dramatically changing your attitudes and behaviors.  The present conflicts are the end game, they are the last insane attempts by those who are rich, ego-driven, and powerful to control humanity.  They have spent eons on this project which has always been destined to fail.  There have been times when they seemed to be winning and much of humanity was suppressed and enslaved.  However, because you are divine beings and your true nature is Love, self-centered egoic agendas that can never be in alignment with It are bound to fail.

Love is all that exists, nothing else is real, but while you are in human form it is very difficult for you to remember that you are playing games in an illusory environment that you constructed purely for the purpose of experiencing the unreal, the impossible.  Being powerful, because that is how God created you, you were able to construct an unreal and survival threatening environment that appears utterly real.  Collectively you have now had enough of the these painful and at times quite terrifying games, and you have chosen to bring them to an end.  Consequently the conflicts presently occurring will cease due to lack of support, and those who have organized them will find themselves without willing minions to carry out their orders.

Humanity wants peace and a safe environment in which to live creatively with their loved ones, and those who are or who have been severely damaged by violent physical or psychological abuse will respond with relief and gratitude to the many now offering them love and compassion, allowing them to acknowledge and release all the pent up anger and resentment that has been driving them relentlessly into violence against others.

Everyone wants peace, even those who appear to want only violence.  Violence arises out of fear, out of a sense of worthlessness or unlovableness, and in truth there are none incarnate who have not experienced those feelings.  Now awareness is growing very rapidly that feelings like that are totally invalid.  Every sentient being is a beloved child of God who has been created perfect and who remains perfect, therefore no-one is in any way unworthy or unlovable.

The utterly unacceptable and often horrifying behavior in which a minority engage is in complete opposition to their true natures which they have kept hidden out of fear as they negotiate their way through the violent environments in which they find themselves seemingly trapped, environments that are sometimes very physical, and at other times exist only in the minds of those individuals.  These fears arise in response to abuse, which has been endemic on Earth for eons, and which over the last few decades has finally been seen for what it is, namely a self-destructive cancer that annihilates those who engage in it, and not, as previously understood, a sensible and reasonable form of discipline imposed on those who break society’s rules.

Many are now deeply engaged in reaching out to those hurt and damaged ones lovingly and compassionately, mostly as a result of the abuse they themselves have suffered which has, over time, led them to an awareness that conflict resolves nothing, and the understanding that reaching out with love and compassion does provide a safe space in which healing can occur.  This has been their experience and they want only to share it with as many of the hurt and damaged ones as they can.  They are very ably demonstrating Love in action.  Love in action is the most powerful force in existence, being the only force in existence, as others are unreal, illusory and will collapse in on themselves being nothing at all, even though as humans you often perceive them as very real and dangerous.

When you choose to engage only with Love fear falls away as a motivator or constant inner companion, and arises only in the moment when it is necessary to take immediate action to protect your physical bodies from harm.  It draws your attention to a situation that needs to be dealt with in that moment only, and that is its sole purpose.  It is not meant to limit or control you, although for eons it has been used to do just that.  When you choose to move through it or beyond it, it can no longer be used to control you, and you will feel free.  This is your natural state, the state in which you were created, and which you have truly never left.

So today’s message is simply this: Go within, willingly and enthusiastically visit your holy inner sanctuary or altar where Love resides permanently.  Open your hearts to allow and welcome It in, then feel the warm embrace with which It enfolds you, and KNOW that you are free and safe in every moment of your existence because that is God’s Will and yours for you, and so It is done!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday February 22nd

As the human awakening process intensifies and accelerates much is arising that has been buried or denied and that needs to be acknowledged, recognized, and released.  There is no need to engage with these powerful emotions and feelings, they are like tropical storms that arise, expend an enormous amount of energy quite indiscriminately, and then dissipate.  And, like storms, the feelings and emotions that arise will express themselves very powerfully, and that, of course, can be very painful,so do not attempt to suppress or control them, just allow them to flow though you, as they will, without attempting to direct them or dump them on others.  Doing that just aggravates an emotionally tense situation and invites in additional energy to intensify the pain that is already present.  It would be like adding further moisture to a tropical storm, which you can’t do, or gasoline to a fire, which you most certainly can!

Stuff is arising for all who are presently incarnate as humans on Planet Earth.  It is mostly very ancient stuff long suppressed or denied, and now it really needs to be released, and all of you – every human – chose to be on Earth at this time to take part in this enormous project so that the blocks to Love that have beenin place for eons may be easily and swiftly acknowledged, thanked, and released.  Thanked because they had a purpose in the game you have been playing, and that purpose was to bring to your awareness the absolute hopelessness of life without Love.  And this they have achieved.  The evidence is all around you as you meet and come to know people everywhere who are seeking love and meaning in their lives.

Love is who you are, and It is your purpose.  Love creates endlessly like Itself unless Its Presence has been blocked.  Love does not force or impose Its Presence on anyone, but It is always with you offering Itself to you unconditionally.  All that you need do – as you have been told so many times – is to dismiss your fears of It and open your hearts to allow It to enter and embrace you.

All fear is fear of Love, fear of rejection by that which never rejects.  That fear arises because you see yourselves as unworthy of God’s Love for you due to the errors or “sins” that you believe you have committed and are still committing, sins or errors that you believe God finds abominably odious and for which He has judged you as utterly unacceptable.  If that were the case there would indeed be reason for fear, because if God judged you and in so doing rejected you, you would cease to exist, and that is a very fearful thought.

But you are all His beloved children, perfect in every way, just as He created you, and therefore rejection or judgment by Him is completely impossible.  He loves you and wants only your eternal happiness.  Your fear arises because of your sense of guilt for attempting to live separated from Him by playing the game of separation.  But it is only a game and, as such, it is totally unreal, a construct without foundations, within which you have barricaded yourselves, as it floats on an infinitely vast ocean of Love into which it will eventually collapse and dissolve.  As it does the game ends, and you will find that you have surrendered into God’s loving embrace, which isthe state of total acceptance of you in which you always have been and always will be held,and unconditionally loved, honored, and respected forever.

So, to reiterate, separation never happened!  There is only Source, the infinite unconditional field of Love which holds all of creation in Its warm embrace.  It is infinite, It has no boundaries and there is nothing beyond It or before It, It just is.  Every sentient being is One with It, there are no exceptions, no rejections, and there is no hell to which the unacceptably sinful are banished for all eternity, there is only the divine field of Love where all are welcome, and where all are eternally present.

The separated state seems utterly real because that was the intent when it was envisaged with Your infinite creative power, the infinite creative power that was God’s gift to His Son when He created You.  You and God are One.  You then chose to experience separation through the many masks and disguises you invented for that purpose.  And the game lasted but an instant and was finished.  Nevertheless, it appears to be ongoing, and to have been ongoing for eons.  For humans it is an incomprehensible paradox.  You see, each individual entity into which God’s Son split Himself has free will.  Therefore, as long as the majority, the collective, continues to support the game it will seem to continue without interruption.  However, now that the collective has chosen to end the game, a game that has brought you much pain and suffering, its termination is assured.

All presently incarnate are in human form at this moment to assist in bringing the game to a close.  But, as you know, becoming human involves an enormous loss of memory and awareness, and, as humans, the world in which you find yourselves – a tiny point in a seemingly infinitely vast universe – is very convincingly real, firm, and physical.  Consequently, to remember your natural state as pure awareness or pure consciousness, without any physical form whatever,is impossible, in fact it is inconceivable.

As infinitely powerful beings contained in a human form of such intense limitation it is impossible for you to even imagine the Truth of Who You are!  The state you conceived of and into which you chose to place yourselves is so insignificant that it cannot exist even for a moment.  The gulf between what You are and what you imagine yourselves to be is infinitely vaster than the difference in size between one hundred human beings and one bacterium!

And yet, at times, it does seem to you that you are much more than your physical form allows.  And that sense or feeling is the motivating force that is driving you towards your awakening.  As you keep hearing in messages from many sources, you are far more than you appear to be as a human.  That message or idea was once thought to be insane, a figment of some individuals damaged mind.  Now modern physics has shown that everything is unbreakably connected to everything else, and that “that everything else” is far vaster than can possibly be imagined.

It is becoming apparent to all who are prepared to open their minds that there is far, far more to life than the human condition seems to permit.  By going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuary where the Light of Love – Source, the Supreme Wisdom and Intelligence, Father/Mother/God – resides at One with You, you can experience the sense of this, the feeling of this.  It is like a warm welcoming glow that lights you up with joy and peace, dissolving your worries.  You then find you have all the strength you need to deal satisfactorily with the issues that arise in your daily human lives without being unduly disturbed by your egoic distractions of anxiety and uncertainty.

Go within at least once daily.  Open your hearts to accept the embrace that Love offers you in every moment, and delight in the peace and contentment that enables you to deal lovingly and spontaneously with whatever arises.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

A chat with Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Monday January 29th

Hello, this John with Jesus’ message for Monday January 29th 2018. Today I was chatting with him about my own sense of inadequacy, and he came up with some guidance for me, and also suggested that sharing it with our blog followers would be appropriate. So here it is!

Jesus Channeled 10.00. Monday January 29th Blog # 349 for Monday January 29th 2018.

A chat with Jesus.

Me: Good morning Dear Jesus. Very frequently I do feel uncomfortable calling on you for a chat or conversation, or even guidance. Within me I feel that to call on you is an intrusion on your space. I feel that with others as well. It’s like asking for help, which I feel uncomfortable doing – I shouldn’t ask – and also I am often unwilling to help or offer help to others. Thoughts as to why I feel like this do arise, but they never seem to be the full reason. So perhaps you can offer me some guidance here. Yes, it just occurred to me, I like reading guidance in books or hearing it in interviews – particularly the ones on Buddha at the Gas Pump, when Rick Archer interviews some very bright and interesting people – but I have difficulty taking it from loved ones, friends, or acquaintances. Is it silly self-righteous pride on my part, or just fear of being wrong. When reading a book or listening to an interview I can’t be “made wrong,” whereas in conversation I can. Anyhow, over to you, if you have the time and the inclination to chat with me and offer some sound and valuable guidance.

Jesus: A very good morning to you John, as always I would be delighted to converse with you. Pause just a moment to release that inner fear of communing one on one with me, then listen and type. What I have to say will help and uplift you, and anyone else with whom you choose to share it.

We are all One with God/Source and inseparable from Him. We are all just different and unique expressions of that One, and we are all equally loved and cherished by our heavenly Father in every moment of our existence. When in human form it is very difficult to truly know and sense that, except for an occasional and mostly unexpected flash of awareness that: “the Oneness that is All That Exists includes me, always.”

The game of separation that humans are playing is all about maintaining: Unawareness and unconsciousness of the Oneness that is God, which includes All that He creates, and therefore, each and every individual one. And the consequent unawareness of the fact that there are NO exceptions and NO enemies, because there cannot be exceptions or enemies when all are One.

Thus it is readily apparent that separation must be unreal. Therefore you, everyone that God creates, is always totally connected with Him. He is the Source from which all arises, and all that arises is, by His Nature and Intent, perfect.

Your human form is unreal, a temporary vehicle of intense limitation, which each one who is incarnate chose to occupy for a strictly limited time for the separate events and happenings it makes it possible for each individual to experience uniquely for itself. When you lay it down to return to the spiritual realms all sense of separation dissolves, but your individual sense of Self not only remains, it intensifies, because your awareness of the immense and immeasurable Power and Love with which God endowed you at the moment of your creation returns to you.

As a human you always have a sense that you are far more than your human form suggests, but the distractions of that state, not the least of which is your sense of smallness and insignificance in such a seemingly vast and immeasurable universe, make it very difficult for you to come to a full realization of what that means. Some, who do make a conscious choice to follow a spiritual path, do come to know that they, and everyone else, are far more than they appear to be as embodied humans. But full realization of your real and unchangeable nature is not possible until you release yourselves from your human forms.

When you do amazement, awe, and intense joy utterly replace any sense of smallness, insignificance, or worthlessness that you lived with as a human. The awe arises because the realization of the magnificence of who You truly are is absolutely mind-blowing after living with your limited sense of self for so long. It truly is an awakening from a nightmare of being terrifyingly insubstantial and insignificant into the infinite brilliance of your own Light, which is way beyond the brilliance of the brightest star in your universe by an enormous order of magnitude.

Smallness and insignificance are not of God! God is the infinite field of Love in which all have their eternal existence, and in which all events occur. There is no beyond it, there is only within it, and that “within” is limitless, boundless, all-encompassing, and all-embracing as it holds to itself in Love all of creation. All are of infinite value, irreplaceable, essential, and are eternally fully consciously aware of the Love that is God’s and their nature.

I always remind you to go within daily to commune with the Love residing there because, as a human, you truly do need to take the time to connect consciously with your Source daily. It is Life, and It powers your seemingly individual energy fields, and then you are more fully able to interact with those of all the other individuals that you think of, communicate with, or just pass in the street or in your motor vehicles on the highway. Interaction between you all is constant, ongoing, even if you are convinced that you are a single physical entity quite separate from everyone or everything “out there” in the world where you live your human lives.

You have the choice to be loving, unloving, or unaware. Once you know this then your tendency is to hold the intent to be only loving, because Love is your nature. But, having free will, you can choose to ignore the multitudinous opportunities that occur in your daily lives to offer and receive Love, by keeping your hearts closed in fear, and thus almost – but never completely – blocking Its normal and naturally occurring back and forth flow through you and all of the One.

You are always connected to your Source with an utterly unbreakable or inseverable link. Without it you would not exist, because your existence is totally dependent on your connection to Source through which Life and Love flow constantly and endlessly. However, you can, and many do, restrict or block it. But why would you? Well, because in the separated world of the illusion there is a fear of others, of what they might and could do to your bodies that would cause them intense pain and suffering. And it is true that through your bodies – mental, emotional, and physical – you can experience intense pain and suffering, as many or in fact almost all of you have done. Within the illusion many believe that love is weak and that they need to be strong, so they block it from their awareness in order to be strong.

But when you open even just a little to Love any suffering that you are undergoing will diminish, and even physical pain will become less intense. If, however, you engage with judgment, blame, and anger, your pain and suffering will increase. You have all met or interacted with ones who are suffering and who blame others for it – and, of course, you do have the ability to cause suffering to one another – and who are extremely unhappy. While others, in similar circumstances, are not so unhappy because they rise above it, accept what has occurred, and then choose to move forward instead of engaging with the blame game. You always have a choice as to how you will respond in any situation, and if you choose to be loving instead of fearful and blaming you will far more easily find peace within yourselves.

As you know, and as you have often been told here and in other places, your nature is Love. Therefore when you choose to engage with It you will be far, far happier and more at peace than when you choose to blame others and seek restitution. Blame and restitution never bring satisfaction because they constantly ask for more. The more a person believes that they deserve restitution the more of it they will seek as they engage in endless cycles of judgment and blame. Satisfaction comes from within, it cannot come from outside yourself. Yes, admiration or congratulations from another are uplifting, but their uplifting effect is only temporary. Unless you value and love yourselves the praise from others will never satisfy you because you will need to have it repeated and repeated endlessly to drown out your own sense of inadequacy or worthlessness.

So many people have a public persona behind which they hide and shelter their sense of inadequacy, and if that persona is uncovered or disclosed unexpectedly shame almost always ensues, because, due to their own sense of inadequacy, the person is not prepared or ready to be seen as the little selves they believe themselves to be. A false persona is just that, and the owner knows it and fears it, even though it is unreal, an ego construct. You cannot be another, and you are not meant to be another, you are always the being God created, and you are also the human you chose to be before you incarnated. And you made that choice most carefully and with wise guidance from those in the spiritual realms whose task it is to assist you in every moment of your life. The way to find the enormous value that resides forever within yourselves is by being yourselves!

Call on those guides, mentors, and angels who are on your permanent support team and ask them to help you see clearly the purpose of whatever arises in your lives, and then ask them to assist you in dealing with it for your own highest good and for the highest good of all involved. They will, and then you will find the courage to just be yourselves. And truly, that self is magnificent. How could it not be when God Himself created it like unto Himself?

Your loving brother, Jesus.