As you are all well aware, humanity’s awakening process is moving forwards beautifully, just as God intends, no other way is possible.  Therefore, relax!  God’s intent is always perfectly achieved, so release your doubts about His Reality, which is Reality in all its magnificence and glory, and TRUST Him completely.  You only have problems or issues when you engage with doubt about the reality of the divine plan, and when you attempt to conceive of how, in your opinion, it could or should be unfolding.  Those ‘mind-games’ that you play with yourselves – the ‘what-ifs,’ and the ‘this has to be wrong,’ and the ‘God would not allow this to happen’ thoughts and arguments you have with yourselves – are egoic distractions which delay your acceptance of the fact that the collective awakening process is occurring right now.

Your thoughts do not and could not interfere with the process, let alone delay it, because that is not God’s Will.  All that happens is that you convince yourselves that the awakening is moving too slowly, or even that it is not happening, and will not happen, and thus lock yourselves into a state of disbelief, preventing you from watching with delight as it unfolds – PERFECTLY!

Humanity is awakening, even though vast numbers of people remain completely unaware of it.  The chaos and confusion that is occurring all across the world, and which you see reported on the MSM and on social media channels, as people everywhere start reclaiming their divine sovereignty, is a clear indication that humanity is waking from the nightmare.  They are coming to the realization that the only way to live happily and at peace is in acceptance of one another, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or religious or political beliefs.  It is very apparent to all that using conflict to resolve issues has never worked, can never work, and needs to cease.  And that way of interacting is coming to an end, now.

You are indeed very blessed to be in form on Planet Earth right now.  There is room only for so many, and there are many more who would love this opportunity to be in form as the collective awakening unfolds.  Why?  Because it is a time – a MOMENT – for celebrations on a most magnificent scale, planet-wide.  All the tickets have been sold, all the seats are taken, and there is a great and completely justifiable state of expectation arising as more and more humans start to realize the enormity and brilliance of what is coming to fruition.

Although the state of separation that you appear to be undergoing has been ongoing for billions of years as humanity measures and experiences time, in truth it is but a moment, but an instant, less than the blink of an eye since you chose to limit yourselves by engaging with form, first as microorganisms about four billion years ago, and from there evolving into the human forms that you inhabit today.  The moment for life in form is coming to a magnificent conclusion, and those of you present as that need is realized to be no longer necessary will find yourselves in a state of bliss that at present is inconceivable to you.  To prepare yourselves for this fabulous event is impossible, so remind yourselves of the exhilaration and excitement that small children undergo when something wonderful, totally new, and completely unexpected occurs to delight their young lives – maybe some of you can remember an early experience of your own like this – and know that what is coming is truly going to blow your minds!

Life is a Miracle, and you are all alive!  Most of you have forgotten this, or have lost your awareness of it, as you deal with the problems with which your human lives are almost constantly presenting you.  Life has become intensely prosaic for the majority of humans, with but brief moments of uplifting excitement, and it appears to many that this is how it will continue, even becoming far less satisfying as you age physically, ending finally in death and extinction.  Not an uplifting prospect for most people to live with comfortably.

However, you are just now – there is only NOW, remember? – extremely close to the most magnificent awakening out of this stupor, out of this exhausting life experience.  So do make sure to go deep within yourselves daily, to those holy inner sanctuaries that you each have, which can connect you directly to the One, and invite Love, which resides there in every moment of your eternal existence, to embrace you and bring some memories of Reality into your conscious awareness.  It will, even if only for the briefest of moments, uplifting and inspiring you wonderfully, and you will never forget that experience while you remain in form.  Your doubts about the possibility of eternal life in joy and harmony with all sentient beings will dissolve, and you will find yourselves living at peace with yourselves and with others.

Mother/Father/God loves you utterly and completely, way beyond your wildest dreams, and longs for you to awaken and know yourselves once again as you truly are, Light Beings of unlimited power and creative abilities.You are now freely choosing to awaken, the only way that your awakening can occur, as you let go of your conviction that you are limited beings, perhaps even controlled by some higher authority.  You are now reclaiming your autonomy, your inherent sovereignty which has always been at your finger tips and ready for you to put into effect whenever you chose to fully honor yourselves.  You have chosen freedom, you are dissipating your long-held belief in limitation, you are awakening, and you are coming Home to Reality, where a most magnificent and celebratory welcome awaits you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

There is only Love.  Nothing else is needed because Love is All.  All sentient life is enfolded in the One, the energy field that is the infinite Vastness that is All.  Never for even the briefest of instants has Love ceased embracing Its creation.  However, due to the free will that is an essential aspect of the freedom in which all were created, free choice is always available, and a choice was made to experience separation, and a seemingly unattached state – an unreal imaginary state that has never existed – was constructed in which to engage in that experience.  That state has seemed extraordinarily real because that was the purpose for which it was constructed, and all sentient life that chose to experience form has found it to be an extremely convincing reality, even though it is totally Unreal!

Because it appears to be so real, the happiness, pain, suffering, uncertainty, anxiety, limitation, and fear that you experience as an aspect of its unreality can be extremely intense, adding to the sense of reality with which it already presents you in every moment that you spend within it.  That is why it is essential that you go deep within yourselves every day, to your holy inner sanctuaries where Love awaits you and longs for your invitation to embrace you.

That Divine Embrace is your right, and Source truly longs to embrace you, but It will not unless you choose to invite It to do so.  Love never overrides your free personal choices. Many of you choose not to accept the loving embrace that is permanently and instantly available to you because your unreal but very convincing experience of separation, that commenced even before the start of your human birthing process, has induced within you a belief that you are unworthy of God’s love.

Nothing could be further from the Truth!  You were created one with Mother/Father/God!

You have never departed from that state, and you never could, because it is the one and only state in which existence is possible.  That might sound like a limit on your free will, but it is not.  You are One with the infinite vastness that is Source, and you are therefore totally unlimited; limitation is unreal.  Limitation is of form, and is very apparent to you while you are living a life of form, but by going within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and opening your hearts to Love, which resides there permanently waiting for you to allow It entrance, you will find yourselves able to allow yourselves – yes, you have the right to allow yourselves – to greatly reduce the sense of limitation that form imposes on you.

Limitation is a limit of form, but when you go deep within yourselves, to your holy inner sanctuaries, you can release yourselves from form and from the limitations that form imposes upon you if you so choose.  You always have choice, although your egos spend inordinate amounts of time attempting to persuade you that this is not so.  Therefore refuse to honor or engage with the fears and doubts with which they bombard you, and instead choose to engage with and assist in the collective awakening process in which each one of you is an essential and irreplaceable partner with Mother/Father/God.

As you have been told so often, you – each and every one of you without any exceptions whatsoever – are presently incarnate on Earth because you chose to assist in bringing humanity’s collective awakening process to its sublime and utterly magnificent conclusion.  Your simple intent to be loving whatever arises in your daily lives is all that is required of you, nothing more.  Why?  Well, because Love is ALL, and you are each at One with and in the Presence of Source/Love in every moment of your eternal existence.  Consequently your presence, your energy fields uplift and inspire others who are close by, nudging them towards an awareness that life is far more than what they are experiencing as humans in form; it nudges them towards a conscious or intuitive knowing that their lives will not end with the death of their physical bodies.  This is a very powerful impulse, impelling them to open their minds and hearts to Source, even if they have not previously felt inclined to do so, in order to awaken with you.

You are divine Beings, utterly inseparable from Source – Mother/Father/God – and you have enormous power available to you in every moment.  However, this is not readily apparent to you when you choose to believe that you are severely limited beings in form.  Of course your human forms are severely limited because that is their purpose, they demonstrate limitation very clearly to you by their very frangibility and vulnerability.  They are in fact excellent examples of the insanity of attempting to separate yourselves from Source.  That separation can never happen, because what She creates is eternally One with Her in joyful, harmonious, and utterly willing cooperation, endlessly extending creation for your and Her endless wonder and delight.

Creation is eternally ongoing, expanding, and changeless.  That appears to you to be an absolutely mystifying paradox, an irrational state that cannot possibly be, but that is only because you live in an unreal state of limitation and cannot conceive of a state that is unchanging, expanding eternally, and presenting you with the most wondrous ecstasy in every moment.  As you have been told so many times “when you awaken your joy will be amazing.”

And you are to awaken soon!  Be ready, therefore, for joy that would overwhelm you if you were still experiencing limitation, because you will recognize – you will KNOW – that you are not, you will, instead, fully enjoy once more the Oneness of Being, your endless presence in the Presence of Love, of Source, free from all doubt, anxiety, or fear, because what is unreal cannot arise in your minds to unsettle or disturb you with “what if” scenarios of unreality.  You are REAL, form and the fear it stimulates are NOT.  Prepare yourselves for the most heart-warming and uplifting sensations, sensations of wonder and joy that are totally beyond your ability to conceive of while you continue to believe in the unreality and limitations of form.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

The collective awakening of humanity is proceeding apace, so do not allow yourselves to be unduly disturbed by the less than uplifting stories that the MSM focuses on, and then publishes with monotonous regularity in order to spread fear and anxiety.  There is far more going on in the world, and of a far more uplifting nature, that is clearly indicating that your awakening is progressing quite beautifully.  The divine Will is always achieved, so release any doubts to which you may be clinging, even inadvertently.

Often unsettling thoughts, feelings, and emotions flow through your minds far too freely, without you being aware of what they are – just that . . . thoughts, feelings, and emotions – they are not you, but, to you, they feel like you.  Part of being human, with a veil hiding Reality from you, is to identify yourselves with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and, of course, your bodies which are your central sensors through which all that occurs in your immediate vicinity is experienced – and none of this is Real, i.e eternal.  To allow yourselves to become aware that this is unreal can be very difficult because it is so deeply ingrained, and because you have been doing it for such a long time . . . all your lives!

The personal identities by which you choose to identify yourselves have seemingly been validated since you were infants, because you have been taught, and have therefore believed, that that is who you are.  When you are older you can look at your birth certificates and confirm that identity, given to you at birth by your parents, and established by law.  But beneath that belief you have an awareness of your beingness, and that beingness is who you truly are, and if that awareness is acknowledged and accepted, it will show very clearly that there is no separation, that you are One with Source, even though you will still retain and use your personal identity as a human in form.  But that identity will no longer need to be defended against your own egoic opinions and judgments – negative or positive – or those of others, because it is just a convenience for your use while you are in form.  It is not who you are, you are far, far more, in fact you are unimaginably vaster and more powerful than, as a human limited by form, you can possibly apprehend.  This conscious acceptance of your human identity’s temporary and unreal nature will lead you to total self-acceptance and peace as you start to know yourself right now as an eternally beloved child of God, no matter what may be going on in your human lives.

You are of God.  As an analogy you can think of water as “of the ocean.”  Like water, your apparent separation from God is very temporary indeed, in the same way that all water returns eventually to the ocean.  To awaken is to become sufficiently aware to allow yourselves to know yourselves as One, inseparable from Source, and enveloped in the infinite energy field of Love which has no beyond because It is All.  The peace and comfort that knowing and accepting that Truth will bring you, when you choose to do so, is indescribable.  A most wondrous state of bliss awaits you in that moment.

This is why going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, is an absolutely essential daily routine.  Going within to meditate, to relax for a moment from the concerns of the day, or just to be quiet and separated from the rush and impatience of daily life is the path to that awareness.  It does not matter what method – if any – that you choose to use to slow down and quieten the ‘roof-brain chatter.’  Just sitting quietly watching the noise and chatter arise without engaging with it is, of course, a state of being aware.  This awareness helps you to find the Real self beneath all the noise.  Your egos will attempt to get you to focus on an ‘important’ thought or issue, because if you consider it important it is much easier to distract you into engaging with it.  The trick is to immediately remind yourselves that in this quiet time nothing of importance is going to happen that needs your immediate and undivided attention, and then settle back into the quietness.  It may only last a few seconds, but, as time is but one of the unreal aspects of the game of form, during those few second of now much progress can be made in strengthening your consciousness of being aware of being, of releasing you from the apparent need to attend to that almost interminable thought-flow.

You are, each and every sentient being, in every moment of your eternal existence, One with Source.  That state is unchanging and unchangeable.  Therefore, during those daily moments of quietness, remind yourselves of this Truth, and then reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises, and intend to be fully integrated within the field of Love, receiving, sharing, and extending Love to everyone presently in the process of awakening, and certainly, of course, to any who may appear to you to be attempting to disrupt or prevent humanity’s awakening by encouraging division and conflict.

You are all dearly loved, so please extend and share that wondrous and constantly flowing divine Gift with all of humanity as you complete your awakening process!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

You – all of humanity – are awakening, there are signs of this all around you, so let go of any doubts or negative judgments about it, and allow yourselves to become aware of these signs.  As you do so you further strengthen and empower the flow of Love, the Life Force that enlivens you and your human bodies, as it flows through you and out into the collective energy field of humanity, intensifying everyone’s sense of the imminence of the awakening.  To do this, and just this, is why you are presently incarnate as a human on Planet Earth at this precise moment of now.  Each one of you made the most positive, personal, and individual choice to be here now.  So, now that you are here, allow yourselves to know this, and then at least once daily reset your intent to share and extend the Love that you are to all of humanity, thus gently and compassionately nudging all towards wakefulness.

Your awakening is inevitable, you know this, and your earthly presence in this now moment with such powerful loving intent is bringing it to fruition.  CONGRATULATE YOURSELVES!  And keep on being and expressing the Love that you all are.

As you all know, when you choose to go deep within yourselves – to that holy inner sanctuary, always present within each and every one of you without exception – you often meet your egos encouraging you to doubt or dismiss this holy Truth as they attempt to strengthen your self-doubts and feelings or beliefs that you are guilty sinners, unworthy of Mother/Father/God’s infinite love for you.  Even if at an intellectual level you do not believe this, at the heart level many have great difficulty in accepting themselves as the perfect divine children of our infinitely wise, compassionate, and loving Source who truly knows each one of Us as an absolutely perfect and inseparable part or aspect of the Totality that is All, that is ITSELF, and that therefore must also be you!

Many of you have heard the phrase: “the chosen ones of God.”  This has very frequently been massively misunderstood to mean that God chooses to love and accept those whom various religious organizations judge to be good, and rejects those who are judged unworthy or sinners by those same organizations.  NOTHING could be further from the Truth!  There is only Love.  Love is All, is Mother/Father/God, is Source, and therefore All sentient life – whether in form in the physical realms, or beyond the physical realms – is eternally, and without ever, even for the briefest moment, separated from that state.  This means that none are rejected.  Rejection is impossible because Love is utter and complete acceptance of All that It knows and creates.  There is nothing that was not created, there is only and solely what Source creates, and what Source’s creations themselves create, which are always very expressive extensions or expansions of Love.

All sentient life in form is Love expressing Itself individually in an unreal or illusory state, a dream; and all sentient life in form is presently, right now, in the process of awakening from that unreal state.  It was entered into as a momentary experiment to discover if separation was possible and, for those who chose to participate, it has seemed to be a very real state in which life, inevitably followed by death, was filled with pain, suffering, and constant threats to its existence. Unreality seems to have been in existence for countless, indeed for infinitely long and possibly endless eons.  The collective has now and finally, seemingly after untold eons – which in Reality has been but the briefest of instants that you can imagine – come to the realization that the dream/illusion serves no good purpose and has chosen to let it go, thus choosing collectively to awaken.

Your awakening back into Reality is an ongoing process within the game of unreality that has, of course, been completed.  The collective has chosen to awaken, and now each individual also has to make the free will choice to do so.  The vast majority are doing so, now.  Nevertheless, there are a few, a very small minority, who are – because of the invalid beliefs to which they are clinging – at present refusing to awaken.  Those choices will be honored.  Love never forces or coerces, It loves, which is All that It can do and be, having no other Will or desire.  Therefore It will wait patiently for as long as it takes – remember there is NO time – for those few unwilling ones to also come to the realization that the game serves no purpose for them, and then also choose to awaken.

There is no judgment, there is no rejection, there is no damnation.  There is Love.  To awaken into that state in which you are eternally present, and which many still remain presently unaware of – Reality – is a miracle of wonder and magnificence beyond your wildest dreams.  Infinite Joy and Peace most lovingly await your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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In this new year of 2022 you may expect great and uplifting changes to the way you live on Earth as humans because of your collective awakening.  It is to be a year that will inspire and delight all those of you who have been looking forward with great enthusiasm to the awakening, and you will not be disappointed.  Your prayers, meditations, and powerfully loving intentions over the last few years are coming to fruition as many, who up until now had totally forgotten that they had a divine purpose on earth as humans, start to seek a spiritual purpose in their lives.  This new-found interest in “things spiritual” will surprise and delight them, especially as they discover that they do indeed have a spiritual purpose – their true purpose – and that in this they are not alone!

All sentient beings are divine spiritual beings – mystics – but the vast majority have lost or forgotten their knowing of this because of the limitations that a life in form imposes on their abilities to access this aspect of themselves.  Nevertheless, the time of forgetting has ended!  People are remembering that their human lives each have an individual and essential purpose that can only be fulfilled by the individuals living them.  This is not chance, accident, or coincidence, this is the Will of God, the divine Intent.  Also, be aware – and make no mistake about this that each individual’s personal intent is fully aligned with God’s.  There is only One – Source, Supreme Being, Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence, Mother/Father/God . . . LOVE – and every sentient being, every living intelligent being is included in this inseparable Oneness that is ALL that Exists.  There is no “beyond,” there is only All, because there is no need or possibility for any beyond.

Rest content, you and You – and that means all life, whatever form it may take, absolutely without any exceptions whatsoeverare infinitely and eternally loved by Source (choose any name or label for this infinity of Love with which you are One and with which you are most comfortable) from the moment of your creation without any possibility of even the smallest or briefest disconnection from that state, no matter how you choose to express yourselves in your lives in form as humans.  Think of any crime that absolutely and totally horrifies you, and know that the one who has committed it is as eternally loved by Source as are you.  Crimes are of the ego, and however real and unconscionable they appear to be, they are not real!  They are part of the illusion, the dream, the nightmare, the game of form in which you have all, without exception, chosen to participate.

To know God is to know the Truth.  The Truth is God, and so are you, each and everyone of you – again, there are NO exceptions.  All life is a divine creation of infinite perfection and love.  How could it not be so when the Source of creation is infinite LOVE, Who unconditionally and eternally accepts every individual expression of consciousness that It creates?  Judgment is a major and extremely negative aspect of the illusion or game in which you are immersed and must be left behind, discarded, and repudiated when the decision to cease playing is taken.

To cease playing is to AWAKEN.  This is your destiny, your destination, and your Home – Fully Conscious, Fully Awake, Fully Aware, of your eternal Oneness in Love.  Your awakening is inevitable.  However, because eternally and forever you have have free will, you can delay your awakening indefinitely – that means for a very long TIME – but, of course, time is an aspect of the illusion that will cease to be when enough of those in form choose to terminate their engagement with it.  When time is terminated there will be no illusory or imaginary space in which the illusion/dream/nightmare can continue to be experienced, and there will be no egotistical motivation to be separated from Mother/Father/God, Love.  All will, with complete personal individual free will and total integrity, choose to return home, to reawaken into fully conscious awareness of their divine nature – LOVE – and engage with the infinite state of JOY that that awareness IS!

God is your true nature, your only nature, It is you, even though, while immersed in the game/dream/illusion to even think that that is possible appears to be the ultimate form of arrogance.  When you accept that you are and always will be just as God created you, your egos dissolve.  Your egos do not want that to happen!  The egos’ survival depends on you believing the negative self-judgments that you have about yourselves.  It wants you to believe its constant stream of messages informing you of your unworthiness and guilt that make you unacceptable to your infinitely loving Father.  When you let go, and trust that your Father loves you unconditionally, you will find yourselves in a most wonderful state of peace, as all those egotistical thought streams just fade away.

Your true nature is Love.  Therefore it is absolutely essential that you go within, to your most holy inner sanctuaries every day, and then set the very powerful intent that only you can set, namely, the intent to allow Love to join you there and embrace you.  Only your belief that you are unworthy of Love’s Presence prevents Love’s embrace from enveloping you.  When you cling to that invalid belief because of feelings of shame or unworthiness, you are effectively choosing not to allow Love to enter.  Therefore let go of those beliefs and allow, and Love will enter and embrace you.That is Love’s sole desire and intent, but It will never override your will to remain separated.  Your personal choices are always honored, so you need to take responsibility for them by being aware of what they are, and then, if you so choose, you can change or terminate those with which you no longer resonate.

Now is the moment, this very instant as you read or listen to this, in which to choose to accept that God’s Love for you is inexhaustible and closer to you than you can possibly envisage.  Then, choose to open your hearts and invite It to embrace you.  It will, because, just like you, It is All that exists and It’s one desire is to be fully present in your conscious awareness, just as you are in It’s.  There is only Love, and therefore You are Love, there is nothing else that you could be.  So be Love consciously in every moment and continue even more powerfully to assist those who are right now stirring in their sleep, wishing to awaken.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Humanity is on a roll!  Your collective awakening is happening right now, as many of you are engaged in celebrating the anniversary of my birth, which apparently occurred over two thousand years ago – and yet it was but a moment ago!  Time is dissolving now into the eternal NOW as you awaken from an eons long sleep in which you have experienced dreams and nightmares of separation, pain, and wide-spread and pervasive suffering.  You have all collectively decided that you have had enough, that finally it is time to dismiss and dissolve the game of separation in which you have been engaged, and to come back together again as ONE.

You are One, that has never changed, it could not and cannot change, because there is only ONE, Mother/Father/God, Source, LOVE – YOU – each and every ONE of YOU!  Here in the non-physical realms, where our eternal existence (just like yours) is in our fully conscious awareness of our aliveness in our Oneness, we are rejoicing as the game is brought to its inevitable conclusion.  It has served its purpose – demonstrating to you all, the whole human collective, the total insanity of imagining and maintaining a desire or need to be separate.  You now know that all you desire is Oneness, to be at One and know Yourself once more as you truly and eternally are – the infinite energy field in which ALL reside, fully ALIVE and in a state of extreme JOY.

How could it be otherwise?  God (or any other word or phrase with which you feel comfortable, or feel is at the very least acceptable to you) is infinite Love, Wisdom, and Serenity at unmitigated peace and contentment with Itself, YOU – all of You without any exceptions whatsoever – in endless undisturbed satisfaction and contentment.

To be in heaven, to be at home, is to be fully, consciously, and eternally aware of your true nature – One with Source.  There is no meaningful conscious awareness other than complete and conscious awareness of Oneness.  That is what You are!  And that is living, and it is eternally creating more of Itself in totally harmonious and loving cooperation for the infinite delight of All/Source/YOU.The gift of Life is miraculous, there is no greater gift, in fact there is no other gift, because there is only one gift which is eternal, endless, and everlasting, it is Life.  It is to be One with One, and yet also endlessly free and capable of experiencing individuality in order to offer to All a new and unique creative experience that the One delights in seeing created for the joy of All.

The brilliance of this infinitely expressive creative impulse is established within the One and may be, and very frequently is, expressed individually allowing All, as One, and as individuals to be in wonder at the beauty that it presents.  Every creative expression is eternally established for all, and is available for All to enjoy forever.  As humans you often use the word ‘forever,’ but truly, while you are experiencing limitation because of your enclosure in forms, that word is meaningless, because everything material eventually decays, returning to its original pre-big-bang state of non physical existence, and is no longer available to you, even though its energy is forever!

As I, and many other wise and loving beings have so often told you: you are, each and every one of you, infinite divine beings at One with one another – although that does not appear to be the case – and with the Source, All That Is.  Why?  Because that is ALL.  Whoever you may believe yourself/yourselves to be, as you limit yourselves in form, is absolutely NOT who You are!  Yes, you have forgotten who you are, that is what unreality, the dream or nightmare was all about, and now is the moment of release from that unreal and often completely terrifying experience.

You chose the unreal in order to more fully and utterly appreciate and delight in Reality, Oneness, inseparability from All, and only by believing in the experience of separation could you really know what separation – were it even remotely possible, which it is NOT – would do to you.  It would terminate you finally without a trace after your physical form could no longer support the eternal energy of Source that enlivened it.  And to experience that as a belief is terrifying, because, however intensely you may deny it, you most definitely do not want to die.  And yet death is all around you while you remain in form, constantly reminding you of its inevitability.

I am therefore very happy to remind you once again that there is NO death.  Death is unreal because all life is eternal, endless, forever.  There is only One, but to fully experience Itself It needs a contrast, and infinite contrasts are available within the infinite creative abilities with which It has endowed Itself.  Although the form in which it is experienced can and does change as creative choices are made for the wonder and joy that they can offer the myriad individuals delighting in that sense of individuality.

Your awakening is to return to that state of knowing in which, as the One, you can also enjoy the sense of creative individuality that offers limitless opportunities for harmonious cooperation with Oneself as you create ever increasing and endless Joy.  Life is Joy, so go within daily to your holy inner sanctuaries and remind yourselves of the truth of this as Love floods your open hearts, flows through them, and out beyond them into the ever expanding field of the infinite that is One, that is You, that is Love, and that is awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

All is unfolding precisely as our dear and beloved Father intends.  It always does!  No other unfoldment is possible.  Therefore, allow yourselves to relax as the Tsunami of Love continues to warmly and completely envelop the Earth, and all the sentient lives who are presently experiencing a very realistic but utterly unreal sense of separation as individual beings.

Only Love is Real, nothing else is necessary or possible, as you all know at the depths of your being, even though at present that awareness seems to be unavailable or hidden from you.  This is not the case, it is not hidden from you, you have just chosen to be unable to see, sense, or know Reality as you continue to engage with the drama that being human entails.  Over the eons there have been quite a large number who, after years or lifetimes of engaging with this drama, have allowed themselves to become aware of their divine nature, and who have then shared that knowledge with anyone who asks them for it.  Often those who ask find themselves unable to accept or understand what is offered because they have such a strong belief that the illusion is all that is real.

This conviction has been changing very rapidly over the last few decades, as increasing numbers of humans allow themselves to become at least a little bit aware of their divine nature, and consequently set out on the spiritual quest that will expand that sense of awareness.  Many of them write books and offer talks so that others may also start becoming aware that they too are divine beings as they step out on the paths that these books or talks help them to see, and encourages them to at least investigate them.  The rate at which humanity’s collective sense of conscious awareness is reaching out to millions who are still very much asleep is accelerating, as it nudges them gently and lovingly towards becoming aware that that awareness is their natural state, a state from which their egos can no longer keep them fully disengaged.

To be awake is to be aware that who you are is a state of conscious awareness constantly in the Presence of and at One with Mother/Father/God, Source, LOVE, fully alive in peace and joy with all life.  To be awake is your God-given right, but instead you chose to forget that and enter into a dream state that most severely limits your knowledge of who you truly are, and the drama of that state – its egotistical and narcissistic self-absorption – became an addictive distraction to which you have clung for a very long time.  It is the Me, Me, Me syndrome which has led to great dysfunction and disagreement among so many of you.  You are all very easily able to observe and negatively judge that syndrome in others – even though for many previous generations it had seemed to be totally normal – but it demands great courage and self-acceptance to acknowledge that it also operates through yourselves in times of fear or stress.

As humans in form you did require egos to call attention to yourselves in infancy and early childhood so that your survival needs could be acknowledged and provided for by your care-givers – parents, family members, teachers, and friends – but as you grew and matured in a welcoming and loving environment that requirement should fall away, as you yourselves began to engage only lovingly with others most of the time, just as had been demonstrated so lovingly to you.

However, vast numbers of humans have not spent the majority of their early lives in a completely loving environment, but have instead had to deal with pain, suffering, and trauma that has severely affected their personal outlook on life and on others.  What is occurring now is that many are coming to an awareness that for life to work harmoniously for humanity – which is what the majority desire – people have to engage with one another with trust and love, in spite of their earlier experiences of betrayal of that essential trust which led to shock/trauma, pain, suffering, conflict, resentment, and even hatred.  This awareness that “there must be a better way” (to quote Bill Thetford from  the book A Course in Miracles), has been growing and intensifying over the last few decades, and many groups have formed all across the world with the intent to work together in harmonious and honest cooperation, enabling a move away from the mistrust and suspicion that has for so long been endemic, and which has seemed essential to your safety and survival.

This major change in attitude in so many is happening because so many of you reading this and other similar material are setting the daily intent to be only loving whatever arises in your daily lives.  As I have told you before, doing just this, and nothing else, is extremely powerful because every individual energy field has an effect on the whole human energy field which is presently also being magnificently and wondrously embraced by the Tsunami of Love which is streaming abundantly across the planet touching all.  There is no one who is not being powerfully influenced by It.

So once again I will remind you go within daily – even if you do not feel or experience any sense of the positive affect that you are having worldwide – and relax totally as you set that most powerful intent and sit quietly with it for at least a few minutes.  By doing this you are changing yourselves, moving away from reliance on your fear-based egos, and constantly expressing your true nature, Love.  You incarnated to do this because you knew how powerful and effective it would be, and I am with you all as your intuition or God-given guidance to keep reminding you of this, because, as humans, it is very easy for you to get drawn into the drama of the unreal dream or game, forget your intent, and engage with it egotistically instead of lovingly.

Don’t forget that you are in every moment fully supported by your teams in the non-physical realms, who are watching over you, encouraging you, and cheering you on.  So call on them when you have any doubts or anxieties, and listen so that you may hear and access their most loving assistance, as you join with them in sharing and extending Love to all of humanity.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

The Council of Love

The Council of Love,

Virtual Global Gathering,

November 20 – 21 2021.

Beyond the Horizon.

20 Fabulous Teachers will present 14 Different Workshop Sessions.

Dear Friends,

I am sure many of you know of The Council of Love. Linda Dillon has been its earthly representative for more than twenty five years and has over the last few years been teaching and training a group of twenty beautiful souls who have now qualified as Council of Love Teachers.

One of those twenty teachers is my beloved partner and very dear friend Genoveva, and she will be one of those presenting a great on-line Workshop, the above named event, and I felt that many of you might like to attend to be spiritually inspired and uplifted by by this Virtual Global Gathering. Therefore I am bringing it to your attention, and for further details please check out the link below.

Blessings to you, John.


We are all connected, we are all at one with each other, we are in a collective and intimate relationship with each other – always, in every moment.  There is NO separation because there is only the ONE!  Life is eternal, It is forever, It is Mother/Father/God, the infinite energy field of Love that is REALITY!

Presently you are experiencing a dream, an illusion, a game of separation in which multitudes are suffering greatly because the human collective believes that life as a human in form is real, is a one time event that unavoidably and inevitably terminates finally and forever in the death of your human bodies.  But you are NOT your bodies, your conscious awareness is Who You are and is in an eternal and joy filled state of existence at One with God– even if that awareness, as is the case for the majority of humans, is itself mostly in a state of unawareness!.

Presently, the human collective is in the final stages of becoming aware of and realizing this divine Truth, that You are eternally inseparable from Love.  Separation has never occurred, it could not occur because there is nowhere in which to be separated from Love, because Love is the One infinitely vast field of energy in which all sentient life – and all life is sentient – is eternally present in the Presence of and at One with the One.  LOVE IS, and so, therefore, are YOU!

Now is the time of your collective awakening from the illusory dream state that has seemingly been reality for you for countless eons of time, which is itself a major aspect of the illusion.  To experience that unreal state of separation you had to collectively engage with the game of separation; you then found yourselves living there, very realistically, as severely limited beings in form whose very existence is under constant threat of annihilation by forces far greater than themselves.

Your awakening process is the divinely created path Home to Reality, to Awareness of your Oneness with Love, that was prepared for you and offered to you in the same instant in which you chose, using your free will, to experience separation from Source.  A path that you needed because, you had, in that moment of intense confusion about Who You were and Who you thought or imagined You wanted to be, moved Yourself into a state of Unknowing of Yourself.

You made that choice in a moment of confusion or even insanity – but how could a perfect creation of God be even momentarily insane?  Well, You imagined that by separating Yourself from Source you would have have more and even greater freedom than you already had as a perfect divine Being, created utterly and unconditionally free of any restraints, restrictions, or limitations of any kind.  Therefore that use of Your powerful and creative imagination was insane.

Now, only the briefest of moments later, it seems to You that You have been living for countless eons as numerous insignificant and tiny individuals in a vast Universe that is completely unaware of and, therefore, utterly unconcerned and uninterested in you, not even aware whether you live or die.  That experience is terrifying, it is to be unseen and unknown, whereas in your natural state you are seen, recognized, and infinitely loved in every moment of your eternal existence.

God knew that that would be Your experience, and because of His infinite Love for you, He provided you with the path Home to Oneness, to Knowing Yourself once more as You truly are, a divine Being in inseparable and most glorious communion with Source.  He did not remove or modify your free will – Love gives everything and never removes or rescinds anything – so you each now, as individuals, have to freely make your own choice to seek the way Home.

That choice has been made collectively – even though many are still unaware of it as individuals – and it is irreversible because it is the only meaningful choice that you, as a human, can make.  And God, in His infinite Wisdom, and in His infinite Love for you, knows that whatever mood swings and egotistical changes of mind that may arise within you while you are still experiencing life in the unreal state that is the illusion, will be unable to tempt you to reverse that choice, because you know that they are utterly unreal and insane distractions from your one meaningful intent, which is to awaken.  Thus He has created for you and given to you a sense of motivation and intent that, once aroused, will be powerful enough to ensure that you do not fall back into the insanity of believing that your human life is all that is possible for you, that it is a once only experience of life that will, without fail, terminate at your human death.

Humanity is coming now to the most wonderful realization that Life is forever, that It is a state of permanent Oneness with God!  That realization is inducing within you all a most potent and energetic motivation to awaken, and to know yourselves as God knows you – infinitely wise, perfect, creative and beautiful Beings in constant harmonious cooperation with Her for the eternal joy that the endless sharing and extending of Love to All delivers.  That motivation to awaken is intensifying worldwide, as more and more people come to an awareness of the complete insanity of conflict and of their egos’ almost constant attempts to persuade them to engage with it.  Your egos are weakening as you come to understand that they are always operating from a sense of fear and, as you come to full awareness that you are Love in form, thus will you choose no longer to engage with fear because it does not serve you.

What you need to do, all that you need to do, is to set the intent, at least once daily – preferably more frequently, whenever it comes to mind – to be loving, and only loving, whatever arises in your daily lives that requires a response from you.  You are, to repeat myself, divine Beings, Beings of infinite power and wisdom, and that power and wisdom always guides and drives your intent – your Will – to be only loving, if you will only allow it to do so.

Going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, is essential because taking the time to set that intent is an extremely powerful and necessary priority which, when put into effect by you, enormously assists in bringing humanity to the point of awakening.  It is for this precise reason that you chose to incarnate in human form at this moment, so remember that this is an essential task for which you most willingly volunteered, and do set this intent at least once daily.  I know you can do it – as do you, deep within yourselves – so let go of your doubts and BE yourselves with courage and determination, knowing that you are fully supported by all of us in the spiritual realms.

Your loving brother, Jesus.