Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 7th

Here in the spiritual realms I, Jesus, and all your individual support teams are watching over you constantly and inundating you with LOVE, as the awakening process continues to unfold perfectly as divinely planned.  The “stuff”, that we have talked about previously, has strongly intensified for many as it flows into your conscious awareness to be recognized, thanked, and fully released.  Attending to this can be very tiring, very stressful, and very unsettling, because most of you have been unaware of how much stuff you had hidden deep within yourselves, waiting to be acknowledged and released.  The intensity has shocked many of you as friends and loved ones have unexpectedly – and mostly quite unwittingly – triggered spontaneous and unloving reactions that have exploded from within you, and which you have then directed powerfully back at those who have triggered you, shocking and offending them, thus triggering them in return.

This is a time for you to demonstrate enormous compassion for yourselves and for all others, because so many are feeling very confused in this period of great uncertainty, as the familiar world appears to be disintegrating, and when and how the future will unfold remains out of sight.  People do not like uncertainty – and yet the world of form has always been filled with uncertainty – and so they establish routines and life patterns that seem to show them the way forward to desired ends and events whose achievement is guaranteed.  This does work for short periods of time for individuals – maybe for as long as ten years, though more frequently for much shorter periods – then something happens that throws their plans into disarray.

Right now nearly everyone’s plans are in disarray, and the future seems to be more uncertain than anyone can remember.  Know that your awakening is absolutely assured.  Nevertheless, how you will awaken is not yet clear to you.  This is a time in which you need to strengthen your trust in God’s Love for you, and allow that trust to guide your thoughts, words, and actions, as you go about your daily human lives.  Live lovingly whatever arises for you, and demonstrate Love in action by being the divine Being that God so joyfully and lovingly created as You.  It is ALL that You are.  Anything that arises within you that is not in complete alignment with Love is not You, and is unreal.

As stress or fear attempts to fill your minds as you concern yourselves with reestablishing your ‘normal’ routines when the present restrictions on your freedom are eased or removed, turn to me, or indeed to anyone in the non physical realms with whom you commune on a regular basis, and ask for help and guidance to strengthen your faith in Mother/Father/God to Whom you are always inseparably connected.  Doing this will bring you comfort as the knowing of your inseparability from Source – with Whom you are always One – arises into your conscious mind reminding you again that there is only Love, that all else is unreal and will pass away.

The massive worldwide uncertainty, that all are presently experiencing, is an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.  In order for you to awaken you have to let go of or release your hold on “your life story,” the egoic image of yourself that you have built up as your identity, and which you present to others as the ‘me” that you think you are.  This is not who You are!  However the belief in this identity has become so deeply ingrained within you that you truly believe that it is who you are.  Your egos do not want to let go of this identity because they fear it will terminate their existence, and their sole purpose within you is to protect their identity so that they can control you through fear.

By fully opening to and embracing Love, your true and eternal nature, you allow It to dissolve your fear as the realization dawns on you that truly there is nothing to fear.  If you doubt this, remember what those who have had near death experiences (NDEs) have shared in books and interviews: that there is no death, that they have fully experienced knowing the truth of this, and that as a result of their experience they have lost all fear of death.  By opening fully to and embracing Love you too will come to the personal realization that there is nothing to fear, because you will know that there is only Love.

To arrive at this realization daily meditation must be practiced by relaxing into your holy inner sanctuaries, as you let arising thoughts just flow through your mind without engaging with them.  It does take practice, relaxed practice, where you let go of all judgments about your competence or ability – egotistical thoughts arising – that distract you from being at One with Yourself.  When you let go of self-assessment and self-judgment, and accept yourself just as you are, peace will arise within you as you enjoy the moment: ‘smelling the rose,’ ‘watching the sunshine playing on the water,’ ‘hearing the bird song,’ ‘listening to the breeze rustling the tree leaves.’  Truly all is well.

Remind yourself that you are on the path that you set up for yourself before you incarnated, and that you were born into the family that was absolutely perfect and that would allow the lessons that you had chosen to learn to be presented to you at just the right moment.  There are no accidents or coincidences, unexpected events are part of your life plan to allow you to deal with them in the most loving manner of which you are capable in the moment in which they occur.  Later in your lives you may look back and regret certain things you have said or done that have hurt others, and that awareness alone is enough to allow you to forgive yourself and move forward.  To dwell on past events of that nature, instead of acknowledging them and releasing them, causes you unnecessary pain and suffering and serves no useful purpose.  Forgive yourselves, and forgive others who have hurt or offended you, realizing that you were all doing your absolute best in that moment.  Judging yourselves and others wrong for past events with the ‘wisdom’ of hindsight is to cling to something that has passed, which makes no sense because there is only now.  Use your new awareness to live more lovingly.

You incarnated solely to live lovingly, and by so doing to assist humanity in the awakening process.  Your intent to send Love is extremely powerful, even though you very likely will receive no feedback after doing so.  Trust that this is so, knowing that you are a divine Being at One with Source, while remaining within the limitations of form where positive loving feedback, although often given, is often unseen or unfelt.  Your loving intentions always arrive at their destination and mightily assist those to whom they are directed, so keep on loving and intending to be loving, and awaken!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday May 14th

Despite the so-called pandemic and the global lock-down, all is well!  Humanity is awakening, just as divinely planned. Life in the illusion is finally proving to be completely unacceptable for the vast majority of people, and rightly so.  As a result of the changes that are happening worldwide all will share in a far more equitable dispersion of Earth’s abundance, while at the same time taking action to massively reduce the current despoliation that drilling, mining, and blasting has caused.  The time has come for humanity to stand up and become true care-givers for the planet – Gaia and all who live on her and within her in symbiotic interdependence – treating her with the honor and respect due to her for so lovingly supporting you all so beneficially for so long.  It is time to give thanks to Gaia, on whom all sentient life forms depend, and to do it daily, for it has long been neglected and doing so is long overdue.

Humanity’s govern-mentally demanded population confinement or lock-down has given people time to meditate frequently on how they want to live their lives, what changes they wish to make in their daily routines, and how they will deal with any relationship issues that have arisen, when the confinement comes to a close.  Many will be discovering that they now have a vastly different perception of how they want to move forward with their lives, now that they have, in effect, spent a long period of time in retreat allowing unaddressed or denied issues to arise into their conscious awareness to be acknowledged and dealt with.  Then, with the wisdom that a sustained period of quietness provides, releasing the ones that no longer serve them, and which may have greatly troubled them, with love and gratitude.

Life as a human presents people with many lessons that they chose – prior to incarnating – to experience in order to further their spiritual evolution.  However, many of them went unrecognized because of the pressures and stresses of daily human life, but the pain or suffering that developed because they went unrecognized and, therefore, despite being unseen or ignored, still had to be dealt with.  This lack of awareness often results in anger, judgment, and bitterness, leading to unhappy and unsatisfactory lives.  Now, with the insights that so many have gained as a result of being confined, without easy access to the distractions that so many had come to rely on to avoid dealing with their issues, many will be making the kind of life-enhancing changes that are essential for them to complete their awakening process.  Most are going to experience a new sense of freedom, of sovereignty, as they take control of their lives instead of allowing others to direct and manipulate them.

You were created free, and because Love honors and respects the freedom of all created beings, you know, deep within yourselves, that freedom is your natural God-given state.  However, within the game that you have been playing, awareness of your divine sovereignty has been hidden from you, and thus the individual paths that each of you planned before incarnating, and which were designed to assist you to uncover or rediscover your true nature, have until now remained hidden.  The time that has been unexpectedly made available to you over the last few months, time that you did not seek or ask for, has presented you with a marvelous opportunity to make enormous personal progress in remembering who you really are.  As you come out of confinement you will find that many have used this time very creatively and successfully to practice loving acceptance of whatever arises in their lives, enabling them to strengthen their sense of self, while at the same time strengthening and empowering their relationships with their partners, families, and friends, as an increasing awareness has developed of humanity’s mutual interdependence – of your Oneness with one another, and with Source.

To actually, and with great certainty, know that You are One, that there is only One, even though that One also appears as many, is extremely empowering.  It dissolves your fears, and establishes within you a wonderful state of peace and self-acceptance that brings you to a state of acceptance and love for all that arises in your life, whether you are living alone with yourself, or in the company of others.  You consent to life as it happens in each moment.  You may not like what it offers you, but, because you accept it lovingly, you find that you can deal with it.  As you start to experience this on a regular basis your self-confidence, your confidence that you – the I, or Me with which you identify – are fine, are OK, increases.  As a result of this you will find yourselves in a state of peace more and more frequently, for longer periods of time, and able to deal rationally and practically with whatever arises, instead of being overcome by uncontrolled emotions which can direct you, or seemingly force you to say or do something that is inappropriate, and which, as you review it later when you have calmed down, you may very intensely regret.

Despite the fear and anxiety that many have been feeling as the COVID-19 virus has spread across the world, negatively affecting a very large proportion of humanity, it has led people on an intense and essential inner journey of self-discovery.  Many have been able to let go of long held feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness – something the vast majority experience for much of their lives – which has prevented them from sharing the wonder of themselves with others.  Yes, the “wonder of yourselves!”  You are each wonderful divine beings, and when you can allow yourselves the freedom to present yourselves and your individual creative abilities to all with whom you interact, instead of presenting only that aspect of yourselves that your upbringing has led you to believe is acceptable, you will find yourselves actually enjoying being you, instead of finding yourselves anxious and afraid that others will be judging you, your behavior, and your life styles negatively.

When you accept yourselves, and present those selves to all others without being concerned about their opinions of you, you will find that the vast majority with whom you interact will also accept you, in fact they will admire and honor you for who you are, because they will now see the real you, the divine being, the eternally beloved child of God shining out from you as you set and live the intent to be only loving whatever arises.

Whatever the mainstream media may be telling you about the Corona Virus, and the effects it is having worldwide, just accept and know – as you truly do at the depths of your being – that you are in this present moment precisely where you are meant to be, experiencing precisely what you need to experience, as you move forward rapidly and most effectively on your path to awakening.  And also accept that by doing so you are beautifully alerting all others with whom you interact in any way at all to the Reality of the awakening process, thereby massively assisting them as they also move toward awakening.

Right now you are exactly where you are meant to be, where you intended to be as you planned this life path before incarnating, in order to magnificently assist in humanity’s awakening process.  There is nowhere else that you could be right now in order to better assist in this process, so even if it seems that you are on a path with very little meaning, a path on which you get practically no encouraging feedback, or even none at all, know, as truly you do, that you are each doing wonderful work to bring the awakening process to its most amazing and divinely intended conclusion – FULL CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of your eternal Oneness with Mother/Father/God.  REJOICE, because you, just like me, are One with God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blogfor Sunday May 3rd

All are One, because there is only One. That One is Source, Mother/Father/God, Love, which is eternally present in the hearts of all sentient beings, because It is the life force, Consciousness aware of Itself as individual in each and every perfect and beautiful expression of Itself.  However, in form, as a human, It is free either to accept the limits that a human form imposes upon It, or to recognize Itself as One with Source.  Mostly It accepts the limitations of form, and over the eons those limitations have distracted It from choosing to know Itself as It truly is.  Nevertheless, the path to remembrance of It’s true and eternal nature as Love was established at the moment It first entered into form, so that It would never become totally lost, unable to find Its way Home.

Humanity has now moved forward beautifully to uncover or discover that path, and as a consequence an enormous number, who have seemingly – and only seemingly – been lost in form, separated from God, find arising within themselves the knowing that there is far more to life, abundantly more to life than what they are experiencing in form.  They have made the irreversible collective choice and decision to return Home, to awaken.  This awakening process is what humanity is now experiencing as myriad beliefs, and the resultant attitudes and behaviors in which they engaged are arising into their awareness and being seen for what they are – unreal and invalid.  This is unsettling and disturbing because it appears to suggest that they have been wasting their lives following false gods and prophets who have led them astray – causing them intense pain and suffering – while encouraging them to judge, condemn, and destroy others who have different belief systems.

As all are One, attempting to live like this is obviously completely insane, and yet that is what the majority have been doing, lifetime after lifetime.  To become aware of this is indeed shocking, and much guilt arises causing further pain and suffering.

But Love, the All, your true and eternal nature, is eternally and utterly unconditional in Its loving acceptance of every one of you regardless of whatever unspeakable crimes it appears that you have committed.  In truth, you have not ever committed even one crime, or ever done anything to displease God, or hurt anyone else, because, being permanently and eternally at one with and in the Presence of Mother/Father/God, and never, even for an instant, separated from that state, for you to have done or been anything that is not in complete alignment with Love is impossible.

The world of form is illusory, a dream world in that it exists in time, is limited by time, and will disintegrate completely in time.  Time is of the illusion, and when you awaken, as very soon you are scheduled to do, time and the illusion will have dissolved or disintegrated into the nothingness – the egotistical unreality – from which they arose, leaving not the slightest trace because, being unreal, they never existed.

All that you need to do to awaken is to release your insane and terrified grip on the unreal, and totally forgive yourselves and everyone else without any exceptions for the apparent crimes, suffering, and pain that it seems you or anyone else has committed in that unreal state.  To judge and condemn one another has become endemic in the unreal state of existence that life in human form provides.  Let it all go!  You are all, without exception, Love incarnate, Love confused, and now, Love awakening and returning to the divine Home that It has in truth never been separated from, even for the briefest of instants.

Go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, knowing – as you do at the depth of your being – that you are inseparably One with Source.  That being so, you are all perfect beings of Light, of Love, and of infinite Beauty and Wisdom, and have always been so.  Allow yourselves to forgive – yourselves, and all others.  When you truly release your hold on guilt, shame, and blame, on resentment, bitterness, and hatred, it will be as though an enormous weight or burden had been removed or lifted off you, and you will feel weightless, free to move easily, lovingly, and most compassionately among your families, friends, and everyone else with whom you choose to interact in any manner – personally, or via the various forms of media available to you due to modern technology.

You are all the blessed and beloved children of God who created you in Love to be in eternal joy.  You have been asleep and dreaming of fearful unreal things, and you are shortly to awaken.  Yes, a few may choose not to awaken at this moment, and they will find themselves in an environment that totally suits that choice, and in which they feel comfortable.  They too will awaken, because without even one of you God would be incomplete, and it is utterly impossible for God to be incomplete.  Remember, you have never, not even for a moment, been separated from Source, and that also applies to those who choose to delay their awakening.

Rejoice in the knowing – even if you cannot yet feel it – that you are to awaken into infinite joy, and go about these remaining days in the world but not of it, as your intent to be only loving brings you a sense of peace and happiness that flows through you and into all with whom you interact, bringing to them all an energy confirmation that all is well, that there is nothing to fear.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog forWednesday April 22nd

Earth’s population is presently experiencing much anxiety as the government imposed lock-down in many countries is severely limiting people’s sovereignty and freedom.  The reason for this lock-down is officially reported to be for humanity’s protection, a precautionary measure that is essential to prevent, or greatly limit, the spread of the Coronavirus, thus enormously reducing the number of people who become ill, and greatly reducing the number of possible deaths from this contagion.  People are generally accepting the wisdom of these measures, but they are very naturally worried about the long term intent of those who have imposed these restrictive regulations, and about how they might be used to continue limiting personal freedom after the pandemic has peaked and largely dissipated.

As other issues move to the forefront of the mainstream media replacing COVID-19, then increasing pressure will be placed on myriad governmental authorities worldwide to ease and then remove the restrictions on people’s freedom of movement, which they claimed were temporary when they were introduced.  People will begin to reclaim their individual sovereignty as it becomes apparent that there is, and has been for a very long time, tremendous corruption in governments – whether supposedly democratic ones or powerfully authoritarian ones – all across the world that can no longer be hidden from public view.  The pandemic has led people to question more freely and deeply the motivation of those in authority, and has given them the time and the opportunity in which to do so.  Much of a nefarious nature is being revealed daily as investigative journalists, who are not directly employed by any of the main media organizations, academics, and whistle-blowers make their inquiries and then make the resultant findings available to all on the world wide web.

This is a time in which the human population is growing very rapidly in awareness not only of the interdependence of all its individual members upon one another, but also of its total dependence on Planet Earth, which is a vast interconnected and interdependent system in which the well-being of each and every part is essential for the well-being of all the others.  The enormous damage that has been done to your planetary home over the last three hundred years, partly due to ignorance of or a refusal to learn of this interdependence, and partly due to the insane belief that you have the inalienable right to use the planet as a consumer product that can and will be discarded when no longer of use, can no longer be allowed to continue, let alone be ignored or dismissed.  Cognizance of the vast damage that you have collectively inflicted on your beautiful home is finally arising into humanity’s consciousness, and many groups are forming worldwide with the intent to bring to an end this massive desecration and to start on the major work of repairing some of the damage.  There is much that cannot be repaired, however, with the enormous changes in attitudes and behaviors that are now occurring, new creative ideas and endeavors will enable replacement of some of those irreparably damaged systems with new ecologically sound alternatives which will mightily benefit Gaia and all the life forms she so lovingly supports.

Truly humanity has entered into a moment of enormous creative possibility, a moment when, by letting go of fear-filled egotistical drives, and by the dropping of masks that so many have been wearing – through fear of being seen as the inadequate people that they have totally unrealistically come to believe themselves to be – and instead allowing themselves to be themselves, the beautiful beings that they actually are, then the changes which are essential for human survival on Planet Earth can be realized and put into effect.  Now is a moment of pivotal potential, a potential that needs to be seen, recognized, and developed – NOW!

There is limitless assistance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms.  You each – each individual in form as a human presently incarnate on Earth – have a magnificent and powerful support team ready and willing to help you and guide you through this essential but very unsettling period in humanity’s spiritual evolution.  You have free will — the free will of the human collective — which you can use either to benefit humanity and lead it forward, or to continue severely damaging the ecosystem on which all sentient life on Earth depends, thus massively threatening humanity’s long-term survival.

However, the human collective very recently made the irreversible choice and decision to move forward, to take a great leap forward in its spiritual evolution, so that a state of “Heaven on Earth” may be established.  It will be a state in which all are abundantly but not wastefully provided for in every moment, and in which boundless and endless creative endeavors can and will be embarked upon for the delight and joy of all, and therefore, of course, delighting Mother/Father/God as she so lovingly watches over all her beloved children.

At present there is much confusion and fear as the media does its utmost to focus your attention on the negative aspects of the Coronavirus, and there do seem to be many, but, being generally isolated, as most of you are, you now have plenty of opportunities to go within and connect with your spiritual support teams or with whomever you normally choose to address or pray to in the non-physical realms.  Doing this, and, at the same time choosing to open your hearts, allows intuitive guidance of the most beneficial kind to flow in with the Love/Life flow that is who you are, and which will uplift and inspire you as you become increasingly consciously aware that you are precisely where you are meant to be in this moment of now.  That realization will dissolve your doubts and anxieties, bringing you great comfort in the knowing that your presence in form at this time of inestimable potential for humanity is not only essential, but is also amazingly effective, even if you are not getting the kind of positive feedback that is often received when dealing with others who, like you, are presently experiencing life as humans in form.

Truly, even in these unsettling times, there is enormous reason for hope and for joy, because you are never alone, and you can at all times choose to tune into and experience the warmth and the joy of Love, of the One, of Mother/Father/God in whose loving embrace you are eternally and safely enfolded.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Easter Sunday

We are One, there is only One, therefore everyone is safe!  Despite the fear that is being powerfully encouraged by governments across the world and which is constantly being reported on the mainstream news, ALL are safe.  Yes, some will lay down their physical bodies and transition to the spiritual realms, that is one of the aspects of life in form, but that happens every day, year in year out, with the numbers rising and falling according to the seasons – more in the winter less in the summer.  There is much confusion about numbers – numbers of people infected, and numbers dying due to the infection – and the accuracy of the counting leaves much to be desired.  So do not be in fear for yourselves or for your loved ones as the conflicting reports about the pandemic fill the news channels.

There is only Love, so open your hearts to Love and allow It to dissolve your fears.  You experience what you focus your attention on whether you desire what you are focused on or whether you do not.  Focus, therefore, on joy, on peace, on faith, and on Love.  There are very few among you who do not know someone who is constantly cheerful, upbeat, relaxed, at peace with themselves and with everyone else, and who is also healthy, and that, of course, is because that is how they have chosen to live.  Therefore, be in joy, celebrate Easter, the anniversary of my resurrection – and therefore of yours as well – and know that the collective awakening is truly very near.  Every sentient being is infinitely loved by Mother/Father/God, and is unconditionally accepted just as they are, without judgment of any kind.

Judgment is of the illusion and starts as judgment of self – favorable or unfavorable – and is then projected out onto others.  There is no need for it, it does not serve you, and it only leads to blame and condemnation – first of self, and then of others.  Obviously those who would damage others physically, psychologically, or emotionally, need to be restrained, but do understand that those who would behave in these ways are themselves in pain and are suffering.  The way forward is through Love, which is why you need to set the intent each day to be only loving whatever arises, and then to reset it during the day whenever it comes to mind.

To awaken is to be fully aware, to know that you are Love, that you are One with Source, with Mother/Father/God.  And you become aware of this by setting the intent to be only loving, because being only loving is the nature of Love, and is therefore also Your higher nature and your human nature.  You only have to allow yourselves to Be.  This means letting go of all self-judgment – positive or negative – and just being the beautiful divine being that God created by totally accepting that being in this now moment just as as she or he is.  What is created is created by God, and is eternally perfect, therefore there is absolutely nothing within It or about It that can be improved upon.

But, as humans in form, you do have egos, a temporarily disconnected and confused part of yourselves that you imagined into being in order to play the game of separation.  By ceasing to judge yourselves – and that activity is purely the ego judging itself – you allow your true nature, Love, to fill your human hearts and dissolve the fear, self-hatred, and self-loathing that your egos took on in order to play the game.  It is those unreal aspects of yourselves, the character masks you have assumed in order to play the game, that will just melt away as the realization of your true divine nature arises into your awareness, and your egos are lovingly reintegrated into the Oneness that is You.  Suddenly you completely yourselves and everyone else as you recognize the amazing beauty and perfection of each one of God’s beloved children.and utterly accept

Knowing that, as deep within you do know it, it becomes completely impossible and utterly inconceivable to judge yourselves or anyone else because you see and know that all are perfect.  Thus, instead of engaging with the human role playing aspects of others and continuing to play the game of separation, you see all as they truly are, perfect divine beings at One with Mother/Father/God in all their magnificence and glory.

You also become aware that the game that each one is playing is the perfect role for the lessons they have chosen to learn, whether as abuser or victim.   Your awareness, your Love then flows powerfully into any games in which you have been engaged, changing the rules of engagement for all.  If you have already ceased to play games, then your Love flows powerfully and constantly toward any situations in which It can assist most beautifully and graciously in resolving the issues that are causing conflict or disharmony.

Love is abundance, but never wasteful abundance.  It always provides precisely what is needed in the moment in whatever situation It is assisting with in a person’s or people’s awakening processes.  Throughout the world right now, in this eternal moment of now, Love is present everywhere assisting in the awakening process.  It does not apply force, It very gently and insistently alters the energy fields of those involved, leading to “aha” moments for many who, with their newly changed perception, then start changing their attitudes and behaviors.

Right now on Earth deep and lasting changes are occurring everywhere as the pervasiveness and intensity of Love gently permeates and assuages the energy fields of those engaged in conflict of any kind – emotional, psychological, or physical – bringing into the awareness of those involved that there is most definitely a much better and more effective way to move forward and out of conflict.  Love is now awakening humanity because the collective has chosen Love, and as a direct consequence fear is dissolving.

Remember, there is only Love, and that the game of separation that humanity has been playing for eons – the game that has laid a veil or a cloak over Love – is coming to an end.  The authoritarian rules, and the judgments that accompany them, are now being recognized as completely invalid and so are being laid aside as Love starts filling the hearts and minds of all.  Many are finding this rather disturbing and disconcerting because they have felt safe and secure within the bounds and limitations that the game provided, and yet they are welcoming the ensuing sense of relief and relaxation that this seemingly new perception of life’s meaning awakens within them.

Truly all is well, humanity is waking up to the inadequacy of the ways in which it has been engaging with itself and with the planet, and within every heart awareness is arising that life could – and should be wonderful.  And that awareness is leading you inevitably forward to engage only with Love, as you let go of judgment, blame, condemnation, conflict, and anything else that is not in alignment with Love, and thus move into an age of brilliant creative harmony in which you all will live in joy and abundance.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday April 5th

With the COVID-19 pandemic very much on people’s minds I would like to offer some loving guidance to assist you in coming to accept what is occurring so that you do not become unduly fearful or anxious.  As you know, the collective awakening of humanity is divinely assured, and your task is to continue to BE Love in every moment, because this greatly assists this magnificent divine event in its unfoldment precisely as divinely planned.  You are Love, so all you have to do is to be yourselves.  That means to let go of or release the personas or masks – your professional personal face that you present in the work-place, or the regular adult face that you present in other interactive situations, and also the 5-8 year old emotionally reactive child within that explodes occasionally without warning – that you normally present as yourselves when meeting with or in any way interacting with others.

In other words, Be the You that you know yourselves to be – loving, caring individuals who truly delight in knowing that you are alive, and who also delight to see others alive and well.  It takes no effort, just total self-acceptance without judgment of any kind, just as Mother/Father/God totally accepts you.  When you do this you will truly meet and interact with real people, other beloved children of God, because others will respond to you in like manner revealing their true selves, instead of in the more regular and ‘cautious’ fashion that you all mostly experience from others in your normal daily lives.

To be alive is to be in joy; but very many of you choose to focus on what you dislike or even abhor in your lives, and this leads immediately to dissatisfaction, often intense dissatisfaction, so that the true and ever-present joy of life is hidden from you by your engagement with thought processes that have absolutely nothing to do with the present moment.  Therefore, set the intent frequently throughout the day to be aware, to be conscious, and to observe and engage with the wondrous miracle that is your life in this ever-present now moment.

Life has a purpose, namely to know God.  As humans in form, and being severely limited by that form, to know God seems to be beyond the bounds of possibility, especially when to “know God” means to be constantly aware of being at every moment in His Presence.  A few have come very close to that knowing, and have shared their experiences as best they can within the limitations of language, so that others may understand what is readily available to them, and then also seek to share in that most wondrous experience.  You all believe in God, and seek ways to commune with Him through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, and doing this regularly with unforced intent does strengthen your faith, while at the same time leading you to understand quite clearly that your life’s purpose is to know God.  When that purpose is clear to you it becomes much easier to behave only lovingly whatever may arise, and when you do this you find yourselves meeting Love in many delightful and unexpected places, further strengthening your faith.

To awaken is to know God, and your awakening is drawing ever closer as you gently release your needy grasp on the unreality of the material world.  The world that is constantly presenting you with myriad distractions, as the egoic freight train of thoughts runs almost continuously through your brains, dispersing worrisome thoughts about unlikely possibilities that might happen to you if you are not careful and, at the same time, adequately prepared.  Your egos, building on the fears that have already been established within you – during growth from infancy to adulthood – encourage you to maintain a supply of products that you are firmly convinced are absolutely essential for your survival, further distracting you from living the miracle that is life in joy and gratitude.  All this groundless fear needs to be seen, recognized, faced, and released, thus opening your hearts to allow Love to fill them.  Hearts filled with Love are, of course, totally fearless, except when fear is momentarily required to bring your attention to an immediate threat that has to be dealt with in that precise moment, such as a vehicle bearing down upon you unseen as you cross the street.

The current pandemic is demonstrating very potently that, in spite of the present very temporary need for ‘social distancing,’ that there is no such state as ‘independence,’ that there is only ‘interdependence,’ on one another and, of course, on the Earth without which there would be no possibility of life in human form.  But this is not a co-dependent relationship, it’s a relationship of sharing, caring, and engaging with life through one another, and with the Earth that so lovingly supports you all in full acknowledgment of the Oneness of all in God.

Therefore, in these unsettling times, it is essential that you focus regularly every day on your unbreakable relationship with Mother/Father/God, Source, Love – the divine field of energy in which all that is created has its eternal existence in joy-filled bliss.  You are One.  God delights in You.  And without You, and you, God would be incomplete, but God, who is absolute perfection, is always complete.  So, to reiterate very firmly, Be the Love that you are, and judge no one!  Judgment is always self-judgment no matter what form it may appear to take, so why would you attempt to be in conflict with God who loves all and judges none?

Stop trying to shut yourselves out from Reality through negative judgments of self or others, and instead, claim your Love, the love of self that is an absolutely essential aspect of our all-inclusive One divine nature, and then, in doing so, experience the joy and bliss, that is God’s eternal gift to all of creation, by offering It constantly to self and to all others.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

I just HAD to share this with you all, even though maybe some of you have already seen/heard this or know of Claire Dubois:

Just watched an excellent conversation between Claire and Rick Archer. It’s truly an essential call to us to awaken to the vital need for change in the way use/abuse the ONE environment that makes life possible for us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgtDFfRkwYM



  Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 28th

In these times of increasing chaos and confusion know that your support teams in the non-physical realms are awake and alert to your every call.   Do call on your own personal supporters who are in spirit for guidance and comfort in these troubling times, because they very much want to communicate with you so that you can feel the embrace of their loving energy fields bringing you peace and reducing your anxiety.

These times are perfect for you to strengthen your connection with us here in the spiritual realms because you have plenty of time to sit quietly and relax into your holy inner sanctuary where Love and Peace are always in residence.   Give yourself plenty of time to do this – you have plenty – and allow the peace of this holy inner space to envelop you.  Distractions will arise – impatience, hunger, thirst, sleepiness.  Therefore be ready for them by setting the intent, as you relax into this space, to maintain your focused attention – on a candle, your breath, the floor just in front of you, a plant, or anything that you feel comfortable and at ease focusing on for more than a few moments – and then be quiet, alert, and ‘listen’ for your intuition, inner guidance, or the spiritual entity to whom you direct your prayers, to commune with you.

Remember, You are never alone.

Your loving brother, Jesus

Beloved friends,

In just four days 108 people accepted my offer to use this time of isolation and uncertainty to get grounded in something other than fear AT NO COST.

Given this response, I am extending this offer for anyone to register for my DIVINE 444 course FREE THROUGH MARCH 31. Please share this entire message with family, friends and your communities worldwide.

This course is a powerful resource designed specifically to help both individuals and the collective, and I am fully committed to helping as many people as possible through these unprecedented times. However, I am a bit overwhelmed managing the sudden increase in participants, so kindly help me out by taking note of the following:

1) You can start the course anytime after registration, you do not have to start the day you register.

2) Registrants MUST sign up to receive product emails or “drip” content, as that’s how the daily lessons/meditations are delivered. You cannot jump ahead; you will receive only one lesson or meditation every day for four weeks.

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4) If you are prompted for a payment after you click on the link in your email, you are probably logged out. Simply log in to your account at maryreed.podia.com using the login button at the top right. If you use multiple devices you may have to reset your password.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help, and happy to do so. 

Big love,

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 21st

You are on the cusp of great revelations that will amaze and alarm humanity, as the scale of corruption and deceit in human affairs, engaged in for eons by those who would rule and control you, are brought to light by some very courageous investigators of the utmost integrity.  Part of the game of separation has been the motivation by those of high intelligence to set themselves up as leaders and controllers because they consider themselves superior to others and, therefore, totally deserving of power and privilege.  They see “the masses” as tools to be used to help them achieve their aims.  They have appeared as emperors, as kings, as dictators, as tribal chiefs, as people of importance who have “rightfully” inherited their positions due to their royal blood lines, and they have gone to great lengths to prevent those blood lines becoming “contaminated.”  They have always been very secretive, and have, without any qualms, disposed of any who would not submit to their authoritarian ways, including members of their own families.  Their greed for power has always been insatiable.  Now their secrets and their criminal activitiesare to be revealed, in fact are already being revealed.

Many have suspected those in high places of nefarious activities, which have been ongoing for a very long time, but, until now, there has been no way to expose these activities, or the ambitions of these intensely egotistical people and call them to account.  Enormous change is in the air, and it will surprise quite a few when who the “good guys” are becomes known.  Nothing, in the illusory world, is as it seems.

Reality is Love, and there is nothing other than Love.  In the unreal world, the world of form, where sentient life experiences itself as a physical being, material forms appear to be separate, individual, disconnected from each other.  This unreal world, the world of illusion was constructed with the express intent to experience separation, individuality, aloneness, and it has done this extremely well.

Although modern science has now demonstrated very clearly that there is only a vast and infinite field of energy within which everything is connected, and that therefore separation is physically impossible, nevertheless, the way humanity experiences itself and life in form remains an experience of separation – me totally physically separate from everyone else.  This has been humanity’s experience since the illusion was constructed for this very purpose, and because this belief is so deeply ingrained within the human collective, it is very difficult to dissolve.  While it remains, for a short while yet, a seemingly totally valid belief, those with intense egotistical personalities will continue to behave as they have been doing for eons, namely by caring for themselves while disregarding the rights and needs of others.

BUT, humanity is awakening!  Consequently the vast majority of humans have seen, or are now beginning to see the insanity of attempting to live separate lives in which each looks only after him or herself.  Your history of endless conflicts and the resultant pain and suffering of so many clearly demonstrates the results of this belief, and of the behaviors that follow from it.  Humanity is ready for change, for awakening, and the collective decision to awaken has been made, and your awakening is happening right now.  As a result, much that has been hidden is being brought into the light, and, because until very recently people trusted the system that has been endlessly using and abusing them, what is being revealed is immensely shocking and disturbing for many.  There is even a powerful sense of disbelief that theseinsane criminal activities and deceptions could have been ongoing for so long, and people are asking themselves, and those with whom they associate regularly “Can this really be true.  Surely we would have known something of this.  Are our governments and their agents really so utterly and criminally corrupted?”  And the answer is becoming quite apparent, and is most definitely in the affirmative.

To awaken is to become aware of Oneness, to know that All are One, and in that knowing peace and joy arise.  To awaken is to open your hearts fully to Love.  This means that all that is not in perfect alignment with Love, all that is unreal – judgment, bitterness, hatred, resentment, etc. – has to be dissolved back into the nothingness from which it appears to have arisen.  Nothing can arise from nothingness, so it is just a case of acknowledging certain unloving thoughts and beliefs and letting them go, thus allowing Love to fill your hearts completely.  You do this just by withdrawing your power, your focus of attention from them, and then they are gone, because it is by your choice to focus your attention on them that you make them seemingly real – and only in your minds!  The difficulty is that you can see this very clearly in others, but your egos do an excellent job of hiding them from yourselves.  You could liken it to going through the home you have resided in for a very long time and clearing out the enormous accumulations of “stuff,” of “clutter” that you no longer need, and delighting in the large open space that is then available and into which you can expand and be fully yourselves.

There is no need to search out and bring to justice those who have misbehaved, because to do so is to engage in judgment thus reducing the space available in your hearts for peace, joy, and Love.  Those who have misbehaved are also awakening, and the majority will become aware, will be shocked and horrified at what they uncover within themselves – the “stuff” arising into their awareness, “stuff’ that has been denied or ignored for a very long time – and will seek assistance to release it.  Many of you chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution to offer this kind of exceptionally loving assistance to those who become conscious of and horrified by the personal misbehaviors in which they have engaged.

Remember, ALL, without exception, are the beloved children of God, and ALL are the prodigal ones returning Home to the most magnificent of celebrations.  There is no divine judgment, there is only self-judgment, and the divine Will is that you cease and desist from that, forgive yourselves, forgive all others, and truly awaken into the full awareness of your own Divinity.  God creates only like unto Himself, and She always does it with infinite perfection!

As your last unawakened moments flow past, please celebrate in the knowledge that all is well, that all is unfolding perfectly just as Father/Mother/God has always intended.

Your loving brother, Jesus.