My good friend Danna Beal suggested to me a little while ago that we should have a conversation that she would record as an audio and visual presentation that she would then post on YouTube. She was inspired to do this because the workshop we presented together in Seattle last December and again in January was very well received, and with modern communication facilities it would then be possible to present to a wider audience.

This afternoon we had that conversation. We introduced ourselves with a very brief bio and then talked about channeling, getting in touch with our guides, or making contact with those in the spiritual realms. We are always surrounded by loving entities whose purpose is to help us progress along our earthly paths. But we have to ask them to communicate with us, they will not impose on us without an invitation.

Where it seems that they have imposed on someone without being asked, what has really happened is that the earth-bound soul has forgotten her pre-incarnation contract so completely that she needs a wake-up call, and so they provide it. But for most of us it is up to us to start remembering that we have spiritual task to perform here on earth, and then to ask for guidance from our friends who are awaiting our call.

Below is the link to our conversation, please check it out and give us some feedback. If it is positive we shall possibly do a series of conversations to share with you all.

With love,



  Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 21st

Humanity is forging ahead as the awakening process unfolds precisely as divinely planned.  An enormous amount of preparation has gone into this divine plan to assist you all to awaken, and as humans lost in the illusion without insight or, more appropriately, awareness of what is unfolding in the spiritual realms, you truly have very little idea of what is involved in bringing this all together in a timely and effective manner.  Do not worry, all is divinely taken care of, and all you have to do is constantly hold the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation without exception, and you must also intensify your own desire to awaken.

That sounds easy, and it is!  You have all been very much involved in the planning of this wondrous event while taking your well-earned breaks from living in the illusion as a human, or even during your human night-time while sleeping.  Many of you do have some awareness of this, and others have often wondered when they woke in the mornings why they still felt exhausted.  There is no child of God who has not in some way been involved in the planning and implementation of your awakening process.  You have free will and that has always been honored, and so for the plan to proceed it was essential that you collectively agreed to the timing of your awakening.

In the end everyone will awaken into Reality, that is an inevitability because eternal sleep is impossible!  However, some have chosen to remain asleep for a very long time because they are now very shocked by their earlier choice to experience separation, and feel the personal need, on a very deep level, to spend time in what you might call “intensive care” before they awaken.  But the vast majority have chosen to awaken, they have had more than enough of the illusion and of all the pain and suffering that are part of it.

Remember, you all have free will, and your ever-loving Mother/Father/God will always honor your choices.  Don’t forget that when you were created your Father gave you everything that He had, so when you chose to experience the unreal state of separation you did so while having access to infinite Love, Wisdom, and intellectual capabilities . . . you truly knew precisely what you were doing.  It was an arrogant choice, freely made, and now most of you have had enough and intend to awaken.  The few who are choosing to remain within the illusion as it crumbles and disintegrates want to stay with it until the end.  At the end they too will awaken and be gloriously welcomed Home just like everyone else.  In Reality, in Heaven, in God’s divine Presence, there is no judgment, there is only only infinite Love and acceptance.

If you have friends or loved ones who you feel are not interested in awakening, or who you feel are damaging themselves by their behavior, do not concern yourselves about them, they will be fine.  Just honor their free will choices as God does.  To offer them compassion is good, but it does not involve attempting to manipulate them “for their own good,” because none of you can have any real idea of what might be good for someone else.  If you are worried about someone you love or care deeply for, then the most powerful and effective thing you can do to help and honor them is to quietly extend Love to them, you have It in abundance, and extending It increases It.  Doing so is a creative act of great value, and is something you incarnated to do as it helps tremendously with humanity’s awakening process.

You are all personally and collectively very heavily involved in the awakening process, which is why you are incarnate as humans at this moment.  A great number had lost sight of this task that they most willingly and enthusiastically volunteered to take on, and now many of them, after decades of non-awareness that they had chosen a spiritual path to assist in the grand awakening, are, with great surprise, finding themselves suddenly called to an intense spiritual life.  Frequently they hear the call after going through some kind of enormously distressing life experiences which end up signifying to them that they need to alter course now!  And they then respond with wonder and awe: “Why am I being called to a spiritual life, I’ve never been interested in all that “woo-woo” stuff!”  They find that the spiritual call they receive is uplifting, inspiring, energizing, and a little bit frightening.  However, they also feel very drawn to it, and it feels right.

When you meet others who are newly finding themselves taking an interest in things spiritual be very welcoming and let them talk.  They need to talk and mostly have no one with whom they can talk, because friends and family have not yet shown any interest in things spiritual.  Your listening to another is an essential part of your task in assisting with the awakening, so don’t judge them as less advanced than you feel you are, remember that everyone’s path is an individual one and that no one has the knowledge or insight to judge another’s stage of development.  Listen with Love and compassion, which you have in abundance, and realize that just listening is enormously uplifting and helpful for the one to whom you are listening.

As the awakening process continues to accelerate there will be more and more people needing someone to whom they can talk, someone they can trust to listen to them without judgment, and who will not offer them unasked for advice.  People learn a lot when they feel safe to talk freely, because talking expands there awareness of what has been developing within them, and this is always very helpful.  So know that by just listening attentively while remaining silent is a wonderful gift to offer to another, it is an important part of the task you undertook to assist in the awakening process.  You should feel honored that another will confide in you, for it shows that your Light is shining brightly and can be seen by those who need assistance.

You are, as I have very frequently told you, the beloved children of God, Who is Love.  Love is Reality, all else is illusory and will fade away as more and more return to Love and to the infinite joy that is Love lived.  In that state you want for nothing because you are fully aware that you have everything, not of course in the physical sense where wants seem to be endless and people appear insatiable, but because the peace and contentment enveloping you is totally fulfilling.

As the awakening process continues to call ever more of humanity to seek out and uncover their spiritual path, remember that you who are reading or listening to this, and to other uplifting and inspiring spiritual messages, chose to be on Earth to assist most beautifully.  You do this by engaging with Love, offering Love – not loudly and authoritatively as experts! – and by listening gently and willingly to those who are confused and desperately need a listener so that they can talk and listen to themselves in a non-threatening environment that offers them welcome and safety.  It’s a little like unobtrusive parenting, you just provide a safe space for them to develop the ideas that are leading them forward with excited anticipation, because to discover, often suddenly and without prior warning, that you are on a spiritual path is intensely uplifting, as many of you already know from your own experiences.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday May 17th

Humanity’s awakening process is proceeding apace, more rapidly and effectively than we had thought possible.  And this is because so many of you are setting the intent daily to be only loving and then following through on that intent in almost every situation that arises in your daily lives.  You are all to be congratulated for your sterling efforts in making the awakening process work.  The chaos and conflict worldwide, not to mention the confusion that is arising, signify that the foundations underpinning the illusion are indeed collapsing and that there is no way that they can be rebuilt or repaired.

The illusion’s days are coming to an end as more and more of you choose not to buy into the system of competitive and destructive game playing that it has constantly presented to humanity as the only sane way to live on Earth.  Ever increasing numbers of you are seeing and realizing how insane are the systems and rules of the utterly deceitful game playing that have been ongoing and encouraged within the illusion over the eons.  Your awareness of this is nudging you most effectively toward awakening, because you are extremely tired of playing these games in which there are only losers.

Yes, it does seem, if you look solely at the material benefits that can be achieved by playing these games, that there are a few wealthy and powerful individual winners who run the world, leaving the majority of humanity suffering and impoverished.  But the world of competitive materialism is unreal and lasts but an instant for the winners.  In the grand scheme of things a human life is lived for only an extremely short period of time, and then the body is laid to rest.  What was seemingly achieved materially, often at great apparent cost, is lost instantly, and in that moment of human death it becomes very clear indeed that in fact nothing was achieved, and nothing was lost!

The honors that are often awarded to important or well-known humans after they have died are truly meaningless, whereas the honors that are awarded from the heavenly realms are eternal.  And the vast majority of humans are most highly honored in the spiritual realms for choosing to incarnate on Earth at this moment, because they were all fully aware that it could and would be a very painful experience for much of the time.  Yes, there are moments of joy and happiness, but they are only brief because the issues of life as a human, presented by the illusory environment that most humans inhabit, demand enormous amounts of energy from each individual in order just to stay alive.  Deep within themselves each human knows that life should not be filled with pain and suffering, and that pain and suffering, that sense of separation and abandonment, leads quickly to rage or anger due to the fear that this human life is all that is available, and that it will be followed inevitably by death . . . where judgment, blame, and punishment may well be meted out!  Not a very happy prospect, so rage that this might be the truth is totally understandable.

Rage and anger are separating devices, devices that encourage you to avoid close and intimate relationships.  But it is only through close and intimate relationships that you will awaken and return Home.  Home is God, is Source, is Love, and in that state there is no room for even the slightest amount of anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love.  Anything that is at all unloving blocks Love from the heart, holds It off, refuses to allow It to enter.  And Love only enters by invitation because It always honors the freedom and intent of the one on whom It is calling.

However, as the life aspects or attitudes of anger, rage, a sense of separation, and an intense sense of fear are completely unreal they will dissolve.  But those who engage with them, mainly out of fear, along with the intense sense that they are unsafe unless they build powerful defenses behind which they can seek protection, can hold onto those “protective attitudes” for a very long time, even through many human lifetimes.

Eventually they will open to Love.  It is impossible not to because each is One with It.  You and God are One, and you cannot hide indefinitely from thatmost wondrous Self.  And all exist at One with God.  Therefore even those most intensely embedded within the illusion, and most enthusiastically playing the games of divide and conquer available there, will allow Love into their hearts eventually as the games and the illusion dissolve leaving them no other option.  And what a glorious option that is!

Truly Life is a state of eternal joy, and the “little life” that you experience as humans is far removed from that.  You are Real, Reality is where you have your eternal existence, enveloped and enfolded within the divine field of Love that is All That Exists.  Hence the statement made in many enlightened holy books: “God Is.”  Nothing else needs to be said.

Nevertheless, for humans that is just a rather puzzling and perhaps meaningless statement because as humans you are forever doing and worrying and preparing and planning, and to “just be” without activity of some kind makes no sense to you.  It is a paradox that can only be understood by knowing It.  God Is and so are You, and when you return Home – although of course you have never left Home because there is nowhere that you could go – full knowing and understanding, full consciousness will awaken within you, returning you to that state of infinite and eternal joy which you temporarily hid from yourselves as you played your games of separation and fear.

That temporary moment of insanity is coming to an end as the Tsunami of Love – the ceaseless call to you all from Mother/Father/God/Source/Love – finally awakens you from your seemingly endless dreams and nightmares to be One once more with All That Is.  That is your natural state, the only state possible, and all that has been distracting you for eons will fall away and dissolve as though it had never been because, of course, it never has.

God created You perfect, and that has never changed.  An unreal thought occurred to you and you engaged with it, rather thoughtlessly, and so the illusion appeared to come into existence.  You have been distracted from Reality by it for these seeming eons of time while you engaged with it with your severely limited human abilities and convinced yourselves that it was reality.  A place where you had to struggle and fight for survival, while acknowledging that in the end the struggle was futile, because into your human bodies you had implanted an unalterable time switch or clock that started to run down immediately, leading to inevitable decay and death – the term you use frequently today in your material environment is planned obsolescence!  That is why your fear arose, because, obviously, death is the end, the termination point – SEPARATION!

For One who is One with God to even dream of being separated is terrifying.  Yet you engaged with that thought of the impossible so intently that it seemed to overwhelm you and place you in an environment that contained all that was not Love.

Rejoice, because there is only Love, and that is where you have your endless and eternal existence, forever at one with God, and that never has and never will change.  You will awaken into Reality, and fear and all its many disguises and companions will be gone as though they had never existed, which, of course, they haven’t.  Complete and utter joy awaits your awakening.  I know because that is where I am, and shortly you will all join with me there.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday May 6th

There is only the One.  All that exists is contained most lovingly within the One, eternally, and without break or interruption of any kind.  There is no outside, both inside and outside are just imaginary concepts that were helpful within the illusion as you constructed it and set up the boundaries within which you chose to play your games.  It has been a very effective place to play your games because it has seemed so real to you.

But that realism has come with a heavy price of pain and suffering that has lasted for eons, feeding on itself voraciously, and it is now time for you to release yourselves from the nightmare of chaos, confusion, and conflict that it has become.  All games have to to have an end, otherwise they would not be games, and when they reach that moment you awaken by turning away from them and by focusing your attention on the Love that is the Home in which you have your eternal existence in constant joy.

While you are still asleep and dreaming, as you are presently, the illusion continues to appear very real and very threatening as all kinds of catastrophes line up to invade your personal space, the space that you spend so much time and energy defending against such terrifying possibilities.  To awaken you just need to let go of those defenses, because they effectively hold within your space everything you fear, instead of keeping them out.  They cannot keep them out because there is no outside.  Fear is a tiny and unreal space that you have set aside within yourself where you have chosen to remain separate from Love, from God your eternal Home.  But it is completely unreal and seems real only as long as you choose to believe it exists.

You are all being called to awaken from the games that you have been playing so enthusiastically, to become consciously aware that they are unreal, and to come Home to the infinite Love that awaits you patiently because It knows that you are coming.  It is with you always, because It is you and you are It, One with Source, Mother/Father/God.  When you awaken your joy will be limitless in every moment, just as your heavenly Father intends.

Many of you are going through enormous emotional upheavals and turmoil at this time as all the issues that have been buried or denied for eons come to the surface for acknowledgment and release.  There are guilt, fear, anger, and resentment in many forms that have been clung to either in shame or in the hope of restitution.  But truly it is all quite unreal.  You invented the games and you invented the rules, and games and rules are inevitably judgmental, often harshly so.  Now is the time to terminate them once and for all.

The first step is to forgive.  Until you forgive, yourselves and others, you cannot move forward because a refusal to forgive – even if it is inthe form of an unawareness of the need to forgive – is a refusal to love, and as there is only Love there is nowhere for you to go.  You feel lost, unworthy, shame-filled, unacceptable and unlovable, as you continue clinging to the illusion in your belief that it is real and that you can find refuge there, but those feelings are aspects of the games and are themselves unreal.

God created you perfect and so you remain eternally perfect.  However, as you look around you and engage with other game players, all humans are game players, you encounter judgment on every front – judgment of and by friends, family, work associates, political activists, religious proselytizers, those of other ethnicities or nationalities – the list is endless.  And judgment always leads to blame and then conflict.  As long as you choose to need to judge so long will you close yourselves off from Love.

Love is with you always, you are eternally held in Its divine embrace, but like distraught infants fighting free of a mother’s loving grasp, you absolutely refuse to allow it access.  You prefer to wallow and weep in hurt rage as those whom you believe should care for you, honor, you, love and respect you, wait for you to make the first loving move.  And even when you do choose to make that first move, it is made cautiously and reluctantly for fear that your overtures will be rejected.  When that is your attitude it has a very powerful effect on your energy fields which then send out the message: “Keep Away!”  And yet, underneath all the rage everyone of you wants only to be loved.  It is extremely confusing for you.

If you will first of all go within to your holy personal sanctuary where Love always resides awaiting your acceptance, and while there set the intent to forgive yourselves for all of your errors and mistakes, even if you see them as unconscionable affronts to or attacks on others, you will be fully supported by those in the spiritual realms who watch over you lovingly in every moment.  You will find it in your hearts to forgive yourselves because, deep within yourselves, you know that in truth you have done nothing wrong.  How could you ever do anything wrong when you are eternally held within God’s divine embrace?  What you sense and experience as sins and omissions are but aspects of the unreal games that you have been playing, games that you are choosing to terminate finally and permanently.

Often it is easier first to forgive others, as in surrender and humility you see them as they really are: hurt and frightened children seeking desperately for Love.  You then recognize yourself in them and are able to extend forgiveness to yourselves.  Later, as your spirituality consciously deepens and intensifies, you will come to understand that there truly isnothing to forgive because nothing has happened.

Then you will recognize that, yes, there is only Love, that, yes, you are Love, and so is everyone else.  It cannot be otherwise because all that exists exists within Father/Mother/God, the divine Source that is All, and that is You!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Sunday April 30th 2017.  Today he is talking about our essence, LOVE.  (I am temporarily without my microphone, so no audio version to day, sorry.)

Here in the spiritual realms, which are right where you are in this now moment because there is no separation, we are enjoying the rapid progress that we observe humanity making in its awakening process.  All of you who are consciously on a spiritual path are assisting enormously, and that is why you are presently incarnate on Earth.  You made a very compassionate and loving choice to be on Earth during these times of change, knowing full well that it would very demanding for you.  And you are coping remarkably well, far better than you expected when you made your plans prior to incarnating.  When you awaken, as you will when the awakening occurs, you will be amazed to see what you have achieved so rapidly and effectively.

All across the planet people are feeling very unsettled and disturbed as they observe the unthinking incompetence and lack of foresight or intelligent vision in governments and international corporations supposedly working together “for the good of their citizens” anddoing untold damage to the planet in the hope of economic or personal gain, while ignoring the plight of so very many impoverished souls – their citizens – who are struggling to survive in an economic environment that penalizes them for their poverty.

However, the tide is turning, and in a couple of places the idea of a living wage being paid to everyone, whether they are employed or not, is being seriously considered.  There is vastly more wealth available on the planet than could ever be needed, and which could be used to wipe out all debt instantly and ensure that everyone has more than adequate food, shelter, and clothing.  If willing and loving cooperation was to replace your present divisive governmental and business organizations a truly Utopian society could be established very swiftly that recognized, honored, and respected all citizens of the world regardless of their race, culture, or creed.

There are people in positions of influence all over the world who are attempting to persuade those in power to work towards this ideal.  Search for them and offer them support, as many of you are doing, because the vast majority of those on Earth would also support a scheme like this.  Fear is holding many back, but, truly, there is nothing to fear.

You are all well aware of the very effective international cooperation and compassion that arises with great speed when floods or earthquakes cause humanitarian catastrophes anywhere in the world.  If you would persuade one another to continue to cooperate like this in everyday life instead of engaging in minor petty squabbles that, through people’s felt need to be right, often develop into conflict on a personal or international level, this ideal could be achieved.

You have absolutely everything that you need to live in peace and abundance with one another worldwide on Planet Earth, except for the willingness.  Everyone is waiting for everyone else to start being loving and compassionate in their daily lives.  Stop waiting!  The essential changes to bring peace and abundance to all on Planet Earth start with you!

As I said above, you are greatly assisting in humanity’s awakening process by your intentions to be loving in every moment, and by your intentions to share and extend love to all indiscriminately.  Now you need to start intensifying those intents and demonstrate Love in action by walking your talk.  That is what you incarnated to do, and there has never been a more appropriate moment than Right Now!

Love is your true nature, you have been told that time and time again, and deep within yourselves you KNOW this is true.  Everyone desires only to be loved, and every action that anyone takes is, at the deepest level of their beingness, a cry for Love.  In the illusion you chose to experience separation, and it has made you miserable.                                            Very few humans are happy, contented, or at peace because they either do not feel adequately loved, or they even feel totally unloved and unlovable.  Separation is about blocking out or denying Love.

All across the world people are in defense.  Defense against lack.  Lack of food, lack of shelter, lack of confidence, lack of acceptance, lack of being honored and respected, and they expect and hope that those needs will be met by others or by God.  Many hope desperately for a better life after they have died.  But life does not terminate at physical bodily death, life is eternal and you are living it now.

The way forwards for humanity is through acceptance of its absolute need for Love and its willingness to realize that it, each human, is Love.  When a person makes the shift from seeking outside him or herself for love – from parents, friends, intimate relationships, bosses, or others whom they hope will see and respect them – and goes within in complete self-acceptance and surrender and stops listening to that loud and persistent inner voice of the ego, that keeps endlessly telling them that they are not good enough, that they must either try harder or give up because it’s all pointless, then they will find Love.

Love cannot be found outside because It is within you.  Your bodies need blood and oxygen to survive, and they need it and find it within!  Outside your bodies it is of no use to you, it cannot work for you or with you.  However, when you do have it operating normally within you, when you are alive and well, you can donate blood or provide oxygen to another who is in need.

Likewise Love.  It is within you, It is your essence, and when you acknowledge that and accept It for yourself you can then share It with and extend It to others.  Love is infinitely abundant, It is the divine energy field in which all of creation is eternally nourished and supported.  However, when you constructed the illusion, and the bodies you inhabit within it, you chose to make awareness of your true nature, Love, optional.  You could block It out of your awareness and deny It’s existence, and you did.

BUT there is a BIG problem with that because It is the Life Force, the living essence that powers your bodies.  If It leaves your bodies they die.  Truly Life is Love, and when you deny It or block It your bodies start their descent downhill into illness, decay, and death.  Don’t worry about that because, when the end comes for your bodies and your essence lays them down, life continues.  And instantly, in that moment of laying them down, awareness of your true nature returns.  In that moment you know that you are indeed Love, One with Source and inseparable from It.

The whole point of being human at this moment is to find Love now, and not wait for human death to discover It.  When you do, your whole perception changes, and you see, recognize, and honor Love everywhere, in everyone without exception, because everyone is You.

So my message for you all today is: “Be Love, be It now, and delight in the awareness that all is divinely taken care of, always, that there is absolutely nothing to worry about because all worries, anxieties, and fears are illusory, only Love is Real.”

When that realization dawns, as it will, you will find that you no longer suffer.  Yes, there may well still be bodily pain and discomfort, but you will be at peace, content, and fully self-accepting, and you will find yourselves able to provide solace and comfort to others who are not yet stirring towards wakefulness.  Your presence will be sought and welcomed because your energy fields will be fully empowered by the Love that you are.

Many who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE) have talked about them and written books about them, so if you would like confirmation of the eternal continuity of Life and of Love from another human who knows that this is so, then seek out their books, or their interviews on the internet.  Truly there is an abundance of readily available information confirming for you that there is no death and that you are infinitely loved in every moment.

Because God loves you completely and utterly in every moment, then surely you should honor Him by doing likewise?  You are eternally One with your loving Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is a state that can never change and will never change.  Love is who you are, so accept yourselves fully and unconditionally now, and be and feel the Love that you are seeking.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday April 20th

Spiritual growth or evolution is humanity’s path to awakening.  It was established by your heavenly Father in the instant that you chose to experience the unreality of separation from Him.  There is no such state as separation, it is but a figment, a crazy imaginary idea that occurred to you briefly and with which you chose to engage.  Now, it seems intensely real as you struggle to awaken from the deep slumber into which you fell in order for you to be able to feel and live the idea of separation.

Because you are eternally One with God it is inevitable that you will awaken into the state of eternal joy in which your loving Father created you.  But, as I have told you previously, Love does not impose, It accepts and allows.  It honors your choices, whatever they may be, and waits with infinite patience for the moment when you choose to welcome It into your hearts.  And the arrival and recognition of that moment is an individual choice that every human will make, because the ongoing experience of separation, albeit unreal, is far too painful to endure endlessly.

Deep within each one of you is the knowing that life as a human is a very temporary and unreal experience, and that knowing disturbs your repose and demands your attention, your investigation.  There is not one human who does not at some stage ponder deeply on the meaning of life, and that pondering leads to the intense and very powerful realization that there has to be a much deeper meaning than just survival as a human.  And of course there is!

Frequently, because the human experience seems so real, when a person uncovers or allows the intuitive sense, the inner knowing that there must be a spiritual intelligence far higher than their own human intelligence into their awareness, the ego then encourages the person to acknowledge it but to lay it aside until they have the time to think about it more deeply.  Then the daily issues and distractions of human life re-assume their “rightful” position as the main focus of attention, and investigation of the possibility of a spiritual heritage or identity is delayed or forgotten, until the next time an intuitive spark arises.

There will always be a next time simply because it is God’s Will, and Yours, that you awaken.  Until you do awaken you will receive regular nudges from all of us in the spiritual realms suggesting that it is time to do so.  And you will become aware of them and respond appropriately . . . when you feel ready.  The feeling of readiness is an essential aspect of each individual’s awakening process, because, having free will – an intrinsic aspect of Love – you will never be pushed or forced to awaken.  However, you will receive either an ongoing series of nudges, or you will experience events or lessons designed solely for the purpose of assisting you to become aware of those intuitive nudges which are intended to direct you towards awakening.

And when you are ready the Light will dawn; you will finally realize that the only meaningful reason for living life as a human is to find the way back to Reality, your eternal spiritual Home, where you remain forever at One with your Source, the supreme Wisdom and Infinite Intelligence that is for many of you most happily expressed, in human terms, as Mother/Father/God.

Do remember, however, that words are such very limiting and inadequate communication concepts that they can and do frequently divide you into opposing camps of warring factions that bring you only conflict, pain and suffering.

When you listen to others you need to make a point of hearing what they say instead of jumping to the conclusion that you already know what they are saying to you.  Often intense misunderstandings occur simply because people fail to hear what is being said, or hear and completely fail to understand what the other means with those words.  For each of you the same words can and often do have very different meanings, due in part to the multitude of feelings that you are attempting to express through a severely limiting vocabulary, and in part due to the varied forms of bodylanguage that always accompany your words.

When in conversation with anyone, listen with your hearts rather than your intellects, because the former provide an intense energy field that is in complete alignment with what the other person wishes to express, whereas the intellect is always attempting to decipher or translate the words heard into a logical and reasoned conceptbecause it can never fully understand or grasp the heartfelt meaning that is actually being expressed.

And of course what I am also telling you is that you need to go within daily and visit with the Light that is God’s Love which burns constantly on your holy altar so that you may remember to live holding the intent to be loving in every interaction with another, no matter what form the interaction takes.

You are One with Source, everyone of you, and therefore, in truth, every interaction with another is but an interaction with another aspect of yourself.  So by loving others you love and honor yourselves, and by loving yourselves you love and honor others.  When you fall into error by judging or blaming your self or another, then, as soon as you recognize that this has happened, immediately offer forgiveness, for truly all errors are but another aspect of the illusion, and are therefore utterly unreal!  And forgiveness is just a release from the guilt that the illusion attempts to impose upon you, an invalid attempt at shaming and disgracing you, so that you forget or remain unaware that you are divine beings of infinite worth and value.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesdy April 11th

Once the realization that there is no separation, that all are One, becomes generally recognized and honored by the majority of humankind, and this is happening very rapidly indeed now, then the conflicts across the world and the mistreatment and abuse of millions of God’s beloved children by a few severely damaged ones will cease.  There are signs of this being reported now throughout your media, particularly the alternate sources, and that news alone is uplifting and inspiring for many of you who had felt that things were almost constantly going from bad to worse on Planet Earth.

You can choose where to focus your attention as you work on awakening from the dream that is the illusion.  As has been realized by many, what you focus your attention on is what you experience, and there is an abundance of good news on Planet Earth for you to focus on instead of the pain, suffering, and conflicts – worldwide or within families – that tends to grab your attention.  Humanity is fascinated by and drawn to bad news!  Change your focus, look for and focus on the good news, while intending to send love to those who are suffering.

If it had been your choice prior to incarnating to live or work in areas where conflict and suffering were endemic then you would be there.  As you are not, then it is not your path, so intend to send love and healing to those areas, and be loving in your own daily activities because where you are is where you are meant to be.  Your spiritual task is to be fully alive and fully loving in those daily lives so that your personal energy fields, which truly are very powerful, expand and envelop all of those with whom you interact in any manner at all to assist in their awakening, humanity’s awakening.  That is what you are on Earth to do, not to wring your hands in desperation and hopelessness at the horrors and catastrophes you are aware of that are occurring in other parts of the world.

You are Beings of Light!  If you were not you would not be reading this and other channeled messages whose sole purpose is to support you as you lovingly support humanity in its very demanding awakening process.  And, as Beings of Light, you incarnated solely for this purpose.  Do not look at what others are doing and then judge yourselves as inadequate, lazy, or of little use, because what you are doing, holding the Light, which is your divine and spiritual task in this incarnation, is an absolutely essential part of humanity’s awakening process.  You are always precisely where you are meant to be, all you have to do is hold the Light on high by living lovingly and without judgment in every moment.

Many of you feel unloved.  Growing up human is difficult because the illusion, in which you are experiencing that personal evolution, was built to enable the experience of separation to be lived.  And separation is extremely painful.  As humans, part of the growing up process is to learn to be separated from others, first your parents, and then an increasing realization that the world does not revolve around you develops, unlike as it appeared to do when you were tiny and were unable to do anything for yourselves, and you realize that you are a separate being seeking love and acceptance which is frequently not offered or is withheld.

So initially, unless you were born into a very abusive environment, you were taken care of night and day.  Then, as you developed, an ego conflict arose between you and your parents or caregivers as your wants and theirs moved further out of alignment.  Most of you felt unloved because your needs failed to be instantly met.  In adulthood it became possible for you to understand what had happened in those earlier years, nevertheless, the emotional pain that your, as you saw them, unmet needs caused festered and became toxic.

Adulthood is the time when you can and need to come to terms with that apparent lack of love, that sense of being unseen or unimportant.  Many in the wealthier parts of the world attempt to resolve these painful issues through psychotherapy, frequently without a lot of success.  You are spiritual beings, and for many of you during childhood you had glimpses of other realms that were not physical, and that knowledge is always with you.  However, the distractions of daily life as a human discourage you from focusing your attention there, instead you find that you need to focus on the egoic behaviors of so many of those with whom you interact, and, of course, on your own egoic needs and behaviors.  Consequently the memory of your spiritual origins tend to get lost or forgotten.

You are and always will be spiritual beings, and recovery from the traumas of human life can only be made by developing and evolving your spiritual side, your true or higher Self.   Many find meditation extremely helpful because it enables them to slow down or stop the constant train of distracting thoughts going through their minds that keeps them from being present in the now moment.  When that happens there is space to become aware that life is not just the physical bodily life experienced in day to day living, but that it is far, far more, and offers peace, joy, and contentment that a purely active physical life cannot.

As your spiritual awareness grows your intuition, your inner knowing, also evolves, and as you pay attention to it, listen to it you find yourselves making more enlightened or mature decisions when dealing with the issues and problems that arise as part of the human experience.  Then, as a result of your growing wisdom and the responses to life that it encourages you to make, you find yourselves increasingly at peace in a world that had previously appeared to be a place of constant disagreement and conflict.  Focusing on the spiritual aspect of life starts to take more of your time as you realize how much more easily life flows for you when you do so.  Then people will start to seek you out for guidance because of the safe and calming nature of your energy field, and because you have the ability to listen and hear them without judgment, only offering advice when they ask for it.

Truly, you are all very wise and loving beings, that is your nature, you just need to relax, then go within each dayto refresh yourselves at your holy altars where the Light of God’s Love burns incessantly.  That is all that you need do.  That is what surrendering to God means, and as you become accustomed to doing so you will find yourselves just allowing life to unfold as it will, without any need for you to attempt to control it.  When you do that, all the other issues and problems in your lives will be resolved far more effectively and peacefully.

Your loving brother, Jesus.