The Council of Love

The Council of Love,

Virtual Global Gathering,

November 20 – 21 2021.

Beyond the Horizon.

20 Fabulous Teachers will present 14 Different Workshop Sessions.

Dear Friends,

I am sure many of you know of The Council of Love. Linda Dillon has been its earthly representative for more than twenty five years and has over the last few years been teaching and training a group of twenty beautiful souls who have now qualified as Council of Love Teachers.

One of those twenty teachers is my beloved partner and very dear friend Genoveva, and she will be one of those presenting a great on-line Workshop, the above named event, and I felt that many of you might like to attend to be spiritually inspired and uplifted by by this Virtual Global Gathering. Therefore I am bringing it to your attention, and for further details please check out the link below.

Blessings to you, John.


We are all connected, we are all at one with each other, we are in a collective and intimate relationship with each other – always, in every moment.  There is NO separation because there is only the ONE!  Life is eternal, It is forever, It is Mother/Father/God, the infinite energy field of Love that is REALITY!

Presently you are experiencing a dream, an illusion, a game of separation in which multitudes are suffering greatly because the human collective believes that life as a human in form is real, is a one time event that unavoidably and inevitably terminates finally and forever in the death of your human bodies.  But you are NOT your bodies, your conscious awareness is Who You are and is in an eternal and joy filled state of existence at One with God– even if that awareness, as is the case for the majority of humans, is itself mostly in a state of unawareness!.

Presently, the human collective is in the final stages of becoming aware of and realizing this divine Truth, that You are eternally inseparable from Love.  Separation has never occurred, it could not occur because there is nowhere in which to be separated from Love, because Love is the One infinitely vast field of energy in which all sentient life – and all life is sentient – is eternally present in the Presence of and at One with the One.  LOVE IS, and so, therefore, are YOU!

Now is the time of your collective awakening from the illusory dream state that has seemingly been reality for you for countless eons of time, which is itself a major aspect of the illusion.  To experience that unreal state of separation you had to collectively engage with the game of separation; you then found yourselves living there, very realistically, as severely limited beings in form whose very existence is under constant threat of annihilation by forces far greater than themselves.

Your awakening process is the divinely created path Home to Reality, to Awareness of your Oneness with Love, that was prepared for you and offered to you in the same instant in which you chose, using your free will, to experience separation from Source.  A path that you needed because, you had, in that moment of intense confusion about Who You were and Who you thought or imagined You wanted to be, moved Yourself into a state of Unknowing of Yourself.

You made that choice in a moment of confusion or even insanity – but how could a perfect creation of God be even momentarily insane?  Well, You imagined that by separating Yourself from Source you would have have more and even greater freedom than you already had as a perfect divine Being, created utterly and unconditionally free of any restraints, restrictions, or limitations of any kind.  Therefore that use of Your powerful and creative imagination was insane.

Now, only the briefest of moments later, it seems to You that You have been living for countless eons as numerous insignificant and tiny individuals in a vast Universe that is completely unaware of and, therefore, utterly unconcerned and uninterested in you, not even aware whether you live or die.  That experience is terrifying, it is to be unseen and unknown, whereas in your natural state you are seen, recognized, and infinitely loved in every moment of your eternal existence.

God knew that that would be Your experience, and because of His infinite Love for you, He provided you with the path Home to Oneness, to Knowing Yourself once more as You truly are, a divine Being in inseparable and most glorious communion with Source.  He did not remove or modify your free will – Love gives everything and never removes or rescinds anything – so you each now, as individuals, have to freely make your own choice to seek the way Home.

That choice has been made collectively – even though many are still unaware of it as individuals – and it is irreversible because it is the only meaningful choice that you, as a human, can make.  And God, in His infinite Wisdom, and in His infinite Love for you, knows that whatever mood swings and egotistical changes of mind that may arise within you while you are still experiencing life in the unreal state that is the illusion, will be unable to tempt you to reverse that choice, because you know that they are utterly unreal and insane distractions from your one meaningful intent, which is to awaken.  Thus He has created for you and given to you a sense of motivation and intent that, once aroused, will be powerful enough to ensure that you do not fall back into the insanity of believing that your human life is all that is possible for you, that it is a once only experience of life that will, without fail, terminate at your human death.

Humanity is coming now to the most wonderful realization that Life is forever, that It is a state of permanent Oneness with God!  That realization is inducing within you all a most potent and energetic motivation to awaken, and to know yourselves as God knows you – infinitely wise, perfect, creative and beautiful Beings in constant harmonious cooperation with Her for the eternal joy that the endless sharing and extending of Love to All delivers.  That motivation to awaken is intensifying worldwide, as more and more people come to an awareness of the complete insanity of conflict and of their egos’ almost constant attempts to persuade them to engage with it.  Your egos are weakening as you come to understand that they are always operating from a sense of fear and, as you come to full awareness that you are Love in form, thus will you choose no longer to engage with fear because it does not serve you.

What you need to do, all that you need to do, is to set the intent, at least once daily – preferably more frequently, whenever it comes to mind – to be loving, and only loving, whatever arises in your daily lives that requires a response from you.  You are, to repeat myself, divine Beings, Beings of infinite power and wisdom, and that power and wisdom always guides and drives your intent – your Will – to be only loving, if you will only allow it to do so.

Going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, is essential because taking the time to set that intent is an extremely powerful and necessary priority which, when put into effect by you, enormously assists in bringing humanity to the point of awakening.  It is for this precise reason that you chose to incarnate in human form at this moment, so remember that this is an essential task for which you most willingly volunteered, and do set this intent at least once daily.  I know you can do it – as do you, deep within yourselves – so let go of your doubts and BE yourselves with courage and determination, knowing that you are fully supported by all of us in the spiritual realms.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

There is no separation, such a state is impossible because we are all – and ALL – One.  Mother/Father/God, Source, Love – whatever word or words anyone chooses to use to label the All is totally immaterial – can only be known and experienced because It is totally beyond naming.  And when there is only the One naming is obviously completely unnecessary.  The One is infinite consciousness, infinite awareness, infinite wisdom, infinite intelligence that expresses Itself – makes Itself known to Itself, to all sentient life – as the infinite all-embracing vastness that is All.In humans It is experienced as consciousness aware of itself, as constrained and restricted by the limitations that are the nature of human form, the inability to see or sense energy frequencies that are not extremely close to those that enliven that form.

To awaken is to know, to be aware of All, to experience Self as Oneness, as all-knowing Wisdom, as Love. Love is All, All is Love, there is no separation, all sentient life is Love/Mother/Father/God/Source experiencing ITSELF in infinite ways.  It is in permanent and eternal connectedness with Itself in infinite peace and joy.  It is Awake!  And humanity is in the collective process of Awakening, right NOW, in this very moment as you read this or listen to it.  You are all the divine and beloved children of God, eternally connected to, One with, and in the Presence of God.  As I have told you so many times – and as have so many others from the non physical realms – there is no possibility of your being lost, alone, or abandoned, because there is nowhere in which that could happen.  You are eternally One with, and therefore in the Presence of Source, but have hidden that Truth from yourselves in order to play the game of separation, to dream the unreal nightmare of a life of fear and suffering.  None of you would allow that to happen to your own children or to young ones for whom you care and are responsible, so how could you imagine, let alone believe that God, Who is Love, would allow it to happen to you?

You are infinitely loved in every moment of your eternal existence, and that is an unchanging state.  God creates only in Love for Love, and, therefore, for the infinite joy that creation is constantly providing.  Deep within yourselves you do know that this is so, that it is the Truth, but for as long as you choose to remain unaware of this, this unawareness is what you will experience.  You, just like God, have Free Will because you have all that She/He has and is, it was bestowed upon you at the moment of your eternal creation, and He/She will never deny, remove, or override that freedom.

Frequently your human life experiences seem to indicate that you do not have any freedom, let alone free will, but that is just an aspect of the human experience that you chose to incorporate into the construction of the illusory reality, the unreal non-reality, that you designed and built to engage in with an imaginary and completely unreal state of separation from Source.  The collective awakening process that humanity is presently undergoing is undoing the illusion, and there are signs of this all across the world as the illusions presented to you by the MSM come ever more clearly into your collective awareness as just that – a corrupt and gigantic illusion supported by lies and deceits that can no longer remain hidden from view. All is Well!

Now you need to reengage with Trust.  The vast majority of humanity intends to be honest and trustworthy, to act consciously from a place of integrity.  However, for eons, due to the way in which you collectively established unreality, the human experience has been that trust does not work.  That if you trust others they will betray you, and so dishonesty and corruption have become endemic, precisely as you planned.

The good news is that you are becoming increasingly aware of the insanity of living like this, and millions of you are forming new communities – often on-line through the wonders of modern technology – of like minded, honest, and loving individuals.  These new on-line communities are inspiring and uplifting their members as they set their intent daily to be only loving whatever arises for them to deal with, and they are meeting regularly to meditate together with a most powerful communal intent to dissolve the long-established sense of separation and recognize themselves as One with each other and, of course, with Source.

You are all aware of on-line meditations for world peace, for rain to bring the forest fires to an end, for wisdom to arise in those that run governments, large industrial complexes, universities and schools, and religious organizations.  All of these group meditations are having a most wonderful effect, causing people to become aware that their ego-driven agendas are what bring about the chaos, confusion, and conflict that is happening in so many places on your beautiful planet, and so they are now setting the intent to allow Love to guide them instead of their egos.

Remember that the individual task for each one of you is to choose love and acceptance of others, regardless of ethnicity, culture, nationality, or religious persuasion, instead of fearing them, which is always an ego-driven seeking to be more special than anyone else, and this always leads to more fear and anxiety, as your history shows you so clearly.  By doing this you are following the life paths you all set yourselves prior to your present incarnation in human form, namely, to remember your inseparable Oneness with Source, with LOVE, and thus engage most fully and effectively with humanity’s collective awakening process.  You Are the awakening process, so trust it and celebrate it as you see its progress accelerating daily, just as You intend.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

All sentient life forms are Love expressing Itself through those forms.  That is not always apparent because, as beings in form, the need to care for those forms is an ongoing daily requirement that very frequently distracts you from your overall intent to be only loving whatever arises.  So forgive yourselves for any “sins or errors” that you “commit,” and make a point of fully accepting yourselves, just as you are, in the here and now environment of life in form.  You are all, without any exceptions, doing your best, but because you are all, by design, evolving spiritually in every moment of your lives in form, you keep being brought to the awareness that you need to evolve even further, that you need to stop reacting egotistically when something unexpectedly occurs and upsets you, even momentarily.

You all chose to be in form in whatever age you experienced or are experiencing that state – long, long ago, yesterday, or today – to evolve spiritually; and you are all succeeding magnificently!  There are NO failures!  Nevertheless, life in form does involve suffering for all to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the paths that individuals have chosen for the lessons they wish to learn. Therefore the forms in which you find yourselves, in which you are experiencing yourselves living your physical lives in this present moment, are always absolutely perfect for each of you.  That is why self acceptance is so essential.  The form you have chosen is always perfect for you, as you will come to understand very clearly if you will let go of all judgment.  Judgment is a massive distraction, it slows down your learning process – your spiritual evolution – so let go of your attraction to it, of the felt need to recognize and judge any wrongness in self or others so that you can feel better about yourselves.

Your egos are full of wiles and tricks to lead you astray, to make you miss your turning – even your destination! – which is why it is essential to recognize this and be sufficiently aware of them so that you can ignore or bypass their fearful guidance and directives.  They cannot serve you well because fear is their nature, and that is an unreal state because, as you know, there is only Love.

Dealing lovingly and compassionately with your egos is a major aspect of your spiritual evolution.  You all have egos while you are in form because they are able to provide you with many lessons demonstrating what an absence of Love would be like.  An absence of Love is impossible, and yet the world of form that you are presently experiencing seems to be enormously lacking in Love.  It is not!  Love is always fully there and available to respond instantly to your call for Its loving and comforting embrace.  Nevertheless, most people very frequently choose to ignore It and be guided by their egos, which can, and often often do, provide a momentary sense of satisfaction, of rightness, even of virtuousness in dealing with something that arises and infringes on and threatens their personal space.

Later, when they remember the egotistical sense of satisfaction that arose in the moment, it often leaves them feeling dishonest, defiled, even guilt-ridden.  So be fully aware of the way your egos are constantly attempting to direct your thoughts, words, and actions, and accordingly set the intent to be mindful in every moment, thus momentarily delaying your response to people or situations so that you respond wisely instead of reacting instantly and egotistically.  Doing this is to live lovingly, following your pre-incarnational intent, and it helps you to avoid saying words or engaging in actions that you will later regret.

You are all beings of Love, awakening from the dream or illusion that is life in human form.  You have chosen to be in form to demonstrate the Reality of Love to those who are not yet aware that they too are spiritual beings presently in form to take part in and assist in the collective awakening of all of humanity.  You do this simply by being you.  Nothing else is necessary, in fact anything else is most likely your ego seeking to demonstrate its competence in helping or understanding others, as it seeks personal approval from those it admires.

It is a momentous task, but you do have a deep inner knowing that it is your divine purpose, your reason for being incarnate now, and that your support teams in the spiritual realms are watching over you and powerfully assisting you at all times.  You also have limitless assistance from others in form, of whom you may be completely unaware, and who are most likely also unaware of you, but nevertheless are doing similar work, and you are supporting each other most powerfully yet inconspicuously, just by being.

The Tsunami of Love, presently cascading across the world with a zestful enthusiasm and power that you cannot possibly imagine or conceive of, is unstoppable.  It is Love’s Will embracing you.  The divine Will is for you to awaken, and so you will, because what Source wills is always perfectly achieved.  And every one of you, every sentient being in form, is always perfectly aligned with that Will – even though massively unaware of it – because It is the only WILL.

Yes, there is much chaos, confusion, conflict, and suffering being experienced right now by vast numbers of people presently on Earth in form.  However, remember that everyone is precisely where they have chosen to be, even though they might and probably would deny that this could be so.  What is happening is an enormous collective recognition and release of all that is not in alignment with Love, and many are in great pain and suffering – physical, psychological, and emotional (possibly all at once).  This is why your task of demonstrating Love in actions is so vital.  When you do that the power of your individual energy fields is enormous, and because you have set and continue to reset the intent to be only loving, and because all are One, your individual and crucial energy fields amalgamate and combine with the Tsunami of Love, helping It to find and enter through almost imperceptible openings into the hearts of those who appear to be utterly and completely closed to It.

No heart is fully closed to Love – to be that closed is impossible – but it is often very difficult to find the opening in some of those most severely hurt and damaged ones.  Your presence on Earth, intending to express and extend love and compassion to every soul on Earth in form, is of major importance in uncovering those openings and in assisting the owners to uncover Love residing within themselves.

You are never alone!  To be alone is to be separate from Mother/Father/God, from Love, from the Source, and that is impossible because That is All.  Your eternal existence is, in every moment, within the One … All.  That is where all Life, all Love, all Beings have their eternal Home.  Let go of your doubts, they are totally unfounded, because you are eternally, in every moment, living, loving, creating, and being within His infinitely vast and loving Embrace.  All is eternally at loving and harmonious peace with Itself, and You are there!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Guilt never serves you.

Be at peace with yourselves, all is flowing beautifully, just as divinely intended.  Trust yourselves, because you are, every one of you reading this message, precisely where you are meant to be, where you chose to be before you incarnated for this present human life experience.  You all chose to be in form at this precise moment – NOW – to massively assist in humanity’s awakening process, and that is exactly what you are all doing.  You are all setting and holding the intent to be only loving whatever arises daily in your lives, even if at times it does not seem like that because, unthinkingly and unmindfully, your egos react unlovingly to an unexpected event or personal interaction.  Just remind yourselves, when you become aware that such an event has occurred, that your true intent is to be only loving, and forgive yourselves immediately for your error.

Let go of any sense of guilt that may arise, because guilt never serves you, it is but an egoic distraction that engrosses and unsettles you.  If an apology or some form of recompense seems to you to be appropriate, then make it, but let go of any expectations as to how it will be received, or whether it will be accepted, because you have, with honest intent, attempted to correct your seeming error, so let it rest there.  Attempts at further justification or apologies are unnecessary.  You have acted from your hearts with Love, and that Love has been acknowledged and accepted, even though it may not be apparent in that moment.

Love is All, and you therefore are Love.  Why do you think that every human seeks Love?  It is because you need to feel loved, you need to experience your real nature, you need to experience Yourself.  However, the vast majority of humans feel unloved or unworthy of being loved, because this is an aspect of your chosen participation in the unreal game of separation.  Deep within yourselves, but hidden from you by the constant ongoing experience of separation, is the knowing that you are Love, and you want and need to feel It, so you spend your lives looking for It, but where It is not – outside yourselves.  And this is regularly confirmed for you as others – also seeking Love outside themselves – often treat you unlovingly as they reflect their own unloving experiences back at you.

To be separate is to be separated from Love.  This is impossible, but because the sole purpose of the illusory or dream state which you constructed eons ago, and in which your humanity experiences itself, is to experience separation from All, from Love, from your true nature, that is what you experience.  You have each spent countless human lives seeking outside yourselves that which is within you all, that which is your true nature, a state from which you can never be separated, namely LOVE, the energy field that is All.

The first step to finding that you are Love is through self-acceptance!  You all have chosen to incarnate many, many times in order to remember your true nature, to fully accept It, and to integrate with It.  You are who God created You to be for eternal harmonious and joyful existence.  That You is present within every sentient being, You are every sentient being!  Nevertheless, your egos, the tiny insane aspects of each of your human personalities, believe themselves to be separate, alone, even abandoned in a vast unfeeling universe, in which their survival is constantly threatened.

To awaken is to know Yourself once more as One, and a major part of humanity’s awakening process is for you each to recognize that you used your free will to incarnate as a particular individual human being unaware of that, but with a brilliant divine plan to come back to that knowing.  While you continue to judge yourselves negatively, and compare yourselves to others who seem to you to be blessed with better bodies or minds, and with better families, friends, loved ones, or living conditions, you will continue feeling dissatisfied, unfairly victimized, and you will be unable to awaken.  To awaken is to awaken to the wonder that You are, and for you to do that you absolutely have to accept yourselves, totally and unconditionally.

God created You perfect, and deep within yourselves you know that this is true, so why do you continuously judge His divine creation as unlovable, unworthy, and unacceptable?  By doing so you are judging God as either incompetent, vindictive, or both, and that truly is insane behavior!  But You are not insane, You are His perfect divine creation, you have just forgotten that as you engage in life as humans in the unreal environment You constructed seemingly so long ago – but in truth only moments ago!

You will awaken, your awakening is inevitable because eternal sleep is impossible.  In fact sleep is an utterly unreal, impossible, and totally unnecessary state into which to enter for any whom God has created.  In truth you are eternally fully alive, fully aware, and fully awake, because there is no other state of existence.  However, Your God-given free will endowed You with the complete freedom to construct an imaginary or illusory state into which You could insert Yourself as countless humans in form for a very limited period of time.  All those individuals experiencing life in form as humans also have free will, and so it is up to them collectively to choose when to awaken, and they have finally made that choice.

In contrast to the seeming chaos, confusion, conflict and suffering that is occurring worldwide, the human collective is actually awakening.  If you will look around and do your own research, instead of relying on the brainwashing hype of the MSM, you will find copious and abundant evidence demonstrating that this is the case.

Therefore trust yourselves and trust your Source as you continue to assist magnificently with so many others – of whom so many nevertheless still remain unaware – in the collective awakening process.  And uplift and inspire one another by celebrating this upcoming and momentous event every time you go within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, to invite and welcome Love into your hearts.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Humanity is awakening, Now!  It is the divine Will that you do so when you decide that you no longer wish to engage in the ego’s game of separation, and the collective has made that decision and, therefore, your awakening is already happening; signs of this momentous event are appearing worldwide.  Enormous numbers of people have come to understand that life as a human is a marvelous opportunity to evolve spiritually, and to release themselves from reacting unthinkingly to the issues with which life presents them in every moment due to the fear-driven guidance or directives of their egos.  More and more people are becoming aware that their egos always encourage fear-driven reactions that do not serve their soul’s bests interests.  As you cease allowing fear (ego) to be the leading rationale or motivating factor directing your thoughts, words, and actions, you will find your lives flowing more smoothly and lovingly, and, with increasing frequency, peace and acceptance will replace, or at least reduce, your worries and anxieties.

You are all the dearly beloved children of God, and your natural state is to be living at one with each other in harmonious relationships and in lovingly cooperative communities, enjoying engagement with each other in exciting and most stimulating creative ventures, because you are eternal divine creative beings, and doing so is most gratifying and delightful for you all, and also, of course, for your ever loving Father.Life is Love in action when you choose to release your attachments to fear!

Fear does not serve you, it is extremely divisive, leading you to see yourselves as separate beings, fighting and competing with one another for limited resources you believe that you must have in order to endure in the unsafe worldly environment in which you are living; an environment from which the vast majority of you see yourselves as disconnected needy beings struggling to survive.  Of course your egos try to hide that fearful belief from you, and attempt to persuade you that with their help you can conquer and dominate the worldly environment in which you find yourselves, or at least remain safe – until the inevitable next fearful issue arises to confront you.

Survival is NOT an issue!  You are all eternal divine beings having a very temporary and utterly unreal experience of separation from Source, Mother/Father/God, Love, or whatever label you choose to use when using human language to name the ALL.  As you have been told time and time again by so many in the spiritual realms: “There is only ONE!”  Therefore you are all, every sentient life form, One with the One.  There is NO such state as separation, and there is, therefore, NO possibility that even one individual in form could ever be separated from the ALL.

Needless to say, when you are experiencing life in form, as physical beings, even though that apparent state is illusory, unreal, impossible, it does seem very real indeed to the individual experiencing it.  The best way to massively reduce that sensation of separation or abandonment is to go within.  When you go within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and firmly set the intention to know yourselves as you truly are – ONE – and then allow and invite Love into your hearts, you will feel that Love, and experience the peace and comfort that Love is.  It will not have Love’s full intensity because your physical forms could not withstand the fullness of that energy, but you will know that Love is embracing you.  You will feel Its Presence, if you will allow It to embrace you, while releasing any expectations as to what It will or should feel like.  Any expectation of that nature is an ego-driven need that can never be satisfied or experienced because your egos fear Love, fear Reality, and block Them out.

Your egos have an intense need to be right, an intense need to prove that you are unworthy of God’s Love, so that they can continue to keep you in a state of fear, thus allowing them to guide and direct your thoughts, words, and actions.  As you all know, from bitter experience, your egos constantly lead you to say and do things that you later very much regret, thus leading to an intensification of your feelings of unworthiness.

Therefore, when you go within, RELAX!  Yes, it is easier said than done, because your egos always want you to be thinking – thoughts of complaint and dissatisfaction – talking and doing.  To relax into a deeply meditative state terrifies them, because they desperately need the NOISE of distraction, any kind of distraction that excludes peace and quiet.  Doing – thinking, talking, or acting – is the ego’s natural state.

Your natural state is Being, Being at One with Source.

Therefore, when you choose to enter your holy inner sanctuaries and feel the Love waiting there to embrace you, just relax into quietness of mind.  Yes, thoughts and needs will flow through your brains, but just let them flow . . . and pay them no attention, because truly you have No Needs!  Doing that is the invitation that Love is waiting for, and It will embrace you, and you will feel It!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

I thought some of you might like this conversation my friend Brian Longhurst had the other day with a friend of his in Oz. I just watched/listened and enjoyed it very much. It runs 1hr 07 mins.



As you wait impatiently for humanity’s awakening to come to fruition, make a point of reminding yourselves regularly throughout the day that the divine Will is always achieved, absolutely perfectly – the only perfection there is – just as divinely intended, and that there is only the divine Will, anything else is unreal, illusory.  Your awakening is divinely assured, and is, therefore, absolutely inevitable – just as day follows night!  If you will look you will see encouraging signs in many places as the moment for this most magnificent event draws ever closer.

Yes, I know that you have all heard this before, and that living in unreality as you do, impatience is therefore an unavoidable state or sensation that you all experience quite regularly for numerous reasons, not least as you await your long promised awakening.  Just remind yourselves that all is divinely taken care of, and that whatever Mother/Father/God promises is always delivered.  The fact that you are alive and conscious of being alive is permanent proof of this, and it is indeed Miraculous.

God’s Love for Her children is infinite and unchanging, It is forever, It is eternal, It is NOW!  You, all sentient life, live in the infinite energy field of Love, always.  You cannot leave It or separate from It because It is ALL!  What you experience as beings in form is a state of unreality because form itself is unreal!  Yes, it does seem very real as you are experiencing it, and that is because you chose to take form for this very purpose.  However, as you do know deep within yourselves, You are utterly free – Love is Free – so any choice you make is always completely honored because it is sacrosanct.  It is a little bit like families that allow maturing children to exercise more and more freedom to prepare them for independence so that they can operate in and engage with the world and with other people.

The physical environment that you are experiencing – in all its myriad forms – was invented (imagined) and constructed by the collective for this precise reason, and when the collective chooses to terminate the need for physical experiences it will dissolve.  In the meantime you are in the process of awakening from it, and preparing to allow it to dissolve as it dematerializes back into the pure field of energy that is ALL, that is Love.

As humans in form you have all had thoughts or dreams – the American dream! – some come to fruition, and others do not.  Living life as a human in form many of you do that – some of you infrequently, some frequently, some incessantly depending on your personal sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your lives – you think about it and dream about it, as you wonder where it will take you, but in the end you let go of those thoughts and dreams as you come to realize that Life is much, much more than an imaginary state that changes its appearance from moment to moment.You then seek a deeper meaning to your lives, a spiritual meaning, because deep within yourselves you know that a deeper meaning is your reason for being in form at this moment.  “Seek and you shall find!”

The collective awakening process is the seeking for and finding that deeper meaning – an infinitely deep meaning – that you had concealed from yourselves in order to fully experience the unreal state of separation from Source, from Love.  You have had enough of those kinds of experience which is why the collective has finally chosen to awaken.  That choice has absolutely delighted God.  God wants you to return to full awareness of your true nature so that you may enjoy Yourself to the full in every moment – right NOW!

You do experience love in your lives as humans, but it is as nothing to the Reality that is Love.  People who have near death experiences (NDEs) get brief glimpses of Love, encounter It and are overwhelmed with delight by the peace and joy with which It envelops them, and they never forget the wonder of It.  You can all have access to the Love that You are when you go within to your holy inner sanctuaries of harmonious serenity and allow and invite Love to fill your hearts.  However, because of that choice to experience form – which is but a temporary and extremely limited and restricted way in which to participate in life – you are constantly being distracted by the needs of your human lives, and have great difficulty in actually and positively relaxing into those inner sanctuaries.

Many books have been written about it over the eons by those who have managed to enter that deep peaceful state, explaining how simple it is when you just surrender to what is.And yet it appears to remain extremely difficult for the majority to actually relax into that space that is forever inviting each of you inwards.

Let go of the flow of thoughts, of your impatience for the next bodily distraction – I need to go to the store, to visit my friend, to check the fridge, to have a drink, to have a smoke, to register a complaint – and allow yourselves to just be, and watch time flow by freely, instead of allowing it to drag you endlessly onwards to further meaningless distractions.  It really is very much worth your while to stop – mind and body – and just BE!

Many of you have tried and been distracted, or fallen asleep.  Well, don’t give up!  If you are courting a new partner, choosing a new – car, house, bicycle, boat, computer, dress, suit, restaurant – you don’t give up!  And those are distractions from life!  If you gave as much time – not forced focused intent – to your spiritual life, to your intent to find yourselves within yourselves you could not not succeed.

Your inner sanctuaries of peace and harmony await you in every moment.  Stop focusing on what is wrong with your lives.  Instead give thanks for life itself, that miraculous gift from Source, and find and experience the peace and contentment that is your divine right.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

We are all One . . . there is NO separation.  The experience of separation is unreal, illusory, like an excessively long dream, from which you are awakening.  You need to awaken to enjoy the fullness of life as One with Source, life as it is meant to be lived, fully conscious, fully mindful, fully aware, fully AWAKE!

However, your thinking human minds are constantly distracting you from your intended path of spiritual evolution, the path you designed for this human lifetime, and which is leading you – ALL of humanity – back to Reality, the Home that your Father created for you, and in which you have your eternal existence.  Separation never occurred, never could occur, because there is only the infinite and limitless energy field that is God, Mother/Father/God, Source, LOVE!

You are at Home, you just chose a moment ago to be unaware of this divine and unchanging Truth, and it appears that that choice was made eons ago and has, since then, been remade and remade, finally bringing you to this NOW moment of awakening in this ancient physical universe.  Modern science has shown that in this seemingly vast universe there is practically NO physical matter, that to all intents and purposes matter is quite unreal, there is only a vast emptiness of limitless or infinite energy.  As awareness of this spreads throughout humanity your awakening takes place.

To awaken is to become conscious that You are that limitless energy, and to realize that You have been hiding from Yourself, pretending to be many billions of diverse insignificant sentient beings lost, terrified, and alone in an overwhelming vastness of nothingness.  To ease this immense feeling of being insignificant, lost, and alone you took human form and chose to inhabit a material world where you were able to relate to one another either in seeking the Love that you always and already are, or where you could choose to be in conflict with those who seemed to threaten you – an ‘us or them’ environment that was always very threatening to your sense of safety and well-being.

As humanity’s awakening process accelerates and intensifies, ever more among you will become aware that you are spiritual beings having a temporary experience of life in form.  For many that new awareness will be startling, even shocking, while for others, who have been consciously following what you might well describe as a religious or spiritual way of life and hoping that death will not be a final termination point in their lives, this new awareness will auspiciously confirm for them that their faith in God is utterly and completely valid.

Your awakening will be a most glorious occasion, as all your doubts and fears just fall away and dissolve, and the intense knowing that you are indeed, and always have been, Divine Beings will fill your hearts with the utmost joy.  The only thing that you need do to awaken is to allow the Love, Who has been patiently waiting and loving you, to enter your hearts and embrace you into wakefulness.  It truly is very simple.

However you have all been trained to believe that you are not worthy of Love, and that you have to improve yourselves by working very hard to obliterate that unworthiness, that sinfulness, that sordidness that appears to be a major aspect of life as a human.  You accept that, as humans, you have severely limited abilities and restrictions that prevent you from living your lives as abundantly as you would wish, because it is the nature of being human.  But what you fail to realize is that you are NOT human!

You are, as you are continuously being reminded, perfect divine beings.  You were created in Love, from Love, by Love, and what Love is and does is always and eternally perfect.  Love is All, It is the divine field of infinite energy from which all of creation springs forth in divine and perfect harmony to delight and fulfill the Creator and All that She creates.  You do not need to change anything about yourselves, you just need to allow yourselves to be yourselves.  Throughout the seeming eons during which life moved into form and evolved there has been an intrinsic or inherent sense that it is not good enough, that it needs to be improved upon.  But that sense, that thought system is a major aspect of the unreality of the illusion which you need to release.

You all know or know of people who are very loving and who give themselves continuously in service to others, and you think of them as saints – and so they are.  But, like you, they too doubt, or have doubted their worthiness, believing themselves to be sinners.  You have all heard the term “the dark night of the soul,” a very deep and painful experience that it seems is necessary for all to undergo to cleanse themselves of sin and make them acceptable to God, and which some of the saints have reported on in detail.  But, as I and many others have told you many times already, you are Perfect Divine Beings, just as you were created, and that has never and can never change.

Therefore, go within at least once daily, or preferably for many brief moments during the day, to your holy inner sanctuaries where Love – your real nature – is in permanent residence awaiting your recognition and acceptance of It.  When you tell yourselves that you are unworthy sinners, unworthy to be in God’s Presence, you are denying your true God-given nature, the nature in which you were created for all eternity by Mother/Father/God, and that makes absolutely no sense at all!

You are eternally the beloved children of God, forever in Her Presence, and now it is time for you awaken to the Reality of that infinitely loving divine State.  Just allow yourselves to feel Her loving embrace waking you up.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Alicia Marianne Davies recently interviewed me for her podcast, The Hush Hour, and has just published “Becoming Mystic: in Conversation with John Smallman.”


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