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You, all of humanity, are very close to an important boundary, and when you cross it, as you most surely will, an abrupt intensification of the divine energies enveloping each one of you, and of course the planet herself, will occur.  It is the next step in God’s plan for your awakening, and it will uplift and inspire you.  You have been very busy these last few weeks releasing monumental amounts of “stuff” – psychological, emotional, psychic, cultural, and karmic – that was impeding your progress, and you have been clearing the debris or residue from it that was making it difficult for you to access either the divine flame within or the intuitive guidance for which you have been calling so resolutely.

It has been hard work for you on inner levels, which is why so many of you have felt so tired, but I assure you that it will prove to have been well worth the anxiety, stress, and discomfort that you have been experiencing.  A lot of this “stuff” was spiritual energy work that you had agreed to carry out in order to help others who were themselves horribly overburdened.  All are connected, all are one, and so this kind of cooperative venture is utterly appropriate.  Your earthly experiences have frequently overemphasized individual blame and responsibility – a seemingly essential aspect of problem resolution in your 3D reality, where it has been somewhat effective in reducing dishonesty and corruption – but as spiritual beings you naturally come together in love and compassion to resolve issues that could be divisive, and this is what you have been doing, but mostly at a level that is far below your conscious 3D awareness.

The field of divine Love enveloping you all is guiding you surely and reliably towards your inevitable awakening.  Yes, your guides are constantly reminding you of this, but it is essential that you yourselves keep focusing on this magnificent and rapidly approaching event, because it is to be the most wonderful occurrence, fully and finally absorbing and incorporating you all into your Father’s loving embrace.

Every time you are distracted by events or situations in ongoing worldly relationships – personal, social, religious, political, or of seeming major international significance – return your attention to being the loving, compassionate, forgiving, and accepting spiritual beings that you are.  Do not allow the distractions and disturbances that may be going on around you prevent you, for more than a moment, from focusing your attention fully on the task in hand which, as you well know, is to assist completely and enthusiastically in this wondrous and divine awakening process.

You all made a very definite and conscious choice to be embodied on Earth at this point in her spiritual evolution.  No one is on Earth by mistake, in error, or by coincidence.  You are all here with a divine purpose, fully supported by your Father, and that purpose will be achieved because it is God’s Will, and yours, and He will not be denied.  You are to become fully aware of the fact that you are enlightened spiritual beings — beings of power and majesty just as your Father created you — even though this divine state is presently disguised by, hidden, and consequently confused within your human bodies.

Knowing this, as you most certainly do deep within yourselves, your continuing mission is to keep reminding yourselves of your purpose.  The distractions going on around you much of the time are very alluring in that they seem to demand your constant attention.  This is not the case.  You can be aware of the suffering, pain, corruption, dishonesty, and general confusion without focusing your attention there and getting drawn in to take sides, or even take up arms – physical or psychological – in support of those you see as being “in the right.”  Doing that only serves to support the illusion and you are on Earth to assist in its dissolution.  And the best way to achieve that objective is by refusing to engage with the apparent rights and wrongs with which it constantly seems to bombard you, demanding your attention and support.

You have abundant help from the spiritual realms, your true home, and the more you focus your attention there as you ask for and receive it, the more quickly the illusion will disintegrate.  It truly is on its last legs, and the kindest and most generous thing you can do is allow the disintegration to happen, by refusing to support it by engaging with it unnecessarily, or by offering emotionally powered egoic judgments about the rights and wrongs of any given event or situation, large or small, personal or international.  Conflict only leads to conflict, however righteous and sympathetic the intentions of those involved may be.

Love heals, resolves, embraces, and makes Real.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Humanity is on the verge of an amazing development of enormous significance in your spiritual evolution.  Your entire Earth history has been leading you forwards towards this moment, so it really is a very special time in which to be experiencing a human existence.  Although most of you who are reading channeled messages and are seeking your true spiritual identities or purposes chose to be here to assist in humanity’s mass awakening, none of the population of planet Earth at this point in your and her spiritual evolution is here by chance. Everyone on Earth at this time is here by their own choice and has an essential assignment that no one else could fulfill.  Each soul has a supreme and unique value established within them by God at the moment of their creation, and their spiritual purpose is simply to demonstrate this.

While much is occurring on Earth of a negative nature which causes suffering and pain for many, it does have a purpose.  The illusion, which you built so many eons ago, has gone through many evolutionary and crisis-torn stages that need healing, and that healing is an ongoing process that is nearing completion as the moment for your awakening approaches.  Wherever activities are planned or are taking place that are in opposition to Love there is an opportunity for healing to take place, and the divine field of Love surrounding and enveloping humanity and the planet is intensifying and refining its focus on those places to ensure that it happens.

When you meditate or pray the power of your intent to send love and healing to wherever on the planet disharmony, confrontation, suffering, or violence is occurring is always magnified exponentially because of this divine field of Love in which all are enveloped.  Never think that your prayers, intentions, or meditation moments are ineffectual, they are of immense value in the awakening process with which you are all here to assist.  Your assistance is always needed, is always helpful, and is always most gratefully received.

Life for all on Earth is to change dramatically as the changes that awakening will bring about take effect.  Awakened people cannot, and would not wish to, engage in modes of behavior or activity that are in the slightest way intentionally damaging to another.  Peaceful, gracious, and harmonious interactions will express themselves throughout all relationships at every level of personal and group encounter.

There are so very many ways in which sentient beings can communicate and interact which are positive, joyful, and fulfilling, that here in the spiritual realms we often wonder why you choose to spend so much time in angry confrontation and disagreement.  You cannot fail to see how ineffectual those modes of communication are, and yet you persist in using them.  They are indeed ego activities, and they cause you at least as much suffering as they cause to those against whom you direct them.  However, we see that as you move towards awakening more and more of you are at last realizing the idiocy of many of your present methods of communication — e.g. an inflexible statement of intent followed by the threat to carry it out forcefully regardless of the wishes of others or of the consequences of those actions.

This realization is not localized, but is spreading throughout humanity. Nevertheless, there are still many individuals in positions of authority, or who are seeking election to positions of authority, who have not yet become aware that these old, insensitive, and unworkable methods have not only fallen out of favor but will no longer be accepted, possibly because they are so busy pushing their own egoic agendas.  As a result they will no doubt be rather surprised when they find themselves removed from their positions of authority or not elected to them because due to their views and attitudes it is no longer appropriate that they should hold them.

To awaken into Reality is a most magnificent achievement.  And yes, it was always God’s Will that you should awaken.  Absolutely nothing could prevent you from doing so, eventually, but there was a vast amount of necessary preparatory work that you each had to complete before you were ready to move into the divine environment of pure and infinite Love.

Without that preparation entry would have had to have been denied to you because the brilliance of God’s divine Presence, the Light of His Love, would have induced in you a state of such extreme shock that it would have taken further eons for you to recover from it before you regained sufficient strength to restart your ascent.  His Love for you is so far beyond your ability to conceive of that no attempt to describe It could do It justice.  Just know that all that you have been going through in your illusory world, as you played with the idea of separation, became so dark that for your own protection your return to the divine realms could be undertaken in no other way.

Now the journey is almost over.  Your Father’s Love shines on you in every moment at an intensity that warmly encourages and protects you while you complete the last stages in this long and arduous endeavor.  You are nearly Home, so rejoice in the knowledge that nothing can prevent your arrival, and that the ensuing welcome will raise you to levels of happiness far beyond your fondest imaginings.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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The oneness of humanity is becoming ever more apparent to you as your scientific research continues to produce incontrovertible evidence to support this. All are connected, and whatever one does, says, or thinks affects all.  At present, with so many differing opinions and beliefs scattered across the world, disagreement and conflict is endemic because of the confusing tangle of messages that are widely broadcast as a result of these differences.  As increasing numbers of you work to change your attitudes and release your prejudices you open your hearts to the divine energy field in which you are all immersed, thus allowing the fog of confusion in which you have lived for so long to start dispersing.

The dispersal of this fog of confusion is occurring on a vast scale across the planet at this time, and the rate of dispersal is accelerating.  People are becoming ever more aware of the inaccuracy of the mainstream media reporting of events across the planet, while the true situation is almost instantly reported for all to see on the internet by people on the spot observing it.  The truth is becoming ever harder to disguise, and those who would do this are being brought to account for their misrepresentations and deceits.

As the truth comes into the open, it becomes readily apparent that humanity desires only to share life in peaceful and harmonious cooperation with all the life forms the planet supports, and that the aggression and conflict that have consumed you for so long have been sustained and encouraged only by those who would control you for their own nefarious purposes.  They have, over the eons, set up organizations to educate and train you to accept their authority unquestioningly, while instilling in you a sense of loyalty to them (for which you are offered paltry rewards), which they then use to turn you against one another by feeding you heavily biased and misleading information to support their agendas and make you fearful of those who appear different – not of your political, religious, ethnic, or cultural persuasion.

With the dispersal of this bleak and heavy fog, which has enshrouded you for so long, the brilliant prospects of the multitude of mutually beneficial ways of living on Earth and sharing her bounty fairly, lovingly, and indiscriminately among you become obvious.  When you start to see what has been hidden from you for so long, your spirits will rise in eager anticipation of the wonderful possibilities that lie before you . The vast communication networks that have been established worldwide over the last two or three decades will be put to use in the most creative fashions to establish an ongoing flow of information, enabling all to take part in the loving and spiritual evolution on which you have embarked and which humanity has been craving for so long.

You are all divine beings who temporarily lost your way and descended into a despondent slough of misery and suffering, from which, for a long time, it appeared that there was no way out.  And yet it was and is but an illusion that you had built with the power of your minds.  Now you are finally using that immense power, with which God endowed you, to dissolve the illusion and the fog of confusion in which it enveloped you and return to the state of joy in which you were created.

Yes, some have become so attached to it that they want to maintain it – the ones who used it and set themselves up as your overlords – and although that will not happen, they will be allowed – free will – to continue their existence in an environment that is very similar to the one that is presently dissolving around you.  There they will be able to continue with their games until they too decide that there has to be a better way.

When they decide to move on, everything they need to assist them in that task will be abundantly provided.  Remember, the Love of God is unconditional and indiscriminating.  It excludes no one, and consequently, all will return Home when they are ready and choose to do so.  It is a glorious truth . . . that the Love of God burns in the heart of everyone, and that It can only remain hidden momentarily – in the illusion that can seem interminable.  Then It bursts forth once more in all Its eternal and brilliant glory.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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