Dear Friends,

The meeting in Seattle on Saturday December 10th 2016 is on!

The Venue:

12:00 pm to 2PM

Wallingford Community Senior Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N.
Suite 140
Seattle, WA 98103-6900

Love to you all, and thank you for choosing to attend,


Dear readers and listeners,

I shall be in Seattle, Washington, next week and it occurred to me that some of you who live in that area might like to meet with me so that I could talk to you about the channeling I do, and then I would attempt to answer any questions you wish to ask me. If you bring note pads and pens we could also do a short exercise in channeling. Truly ANYONE can channel, and if we did an exercise you might be surprised and delighted with what comes through for you.

The day I could do this would be Saturday December 10th around 1.00pm.

Danna Beal, a very good friend of mine who lives in Bellevue and is an author (The Extraordinary Workplace) and international speaker, has been channeling “The Twelve Wise Ones” since 1981 and would share the meeting/presentation with me if we go ahead. She would also talk about her channeling and answer questions that you chose to ask her. Please visit her blog site: https://thetwelvewiseones.com/

It would be in effect a double event, as you would get to meet us both, face to face. I truly believe it could be a most enjoyable event, and I would love to get the opportunity to meet some of my readers.

If you would be interested in meeting with me, and there are enough of you who would definitely attend I will ask Danna to be my agent in Seattle and arrange a venue. I would suggest that you offer a donation of $25.00 for the joy of meeting with us, but if you are truly unable to support us financially to that extent, please come anyway, we would love to meet you.

So please send me an email not later than next Monday December 5th via the tab at the top of my Saul blog “Needing someone to talk to,” or “Do you need someone to talk to?” in the same location on my Jesus blog. Then on Tuesday the 6th I will post a message on my blogs informing you whether or not we have an event.

Love and hugs to you all,


  Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday November 22nd

As you wonderful Light bearers and Light workers are becoming increasingly aware, humanity is waking up!  There is no possibility of this divine process reversing itself or stalling, you are going to wake up purely because you have collectively chosen to do so.  What you have set in motion, with enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, is unstoppable, so rejoice in the knowing that all your doubts and anxieties are utterly groundless, and continue to restate your intention to be loving in absolutely every moment, regardless of the situations or of the interactions in which you are engaged. Love changes everything, so be loving, and observe in wonder what happens.

There is practically no one on Earth who is not feeling and experiencing the powerful divine energy inflows that are now intensifying daily.  However, many, having a sense that there is no one to whom they can talk about this, are keeping quiet because they feel confused and not a little anxious, lest others suggest they are misguided or even verging on insanity.  Therefore, you who are reading this, and the various multitude of other uplifting and inspiring channeled messages flowing in to be shared and shared, make a point of being aware and open so that others will feel safe in your presence, safe enough to start sharing their unexpected and deeply moving experiences.  Experiences they desperately want to share, and which will, of course, inspire you.  You are all One, so sharing is an aspect of your real nature, an ever ongoing aspect in constant flow.  Open to it, allow it, and feel the joy, the happiness that sharing releases into your awareness.

God’s Will for all of creation is infinite and eternal joy!  However, as you well know, you have free will.  Free will is the freedom to choose to open your hearts to let Love in or to delay opening your hearts, thus holding out against It, basically because you fear you are worthless or unacceptable.  That is precisely what it means, the choice to be open or closed, nothing else.  If you allow Love in your lives change and joy fills you, regardless of your situation.  Yes, Love can bring you intense peace and joy even when you are in a situation of pain, fear, and suffering, and in states like that It gives you the strength and the courage to move on and through that temporary state.

You all know, deep within yourselves, that Love is all that is Real, that all else is illusory and temporary, but because of your experiences of pain and suffering as humans, you have learnt to close off or block your hearts for fear of further painful experiences.  The human condition does present all of you with very painful situations, so try to remember that you did, of your own free will, choose to experience life as a human, and all that that entails.  In that remembering is the exit, the way to joy and peace as you make the choice to trust and be loving.  There are surprisingly many among you who have remembered and who have chosen to be trusting and engage only with love, and there are very few among you who do not personally know someone who has done this, and who almost constantly demonstrates love in action.  Instead of looking at them and thinking “Wow, I couldn’t do that,” realize that you most definitely CAN!  You just have to choose and intend to do so.  It’s easy.  The difficulty lies in your perception that it is difficult.  That perception is fear-driven, and unreal!

All you need do is make the intent at night before sleeping, and again on waking, and keep restating the intent to yourselves, silently, night and morning and whenever it occurs to you during the day, until, possibly quite suddenly, you find your whole life experience is changing for the better.  When that happens, as it most definitely will, do not disparage your efforts by dismissing them and blaming your better life experiences on your mood, your food, improvement in your intimate relationship because your partner has changed, or the weather!  All those changes are due to your intent and your decision to follow through on it.  Remember intent requires action.  That action can be physical, as in how you relate to people and situations, but it is due to the intent you hold.  When you make such an intent all in the spiritual realms support and encourage you, you are never alone, however much, as a human, it appears that you are.  We are always with you, and we will assist you if, and only if, you invite us to do so.

That means that you need to let go of expectations about how it will occur.  You are, as humans, so accustomed to doing things on your own, and following a plan that logic and reason suggest is the way forward.  But if you look back over your lives you can see many instances where things did not turn out as you had planned and as you had hoped.  This was generally due to fearful egoic impulses or emotions encouraging you to do something inappropriate, perhaps manipulative or not totally honest, leading to failure and disappointment.  Instead, set the intent for an outcome, and then surrender to Love.  If you engage only lovingly you will experience peace, contentment, even though the outcome that results from your intent may be very different from what you chose to imagine it would be.

There is only now!  So what you plan may well not fit into that divine time frame.  But if you allow, the Universe, Source, God, has a way of understanding perfectly what you truly desire and bringing that into your life.  The path to that result is often very different from what you expected.  So, when you have chosen an outcome that you would like to see, while carrying on normally with your human life, allow for unexpected occurrences or situations to arise, and instead of judging them as mis-steps or failures, deal with them lovingly, as divine opportunities that have been lovingly presented to you to help you achieve your aims smoothly and far more easily than you had imagined remotely possible.

God, Creation, Source, the Universe, is always on your side.  Trust, allow, and experience the truth of that.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus audio Blog for Saturday November 19th

As all in the spiritual realms have told you many, many, in fact countless times, there is NO Separation.  There is only God, Source, the Field of Divine Love in which all of creation is eternally and endlessly creating – there are no beginnings or endings, there is only now – harmonious and ecstatic music, to use an allegory . . . symphonies, concertos, sonatas, choral works, operas, musicals, pop songs, romantic songs . . . any form of music that is, by its very nature, LOVE in action.  Remember, I am only using music as an allegory, and I use music because everyone resonates with music in one or more of its many and varied forms.  Music is ONE.  It demands perfect cooperation, acceptance, and harmonious agreement between the performers, and an intuitive knowing and understanding that unites them so that the music flows, without thought or effort, directly from their hearts.

So, to repeat, there is NO SEPARATION!  All – all consciousness, all life, all awareness – is ONE!

Within the illusion this has been forgotten, although throughout the eons a few have become aware of this, and have attempted to share this knowledge widely.  But very quickly their shared insights have become corrupted, diverted, and grossly misinterpreted.  Churches, religions, belief systems, political systems, and harsh regulatory systems have then been established by those who would control you to do just that.  Now those unjust and utterly corrupt systems are collapsing as the rot and decay within them eat away at their foundations, foundations so deeply buried within the illusion’s collective psyche that they cannot even be accessed, let alone repaired.  Enormous changes are firmly underway that will bring unimaginable benefits to all forms of life that are presently ensconced within your illusory reality where survival depends on physical or influential strength and the conscious intent to avail of it for that very purpose.

Humanity has for eons been seemingly buried in an unreal world of mistrust, betrayal, and conflict, while at the same time seeking the exit.  Everyone suffers no matter how wealthy, healthy, and powerful they appear to be, because in the end all die, leaving behind all that they had accumulated as they lay down their physical forms.  There is no escape, everyone dies, and because you have come to believe that to die is terminal, the end, the abyss into which all will fall into non-existence, it is terrifying.

However, there is absolutely no need to fear!  Fear is of the illusion, it is unreal.  You constructed the illusion to experience separation from Source and, therefore, added various “apps” to fill out the illusion and provide it with an intense sense of reality as you surfed through it as embodied humans.  As a human you find the variety of options it offers overwhelming, and your little and severely limited brains through which you engage with the illusion cannot cope. However powerful and intelligent you may appear to be complete understanding of the illusion is utterly beyond you.  The answer to this dilemma is, of course, to awaken.  And that is exactly what is happening right now all across the world.

Your task, as partially awakened ones, is to continue holding your brilliant Light on high, and to engage in every interaction with another – and make no exceptions here – through your true, divine, and unalterable nature – Love.  All conscious entities are pure Love.  There is nothing else, but within the illusion you collectively chose to hide that knowledge from yourselves because it would be impossible to imagine or experience separation while knowing that you are Love, and only Love.

Love is now awakening in every human heart, and as It does so, all the buried or denied emotional baggage that you have been carrying is rising to the surface, erupting into your awareness to be released.  And this can be, and often is, shocking for you.  Do not attempt to block it, that only increases your pain and suffering.  Allow it, observe it, offer it love, and let it go!  That is all you need do.  As you allow you may well find yourselves “sobbing your hearts out,” but just sob, weep, and watch as it dissolves, bringing you a tremendous sense of freedom.  Keeping it buried has demanded enormous energy that has been draining you physically and emotionally.  When you let it go you will find yourselves feeling invigorated and far more alive, in fact filled with great enthusiasm for just being, with an enthusiasm that appears to have no source, no reason, no cause.  Well that, of course, is your natural state.

When you let Love arise into your conscious awareness and reside there in every moment your whole life experience changes.  Worry and anxiety fall away because there is nothing to empower them, and you realize that you need nothing in this moment of now!  There is only now, and that becomes dazzlingly apparent.  You will be amazed at the vastly increased energy that has become available to you.  Nothing that you need do to fulfill your human responsibilities will overwhelm you or exhaust you, your life will flow powerfully and enjoyably, and any challenges that arise will be dealt with lovingly, competently, and wisely, without either conflict or a sense of apprehension, because you will know that you are divinely taken care of in every moment.

Even those of you who are ill, no matter what form or expression your illness may take, will find increasing peace and acceptance building within you as awareness grows and intensifies that where you are in this moment is precisely where you have chosen to be, and that from here forward you are constantly and most lovingly supported as you head purposefully and powerfully toward your destination – your awakening into Love, into awareness of your Oneness with Source, of your eternal Presence within God.  Truly, unimaginable joy awaits you all.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday November 3rd

Here in the non-physical realms we watch over you with joy as humanity’s awakening process continues to unfold precisely as divinely planned.  Remember, ALL of you participated in that planning.  How could you not, being, as you eternally are, One with Source?  As we keep on reminding you there is only One.  You are One!  Embodied as humans that most definitely does not appear to be the case; but, as humans, you are effectively ONE dreaming many different scenarios.  Even if it appears that you are sharing a scenario – a dream experience – with others, each individual human experiences it in their own and utterly unique way.  As only you can experience your experience, and because you cannot experience another’s experience, those experiences reinforce the sense of separateness that remains the purpose of the environment you collectively constructed.

You are all eternally alive and well within God’s eternal state of Oneness and are always able to experience individuality in the same way that we, here in the spiritual realms – which are, of course, right here with you now – do when we talk to you from an identity such as “Jesus” or “Saul” or the “Divine Mother.”  Individual identities are useful states from which to offer meaningful and creative ideas from the limitless potential that is Source, Love, All That Exists.  Oneness and individuality co-exist, and for humans that seems like an incomprehensible paradox.

Don’t try to understand it, just accept it, and in that allowing you will find joy and peace as opposed to the confusion your mind experiences when it tries to understand.  Remember, the human mind is, by design and intent, severely limited.  Trust your intuition – the aspect of yourselves that is able very easily to bypass the state of human limitation – and allow it to guide you.  Basically it is your connection to the non-physical realms, Reality.  It is your “higher” Self, the real You, the Holy Spirit, God, talking to you in terms or expressions that make sense and are valid for you in your presently limited state of consciousness.  As we often tell you, and then remind you yet again, you are never alone!  To be alone is impossible!  To be alone would be to be separate, a state of “unbeingness” that cannot exist because there is only One.

To awaken from the dream is your purpose.  You chose to experience separation in an unreal environment, a place that you invented to play in, and you quickly became lost and forgot that it was unreal.  It is a little like when small children invent imaginary playmates or monsters and become so caught up playingwith them in their unreal dramas that they lose contact with their human environment – adults often tell them to stop day-dreaming and come to lunch!  Then they wake up because there is ice-cream for dessert!

When humanity wakes up the dessert will be far more wondrous than ice-cream!

You are in the process of awakening, and that process can be neither terminated nor brought to a halt.  Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken, and this age is the one in which awakening will manifest.  Your task, as ones who know that it is to happen, is just to hold the intent for it, and also hold the intent to be only loving, whatever situations arise, because that is what is bringing your awakening into blossom.

You chose, eons ago, to experience separation, and so you entered that unreal environment.  To continue with the analogy of small children: “you are now being called to lunch!”  And what a lunch it will be!

So, relax . . . Allow your knowingness, your God-consciousness to awaken you into Reality.  That is all that you need do – allow.  The Oneness that is God, that is Source, that is YOU, has chosen to awaken.  The human collective, all who have ever had human lives, and all those presently incarnate, has made the collective decision to awaken.  That choice, that decision was never in doubt, because it was made in the instant that you fell asleep in the illusion and constructed it in all its details, one of which is time.  It seems that eons have passed since the “Big Bang,” the moment when the universe of which you are humanly aware came into being, but truly it was but a very short moment ago.  When you awaken that will be instantly apparent as you realize that you never left your divine Home at One with God.

Time is a scourge when you are suffering or in pain as it seems endless, and it is also a scourge when you are in joy because it seems to last but a moment.  What an insane environment you constructed to experience the impossible – separation from your divine Source – and how you much you have suffered as you chose to believe that it was real, and that it contained and limited you.  But the choice to believe it is real need not be maintained, you can change your mind any time you choose.  However, within your human forms that belief in the reality of the physical world in which you live embodied is very firmly ingrained.

The awakening process is a growing realization that what you see, sense, feel, and generally experience as humans is but an infinitesimal aspect of the creative potential that the limited minds in which you have encased yourselves over the eons are capable.  Yes, your severely limited human minds have enormous creative potential.  However, you have chosen to hide that potential from yourselves behind fiercely limiting beliefs!  Let go of those beliefs, they are like fine veils blowing gently in the breeze that hide Reality from you, although allowing brief glimpses when the wind gusts.  Those gusts have ensured that you have never been completely enshrouded in the unawareness that your human bodies impose.

You are far, far more than your human bodies, and these glimpses beyond the limitations that they occasionally appear to permit are divine wake up calls.  In truth you can simply blow those veils away and awaken, but, because you have become so accustomed to the limitations that they impose, it frightens you to think that there is far, far more to Reality than you have been aware of, more that you could have engaged with and enjoyed.  You feel undeserving, perhaps even ashamed in your unawareness, your ignorance.

So the mindset was developed that suggested that to look beyond the veil, to attempt to view and experience the wonders beyond it was sinful, that to do so would make God angry and cause Him to judge you unworthy, and even condemn you to eternal suffering in hell.  In your fear you needed an even greater fear to keep you enclosed, to maintain a state of fearfulness that would most strongly discourage any desire to look beyond the limits that were restricting you from knowing God, the divine Source from which you had never, and could never be separated.

That desire to know God was always with you, it was an indication of your true nature, a reminder that there is a divine Reality, Heaven, of which each of you are essential and inseparable aspects.  But you, in your fearfulness, convinced yourselves that it was an unworthy desire, and that to attempt to satisfy it was sinful.

God’s Will for you is eternal and uninterrupted bliss, but because of the intensity of the unreal reality that you had managed to build for the purpose of experiencing separation, you then convinced yourselves that either God, your Source, was unreal, or that you were utterly and completely unworthy of attempting to approach Him, let alone imagine being One with Him.

Now, those windy gusts are getting stronger, and more and more of you are getting glimpses of Reality and talking to one another about them, instead of fearfully denying those glimpses in the belief that you were either becoming insane, or were sinning by experiencing them.  The illusion is insane, you are not!  That is why you are waking up.  To remain asleep is what is insane, and none of you are insane.  How could you, as the divine beings that you are, be insane.  To think or imagine that is what is insane.

As you have grown in awareness of the truth that there is only God, Reality, you have become increasingly aware of the insanity of the environment in which you have spent so many human lifetimes, and that awareness helps you to view those still deeply asleep with compassion and love.  That realization makes it much easier for you to let go of all judgment, because you now know that all is indeed well, that there is nothing to fear, and that you are all waking up.  What could be more uplifting or inspiring than knowing that?

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday October 30th

Humanity’s awakening process is further intensifying, as you may well have noticed.  The need to awaken is emerging into the collective human awareness as the pain and suffering of the illusion, the dream or nightmare in which it seems you presently have your existence, becomes increasingly unacceptable.  Violent and frequent conflicts and disagreements at every level of society in every nation and culture are leading to exhaustion and a deep seated desire for peace.  Those who have been in control for so long are in disarray as the power they thought they had and owned dissolves leaving them confused and terrified.

The nightmare that so many on Earth have been experiencing is drawing to a close as an era of peace, harmony, and creative cooperation flows in to replace it.  It will be a new and gentle era, very different from the one to which you have for so long been accustomed, as people come together to join in love and completely change the way society has been interacting for eons.  Housing the homeless and feeding the hungry is the first priority, then, all across the planet, work will commence to repair the damage that large international corporations have done by mining, drilling, logging, dumping toxic wastes, and by industrial scale farming using utterly inappropriate pesticides and fertilizers.

Humanity is ready for change!  And massive changes are occurring that will completely alter the way humans interact with one another and with the planet, your earthly home.  Your true nature is Love, you know that, but you chose collectively to hide your true nature from yourselves in order to play the game of separation in the illusion, but the many games you could choose from were only possible if you actively and very effectively forgot who you were.  You made that choice, and then renewed it each time you chose to incarnate as a human on your beautiful planet.

Having forgotten who you were, you became alarmed – many of you today have memory problems as humans and find this at the least unsettling and, sometimes, even terrifying – and feared for your very survival.  You developed an ego to advise and protect you from the dangers you imagined surrounded you and programed it to be fearful and mistrustful of others and of the world in general.  And this general lack of trust led to secrecy, betrayal and conflict, conditions that are now endemic throughout the human collective, and to most the states of constant caution that have arisen as a direct result seem wise and sensible when you live in such an apparently dangerous environment.

However, the dangers of your environment are but scenarios that you invented to make your games interesting, and you can remove them at any time you choose to do so.  You are all beings of enormous power, in fact in the terms of your limited human environment, your powers, were you aware of them, would seem infinite.  You change the environment in which you experience life and you change the experiences presented to you by the intent that you hold.  Your intent is what you generally think about or dwell upon, but frequently it is at a level below your conscious human awareness because it is so constant and unchanging, mostly guided by an underlying sense of fear.  It is a little like the electricity that flows in your homes and powers the appliances, you are generally unaware of it – although you use it almost constantly – until it fails.

You have forgotten how powerful you are!  That amnesia is an aspect of the illusion that is essential to its seeming reality.  If you remembered who you are and how powerful you are the illusion would just dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being.  Humanity’s awakening process is a process of remembering who you are, and signs of that awakening surround you even though many still choose not to see them.

The illusion has become very familiar, it appears to be your natural home.  The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat are all essential aspects of it that enable you to live embodied as form within it, as a human being.  But you are so very much more than the human form with which you have temporarily identified.  In human terms, unimaginably more!  You have become thoroughly accustomed to smallness.  You see yourselves as practically insignificant in the larger scheme of things, i.e. in relation to the universe in which you are presently experiencing life, and that too causes you to be fearful.  But that is an unreal environment which you chose to construct and inhabit!

Finding yourselves so small and limited you imagined an ego, alsowith very limited intelligence,to be your competent protector, and gave it power over you at the intention center of your mind so that it could respond instantly to threats and dangers, thus keeping you safe.  Because its abilities are extremely limited it frequently flees into fear and then reacts inappropriately to what are truly quite unreal threats, and conflicts result.

You are not your ego!  Your ego is like an automatic guidance system that maintains direction as you follow your human life path and prevents you from colliding with objects in your path, thus freeing you for creative thought and allowing you to open your heart to engage with the Love field in which you have your eternal existence.  However, your ego keeps on distracting you from the peace within by calling to mind anything that will disturb that sense of peace.  When you are at peace your ego feels abandoned, and it will do absolutely anything to get your attention.  Whenever you feel fear, anger, judgment, or anxiety it is your ego that is controlling your mind and demanding your undivided attention.

Whenever you become aware of this, take a very deep breath and remind yourself that you are a beloved child of God, forever safe in His divine embrace, and make the intent to open your heart and invite God’s Love to fill it.  Doing just this allows the abundance of divine Love to pour into your heart and bring you peace.  Until doing that becomes automatic you will have to keep remaking that intent in moments of stress as your ego attempts to keep you fearful by drawing you out of the peace that dwells always within you.  And as you remake that intent remind yourselves that you are divine beings of enormous power who need fear nothing!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday October 14th

The Oneness that is All that exists is surfacing into the daily consciousness of millions of humans as the awakening process intensifies and accelerates.  For many it is both uplifting and unsettling, because it is a totally new and unexpected experience and they have no conceptual context into which it fits.  And of course, many have no one with whom they can discuss it.  At least they think that they have no one with whom they can discuss it.  But, because in fact it is happening to so many now, if they chose to talk about it they would find many others also wishing to find someone with whom they could address these new experiences.

Choose to talk about this with strangers, you will be pleasantly surprised at the encouraging responses that you receive.

ALL of humanity is involved and therefore every human is an essential part of the awakening process, obviously!  Talk about it, and make new friends with whom you can share your collective experiences and further intensify the process.  That is why you are incarnate at this point in humanity’s wondrous spiritual evolution.  The divine plan is on schedule, naturally, and every single human is part of it, because it is the divine plan for humanity.  No one is left out or excluded.  However, because the construction of the illusion was so skillfully established, your individual sense of separation is deeply ingrained and encourages you to think and believe that you are completely different from all other humans.

In a way, of course, you are because you each have your own perfectly tailored path to follow, and your own creative potential to develop.  Nevertheless, you are also One with each other, and that sense of being different just feeds your fears because you all want to “belong,” and if you believe you are different, separate, then to belong is impossible.  You join groups of like-minded people to obtain a meaningful sense of identity, but it does not work because the underlying sense of being different remains.  And you can see very clearly that bodies are separate from each other.  But at the quantum level, from which all aspects of the illusion are produced, your physicists have realized that there is truly no separation, absolutely everything is interconnected at the deepest levels of form.

So, you are never alone.  To be alone is impossible because you are always One with God and through Him with all of creation.  When you feel alone, abandoned, frightened, go within to that individual altar you each possess on which the Flame of God’s divine Love for you burns eternally, and intend to open yourselves to feel that Love embracing you.  It is always with you because you are eternally One with God, utterly inseparable from Him, and God awaits your invitation with infinite patience because He loves you as only He can, infinitely and eternally.

Love is your nature, It is what you are, there is only Love, which is limitless, without edges or boundaries of any kind, and you are eternally and lovingly held within It’s divine embrace.  Free will allows you to deny and ignore Reality for as long as you choose to do so because Love never forces or imposes, It always awaits your invitation and then responds to that invitation instantly and with utmost joy.

Part of the reason that you appear unable to feel God’s Love for you is because of your ingrained human beliefs – I am unworthy, I am a bad sinner, I am so insignificant that God would never even be aware of me, I am only a physical body in a physical reality outside of which there is nothing but darkness and death.  And none of these beliefs has any validity.  You, each and every one of you (even your worst enemies) are divine creations infinitely loved by God.  The thought of enemies is a concept developed within the illusion and is meaningless.  Because there is only Oneness then to have enemies is to be an enemy to yourself, and that concept is without doubt utterly insane.

However, these ingrained beliefs lead you to erect emotional and psychological barriers as defenses against the pain of rejection which you expect to experience, and therefore you block or lock out the infinite Love that surrounds and envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence.  Love is Life!  And you attempt to shut It out through fear of rejection.  When you find the courage to open to Love and allow It in you will feel It.  Truly there is nothing to fear, open yourselves to me, to Mother Mary, to your favorite Saint or Angel, or God Himself, the Source of all existence, and delight in the intense joy that will fill you when you do so.

I repeat, there is only Love, there is nothing else, and all your fears and anxieties are baseless.  Yes, of course your bodies get to suffer the pain of illness or accident, but you are not your bodies, they are but vehicles of limitation that you, as members of the human collective, invented and brought forth so that you could enter into them and experience extreme limitation.  Choose to discard those limitations and soar into the infinite field of Love that is your true and everlasting nature.  When you do that the importance of your bodies will decline, and you will find that you can have a sense of exquisite joy that is beyond all bodily sensation.  And that will instill within you an enormous sense of freedom, as you finally know that all that you are is God expressing Himself through your unique and creative form until you choose to lay it down and return to Oneness.

There is not one among you who does not choose the moment of transition, the moment when you lay down your body to return to the spiritual realms.  And when you do, you will realize that you had been embodied for but an instant, that the experience of a long and possibly painful human life was but part of the illusion, part of the game you chose to play and which you have now chosen to bring to a close.

Your heavenly Home patiently awaits your decision to return to the state of glory in which you were created.  And, at the appropriate moment, the moment you chose before you incarnated, you will make that choice and decision, and find yourself once more in peaceful and joyful Union with Source.

Your loving brother, Jesus.