Jesus Audio Blog for Thanksgiving
The world is awash with disasters and catastrophes, or so it seems. Yes, the mainstream corporate owned and controlled media focus their undivided attention on the bad news – wars, suffering, environmental damage, and some corporate malfeasance – because that is the task their masters have set them with the intent of raising the levels of fear among ordinary citizens. And they are doing a good job. But their real intent is to distract you from the good news, the Real news – that those vast corrupt organizations are collapsing under the weight of the enormous unsupportable debt that they have taken on in order to establish an international camarilla to control your whole world, and the resultant in-fighting now going on between their members, as they fight for survival. This kind of authoritarian despotism has been attempted many times over the eons as clever, devious, and egoically driven individuals have sought ultimate power.

They have always failed to achieve their aims; suppression of others by force of arms is by its very nature self-defeating because it requires secrecy and betrayal in its operations, and those betrayed always fight back, leading to the collapse of these erstwhile dictatorships.

Love is the only real power, and it cannot ever be defeated. God is Love. Every sentient being is One with God, therefore there is only Love. Anything else is illusory and can only fail. It may appear to work, to be effective, for a time, then it will inevitably collapse and fail.

Those presently trying so desperately to reduce you to a state of permanent fear are themselves terrified as they observe their power, power they believe is their inalienable right, slipping away, slipping from their grasp, inescapably and predictably, like water through their fingers. And in their terror they are instigating activities of a most nefarious nature to try and convince you, the population of the world, to seek help from them as they try yet again to present themselves as the only ones who can protect you from the ongoing wars of terror that they have instigated, and from their inevitable consequences.

However, the vast majority of you no longer believe or support them, having made the collective decision to awaken; consequently their power structures will not survive, and all their nefarious and criminal activities will be fully exposed. When this occurs it is essential that these miscreants are treated fairly so that their trials do not degenerate into a war of vengeance against them and all who can in any way be linked to them as supporters or beneficiaries of their activities. That would only restart the whole sequence once again.

Humanity has been doing just that for far too long and needs to move off or away from the “Möbius strip” of self-empowering and self-centered activities, followed by their inevitable consequences, and the resultant harsh judgments that always leads back to the point of origination, where it all starts over again. As the well known aphorism says “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Nevertheless, some of those misguided ones may well need to be restrained so that they can inflict no further damage on society. Only Love and the guidance that engaging with It provides will enable fair treatment of those miscreants to occur, finally allowing humanity to awaken. Bitterness, hatred, and resentment directed against those who have wronged you only draws you back into the horror of the illusion.

Great changes are happening right now within your illusory world and within the corrupt administrations that have for so long ruled you – political, national, international, financial, business, religious, and industrial – and these changes are bringing about their collapse. The initial changes have been the disclosure of many corrupt and damaging activities in which they have been engaged, activities that they have kept secret and hidden. With those disclosures trust in their honesty, previously assumed, has been destroyed. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships from personal to international, and once it has been destroyed it can only be restored with great difficulty.

The Tsunami of Love is leading you all towards your inevitable awakening, and your daily setting of loving intentions takes full advantage of its most wondrous energy to share and extend Love to every place where darkness prevails. Do not miss out on your daily meditations and moments of peaceful relaxation or reflection, because you chose to be on Earth at this time to assist in humanity’s awakening, and it is by doing just this – nothing more is asked of you – that the hearts of humanity are encouraged to open to the field of Love enveloping them. The Love you share collectively – everything you do you do collectively because all are one – is the collective will to awaken, and so it has to be shared to be effective.

You share it by choosing to take time out within your holy inner sanctuary and allowing God’s Love to flow through you most abundantly. Do not for a moment think that because you experience none or very little sensation of this outflowing energy that it is not flowing. I assure you that it is flowing constantly, and that its effects are beyond your wildest dreams. When you awaken all will be revealed, and you will be astounded to see how effective the loving intentions of each one of you has been. You can only change yourself, as you well know, but, since all are One, changing yourselves changes all. What you need to understand is that attempting to change another individual human does not work, while changing yourselves changes everyone.

You are divine beings of inordinate power which you put into effect every time you make a loving intent. Keep making those loving intents and awaken humanity.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday November 21st
We are all one. This is the message that needs to be hammered home, again and again, because you keep forgetting this as your bodies almost constantly draw your awareness to their endless individual needs and demand your undivided attention. They are only vehicles that you chose to inhabit temporarily while undergoing an Earth experience. They do require some attention because they have needs, but they have seemingly convinced you that unless you attend to them in every moment, checking in with them incessantly to see how they feel, that they will become very sick and break down. They have even convinced some of you that you are bodies. I assure you that you are not!

You have bodies to enable you to follow the life paths you chose before incarnating, and they provide you with the physical means to follow that path. But your main purpose on Earth is to evolve spiritually. You always have been and always will be spiritual beings, and you are on Earth to raise the vibratory levels of your bodies to enable them to align with spirit. When you achieve this aim you will be able to move around in either the physical or non-physical realms with or without your bodily forms. You will be able to assume or dismiss your human form at will to suit the occasion.

On Earth or in some other physical environment it may suit you to “wear” your bodies as you enjoy the company of others, enjoy food, enjoy physical activities, or just smell the roses, while you activate an experience of individuality. In the spiritual realms you will be able to merge totally with other beings in many varied creative and completely harmonious cooperative ventures – for example making music as a choir or as an orchestra. The possibilities that will open up for you as you evolve and continue to raise the energy field frequencies of your physical forms to resonate with ever higher levels of spiritual awareness are endless, infinite, and always joy-filled. What lies ahead for you, when you awaken from the illusory dream that has brought you so much disappointment, pain, and suffering, is breath-taking in the prospects for creative and stimulating adventures that it will offer you.

God’s divine and eternal creation is your Home. It is where you belong, it is where you are always present in infinite happiness and contentment. You have momentarily lost your awareness of that wondrous state, as you play within the boundaries delineated by the limits and restrictions which the illusion imposes upon you, but when you awaken all boundaries and restrictions will be gone. There never were any, they are but figments of your collective imagination, and many on Earth now are in the process of dissolving those unreal barriers to your ever-present awareness of infinite joy.

The lives you are presently leading as humans on Earth are very important. Every single human on Earth at any time in Earth’s history is there by their own choice in which they have been guided by the wisdom of their spiritual mentors. As I have told you so often, as have many others, you are never alone! To be alone is impossible because all are One with God. Your human life is a marvelous learning opportunity – not lightly entered into – during which at all times you have access to your spiritual guides and mentors, beings who love you dearly and have been watching over you throughout your human existence. Do not hesitate to call on them at any time because they are always available and ready to respond instantly to your calls.

As the awakening process that humanity is undergoing continues to intensify there will be periods when you feel lost, anxious, even threatened, so when that happens, call for assistance immediately. Do not judge such feelings as signs of weakness that you need to deal with unaided, by yourselves alone. By yourselves alone you can do nothing, as the Bible has told you, but with God all things are possible. That is the truth because you are one with God, you are never alone, therefore to do something alone is impossible.

However, you can refuse to acknowledge the presence of those in the spiritual realms who are with you constantly to assist you, and seemingly go it alone as you rely on your loud and vociferous egos to guide you. But they are all driven by fear, always. Is not all the advertising material offered by the media constantly drawing your attention to the dire consequences to be expected if you do not follow the “guidance and advice” that their so-called experts would have you believe is essential for your well-being? You know that their sole motives are to persuade you to buy stuff so that they can make a profit. But, being inundated by the fear-driven agendas of the media, it is very easy for you to get drawn more deeply into the illusion where it is very difficult for you to quieten your minds and your egos and listen to the spiritual guidance that is always available.

Therefore, please, set aside time daily to go within to your holy sanctuary where the Light of God’s Love burns perpetually. Just sit quietly and allow the racing thoughts flowing through your mind to fall away by simply not engaging with them. It does take practise and persistence on your part, but I assure you that you will find it is well worth the effort. When you persist it strengthens your intent to hear the voice for God which is always with you, and it is your persistent intent to hear that will quieten and subdue your egos sufficiently for you to hear.

Those of you who read and resonate with any of the many uplifting and inspiring channeled messages that are published on the worldwide web are doing the tasks you incarnated to do, because by reading these messages you strengthen your own resolve to be loving at all times. However, if for some reason you fall away from and neglect your spiritual practices, you do tend to get dragged down into into the fear and anxiety that is endemic within the illusion, and you become far less effective in spreading the Love that you are on Earth to share and extend.

Feelings or waves of fear and anxiety, when acknowledged instead of being denied and buried under an egoic bravura, can serve as reminders that you need to seek assistance from your guides. Their assistance will help clear the clogged lines of communication between you and your mentors in the spiritual realms. Do not allow your egos to convince you that calling on those in the spiritual realms is a pointless waste of time and effort because they never hear you or answer you. You are always heard, and you are always answered!

Go within and make your holy personal space a refuge in which you can listen to your guides and be mightily refreshed and invigorated by their loving energy fields which will meld with yours. Then you will find that you do have the strength, the energy, and the motivation to demonstrate love in action once more, as you help to bring humanity’s awakening process to its glorious conclusion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday November 15th
We are all one, there is no separation. In fact separation is a state of confusion in which humans see themselves as lost, or abandoned by God, and that is terrifying for them because there is only God, Love, Source, and when It can no longer be felt or experienced terror results. To experience life, consciousness, as separated from the One – even though it is but a momentary idea or concept of a state that could never occur – causes a shutting down of awareness because, if it could occur, it would be a cessation of life, of existence. Within the illusion a false sense of life, a life that will end, has replaced awareness of Reality, and that is separation, but it is illusory.

So, to reconfirm most positively for you, there is only Reality, eternal existence in the Presence of God. It is inescapable and unavoidable because there is absolutely nowhere else. Yes, you have free will, and you can and do use your creative abilities to build enormously unsettling dreams to furnish the illusory environment that you invented and built. But the illusion is only present for you while you sleep, that is as you play the game of hiding from Reality in an apparent absence of Love. But you are enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your existence, and even as you choose to believe in the illusion, thus maintaining it, you are never for even an instant separated from your Source.

You have given considerable power to your human or egoic minds, and you use your human brains, with their severely restricted abilities, to address the task of understanding and making sense of the illusion. It does seem that through the eons you have made considerable progress, as you compare tribal life from long ago with your advanced modern technological skills and abilities. But dreams are always dreams, ephemeral and short-lived, like civilizations that have come and gone before your own, some apparently leaving no discernible traces. However, they can seem extremely long-lasting.

Your present understanding is that your universe, which seems infinitely vast, has been in existence for approximately 13.7 billion years since it created itself out of nothing. And that seems like an extremely long time, but modern physics has now realized that the concept of time is illusory! 13.7 billion years is but the blink of an eye! But, when you are in pain or suffering, minutes can seem like eternity.

It really is time that you awakened. And you are in the process of doing just that. The man-made catastrophes that are causing so much damage and suffering all across the world are unacceptable to the vast majority of you, and the collective decision has been made to cease maintaining the illusion and to awaken into the eternal joy of Reality.

In the meantime it does seem that things are getting far worse on the planet as modern technology enables you to do much more damage in a much shorter period of time; but it also allows you to become aware of what is occurring far more rapidly. Time is accelerating, and therefore the effects of both your activities and your intentions are delivered with increasing rapidity. On-line shopping is a demonstration of this, and you can no doubt infer from this what effect it is having in the armaments and intelligence industries!

However, do not alarm yourselves with thoughts of that nature because Love is most effectively dissolving all unloving intents and permeating the hearts of even the most damaged souls among you. To hold the intent to be loving in every moment is now, in this present age – the New Age – more powerful and effective than ever before, and because increasing numbers of you are daily setting that intention as you awake in the morning, the effects can be seen all across the planet.

Compassion is widespread as more and more people seek to assist those in need wherever they may be, it is like a healing balm that spreads comfort, peace, and unconditional acceptance to all – Love in fact. All are suffering, all are in need, from the most violently abused to the most violently abusive, because that is the nature of the illusion, and the Tsunami of Love recognizes this and is now calming and eliminating the waves of violence that have been endemic on Earth for so long.

Please do not focus too much of your attention on the news of disasters and calamities with which the mainstream media floods the airwaves. Instead seek the Good News. There is an enormous amount of it as the intensity of the Tsunami of Love sweeping across and enveloping the planet brings healing, forgiveness, and compassion in unprecedented abundance to all who open themselves to it. And the energy fields of those holding that intent are expanding as well, so that there is no one on Earth who remains unaffected by the Tsunami of Love, It is all-pervasive, It is instilled in every human heart and no human heart is capable of resisting It, denying It, or blocking It, because, of course, there is no separation!

You are on Earth at this moment to engage with Love and to share and extend Love unconditionally with everyone with whom you interact in any way at all. You know this, and you are doing it magnificently. You are doing the work of awakening humanity because you chose to do so, and for that you are mightily honored. Keep up the good work, complete your assignments, and return to full consciousness, to full awareness of God, of Reality, and savor the joy that awaits your homecoming.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday November 1st
Humanity’s journey towards a collective awakening is moving perfectly along, just as divinely planned. The Tsunami of Love is irresistible, irrepressible, and utterly insistent. It is being heard, felt, embraced, and welcomed into millions of hearts all across the world. The mainstream media may appear to be getting ever more raucous as it continues in its attempts to instill fear with its stories on calamities and catastrophes, but in truth the Tsunami of Love is changing everything as more and more of you welcome it into your hearts and daily set the intention to be only loving, whatever may arise.

You can only change yourself, as you well know, but because so many of you are now doing just that every day the effects are miraculous. The power of Love is infinite, but because you have free will you can refuse to engage with It. Over the eons you have denied It, engaged with It, denied It, and engaged with It innumerable times, and finally, in this present age, you have collectively chosen to engage fully with It as you let go of the doubts and fears that have been endemic. There is now no way that you can backslide, the tipping point where that was still a possibility is long past, only humanity’s long-sought awakening is now possible because it is the only possibility. Anything else, any other apparent possibility is utterly illusory! And you are releasing your grip on the illusion because you have realized that you do not need it, that it is not serving you.

Love IS All That Exists. God is THE field of Love, the field of divine energy in which all that He creates has its eternal existence, without break or interruption. There is nowhere else, and there is absolutely no need for anywhere else because no one needs or could ever possibly need anything that He has not already provided. Separation, the illusion, was an attempt to live without God, and neither separation nor living without God are remotely possible. So all that is required of humanity, of all of God’s children, is that they awaken from the dream or nightmare that has apparently caused them so much suffering; and that awakening is inevitable.

Your beingness, your nature, what you are, is Love which is inextricably and eternally connected to your Source. That truth alone is all that you need to know, remember, and focus upon. Doing so will bring you only joy. You were created to experience eternal joy, and that truly is the only experience available. Experiences other than that are unreal, illusory, and will pass away, dissolving without a trace as you awaken.

Before you awaken fully into that state you will move into a most amazing state of peace, happiness, and contentment where you will find yourselves totally safe, totally unthreatened, and surrounded by innumerable loved ones with whom you will delight in reacquainting yourselves. There will be a celebration of LIFE, of being, of existence that at present you cannot possibly imagine, because it will be unlimited, whereas your present state is severely limiting by your choice to be separate and limited.

Within the illusion all is temporary, momentary, in no way at all is it lasting. Every pleasure that you experience there passes away quite rapidly, leaving you yearning for more. Suffering also passes quite rapidly, but, because of choices you have made, it can, when very intense, appear endless. And so you yearn, everyone of you truly yearns for a return to God and the joy of being One with Him, because the illusion, apart from being unreal, is so utterly unsatisfactory an environment for a child of God to inhabit.

What God offers you in every moment cannot be spoken of meaningfully, its meaning has to be lived fully consciously and constantly. The illusion hides that state from you and presents you instead with something totally inadequate. The fact that it does that is useful because it disables any sense of lasting satisfaction in anything you do. Frequently you may imagine an event, an achievement, a meeting, or even a gift that could satisfy all your deepest longings, but when it occurs it never delivers the joy for which you had hoped, it is always lacking, and so you are forever seeking more.

More is what God offers you. Unimaginably more. More that will satisfy you utterly and completely for all eternity. Deep within yourselves you know this, and so you keep looking, seeking, for the magic or miracle that will make your dreams come true. Well that constant seeking has brought you to this point in your awakening process, the point from which only motion towards is now possible.

When you chose separation, your Father, in His infinite Love and Wisdom, provided you with the return path Home, an unbreakable connection to Him, a faint memory that could never be lost, but only temporarily hidden under the thin veil that is the illusion. And that memory meant that you could never be satisfied while you remained asleep and dreaming the illusion.

Always you have sought more than the illusion could provide, demanded more than the illusion could render, but due to confusion, for dreams are by their very nature confusing, you spent eons attempting to satisfy your desires from the enticements and enchantments that the illusion appeared to offer you – position, power, wealth, accolades – but all of them have failed you, miserably. And it is that constant dissatisfaction or failure to achieve fully what your hearts desired that caused you finally to turn within.

That turning within is indeed a triumph, because it has shown you that all that you seek, all that you could ever desire can only be found within you. Yes, many of you have intense doubts about that, but outside of yourselves there is no hope because that is the illusion. Reality is within you. It does need persistence and resilience on your part to remove the veil that hides It from you, but you have all had moments when you have sensed It, and you will not now cease your search until you arrive Home.

Your arrival, therefore, is your divine destiny, it can be delayed, but it cannot be avoided, so rejoice in the knowledge that your salvation, your return home to unconditional Love and acceptance is a divine promise that will be honored, because God’s promises are always honored. Let go of any remaining ideas of doubt and fear that are attempting to persuade you to resist Love, suggesting to you that in this insane world Love cannot work. Those ideas are the insanity, only Love works, and you do know that!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday October 25th
You, every sentient life form, are eternally One with God. There is no separation, even though your everyday experience enclosed within human bodies strongly indicates the opposite. There is only God, as we in the spiritual realms keep on reminding you, as we keep on drawing your attention to this unalterable truth, and He is our divine Source, Who is Love, the energy field in which all that exists is eternally present. What you experience as humans are dreams and nightmares, but due to your choice to awaken you are moving away from nightmares towards pleasant dreams, and it is from these that you will awaken into the bliss that God’s eternal Presence constantly provides.

There is nowhere apart from the Presence of God. You just chose to imagine an utterly different form of existence, an impossible state in which Love was lacking. Therefore you closed your minds to the Love that envelops and embraces you in every moment by drawing an imaginary cloak or veil over your awareness, much as a small child on putting its hands in front of its face believes that all that it could see has now been removed.

Your awakening is a withdrawing of your “collective hands” from in front of your faces to let in the Light that is eternally present. You have already decided, collectively, to do that, and so your awakening is assured. You have to remember that you are free. That means that God will not interfere with or override any choices that you make, even if those choices bring you intense suffering. That may sound as though He does not care about your well-being, but of course your well-being has been assured and taken care of since the moment of your creation.

As you know so well, anything that is not in total alignment with Love is unreal. However, when you chose to experience separation from Love by entering into the illusion, you closed your awareness and experienced what appeared to be abandonment in a strange and frequently hostile environment. It was an environment in which there were a multitude of life forms some of which threatened and attacked you, sometimes causing you great pain as they killed you. It was indeed a terrifying place in which you found yourselves. Sometimes you formed groups for mutual support and protection, and when you felt strong enough you would attack other groups to steal from them – their land, their food, their possessions – or to totally subjugate them. And as your history shows you that is still occurring.

Nevertheless, you have made the collective decision to awaken, and the signs of that momentous decision can be seen all across the world as ever increasing numbers of you realize that the old ways do not work, never have worked, and that the only way forwards is by being the Love and the Peace that you want to see in the world. You cannot make others loving and peaceful however forcefully you attempt to do so – free will not only operates between you and God, but also between each one of you. It is a divine gift that each and every one of you possess, and although you can intimidate and subjugate another by force of arms, you cannot override their free will.

Peace can only occur when all cooperate in loving harmony to achieve the most favorable results for all involved. That realization has now dawned on so many who are now living it that it will come to pass. There is no one on Earth who does not want a loving and peaceful life.

Before now the fear of pain and suffering that others might inflict on you – barbarians or savages, and in the present age, terrorists – led you to build defenses and armaments to protect yourselves. But because your distrust of one another was so great, you then used your weapons for preemptive strikes to destroy or subjugate the others before they did it to you.

Your increasing general awareness that this can never work is leading you forwards towards a moment when you all, one by one as individuals, will formally resolve never again to take up arms against anyone for any reason. At present that idea still seems insane to many because history has also shown you that when groups did that they were inevitably overrun by those who would steal their territory and subjugate them.

However, the Tsunami of Love that envelops and embraces the planet is changing that. Many who have fought in wars, and many who are doing so presently are becoming acutely aware of the absolute insanity of believing that by destroying others peace can be established on Earth! You have never had peace on Earth. But now it is to come about.

Those who live in fear, and there are many of them, will be most vociferously opposed to any laying down of arms, but the vast majority on the planet truly want just that to happen. Consequently most of the fearful ones will be overwhelmed by the Love that is invading their personal energy fields from so many directions and they will release their emotional hold on fear. Those who choose to hold on to their fears may well become even louder in their objections, producing all kinds of unloving and violent arguments to persuade you that to go down the path of Love is insane and will be catastrophic for humanity.

I can assure you that this will not be the case. You are, each and everyone of you, inseparable aspects of the divine energy field of Love in which all exists. Love is your nature and It will be seen and experienced, personally. Those who, despite all the Love invading their individual energy fields, continue their resistance will find themselves in an environment that suits their beliefs and fears until they too are ready to accept the Love that is offered to them ceaselessly in every moment of their lives. No one has been abandoned, and no on will remain forever asleep.

Humanity is to awaken. It is God’s Will, and the will of humanity that you do so, and as you can see, if you pay attention and choose to see, the affects of the Tsunami of Love are evident all across the world dissolving barriers and enmities everywhere. So, keep holding your Light on high and bring it on!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday October 20th 2015
Me: Good evening Dear Jesus. Thank you very much for your last message, what do you have for me tonight?

Jesus: And a very good evening to you as well, John. Change is in the air, can’t you feel it?

Me: I’m not very good at feeling! So, I’m hopeful, because of what others are saying, and I have a sense that “all manner of things will be well.” And then I read the mainstream media and learn about all the suffering – floods and mudslides in the Philippines, destruction of homes and families in Syria, thousands of migrants making their way to Europe in desperation – on and on. I send love, I think I intend, but it all seems so hopeless as those “in charge” seem set on military responses to these ongoing “problems,” problems from which they are very securely separated! Yes, they talk of humanitarian responses, but they only seem to be able to conceive of military might to contain and control the frightful situations for which it would seem they are largely responsible. And how many thousands of times has that been unsuccessfully tried? As the song goes “When will they ever learn?”

Jesus: Yes, the mainstream media reports are not encouraging. But underneath and behind the scenes much is happening that will bring essential changes for the benefit of all. Keep on intending to send love to all – not only to those who are suffering but also to sadistic and violent criminals and dictators – because all are being seriously influenced by the Tsunami of Love that has enveloped the planet since late in 2012, and the divine plan is for all awaken. God is not complete without even one of His children. There is not one that He does not Love infinitely and eternally. Some are just more confused and seemingly separated from His Love than most.

Seek the good news that the alternate media are reporting, there is a LOT of it! Then relax into your inner self, your own personal altar, tabernacle, or sanctuary, and be Love! That is your true nature, and if you intend to operate through It instead of through your ego your intentions are extraordinarily effective. Love is All, engage with It and change not only yourself, but also the world. Enormous numbers of you are doing that and it truly is extremely effective. KNOW that the intent of the collective has changed from fear and doubt to hope and optimism, and that that intent is strengthening in every moment. There is Light ahead, so focus your vision there as you move into It.

As I, and many others, keep telling you, you are not alone, abandoned, adrift in an ocean of danger and despair. You are just momentarily asleep and dreaming, sometimes horrific dreams, but, nevertheless, you are close to your inevitable awakening. The dream has lasted far longer than you intended when you chose to experience separation from our divine Source, and it is drawing to a close. Deep within yourselves, but mostly hidden from you because of your frequent choices to be unloving and self-centered, you know that the lives you are experiencing in the illusory world you built are unreal, despite the pain they have caused you. That pain, like time, like the illusion, is unreal, and when you awaken it will be as though it never happened . . . because, in truth, it never did!

You are all the divine and beloved children of God, created in Love for eternal joy, and nothing has or ever can change that because there is nowhere except the Presence of God, Heaven, your eternal Home, where you reside permanently and without interruption. When you awaken it will be as though you had never left, because you never have.

That is very hard for you to conceive of, let alone believe, as you wander, seemingly lost, within the intimidating and frightening maze that is the illusion that you built with such skill. You have incredible skills, you just used them rather unwisely when you built the illusion, but illusions, by their very nature, do not last. They fade away, and all that occurred within them is quickly forgotten, because what is unreal cannot be remembered for more than a very brief moment. You will barely have time to think “isn’t this amazing, and wasn’t that utterly insane, how could we have believed it was true?” as you awaken into Reality, and the joy and wonder with which It presents you, and all that was the illusion rapidly dissolves and is totally forgotten, because you do not need memories, especially ones like these, in the eternal now.

Go daily within, seek the peace that that holy place provides, make a point of rejoicing because you are soon (that unfortunate and much misunderstood word comes up yet again!) to awaken into the brilliant Light of God’s divine Presence and know It once more as your eternal Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday October 14th

Me: Good morning Dear Jesus. Thank you very much for your last message, what do you have for me today, as I do a quick clean of the kitchen in preparation for my son’s imminent arrival? And these last few days, in fact for the last week I have felt quite upbeat, cheerful, optimistic. I’m wondering if it is just because I’m getting out and about more, being more social, or if it indicates an opening of my heart and an increasing acceptance of life as it occurs as an indication of my increasing faith that I am on my path and therefore doing what I came to do. Because previously, although I receive and post our messages, I have felt that I’m a bit of a waste of space, a useless eater. That feeling has almost totally dissolved, and I can’t help wondering if it is but a momentary upliftment of spirit, or will it last. So many of the saints and mystics I have read about have had ongoing “dark nights of the soul” whereas I am truly blessed in not undergoing those kinds of deep depression. So maybe I’m just changing my attitude, my perception and seeing things differently as one of your lessons in ACIM (A Course in Miracles) suggests.

Jesus: Good morning John. A good visit with your son is indeed a treat for you which you will undoubtedly enjoy. And it has given you the motivation for some tidying up around both house and garden! As you well know I always have a message for you and for our friends, so relax a moment into listening mode, and then we can begin. And yes, your happier state of mind is as a result of your changing perceptions, and these improvements or upliftments will continue – there truly are no limits to happiness! Just keep intending and allowing your heart to open, and it most surely will, as are the hearts of so many others all across the world.

Enormous change is occurring in preparation for humanity’s awakening which is ongoing right now. Be uplifted, be inspired, and share the energies that arise as a result, they are all aspects of Love, your true and eternal nature. We are all One! And you are all finally accepting and agreeing to that truth which is why there is such joy in the spiritual realms where we can see so clearly the remarkable attitudinal changes that humanity is in the process of making with such loving intent.

All humans are spiritual beings, that is beings of pure energy, temporarily having a very limited life experience due to your choice to enclose yourselves in human bodily form. That body, while able to provide enjoyable sensations through its physical senses, is basically a shield that separates you from your true nature as beings of Light. While embodied you can choose to be unloving, uncaring, competitive, aggressive, self-seeking, and unaware of the feelings of others, or you can choose to be the opposite. The body hides your true nature from you, making it possible for you to make these kinds of choices. However, without it you can only be the fully sentient and conscious being that God created, a being of infinite Love.

God, Love, our Source is unaware of anything that is not in complete and unchanging alignment with Love, because there is nothing else to be aware of. God is All that exists and each sentient and conscious living entity is part of and eternally One with Him. There is nothing but God. The best way to conceive of that is to try and imagine Love as a field of infinite energy, far, far vaster than the enormous universe in which your tiny planet is located and on which each of you in your minuscule human bodies resides. You are, as One with God, the only Reality, VAST beyond your ability to conceive of, and you then chose to experience limitation by reducing yourselves so that you could fit into the extremely limited vehicles that are your human bodies. It is really no surprise that you frequently feel extremely frustrated with your apparent smallness and consequential insignificance!

To be as vast as God is, which you are because you are eternally One with Him, and to experience a life that is severely limited by your human form, and while seemingly unaware of your true nature, is an extremely confusing and most unsatisfactory state of affairs. You know that your human form is inadequate, and yet there appears to be no alternative. Most of you at some stage then start to look for the real meaning to your lives as you tell yourselves “There has to be a meaning, a much deeper and more realistic meaning than just struggling to stay alive.” And of course there is!

You are Godlike Beings, children of the divine Creator, created like unto Him – Vast, Powerful, and Majestic – so life as a human can never satisfy you. If separation from God was possible and had happened then your lives would be incredibly short and meaningless. But separation from the Source in which all existence resides is impossible and you are all, every single sentient being who has ever entered the illusion, perfect divine beings with infinite wisdom, infinite knowledge, and infinite creative ability because you are one with God who is Love in which All That Exists has its eternal existence. You can never be less than God Himself because when He created you He endowed you with all that He is.

That is a concept that is practically meaningless to you in your severely limited illusory state of existence as humans, in fact it appears insane.

So, REJOICE, because what you are experiencing is utterly unreal, and you are about to awaken into Reality and recognize yourselves once more as the eternal and divine beings that God, out of infinite Love, created you. Love is all-encompassing, unconditionally accepting and utterly inclusive of all because It is All! There is nowhere except God, Love, Reality, Heaven, Paradise – use whichever of those utterly inadequate words resonates most satisfactorily with you, or any other! – and each and every one of you presently on Earth, as well as all those who have preceded you or who will follow you, are eternally One with That. There are NO exceptions, so cease judging others as better or worse than, and understand that every sentient being is an absolutely essential part of God, no matter what it appears they are or may be doing as humans incarnate on Earth.

You truly have NO conception of the vastness of God, or of You, while you have chosen to limit yourselves to believing that the illusion in which you find yourselves is real. You have indeed built an extremely real seeming environment in which to experience life as separated humans competing constantly with one another for the goods, the benefits, and the necessities of human life. And I say to you “REJOICE,” because it is UNREAL. You will awaken because God is Love, as are all of you, and He could not and would not allow you to sleep indefinitely experiencing dreams and nightmares that terrify you.

It is His Joy and His Will to see you awake and sharing in Joy with Him in every moment – eternally fully conscious, eternally fully aware, eternally fully awake – because that is how He created you, and your apparent existence in your illusory world, with all its inevitable pain and suffering, is to be terminated as you waken into that state of infinite Joy!

You have free will, therefore you have complete freedom to construct and build as many illusory worlds or universes as you choose, but they will always remain unreal, illusory, because God, of Whom you are all inseparable parts, is the only Reality. Therefore you will awaken; your awakening is inevitable because it is impossible to remain asleep and dreaming for more than a brief moment.

When you awaken, and that moment is imminent, your Joy, along with God’s, will be infinite.

So, every day, please, enter your inner sanctuary, that holy of holies within each one of you where the flame of divine Love burns continuously, and refresh yourselves with the loving embrace that awaits you there. By doing that you move ever closer to awakening, and as you do the energy field of Love that you are expands and flows outwards to all others within the illusion bringing them also ever closer to awakening.

You are all One, utterly inseparable from one another or God, but you have forgotten this, and within the illusion that seems to be a weird concept, an insane idea that a few weirdos cling to because they are unable to cope with life and death in the “real world.” Well, the weirdos are those who are desperately clinging to that “real world” in which conflict, suffering, betrayal, and “death” are endemic and real!

As divine beings, eternally at One with God, but apparently living long and stressful lives alone as humans, you each do have, deep within you, an inner self or space – containing intimations of the Real You – where you have instant access to us in the spiritual realms. We watch over you constantly, and we constantly await any calls you may make to us – by any name you use to call on us – for assistance. We are always available, there is never a moment when you could call on us and not receive an immediate answer.

Unfortunately, by the time you have called on us, you have mostly decided what the answer is that you wish to hear and you have acted upon it, and so you frequently do not hear our response to your call, and believe yourselves to have been unheard. That is why practising listening as you meditate or sit silently in that inner space is so important.

You can hear us. Often you choose not to, because, having considered and judged the situation with which you need our assistance, you choose to follow a less wise course of action, and when the results are less than you had hoped for you decide that you are indeed on your own – separated, which is an absolute impossibility – and that seeking assistance from us is useless because we obviously have either not heard you, have chosen not to respond, have misunderstood you, or do not exist.

I assure you that we truly are with you in every moment, that you are never alone, abandoned, unseen, or unloved. When you experience those sensations it is because you have chosen to shut yourselves off from Love because you fear that you are unworthy of It. As children of God there is never a moment when you are unworthy of His infinite Love for you. Go within, ask for a Love squeeze, and let us show you how dearly loved you are! You need that reassurance, you are entitled to it, and we are here to give it to you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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