I have just listened to Rick Archer (the host) interviewing Richard Miller PhD who is a clinical psychologist, author, researcher, yogic scholar and spiritual teacher. He talks about “being” in a very helpful and inspiring way, and I strongly recommend finding the time to watch/listen.
Enjoy, John.

354. Richard Miller

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday July 16th
The illusion, your worldly environment built with the collective intent to experience separation, is collapsing! Humanity’s spiritual awakening is causing it to fragment and shatter into myriad irreparable components. Vast numbers of you have seen through the veil that appears to separate you from your divine Source, and it is dissolving like morning mist as more and more of the fear-driven dishonesty and corruption within all of your human societies right across the world is exposed by whistle-blowers and courageous investigative journalists. The electronic connectedness that enables people all over the world to communicate almost instantaneously with each other is the solvent in which the illusion is so effectively and rapidly being dissolved.

Your modern technologies, when sanely and lovingly developed, are of invaluable assistance in your process of awakening, and each day further new ones are being developed and brought into the public domain. Change, on a scale never before seen in your illusory and conflict-driven world, is happening in every field of human endeavor, and as a result there is absolutely no one on Earth at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution who is completely unaware of what is happening. Yes, there are still many in positions of authority who choose not to see, who refuse to be aware that change on an unprecedented scale is occurring planet-wide.

Do not concern yourselves about these frightened ones who are attempting to maintain the status-quo, the old order, in which a few with wealth, influence, and power continue to believe that it is their inalienable right to control the world and enslave its inhabitants. That mind-set or belief system, which depended on the human community’s acceptance of it as valid for it to work, is an aspect of the illusion, of the games that humanity has been playing for eons, that has now been shown to be totally unworkable, and those who continue to hold that vision are being removed from their authoritative positions and finding themselves no longer in power.

The old power structures, that kept you subservient to authoritarian elites, and that claimed to be democratic systems in which everyone was heard and honored, are being dismantled and those who operated them are being released from duty, much to their dismay.

New systems, honoring all on the planet and respecting and protecting each individual’s right to live free and abundantly, have been prepared and will shortly come into operation. Enormous preparations have already been made to ensure that a smooth transition into these new systems takes place quickly and effectively so that the current seeming chaos and confusion worldwide comes to an abrupt end as the old, outdated, and conflict driven methods of human interaction are exchanged for the new and harmonious systems for which so many of you have been hoping and praying.

The Tsunami of Love has done its work well, and every human now has within them the ability and awareness to lovingly embrace and engage with the essential changes to relationships at every level of society that the new systems will establish. You, the light bearers and light workers, have done amazing work as you have set and continue to set the intent each day to be loving in every situation, thus intensifying the effect of the Tsunami as it flows caressingly and continuously across the planet embracing every individual on Earth at this point in your spiritual evolution. There is no one on Earth at present who is not feeling and responding most positively to its influence.

Make a point of responding daily with joy and gratitude to the inner knowing you all share – that humanity is in the process of awakening, and that the process is not only irreversible, but is in fact gathering momentum. Then reconfirm your intent to make it happen through your unconditional love and acceptance of every soul on Earth, every soul without exception. Remember that all attacks or modes of defensiveness are fear-driven responses by those desperately seeking to be loved. Your intent to be only loving is the most effective way to melt the fear that has been endemic on the planet for so long, and now you can clearly see the inspiring results of those holy intentions in places that have for so long been riven by conflict and distrust.

In all areas of conflict across the globe families who have suffered appallingly are coming together from both sides of those conflicts to meet in compassion with the intent to understand one another and to heal the wounds that they have been inflicting on each other. Sharing their experiences of the horrific suffering that they have undergone with those who have for so long been their enemies shows them quite clearly that in conflicts no one wins, but that all suffer and to no avail. And those meetings are born from Love, from the intense need and desire for Love that conflict denies.

Truly, all want only Love. Conflicts have always arisen due to fear that instead of being addressed has been buried and denied. Fear is a powerful aspect of the illusion that holds you in its thrall and leads to preemptive attacks that strengthen it. Your wars on drugs, poverty, homelessness, and terror, as well as “police-keeping” military engagements in foreign lands, are like your family disagreements on behavioral issues – exercises in judgment based on ego-driven opinions by those who would retain power over others – but on a much larger scale. When conflicts expand, as they almost always do, the ability to connect personally is lost, and people then choose to support opposing sides in what they see as necessary conflicts to reestablish peace on their terms.

Finally you have realized that this never works, that conflicts always escalate, and that the numbers of those suffering also escalates leading to an increased sense of fear and anger, and inducing a desire for vengeance.

Love is fearless because, in truth, there is nothing to fear. When you surrender to Love fear diminishes, and as your ability and intent to be loving strengthens then fear falls away. Truly, as we have so often told you “no matter what the question is, no matter what the problem appears to be, Love is always the answer.” And humanity is now becoming increasingly aware of this divine Truth.

Individually you need to remind yourselves of this daily on waking, then remind yourselves again throughout the day, especially when situations arise that seem ready to explode into conflict. Fear arising is the ego’s attempt to control you and draw you back into the illusion from your personal space of peace. It thrives on conflict, and cares not that it brings you suffering and shame. By being your true Selves, beings of Love in a chaotic world, you disarm the ego leaving it speechless when its only wish is to shout and scream. In the absence of screaming and shouting, the desire for conflict subsides, peace arises, and Love embraces all present. Be Yourselves, enjoy life as it arises moment to moment, and your individual energy fields will meld creating a space that welcomes all who approach you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mary Reed

I just wanted to let you all know that Caroline Chang will be interviewing Mary Reed on her Awake 2 Oneness Radio show (www.awake2onenessradio.org) this Friday, July 15th, at 7.00pm New York time. If you cannot listen live, the show will be archived so that you can listen later.

Mary’s web site is http://www.unwittingmystic.com and if you click on the “Upcoming Events” tab you will see her initial plans for speaking engagements in the USA during July, September and October this year, and on the “Blog” tab she says what she will be talking about. If you click on the “About” tab and scroll down a little way there is a video in which she very beautifully tells some of her amazing story.
Enjoy, John.

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday July 9th

We are All One! That is easy to say but very difficult for you to accept and understand because in your illusory world all seem separate. Your modern physicists have finally discovered and accepted that absolutely everything is connected to everything else that you can see in the observable universe. And yet in your daily lives you live constantly with an intensely strong sense of separation because you are surrounded by individual impenetrable or non-integrated forms, forms that resist coalescence, unlike the air that you breathe and the water that you drink that easily and constantly flow and intermix. Sometimes in powerfully loving relationships there is a strong sense of oneness, but nevertheless you still occupy individual bodies. It is indeed very confusing.

Here in the spiritual realms, from which you truly are not separated, we mingle and mix with one another easily to exchange ideas or to share our love for each other, and when we choose to differentiate ourselves for whatever reason we just flow apart. But we are never separated from each other, our eternal state is at One with God, the Supreme Creator in Whom all exist, and, therefore, with each other. You have all chosen to experience separation, and until you change that choice, that is what you will experience.

Why would you continue to choose separation when it leaves you feeling alone, abandoned, and without love? It is because the illusion has become so real for you, a place in which billions of individuals appear to be constantly struggling for physical survival and because you identify utterly and completely with your bodies which always seem to be under some kind of physical or emotional threat. But bodies are just vehicles of limitation that you built and have chosen to occupy. You can choose to remove those limitations and experience a sense of vastness, of completeness, and of Oneness with All That Exists. But you have become so accustomed to limitations that you fear to live without them.

Your whole way of human life is based on a very powerful belief in limitation!

However, by going within to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary you can experience the vastness that is God, Creation, Love, and, therefore, You! To do so you need surrender to the divine flame of Love burning constantly within you, to let go of your beliefs, whatever they may be because they are very effective illusory distractions, and open your hearts so that the Love within can embrace you and demonstrate to you that you are as vast as all of Creation, as vast as God, and eternally embraced by the Love that is Reality. To fully experience that state would instantly destroy your physical form, your human body, because the energy of that state is infinitely powerful. Nevertheless you can experience a sense of that divine state, your natural state, that will permanently banish all your doubts about your Oneness with God.

You are on Earth to go through the awakening process and to assist others to do so. To awaken is a choice that only you can make, and in truth all living entities have already made the choice to do so, but you have not yet chosen when to do so. That choice of timing can, naturally, only be made in the eternal now moment, and when that happens you will awaken. Presently, those of you reading or listening to this message know this, but you are patiently biding your time as you assist others to make that same choice. You may feel that you have no choice, that you are waiting for some future divine event to wake you up, but in truth you always have the freedom to choose, and the moment of that choosing is drawing ever closer.

It is a confusing paradox to be experiencing life as a human within the space/time envelope while at the same time knowing that space and time are unreal. That is why it is essential that you go within daily to connect with the Love that resides there. That safe inner sanctuary is the doorway through which you enter Reality, the divine realms in which utter joy is eternally experienced.

Often, when you go within, your mind fills with distracting thoughts – all the shoulds, anxieties, and “must dos” that daily life as a human seems to demand of you. This is merely your egos attempting to draw you out from that place of divine peace and back into the illusion. Just acknowledge those ego thoughts, acknowledge that they are distracting you from your place of peace, but do not engage with them. If you do get drawn in, as often happens, when you realize this just intend to return to that place of inner peace without any judgment of the fact that you were distracted. Distractions are an essential aspect of the illusion that you built and initially it is difficult to disassociate yourselves from them for more than a few moments.

Reciting mantras, focusing on a candle or on your breath, or playing quiet music intended to assist you get into a meditative state can be helpful. But everyone of you are different and respond differently to the various methods that can assist you to reach inner peace in meditation, and of course there is no requirement that insists that you use a prescribed method for meditation. Do what feels right and comfortable for you, and practice that for a few weeks to give yourselves time to adjust to your new routine. Changing routines in an effort to find one that works better for you can be self-defeating, as it may well be your ego’s attempts to keep you distracted. Relax, allow, and as thoughts or distractions arise do not engage with them. However, when you do and become aware, just set the intent to return to quietness, and realize that there is no such thing as failure.

Meditation is a practice to enable you to connect with your true Self, the Self that is One with God. Concert pianists spend long periods of time daily practicing to maintain their professional competence, so do not be surprised at the amount of practice that you have to put into meditation to find the peace and stillness that you seek. Do not judge yourselves as successful or unsuccessful and do not seek to see yourselves making progress because that is just further distraction. Just set a regular time and place for your practice, and when the time you have allowed is over go back to your daily living. If you maintain your practice without expectations you will find peace and contentment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday July 3rd
On the Earth plane much has been happening as a direct result of humanity’s collective intent to awaken from the nightmare with which the illusion presents you in every moment. God, the Source that is All That Exists, the divine energy field in which creation is constantly and eternally present, has been calling you to awaken since the moment you sought to separate from that from which it is impossible to separate – God, your divine Source, eternal Life.

You are divine beings who can never die – what God creates can only be divine and eternal! – dreaming of an existence separated from your Source. Separation is impossible, BUT, because you have infinite power – given to you lovingly at the moment of your creation – you were able to build and enter into an illusion that seems intensely real. Yes, you, the human collective, chose to experience separation and built the illusion to prove to yourselves that you had no need of God. But God is ALL THAT EXISTS! Separation is unreal! It is an imaginary mental construct, an aspect of the illusion that is extremely convincing once you have incarnated as humans within it. It seems that you are alone, separated from one another, as feeble individuals in a hostile environment, constantly threatened by forces far more powerful than the life force occupying your puny human bodies.

You have spent eons attempting to contact God, but because of the limitations that you chose to impose upon yourselves when you incarnated as humans, it seems that that is an impossibility – God, if there is such a Being, is utterly out of reach, unaware of your insignificant existence in a universe so vast that it defies your ability to conceive of its vastness. And that is an extremely disempowering and depressing concept.

So, on the whole, you dismiss the possibility of God’s existence and focus the bulk of your attention on the insane games with which the illusion constantly presents you. Games of survival in a totally inhospitable environment in which it seems that your presence is an anomaly of unimaginable proportions. It seems to your scientists that the chances of you existing within the observable universe are utterly beyond the bounds of logic or reason.

And yet you do exist!

Maybe you are not seeing the big picture. Maybe there really is a Supreme Intelligence, a Being of infinite Love who created you. “Well,” you tell yourselves, “maybe that is possible, but we have to deal with our survival issues here on Earth, issues that are far more pressing and urgent. Should we have time when we have solved the important issues we might get around to looking at that, but it is highly unlikely because global warming, cancer, industrial despoiliation of the planet and other alarming issues are likely to occupy us for the foreseeable future.” You are, it would seem, totally captivated by the issues, the unreal issues with which the illusion constantly presents you. Your collective intent built the illusion and all the seemingly insoluble issues with which it presents you. You wanted the illusion to provide you with powerful distractions from Reality, God, your Oneness with all of the divine creation in order to experience separation, and it does that very efficiently.

Nevertheless, when you chose to experience separation, God, in His infinite and loving Wisdom instantly provided you with the key, the information, the ability to dissolve the illusion and return to Reality when you chose to do so. God is Love. Love never imposes, directs, or controls, It always honors the wishes of those loved. Within each and every one of you the Flame of divine Love is ever-present – without It you would cease to exist! – waiting patiently for you to acknowledge Its Presence, accept Its desire for you to awaken, and to open your hearts so that It may lead you out of the illusion and home to Reality where you are eternally One with God in a state of infinite joy.

That moment has now arrived. Millions of you have, over the last few decades, realized that the path that humanity is following leads only to chaos and disaster, and you have been turning inwards and finding the Flame of God’s Love burning there. That discovery has frightened you because it makes it clear that you have been denying Love, the creative field in which all exists, and you fear that you are sinners whom the god that you have installed in the illusion desires to punish you horribly for those sins. An illusory god who you invented to align with your own ill-conceived ideas of what is good or evil.

As you have been told by so many spiritual beings, saints, and mystics, the illusion and its concepts of good and evil are unreal! God is infinite unconditional Love, Who created you like Himself. Within God there is only Love. Good and evil, right and wrong, and all other concepts that entail opposites are of the illusion, and are unreal. Yes, within the illusion, they appear very real, but that is meaningless because the illusion itself is completely without substance, it is unreal, it never was.

To awaken you need do nothing! Just be yourselves, that is allow the Love that is your true and eternal nature to flow freely through you to everyone with whom you interact in any way. You all want only Love, you spend lifetimes searching for It outside yourselves – inside the illusion, inside other seemingly separate individuals – and all the time, throughout every one of your human life experiences, It has resided within you waiting for you to notice Its Flame burning gently, constantly, and eternally, calling you to awaken.

Cease worrying about the state of the planet, of nations in constant states of conflict, of the corruption of those who run and control multinational organizations and governments. Turn within to the divine Flame that will lead you home, and as you accept the abundance of Love for you that resides within you, and allow it to flow freely through you to all, making no exceptions, with whom you interact in thought, word or deed, watch in delighted amazement as you meet only Love and experience the warmth, the acceptance, the compassion and the truth that comes to meet you in every moment. Each one of you is leading humanity home. Your awakening is nigh, allow yourselves to be Yourselves and know Yourselves and God as One in eternal bliss.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Mary Reed

Recently Mary Reed was interviewed by Rick Archer, the host, on Buddha at the Gas Pump. I was very taken with her story and bought her book Unwitting Mystic.

I also put a link to that interview on this blog (https://batgap.com/mary-reed/).

Presently she lives in India, but will be visiting the US in late summer and early fall. She plans to give some talks about love, what it is and what it is not, and is looking for venues. I would like for her to give her presentation locally — Hanover, NH and/or Woodstock /White River Junction, VT — which is where I live, and wondered if any of you might be interested either in attending, or arranging for her to give her presentation in your home areas.

Below is a link to her latest blog post in which she explains what she wants to talk about and why, and below that is a link to a YouTube video in which she briefly tells her story.

I think many of you would find her presentation uplifting and inspiring.

She will be in the following general areas during summer and fall 2016:

U.S. West Coast region in July/August
U.S. southern and central region in August/September
U.S. East Coast region September/October
Europe and ?? starting in November

Read the full details on her blog site.


and here story here:


Jesus Audio Blog for Monday May 30th

We are all ONE! It really is that simple. You do not have to do anything, because you are One with God, our divine Source, and therefore your individual wills are in complete alignment with His. All you need do is to allow, and when you do the divine field of Love, which surrounds you in every moment, will embrace you, suffusing you completely as It flows through you out into the world nudging humanity toward its inevitable awakening.

You chose to be here right now, in this eternal now moment, to powerfully assist in humanity’s awakening process, and you are doing sterling work, work that no one else can do. When, along with the vast majority of humanity, you awaken, you will be amazed at what you have achieved as you have worked seemingly blindly in the illusion, to bring this stage of the divine plan to fruition.

You are each beings of intense Light – Love – Light that is temporarily very much subdued because your human forms could not withstand Its divine intensity. Because It is only dimly experienced you have difficulty in feeling It, in knowing It for what It is, and yet, deep within you do know that Love is your true, unchanging, and eternal nature. And that is why all the channels keep on advising you of your need to go within at least once daily to connect with and commune with your divine Source, the Source from which you have never been separated, your eternal Life Source, God, All That Is.

You and God are most definitely One!

As humans it is extremely difficult for you to get a sense of this, but that changes nothing. Oneness is the only state of existence because, unlike the illusory state in which humanity apparently resides – with myriad different cultures, nationalities, political systems, geographic locations, religions, belief systems, and diverse opinions as to what is right and what is wrong – It truly is the only state of existence. There is nothing else! When you awaken, as you most certainly will, you will understand fully what this means. And of course, there is only now, the eternal and everlasting moment in which all occurs, and in which you will awaken!

As you wait for this momentous event to take place it is frustrating for you, because you have been divinely promised that you will awaken, and nothing appears to be happening, the illusion still seems to be completely engulfing you. Of course, being eternally One with God, you are already fully awake. The illusion is, by its very nature, illusory. It is only a very temporary dream state.

As humans, you have all regularly experienced the dream state while sleeping, and sometimes those dreams have seemed, in the moment while they were occurring, totally real. Then you wake up and they are gone or fade quickly from your memories. However, some of you have experienced such severe traumas during your lives that they cause your dreams to be so terrifyingly real that you do everything to avoid going to sleep.

Because your human state is such a deep dream state it seems to be incontrovertibly real, and everyone with whom you interact appears to be sharing your dream and agreeing with you that it is real, that it is the only reality. However, you all experience the illusion or dream differently, and this becomes obvious when you attempt to persuade others of your rightness and their wrongness, and they attempt to persuade you that they are right and you are wrong.

Because you feel this so intensely you work very hard to convince yourselves of your rightness and of the other’s wrongness. Then you wage war to put the wrongs to right! This truly is insane, and you might reasonably think that this must become apparent. Nevertheless, most of you are extremely unwilling to release your attachment to your sense of being right and seeing others wrong, and so you hold onto the dream and do your utmost to make it real.

Judgment is the main issue here. For you to be right you have to judge others as wrong. That is why all the divine channels who are assisting you in the awakening process keep on telling you to cease judging, to just let it go. You can, you just choose not to, because when you are proven right you experience an enormous egoic high. It’s a little like buying a lottery ticket – there are extremely few winners! But, because being wrong is so painful, and seems to bring you so much intense suffering, you keep on judging, desperately hoping that you will win this time – and then you lose again! However, when you cease judging the pain and suffering dissolve!

The way Home, the way to awakening is through choosing to be loving in whatever situation arises. Initially that is difficult because the need to be right, the need for acceptance by others is intense. And the reason for this is because you have given away your personal power to others, thereby allowing their judgment of you to completely override your own sense of self-acceptance. And if you do not accept yourselves then you cannot love yourselves, and as Love is your nature, something without which you cannot bear to exist, you seek it outside yourselves in the form of acceptance from others.

So, I will now remind you yet again: “You are all the divine children of God, created perfect, and therefore eternally perfect!” Your lack of faith in yourselves is an aspect of the illusory sense of separation. If you were separated from your Source, which you know is impossible, you would be powerless, unloved and unlovable. But you are eternally One with God and therefore you are beings of infinite power and infinite Love, the power and the Love that God imbued you with at the moment of your creation.

Please just keep reminding yourselves of this divine Truth, and say to yourselves as you meditate, contemplate, or just relax into your holy inner space, at the altar within where Love resides: “I am divinely loved in every moment of my existence because I am a perfect child of God, and therefore faultless in every way.” When you say this to yourselves with strong intent and allow your hearts to be fully receptive you will feel the Love that resides eternally within you, because it is God’s Will that you do so.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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