We are One, there is only One, and yet the One constantly manifests Itself – the power and energy that is the One – in myriad uncountable numbers of sentient beings as expressions of Love.  All of us, all life, all consciousness, all awareness, all sentient beings are aspects of and permanently at one with the One.  There is NO SEPARATION, and there never could be because the One is ALL, constantly and eternally Present, just wholeheartedly LOVING!

Life and Love are your eternal state of existence, it is just that as humans in form, enveloped in a brief dream or, perhaps, a nightmare, you are asleep to and unaware of Reality.  That is changing very rapidly, as the human collective stirs in its sleep prior to awakening into the glory of just BEING!  Being is pure awareness, fully aware of All without interruption or distraction.  It is knowing Itself and All of creation intimately – persistently, perpetually, ceaselessly – because that is infinite awareness, the constant flowing and flowering of Love caring for and extending Itself in all-embracing joyous acceptance of the magnificence and brilliance that It is.M/F/G, Love, Source, All, Being, is One in an infinite, essential, and indispensable state of Beingness, forever expanding the awareness and consciousness that is All that exists.

Every sentient, conscious, and aware being is eternally connected and interwoven into what many call God. It is the infinite creative expression from which they all extend, mix, and interact for the total and complete joyful bliss that is All that is.  There, in that Oneness, there is only and eternally infinite vivacity, exhilaration, delectation, refreshment, wonder, rejoicing, and exultation – joy and bliss completely beyond your ability as humans in form to even conceive of.And that is what you are to awaken into, the Brilliance that is M/F/G infinitely loving Itself – ALL – in the most magnificent state of harmony and cooperation for the utter joy of every sentient and aware being.  The delight with which you will all participate in this most glorious celebration of the collective awakening will be stupendous, utterly mind-blowing – infinite joy which is absolutely way beyond infinite!

As the moment approaches, and despite the daily distractions of present day politics, conflicts, and weather extremes, make sure to set and reset your intent to be only loving whatever may arise throughout the day.  Doing this is not only enormously important, it is indeed essential.  You chose to be in human form at this amazing now moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution in order to assist most powerfully in the awakening process.  Although the vast majority of you get practically no feedback on the effectiveness of your loving intentions, I can assure you that you are having a most powerful effect.

Nothing is superfluousbecause with God every living being – regardless of the value or lack of value that humans may perceive it as having – has been most divinely and lovingly created in order that it may experience and express itself with complete freedom and to delight in doing so, thus delighting God and moving your collective awakening process purposefully forwards.And your awakening is imminent.

As you continue with your daily lives during this time of enormous change, know that you are blessed and beautifully cared for by M/F/G in every moment.  Trust and live lovingly, for that is what you chose to do by incarnating as humans at this time of great, in fact momentous significance for the human collective.  There are no accidents!  You are all here by your own generous and most loving choice to participate and assist in this momentous adventure, this leap into joy.  Continue therefore to go deep within yourselves daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and invite Love in to show you your worthiness and to encourage you yet again, because just by being present as humans in this moment, and each following moment, you are all bringing the awakening to its most magnificent completion.  You can have no idea of how dearly M/F/G loves and honors you for your stalwart work in bringing the awakening process to its most glorious fruition.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

To awaken is your destiny because, being One with Source – being fully aware in complete conscious wakefulness in every moment – is your constant state.  As humans in form it is difficult for you to conceive of such a state, because you are almost constantly being distracted by your worldly concerns and interests.  They are, of course, totally appropriate while you are in form as they assist you in maintaining your physical well-being.  However, you do not need to spend almost all your waking hours focused on those concerns and issues, whereas you do need to spend quiet time every day connecting with Source, by sitting peacefully as you invite Love into your hearts to embrace you and reinvigorate your energy fields.  There is still a lot of ‘stuff’ arising planet-wide that takes a heavy toll on everyone in form, so resting and recuperating deep within yourselves daily is essential, otherwise it becomes very difficult for you to share and extend to humanity the love that each one of you is, and which is your reason for being incarnate at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution – TO AWAKEN!

We are watching over you with intense Love as your awakening process approaches its most magnificent conclusion, and it will indeed be most dramatic and uplifting for you all, way beyond your wildest dreams.  You incarnated to be present in form at this moment and not one of you will be disappointed. Nevertheless, this short period of time remaining before the miracle occurs, is proving to be very stressful for everyone, so be aware of this and intensify your intent to be only loving whatever arises.You know that you are Love, One with Mother/Father/God.  You know this divine truth deep within yourselves, and yet you allow your egoic doubts to hide this from you with distractions – I am unworthy, I am a guilty sinner, I am not good enough, God couldn’t love me – all of which are utterly and completely invalid.  Because you are in every moment One with God none of these doubts or beliefs could ever be true because the One – YOU – is eternally perfect in every way.

The best way you can honor Mother/Father/God is by honoring and respecting yourselves.  Until you do that you will continue to find yourselves projecting those judgments on to others and condemning them – Self-Condemnation – as you attempt to relieve or disown your own sense of inadequacy.


How could you be inadequate when you are divine creations, the eternally beloved children of God?  Yes, as humans in form, you are different from one another, you are, each and every one of you without any exceptions, individuals with different skills and creative abilities.  Therefore, do not compare yourselves to others, to do so is meaningless, because you need to work together, harmoniously and lovingly, using your own individual skills and abilities, and thus awaken into the Reality of your Oneness, your inseparability from Source, and therefore from one another.

Source is Creation, and so, therefore, are you.  Your nature is continuously conjoined with and cooperating with M/F/G creating beauty in an infinite expression of Love.  You all love beauty – beautiful flowers, blossoms, gardens, trees, sunsets, animals, and people – and that is what you are unceasingly creating in myriad magnificent variations for the joy of All.  You are all beings of eternal joy, and yet that is what you spend much of your lives in form seeking outside yourselves, as for most of your lives it does not appear to be present or accessible.  But it is!  It is within you and is instantly attainable for you when you allow yourselves to release your grasp on judgment of the world and its people, especially those close to you with whom you interact regularly.

Judgment is a ‘skill’ that you begin to learn in infancy as you are regularly judged as not good enough for whatever reason – mostly very minor – and your learning of this skill never ceases because as you grow you feel an intense need to defend yourselves against the judgments of others, and you do this by judging and blaming those others.  For most people this also leads to judging and blaming the worldly environment itself – it’s cold, it’s raining, it’s too hot, there are too many people, there are too many wars, people cannot be trusted, it’s not fair – for your dissatisfaction and unhappiness with your lives.  But, the world is, and people are people, so instead of judging and complaining, extend and share Love with everyone because, as you know deep within yourselves, even if you do not wish to accept it, everyone is always doing their best.  The fact that you do not think this is true is an invalid judgment and personal belief.  And you can just let it go.

M/F/G is Love and Compassion, therefore so are you.  Instead of blaming and judging extend love to all.  Yes, some do need to be restrained from harming others, but thoughtfully, wisely, and compassionately, as closely as you can manage to the divine way – remember M/F/G never blames, judges, or condemns – She embraces all most lovingly.  She knows that all in form are desperately seeking Love, and the more desperate a person is the more unloving their behavior tends to be.  ANYTHING that is not in alignment with Love is a very desperate call for Love.  Honor that call and help people to awaken to the deep inner knowing that they are LOVE!  No one needs to seek Love, because your nature – LOVE – is with you in every moment waiting patiently to be discovered as you let go of the egoic distractions that hide your true nature from yourselves.  When you finally find Love within yourselves, and you WILL, all judgment has fallen away and, miraculously, you are most happily at peace with yourselves in complete self-acceptance, and in loving and compassionate acceptance of all others.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Humanity has entered the final stages of the collective awakening process.  You have all done incredible work, both individually and collectively, to bring this about, and you are about to be enormously honored for the work you have been doing, absolutely vital work that only you could do.  All are One, so every individual thought or intention to be only loving at all times combines with those of all others with the same intent, vastly and purposefully intensifying the final stages of your collective awakening process.  Do not doubt the immense power of your individual intentions to be only loving, because they are massive, being completely integrated with and in alignment with God’s Will.

Yes, you are humans in form and are daily experiencing the limitations of that state, nevertheless, your true nature is Love, and Its divine energy flows through you in every moment, expanding outwards like a vast ocean of Love enveloping all sentient life, making it One.  Not one of you is ineffective because your true nature, regardless of how diminished you might believe it to be, is most positively affecting everyone with whom you interact in even the slightest manner.  You all chose to be incarnate at this point in humanity’s journey to awakening precisely so that you could add your power and your intent to bring it to completion, and you are doing this far more efficiently and effectively than, in your human state of limitation, you can possible understand.

Not one of you is surplus to requirements!  God’s plans are always totally efficient, with precisely the required amount of focused attention and intent to bring them to a most beautiful fruition at the exact moment of now that He has chosen.  His creations always include your individual, but unified and integrated formulations and ideas, because All are One in perfect divine harmony and fusion.  Reality is perfectly joyful and harmonious, no other state is possible, but while you are choosing to experience the limitations of life in form that appears to be an impossible state of coalescence and integration to bring into being, where no conflict or disharmony of any kind is or can be present.

Reality is Love, it is your natural state of beingness, and yet it seems that you are separated from it, and so you seek it from others, and others seek it from you – neither will find it there!  It is you,  it is within you but hidden from you by your very powerful beliefs in your sinfulness, your unworthiness, your insignificance, your unimportance in the vast universe in which your very survival is always uncertain and frequently threatened.  As individual beings in form, tiny in comparison to your environment and to humanity at large, it is difficult to dispel those invalid beliefs about yourselves as you deem and presume that one individual – me – can have practically no effect on the whole.  Yes, you may think occasionally that some brilliant ones have had an immense, powerful, and marvelously innovative effect that has uplifted humanity – Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, to name just a few – but the chances of me achieving anything of real value for humanity are, you believe, tiny, way beyond remote.

So I would bring to your attention, yet again, that you are each One with God in every moment of your eternal existence.  Within each of you is all the power of God waiting for you to accept, honor, and avail of it.  However, while in form, you can only access a much reduced level of this infinite energy field because of the limitations of your human state, but when you choose to do so, and choose to be only loving whatever arises in your daily lives, the wondrous effects that you have on your environment and on humanity are enormous, just like those mentioned in the previous paragraph who chose to place their complete trust in Mother/Father/God.

And why do you not place your complete trust in Mother/Father/God?  It is because your egos work constantly to distract you from your loving intentions by directing your attention to issues and situations that arouse uncertainty and fear in your hearts.  Then you spend inordinate amounts of time thinking, analyzing, and worrying about those issues and situations, and not only forget your intent to be only loving whatever arises, but also engage in judging and blaming those that the MSM and others inform you are responsible for the worldwide chaos, confusion, sickness, and conflicts affecting the world.  The divisive propaganda to which you are exposed many times throughout the day further increase your uncertainty and fear.

It is time to cease paying attention to the distractions with which your egos are constantly bombarding you.  You know from your direct experiences, if you choose to be aware, that the vast majority of negative issues and possibilities that have caused you concern or worry in the past have generally failed to materialize.  You do know that when you go deeply within yourselves, to your holy peaceful sanctuaries, and ask for help and guidance from those on your spiritual support teams, that you always receive precisely what you need in the moment . . . IF you allow yourselves to listen attentively.

To listen is essential, but NOT to the MS and social media which are driven by humanity’s collective ego, instead listen to that deep and wise inner knowing to which you all have access.  Often you listen and hear some brilliant guidance, but then your egos convince you that you need to be more aggressive or defensive than your guidance suggests.  So you align with your egos, engage fully with their unwise and divisive suggestions, and find that the issues or situations are not only not resolved, but may well have become more problematic.  You will likely then recall your choice to disregard your wise intuitive guidance, and so be filled with regret.

Truly, Love is always the way forwards, and you know this because It is your true nature.  So let go of any regrets or guilt for any mistakes or errors you believe you have made – if appropriate make amends to anyone you may have hurt – and take the lessons that you have learned to heart with loving thanks.

Remember, every human experience is offering you a lesson, and that lesson is always: “Only Love can resolve all issues, because Love is ALL!”When you discount or dismiss your true nature – while you are in form it presents itself in many harmonious patterns such as kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, helpfulness, etc. – you are simply allowing yourselves to be ego-directed.

To be ego-directed is to forget that you are in an illusory environment playing the game of separation, and to fully engage with it by either seeking to control and manipulate others for your own purposes, or by giving away your power, your sovereignty to others and playing a helpless victim of circumstances that you perceive as being beyond your control.  Doing this is to be fully asleep and dreaming as in a reverie or a nightmare.  You all chose human life paths before you incarnated that would present you with the lessons that you wished to learn, and you knew it would be difficult, because of the state of amnesia into which you would be born, but you also knew that you would be fully supported in every moment.  Now that you are in form your amnesia is well established, BUT your spiritual support team is with you in every moment, just as planned, offering you appropriate guidance whenever you ask for it.  It all comes back to asking and then choosing to Listen!

This is why it is essential that you go deeply within every day, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and spend quiet time alone tuning in to the spiritual realms so that you can access and receive the love, wisdom, and guidance available to you in every moment that you allow yourselves to be aware of it.  You planned this before your incarnation to ensure that you would have the ability to follow your chosen life paths and receive and learn the lessons presented to you.  There are no accidents, every event and experience has a purpose, and that is to assist you and those with whom you interact to awaken.  And right now you most certainly are awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Lovewards is the way forward.  You all know that Love is the only Reality, the only way that relationships can grow and evolve, and you all want Love in your lives.  But you often do not trust yourselves, mainly because of traumas experienced in childhood, or traumas from past lives as humans, and that lack of trust shows up in yourselves as guilt, shame, unworthiness, and other invalid beliefs you cling to as a result, and then you indulge in further meaningless negative self-assessments as you compare yourselves to others.

You are all perfect divine beings because you are all the beloved children of God who created you as eternally perfect expressions of consciousness, of Himself!  All conscious sentient beings who exist were created by Mother/Father/God and are eternally present as the most beautiful and harmonious aspects of the One, and are never for even the briefest of moments separated from that One.  You are Love, and you are Loved – Now and Always.

The apparent lack of love that so many experience while in human form are free will choices thy have all made, and which they can revoke whenever they allow themselves access to the deep inner knowing of their infinite value as children of God.  Your belief in or your fear that the sense of guilt, shame, and unworthiness that always seems to be with you is valid, is true, needs to be released.  By holding these beliefs you would be effectively dishonoring God if that were possible, but of course it is not, by dishonoring His most beautiful creations.

You all dearly desire to honor and love God, and you dearly desire that He loves you, but you allow yourselves to believe in and engage with your egoic fears and anxieties telling you of your unworthiness, and then voice an almost constant stream of negative self-judgments to God, thinking that so doing is a prayer that demonstrates to Him your honesty and humility.  And you generally find that it seems that your prayers are unheard and unanswered.  And you are right, He does not hear you!  He is Reality and is not engaged in your dream/illusion.  He knows you and is loving you constantly in every moment.  Your egoic self-denouncing ‘prayers’ are heard only by you, and your egos compliment you on your ‘humility’ because they love to hear you express their negative opinions of you as your own beliefs.

Give yourselves a break!  Cease listening to or believing in your egos’ completely false opinions and beliefs about you.  Stop that almost constant negative roof brain chatter, and its accompanying vociferous conversation with itself, instead be quiet and listen.  When you are quiet, at peace, undistracted by egoic noise, you will feel and experience what words can never reveal or express, namely God’s infinite and eternal Love for you.  Your egos depend on you believing that you are your bodies, and that the limited experiences of yourselves that those bodies are capable of providing is who you are.  But you are VAST beyond your abilities to conceive of with your human minds.  Accept that that is true, then go within, be silent, and allow yourselves to experience Love embracing you, for you are always utterly and completely worthy of God’s Love which eternally envelops you in Its infinite field of energy.  Initially you may feel only a tiny sense of this, so tiny you may dismiss it as your imaginations.  Therefore, trust that what you feel is Real.  As you become practiced at quieting your minds and your egos for a few moments at a time, that true sense of the Love lovingly embracing you will intensify and become evermore frequent.

As you allow this to happen you will find yourselves increasingly at peace regardless of what is occurring in your daily human lives.  Doubt in God’s Love for you will weaken and dissolve, and will be replaced by the knowing that you are totally and unconditionally loved by Mother/Father/God in every moment of your existence.  That confident knowing will shine forth from you as you live in peace and calm demonstrating Love in action, and increasing numbers of people will find comfort just by being in your presence.  Because of this you are all absolutely essential and irreplaceable aspects of the collective free will choice to awaken.

This is why you incarnated to be on Earth now – to share and extend your seemingly individual energy fields of peace and calm – to assist humanity at large to trust Love, to discard fear, and to move towards their awakening.  You, millions of you all across the world, are powerfully dissolving the negative and self condemnatory energy clusters that the confused and egotistical ones have been using in their attempts to exert control over humanity.  This attempt to control others has been ongoing for eons, and at times has brought intense pain and suffering to many.  Now, because of the Love that so many of you are living and expressing in your daily lives, the negative egoic and narcissistic energies of public figures and their hidden masters which, contrary to appearances have always been weak, are now losing their ability to maintain and direct the various authoritarian organizations that they have been using to control and intimidate the people of the world.

Your daily visits deep within yourselves to set the intent to be only loving, and from where you invite and allow the power of God’s Love to fill your hearts, are moving humanity lovewards toward your collective awakening very rapidly indeed.  You incarnated to do this, and you are doing this by your collective free will choices to melt and dissolve the hardness of the predominant egotistical belief structure you constructed in order to experience the impossible – separation from Mother/Father/God – that has for so long distracted and diverted you from your free access to the Love that you all are.

Humanity is awakening, and the intense joy of that most wonderful now moment will amaze and delight you all.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Life is about Love, and nothing else!  Yes, I do keep talking about Love, and that’s because all that exists is enfolded most lovingly within It because It is All That Exists.  There is not and could not possibly be anything or anywhere else because It is infinitely vast, enveloping all sentient life, all of creation, and thereby satisfying every need and desire, and, of course, all that exists is alive.  Every one of God’s infinite number of creations is alive, is sentient, although humanity has chosen to believe that most of the apparently inanimate matter or basic elements which makes up the world of form – in fact the whole universe – is without life, consciousness, or sentience of any kind.

Your mainstream science still believes and continues to spread the message that life just arose by chance for no reason and with no purpose, even though the statistical chance of that happening is beyond the bounds of possibility.  Matter and form are no way as simple and basic as they appear when viewed through the very limited lens of perception with which your human forms provide you.  What appears to you to be dead matter is not dead, and modern physics has shown very clearly everything is in constant motion, but as to why this is so they have no answer.  The truth is that all that exists is eternally connected to the infinite field of energy – LOVE – and is at One with It!  And that is why I keep talking about Love!

As you go about your daily lives be aware of how often you seek, are hoping for approval . . . for Love.  Most of the time you do not do it consciously, but when you complete a task, mental or physical, there is very often an underlying hope that someone will notice and appreciate you for what you have achieved.  In Reality, at One with and fully aware of your existence constantly in the Presence of Mother/Father/God, you always know that you are infinitely loved and appreciated by your Source and you, of course, infinitely love and appreciate Yourself.  That is your natural and unchangeable state.  As humans in form, the pain of not experiencing or knowing that is overwhelming, and that is why you are always seeking it, even though you mostly do not admit this to yourselves.  After all, you believe yourselves to be independent beings, and so you attempt to present an image of yourselves to others that demonstrates this.

I am reminding you that you are Love, presently incarnate in a severely restricted human form, and that you at all times need to be open to Love – Vulnerable!  Love is the energy that eternally enlivens existence, and blocking Love due to feelings of unworthiness reduces the life force that empowers beings in form, which is why the thought of being vulnerable terrifies most people, as they identify it, incorrectly, as a loss of their power, whereas in fact to be openly vulnerable by your own choice is to be fully in your power and to demonstrate it to others.  And because so many of you feel unworthy, unlovable, unseen, of little value, you present an unreal image or mask to others that your egos have concocted, hoping that they will not see the frightened little you hidden inside.  Over time, as you grow from infancy to adulthood, you come to believe that you are the mask that you are presenting to the world, making it extremely difficult for you to see and understand that being in form is an opportunity for you evolve spiritually, for you to become aware of your true nature – Christ Consciousness – eternally at One with Source.

Therefore embrace yourselves!  Know yourselves as you truly are, as God knows you and sees you eternally.  What God creates is always perfect and remains eternally and unchangeably in that state of perfection.  You are as God created You . . . FOREVER.  That never changes.

When you make your daily journey deep within yourselves, to your own holy inner sanctuaries – and you do need to do this at least once daily – and when there set the intent to open your hearts to Love and invite It in, Love will bring to your conscious awareness a sense, a knowing deep within youof the divine truth that you have never been separated from your loving Source.

Your sense of separation is illusory, unreal, and yet it gets stronger as you grow from infancy towards adulthood as your egos insist that you are your bodies and nothing more, organisms that are very easily hurt or damaged, and which are eventually destroyed.  You value your lives, which is good, but because you believe life is short, temporary, and is terminated at the moment of physical bodily death, you live in terror of losing it.  You make great efforts to disguise or bury this fear, because being consciously aware of it drains your energy even further, and confirms for you your ingrained and totally invalid belief in your unworthiness and insignificance, andyour egos encourage this because it gives them great power over you.

You need to tame your egos, and you learn to do this by going within daily and inviting Love into your hearts.  When you feel Love within you, you become aware that you have no need of your egos.  Fear empowers your egos, but Love dissolves fear.  So be with Love, be Love, be vulnerable, thus showing yourselves as you truly are, and in so doing uplifting and inspiring many others, far more than you will be aware of, and thus assisting in bringing the collective awakening process to its most glorious fulfillment.  This is why you incarnated, so now complete the process by opening fully to Love and being your true perfect selves – vulnerable, and unconditionally accepting of all others – thus empowering them to open themselves fully and delight in the sense of peace and freedom that this knowing brings them.

Your loving bother, Jesus.

The following is my response to many of you who have recently commented very unhappily on the state of the world today.

A couple of years ago I came across Sean Webb on YouTube describing his amazing and totally unexpected awakening experience back in the early 2 thousands. I just re-listened and was again quite blown away by it. He makes it very clear that we all CAN and NEED to find similar experiences for ourselves within ourselves, and so I concluded that I should share it with you all as the chaos in the world appears to be escalating, and his talk offers enormous hope.

Enjoy, John.

Here’s the link to Sean Webb describing his awakening meditative experience, runs 29 minutes. I was quite blown away the first time I listened to it, and it reminded me my repetitive childhood nightmare (age 1 1/2 through 9) that used to awaken me in terror. But there is no terror here 😊 :

About John.

I Posted this link last August of Alicia Davies interviewing me, and it occurred to me to post it again in case some have missed it and would enjoy it.

blessings, John.

Alicia Marianne Davies recently interviewed me for her podcast, The Hush Hour, and has just published “Becoming Mystic: in Conversation with John Smallman.”


As your collective awakening process approaches completion an enormous amount of ‘stuff’ is bursting into the collective consciousness for acknowledgment, thanks, forgiveness, and release.  It holds within it many generations worth of resentment, denial, and anger that has been deeply buried because it was too intensely painful to acknowledge either as it was happening or at any time afterwards, up until now.  Now the whole human collective is allowing it into awareness, and with it comes much guilt and shame for past long forgotten words and actions.

It has to be dealt with NOW!  Until it is complete your awakening remains on hold.  There is only a very little bit more of the awakening process that needs to occur before it comes to its most amazing and magnificent completion.  However, all the ‘stuff,’ which is not and cannot be in alignment with Love, has first to be one hundred percent released.  A major part of the release is through forgiveness of everything that has collectively been buried and deniednamely not only the words and actions themselves, but also, of extreme importance, the collective shame and guilt arising from those words or actions, which have also been deeply buried and denied.

Guilt and shame are always completely out of alignment with Love, because they refer to something that is totally unreal in so far as nothing that is not of Love exists.  But humanity, through generations of conditioning, has an intense belief in the validity of shame and guilt.  This HAS to be released, along with all the judgment that has arisen from it.

Mother/Father/God loves you all infinitely because you are Her absolutely perfect children, just as you were created, and there is no way that you have ever departed from that state of perfection.  Nonetheless, large numbers of you still do not believe in your own unchangeable perfection, and are at present unable to fully accept and love yourselves, having accepted an invalid and UNreal belief in your shame and guilt.  Total and complete self-forgiveness and self-acceptance are essential, and if you will go deep within yourselves, open your hearts and invite Love to enter, It will, and in doing so It will show you clearly, without room for doubt of any kind, your perfect and utter ‘sinlessness!’  You will see and know yourselves as the perfect divine beings that you are, and always have been.  What God creates is always and can only be PERFECT!  Finally you will know Yourselves, and – inconceivable in your present self-chosen state of unreality – experience the most wonderful sense of Joy!  Finally you will recognize yourselves as you truly are, free of every tiny aspect of shadow that has hidden Reality from you ever since you chose to enter the illusion.

The illusion/dream that you are experiencing is unreal and, intellectually, many of you know and accept this.  Nevertheless, because your conscious awareness is mostly brain/emotion/body focused, you are generally unconscious – unconscious of your true nature at One with Source – and live guided by your egos far more frequently than by your intuition.  This brings the unreality of the dream/illusion into sharp focus making your human lives seem very real.  Some of you, some humans, occasionally spend time daily in prayer or contemplation, when you can spare the time from dealing with the daily events with which life is almost constantly presenting you.  However, the ‘stuff’ now arising is very powerfully demanding your attention, and it is not something that your egos wish to attend to.  This creates conflict within you, and your egos will do their best to distract you, causing you further fear, worries, and anxiety.

So now, more than ever before in your lives, you do need tospare the timeto go deep within, disregarding any feelings of shame or unworthiness that may arise, while having the patience to wait as your overly active minds quieten enough for you to be still and be at peace, or at least feel relatively calm, thus allowing Love to enter your hearts.  Because you each have totally free wills unless you invite and allow Love to enter It cannot do so.  When you do make a very positive commitment to invite Love in, It will powerfully assist you to recognize that you are and always have been perfect divine beings, freeing you from your invalid and misguided beliefs and thereby enthusiastically encouraging you to release your remaining attachments to shame, guilt, and unworthiness.  Total self-acceptance will become established, as you forgive yourselves for all the errorsand unloving words or actions you have delivered during your human lives while believing that they really occurred.  As you actually feel Love embracing you whole-heartedly and unconditionally – which is the One and only way in which It always expresses Itself, reveals Its Presence – It will most beautifully confirm for you that you truly are perfect divine beings.

Therefore, I would substantiate for you once more that you are all, without any exceptions, perfect divine beings having a momentary experience of separation in which there seems to be extreme pain and suffering for vast numbers of you.  That state is Unreal, and you will awaken, because to do so is your destiny, returning you to your divine and sovereign state at One with Source in utter joy.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are very much aware of your concerns and anxieties as chaos and confusion seem to be escalating on your beautiful planet Earth. DO make a point of starting your day by going deep within yourselves, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and then opening your hearts to Love, which resides there permanently, waiting patiently, ready and most willing to embrace and comfort you when you choose and remember to invite It in.

You are never unloved, or without Love. Such a state is impossible because Love is your true nature, as you do know deep within yourselves; and It is always with you, It is You. However, it often seems to you that you are without It, living unloved and abandoned in an inhospitable world. And yet you do know that this is not the case, that it only appears that way because of your choice to enter the illusion and play the game of separation, a game which, while you are playing it, seems VERY real, VERY serious, and VERY important. That was your intention when you collectively constructed it, and because you have the power and creative abilities of your dearly loving Father, bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation, you were indeed able to construct an unreal environment that appears to be amazingly real. 

By establishing a daily routine of going deep within yourselves, at whatever time you are most comfortable with – because starting the day that way does not work for everyone – and opening yourselves and inviting Love to embrace you, you very effectively strengthen your deep inner knowing that the human life you are experiencing is unreal, as your sensitivity to feeling and being aware of the Reality of the Presence of Love grows. Love is always present because It Is All, everywhere, Now, eternally, without interruption, and It wants you to feel It and be aware of It, and welcome It into your hearts so that you feel and delight in Its loving and comforting embrace. 

However, many of you feel unworthy of being in Its Presence, and have deeply ingrained beliefs that confirm this at a level below your level of conscious awareness. Therefore, it is essential that you remind yourselves daily that these damaging beliefs are faulty, are invalid. At first your egos will likely try to distract you by drawing your attention to the discomfort you feel when you tell yourselves that you are worthy of God’s Love, and by then suggesting that humans can only beunworthy by drawing your attention to the harm you are collectively and constantly causing one another and the planet. And, of course, that is a valid observation of what is occurring in the game/illusion in which you are experiencing separation. But that does not make it Real!

There is NO separation. You are all eternally One, living in perfect and uninterruptible harmony with Source, and you ARE utterly and completely worthy of being in Love’s Presence. Therefore dissolve those invalid beliefs by reminding yourselves whenever they arise that they are invalid, untrue, and then refusing to accept them. This may take a while because your beliefs tend to be very deeply ingrained. As they continue to arise make the point, again and again, of reminding yourselves – repetition is essential – that they are invalid, untrue, and lies, then disregard them and invite Love to embrace you, which, of course, Itwill. 

Many of you are devoted to saints and holy people who you believe led almost flawless lives as they lovingly served God and others. Nevertheless, they too had strong beliefs about their inadequacy or unworthiness that often drove them to make totally uncalled for personal sacrifices because of the cultural and religious environments in which they grew up. Sin, shame, and unworthiness entangled in the harshness of the Protestant Work Ethic, made judgment a major aspect of life for many of them. Judging themselves negatively, observing and judging others negatively, and sometimes condemning those others, further encouraged them to lead austere lives following stringent, unloving, and painful disciplines in attempts to prove to God that they truly loved Him, would do anything for Him, and to demonstrate to others what they believed God required of every human.

However, God never ever wants any of His beloved children to make sacrifices to prove they love Him, to do that would indeed be insane! No one wants another whom they truly love to prove their love by making sacrifices. Nor does God. Love is utterly and totally accepting of all unconditionally because that is the nature of Love. God is Love, eternally loving His creations and all His sentient, conscious, and utterly loving children. 

Love loves, period!

So those saints and holy ones were not pleasing God by treating themselves so unlovingly! And frequently, deep within themselves, denied and hidden from their awareness, lay an unacknowledged bitterness and resentment, because life appeared to be treating them so unfairly, while ‘sinners’ appeared to live freely enjoying life, suffering no punishment for their sinfulness. 

God/Love/Source never punishes anyone! Punishment is unreal! How could the One Who is Love, and Who creates perfect beings, ever choose to punish any of them? Within the dream/illusory state of form it seems that great evil is doing horrific damage and causing unconscionable suffering to enormous numbers of people. But you must keep reminding yourselves that your lives in form are unreal! Yes, they can be extremely painful, and you can suffer enormously during them, but that experience that you are undergoing as a human in form is a free will choice that each of you made prior to incarnating to magnificently assist in humanity’s collective awakening process. There is no evil, there is no hell, they are just aspects of the unreality that you collectively established when you constructed an illusion in which to experience separation from your Source.Love is All, All That Is. Evil, sin, and hell are just unreal aspects of that unreality you constructed to experience separation, and when you awaken, because they are unreal, they will be gone

When you awaken, as very soon you will, you will find yourselves fully conscious and fully aware of your Real nature, and there will be nothing in the environment that is not in complete and eternal alignment with Love. How could any kind of unreal and non-existent state be present in Reality? You are One with Love in eternal Oneness or Co-existence, living in glorious harmony now and forever as One, there is nothing existing, no other state that is the slightest or smallest bit different anywhere else because there is nowhere else! 

Your loving brother, Jesus. 

Distant Healing

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