Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 28th

In these times of increasing chaos and confusion know that your support teams in the non-physical realms are awake and alert to your every call.   Do call on your own personal supporters who are in spirit for guidance and comfort in these troubling times, because they very much want to communicate with you so that you can feel the embrace of their loving energy fields bringing you peace and reducing your anxiety.

These times are perfect for you to strengthen your connection with us here in the spiritual realms because you have plenty of time to sit quietly and relax into your holy inner sanctuary where Love and Peace are always in residence.   Give yourself plenty of time to do this – you have plenty – and allow the peace of this holy inner space to envelop you.  Distractions will arise – impatience, hunger, thirst, sleepiness.  Therefore be ready for them by setting the intent, as you relax into this space, to maintain your focused attention – on a candle, your breath, the floor just in front of you, a plant, or anything that you feel comfortable and at ease focusing on for more than a few moments – and then be quiet, alert, and ‘listen’ for your intuition, inner guidance, or the spiritual entity to whom you direct your prayers, to commune with you.

Remember, You are never alone.

Your loving brother, Jesus

Beloved friends,

In just four days 108 people accepted my offer to use this time of isolation and uncertainty to get grounded in something other than fear AT NO COST.

Given this response, I am extending this offer for anyone to register for my DIVINE 444 course FREE THROUGH MARCH 31. Please share this entire message with family, friends and your communities worldwide.

This course is a powerful resource designed specifically to help both individuals and the collective, and I am fully committed to helping as many people as possible through these unprecedented times. However, I am a bit overwhelmed managing the sudden increase in participants, so kindly help me out by taking note of the following:

1) You can start the course anytime after registration, you do not have to start the day you register.

2) Registrants MUST sign up to receive product emails or “drip” content, as that’s how the daily lessons/meditations are delivered. You cannot jump ahead; you will receive only one lesson or meditation every day for four weeks.

3) The timing of the daily emails is based on when you register, so if you want access to your meditations first thing in the morning and you signed up in the afternoon, simply wait one day after registering to begin the course. Ideally, it works best to register in the evening and start your course the next morning.

4) If you are prompted for a payment after you click on the link in your email, you are probably logged out. Simply log in to your account at maryreed.podia.com using the login button at the top right. If you use multiple devices you may have to reset your password.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help, and happy to do so. 

Big love,

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 21st

You are on the cusp of great revelations that will amaze and alarm humanity, as the scale of corruption and deceit in human affairs, engaged in for eons by those who would rule and control you, are brought to light by some very courageous investigators of the utmost integrity.  Part of the game of separation has been the motivation by those of high intelligence to set themselves up as leaders and controllers because they consider themselves superior to others and, therefore, totally deserving of power and privilege.  They see “the masses” as tools to be used to help them achieve their aims.  They have appeared as emperors, as kings, as dictators, as tribal chiefs, as people of importance who have “rightfully” inherited their positions due to their royal blood lines, and they have gone to great lengths to prevent those blood lines becoming “contaminated.”  They have always been very secretive, and have, without any qualms, disposed of any who would not submit to their authoritarian ways, including members of their own families.  Their greed for power has always been insatiable.  Now their secrets and their criminal activitiesare to be revealed, in fact are already being revealed.

Many have suspected those in high places of nefarious activities, which have been ongoing for a very long time, but, until now, there has been no way to expose these activities, or the ambitions of these intensely egotistical people and call them to account.  Enormous change is in the air, and it will surprise quite a few when who the “good guys” are becomes known.  Nothing, in the illusory world, is as it seems.

Reality is Love, and there is nothing other than Love.  In the unreal world, the world of form, where sentient life experiences itself as a physical being, material forms appear to be separate, individual, disconnected from each other.  This unreal world, the world of illusion was constructed with the express intent to experience separation, individuality, aloneness, and it has done this extremely well.

Although modern science has now demonstrated very clearly that there is only a vast and infinite field of energy within which everything is connected, and that therefore separation is physically impossible, nevertheless, the way humanity experiences itself and life in form remains an experience of separation – me totally physically separate from everyone else.  This has been humanity’s experience since the illusion was constructed for this very purpose, and because this belief is so deeply ingrained within the human collective, it is very difficult to dissolve.  While it remains, for a short while yet, a seemingly totally valid belief, those with intense egotistical personalities will continue to behave as they have been doing for eons, namely by caring for themselves while disregarding the rights and needs of others.

BUT, humanity is awakening!  Consequently the vast majority of humans have seen, or are now beginning to see the insanity of attempting to live separate lives in which each looks only after him or herself.  Your history of endless conflicts and the resultant pain and suffering of so many clearly demonstrates the results of this belief, and of the behaviors that follow from it.  Humanity is ready for change, for awakening, and the collective decision to awaken has been made, and your awakening is happening right now.  As a result, much that has been hidden is being brought into the light, and, because until very recently people trusted the system that has been endlessly using and abusing them, what is being revealed is immensely shocking and disturbing for many.  There is even a powerful sense of disbelief that theseinsane criminal activities and deceptions could have been ongoing for so long, and people are asking themselves, and those with whom they associate regularly “Can this really be true.  Surely we would have known something of this.  Are our governments and their agents really so utterly and criminally corrupted?”  And the answer is becoming quite apparent, and is most definitely in the affirmative.

To awaken is to become aware of Oneness, to know that All are One, and in that knowing peace and joy arise.  To awaken is to open your hearts fully to Love.  This means that all that is not in perfect alignment with Love, all that is unreal – judgment, bitterness, hatred, resentment, etc. – has to be dissolved back into the nothingness from which it appears to have arisen.  Nothing can arise from nothingness, so it is just a case of acknowledging certain unloving thoughts and beliefs and letting them go, thus allowing Love to fill your hearts completely.  You do this just by withdrawing your power, your focus of attention from them, and then they are gone, because it is by your choice to focus your attention on them that you make them seemingly real – and only in your minds!  The difficulty is that you can see this very clearly in others, but your egos do an excellent job of hiding them from yourselves.  You could liken it to going through the home you have resided in for a very long time and clearing out the enormous accumulations of “stuff,” of “clutter” that you no longer need, and delighting in the large open space that is then available and into which you can expand and be fully yourselves.

There is no need to search out and bring to justice those who have misbehaved, because to do so is to engage in judgment thus reducing the space available in your hearts for peace, joy, and Love.  Those who have misbehaved are also awakening, and the majority will become aware, will be shocked and horrified at what they uncover within themselves – the “stuff” arising into their awareness, “stuff’ that has been denied or ignored for a very long time – and will seek assistance to release it.  Many of you chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution to offer this kind of exceptionally loving assistance to those who become conscious of and horrified by the personal misbehaviors in which they have engaged.

Remember, ALL, without exception, are the beloved children of God, and ALL are the prodigal ones returning Home to the most magnificent of celebrations.  There is no divine judgment, there is only self-judgment, and the divine Will is that you cease and desist from that, forgive yourselves, forgive all others, and truly awaken into the full awareness of your own Divinity.  God creates only like unto Himself, and She always does it with infinite perfection!

As your last unawakened moments flow past, please celebrate in the knowledge that all is well, that all is unfolding perfectly just as Father/Mother/God has always intended.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

  Jesus Audio Blog for Monday March 16th

Humanity is approaching a moment of change, a moment of enormous change, and as you all move forward through it there will be much uncertainty and disturbance.  You know that God’s Love for everyone of his children is infinite and eternal, and that His Will for you is eternal joy.  However, as you move through these times of uncertainty there will be moments of intense disagreement and some conflict will result.  The way forward is to fully embrace your true nature – Love – and engage with life and with others in every moment from that state.  This is a time when your trust in God’s Love for you, for all sentient life forms, is essential so that you most firmly reset and reset – every time doubts or anxieties arise – your intent to be only loving whatever arises in your daily lives.  Because to do that is to be who you are, and doing so will help you to remember your divine heritage.

Life in form has been a long and often disturbing interlude in which you have forgotten your true nature, and in which a powerful sense of separation from that true nature seems to have enfolded you.   As you have been told so often : There is no separation.  Nevertheless, the dream or nightmare of separation that you chose to experience has seemed intensely real for you, as your bodies, with which you almost completely identify yourselves, have undergone enormous turmoil through pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.  Because of that you have taught yourselves to disregard it by projecting it out onto others – humans who appear to be totally different from you for any number of utterly invalid reasons – and turning them, in your imagination, into enemies who are forever threatening you.  Needless to say those others see you in the same manner.

Over the eons this has led to innumerable wars in which winners and losers are constantly changing places, and during which much suffering is endured as ordinary people, those who are not directly involved in these ongoing conflicts, struggle to support their loved ones and survive in regions where conflict has become endemic.  Conflict is the result of massively egotistical behaviors on the part of a small minority of severely abused and damaged individuals as they attempt to escape from or deny their own intense inner turmoil, and who gather around them other damaged ones who will support them.  Often that turmoil has been deeply buried because to remember it would cause them further intense suffering.  When you find yourselves in situations where people like these are operating from a behavioral pattern of “suppress and control,” it is best to avoid engagement if possible, while intending to reflect back to them the love that is their nature, and which they have never been able to express.  This is the most effective thing that you can do.  Doing this is what awakening is all about, and it is this that will bring about the changes that are so desperately needed nearly everywhere on Planet Earth.

Engage with Love, and allow It to dissolve your fears and anxieties as you make a point of meeting with and associating with other awakening ones.  There are far more of you than you might think, because this is the moment for your awakening, for humanity’s awakening, and many have become crucially aware of the need for a massive Love flow, a “Tsunami of Love,” to envelop the planet.  And It is doing that now!  Your engagement with It in every moment of your daily lives is an absolute prerequisite.  You chose to be incarnate now to engage with Love, and if that does not resonate with you now, because, like so very many, you have forgotten your life’s purpose, then do seek out others who are engaging with Love, so that the flow from their loving energy fields awakens within you your own true and unchangeable nature.

This is the moment for which all have been longing – the Second Coming.  But it is not an outward or physical event with people rising up in revolution against oppressors.  That is what has been occurring for eons and plainly it does not work.  No, the Second Coming is the arrival of an intense inner knowing, that is experienced within the self, a knowing without the slightest doubt that the self and Source are One.  Over the eons, every now and then, a few have experienced this state and have shared the knowledge of it with others, and so although it was an individual experience, knowledge of it was shared, and religions were founded on it.  Of course each one experiences it in his or her own individual way, so when only a few, from different lands and different cultures, had this most wondrous and uplifting experience, they described it in different ways. This has led to conflicting opinions about what the Second Coming truly is.

Now, with so many being nudged towards their awakening, it is finally becoming apparent that each individual experience of the Second Coming is completely valid.  Another expression or definition for the Second Coming is to enter into Christ Consciousness.  Your original state, before the separation seemed to occur, was Christ Consciousness, which is your natural state of pure Love aligned with and at one with Source.  Love is unconditional loving acceptance of every sentient being, and to be in that state is to have experienced your own Second Coming and know yourself as Christ at One with your Father.  It is a state from you have never been separated, but which you had hidden from yourselves behind what could perhaps be most aptly described as a thin diaphanous veil.  That veil is now disintegrating.

Now is the moment to throw caution (an aspect of the illusion) to the winds and engage fully with Love, and thus reap the endless and most wonderful benefits that doing so provides.

You are, each and every one of you, eternally inseparable from God, and now is the time for you to remember that and to awaken.  Therefore, BE the LOVE that YOU ARE, and assist all your brothers and sisters to awaken into their true nature so that they too can share in the eternal joy that is your divine inheritance.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Tuesday afternoon, March 10th 2020.

John: I have finally concluded, after listening to my intuition, and after conversing with a couple of very dear friends to publish the following message from Jesus, which I received on February 5th 2020.

Jesus message on Wednesday night February 5th 2020.

John: I felt that Jesus possibly wanted to commune with me, so I said:

“Here I am dear brother, please talk.” And he responded:

Jesus: A very good evening to you dear John. Yes, I was calling you. Relax a moment to place yourself in listening/receiving mode and then we can start. (a short break here . . .)

Enormous physical changes are occurring within the planet and will continue for three months – until mid-May – which will be extremely unsettling for all, and will lead to intense suffering for many.

I want you to know and understand that all sentient life is safe, is protected, because you are immortal beings of Light. Many will lay down their physical bodies. They incarnated to do this to provide a major wake-up call to humanity. Love is the way forward, so judgment, blame, shame, bitterness, resentment, and hatred must cease.

You are all beautiful beings of Love, and you need to become aware of that now – you must know that Love is what you are – and release or discard anything to which you are clinging that is not in alignment with Love. The time for being blind to Love, unaware of Love, ignorant of Love, in denial of Love has passed.

Love is the divine field of conscious awareness in which is contained All That Exists. There is nowhere that is not Love, and all illusions of something other than or apart from Love will just fall away.

Any who continue to cling to illusory ideas that deny or avoid Love will suffer intense pain until they let go and surrender to Love, to Reality, to their True Nature.

You, John, and many, many others are now called to demonstrate Love constantly and continuously whatever may arise in your lives of form. Life will become very intense, so keep resetting your intent to be only loving whatever occurs, knowing you are fully supported in every moment, and knowing that you will succeed most magnificently.

It’s a little like a snake shedding its skin, it’s perfectly normal but unsettling and uncomfortable, but all is exceedingly well.

Be in Joy, be in Faith, be in Love, be in God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

John: I have doubts about the above! Yes, indeed I do! But I will set the intent to be only and constantly loving, and trust in Mother/Father/God, One, Source, Love, knowing that whatever may occur is divinely intended for the highest good of all. If I get the sense, later on, that I should publish this message, then I shall do so.


Dear All,

This afternoon (Thursday March 5th 2020) I just watched and listened again to a wonderful conversation on Buddha at the Gas Pump between Rick Archer and Sebastian Blaksley; it was first published in January 2020. The conversation was most interesting and uplifting, in fact I could feel the love emanating from Sebastian as I watched him speak, and, as a result — after listening and watching the first time — I bought and read his book Choose Only Love: Echoes of Holiness, and found it incredibly inspiring, it is definitely a book to which I shall return. I hope some of you will find the time and the inclination to watch/listen to his conversation with Rick.

Here’s the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuYa9BHQhJI

AND Sebastian’s web site : https://chooseonlylove.org/


  Jesus audio Blog for Saturday February 29th

As the awakening process that humanity is presently experiencing moves inexorably forward, there is much occurring worldwide that is causing fear and alarm to escalate.  Your awakening requires you to release your hold on outdated belief systems that no longer serve you – humanity – and the judgments that inevitably arise from them.  Despite the fact that many do claim to be based on love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self, they often judge other beliefs that are not in agreement or alignment with their own to be wrong.  Whether the belief system is political, philosophical, economical, or religious does not matter, what matters is that it is different and therefore must be wrong.  Having made that judgment, then the members are often told or persuaded to go out and proselytize, and if that method of converting others to the correct belief system is ineffective, conflict often ensues.

All across the world many are realizing that negative judgment of others – that is of people, not of behaviors – only aggravates the major issues and problems that the human collective has to deal with and resolve at this time.  Many of them have been unsettling and disturbing you for eons, but with the rise of modern technology, starting with the Industrial Revolution that commenced about two hundred and fifty years ago, humanity’s ability to harm itself and the planetary ecosystems that support you has increased exponentially, but without a similar and essential increase in the maturity and wisdom necessary to enable you to avoid catastrophic destruction on a vast scale.

What is happening now, largely due to the ease with which people all across the planet can communicate with each other and share ideas and information, is an enormously growing awareness that human and planetary well-being cannot be entrusted to an elite group of politicians and industrialists who are themselves controlled by a very small number of extremely powerful and influential people.  People of high intelligence, who are extremely street-smart and amoral, and who have shut down or denied their knowledge of Reality, of their individual spiritual natures, as they seek ever more power in the material world, which is for them the only reality, and so they seek to own and control it.

This innate tendency toward such intense egotistical behavior has been an aspect of the human collective for eons, arising initially in infancy, as the infant learns that it is separate from its mother and struggles to control her in order to be constantly fed and comforted.  This intense egotistical stage should be left behind as the infant grows into childhood and adolescence, but frequently the infant experiences abuse and trauma that effectively locks it at or very close to that stage of emotional and psychological development, so that as its strength and intelligence grow, instead of maturing into adulthood, it tends to remain egotistically driven, unless some kind of deeply moving emotional, psychological, or spiritual upheaval occurs, leading it to very seriously question its belief systems.

Right now, all across the world, people are being nudged to very seriously question their innate belief systems, as seemingly threatening situations and issues arise that they have to deal with, or as they find that their emotions suddenly appear to be controlling them.  For many, who have spent their lives believing themselves to be their emotions, the growing realization that this is not so can be very disturbing, as they have relied on them all their lives for guidance to direct their thoughts, words, and actions, and now, suddenly, they become aware that they can control and direct their emotions.  To have to take control and be fully responsible for their attitudes and behaviors can be quite terrifying, and so they may resist doing so very strongly.  They will resort to telling themselves stories, while blocking from their conscious awareness any truths or facts that they dislike or fear, in order to continue as before.

But this no longer possible!  Humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, and that decision is completely irreversible.  So what is now occurring planet-wide is an unstoppable and growing awareness, arising in the consciousness of every human without exception, that to be human is but a temporary experience during which a person has forgotten or denied their true nature as spiritual beings.  And it is awareness of their spiritual nature that is now arising.  When that awareness is accepted and honored, then the pain and suffering induced by emotional turmoil, and which many have been experiencing for most of their lives, starts to diminish allowing peace and compassion to grow within them.  As the understanding that there is no death dawns on them an overwhelming sense of relief replaces the fear and anxiety that they have been experiencing so regularly in their daily lives.

Those of you reading and/or listening to this are very definitely spiritually aware, and you chose to be precisely where you are at this time in order to greatly assist your brothers and sisters in this amazing and most wonderful awakening process.  You know that you are awakening.  Some of you are worried because it seems to you that your loved ones, families, or friends remain unaware.  Let go of those worries because they often lead you to proselytize which can intensify the intention of those with whom you are engaging in such a fashion to remain in denial of their spiritual nature, if this is what they have been doing.  The most effective way to assist others is to set the intent on waking in the morning to be only loving whatever arises, and then repeat that intent as often as you remember to during the day.

Remember in every moment – pin or stick reminders to the fridge and the bathroom mirror – that you are a spiritual being infinitely loved by God, who is having a temporary experience as a human in form.  As you remember, then immediately engage in loving and forgiving thoughts directed to whoever you happen to be interacting with or to anyone who comes to mind.  This is what you are here to do.  Nothing more is demanded of you.  However, if you feel intuitively – not egoically! – guided to say something in the moment, or to take some kind of action that it is within your power in the moment to do, then most definitely do so.  Your support team is with you constantly, and whenever doubts or anxieties arise for you, they will nudge you or give you an indication of what is the best course of action, if any, in that moment.

You are never alone, to be alone is impossible.  Know that you are lovingly watched over, embraced, and guided in every moment, so do not rely on your frightened ego for guidance or help.  If words or actions that you could engage with come to mind that give you an uncomfortable gut feeling, then think again “is this for my highest good or for the highest good of the person of whom I am thinking or with whom I am interacting?”  If the feeling of discomfort remains then you might well be best to let it rest.  When words or actions feel good, gentle, and loving, then you are probably experiencing guidance from your higher Self or your support team.  Learn to trust yourselves to be loving when you have set that intent, and refrain from judgment or criticism.  You cannot know the mind or the motivation of another.  So trust in Source, Love, Mother/Father/God, and remind yourselves that the divine Will is always achieved.

Your loving brother, Jesus.