Jesus Audio Blog for TuesdayJune 30th
Today is a new day. Of course every day is a new day, but people often forget that as they plod through their daily chores earning their living. But enormous changes can occur in one day, or in an instant. You are free to make choices in every moment, and you do, but they are very often the same choices that you have been making for years, in almost complete unawareness. Become aware of your choices, each and every one of them, and then decide if you would like to maintain them or change them – from which shoe you put on first in the morning to whether you really want another cup of coffee or tea, to whether you want to change jobs, careers, or relationships. So many of your choices have become automatic, and yet your choices determine how adequately or inadequately your lives flow.

Make each day new by being aware of each choice you make, from the smallest to the largest. That does not mean just being aware that you have made a choice but discerning if it is really the best choice you can possibly make in this moment. Drifting through life is what occurs when you do not see all the choices that lie open before you in every moment. But you can become aware of the great variety of choices open to you by practicing discernment in your little choices – which shoe shall I put on first, and why – because it leads you into full awareness of what you are doing in each moment and that enables you to question the wisdom of that particular choice.

If you are not accustomed to being so aware of your daily routines in such detail, starting to become aware can seem like a very difficult task, but, with practice, as with all things, it becomes easier and then natural. It is a case of being present in every moment so as you raise a cup of tea to your lips you are aware of choosing to lift it so that you may take a refreshing sip, and then enjoy the sip, and then, with awareness, putting the cup down again. That kind of awareness of each moment has incredible healing power.

Once you have dressed in the morning, very frequently your awareness of your body and how it is functioning for you slips from view, unless you are sick or in pain, and yet it is constantly collecting information that can assist you in living more fluidly, more consciously, and thus getting far more from life than you normally do. That is the purpose of the saying: “Take time to smell the roses.” Too much of life goes by in a whirling rush, leaving you tired and exhausted at the day’s end. That need not be, because, being fully aware, living each moment as it arrives, reduces your levels of stress and the amount of energy that you need to expend in the business of daily living. In fact, by choosing to be aware you allow yourselves to open to the endless and abundant field of energy, Love, in which you have your eternal existence.

You are pure energy, Love, but have chosen to restrict your awareness of and engagement with that natural state by enclosing yourselves in human bodies. By doing so you do offer yourselves great opportunities to learn lessons that you chose to experience before you incarnated, but the downside is that the illusion seems to grab hold of you by its seemingly powerful vision – a world of change, variety, enticements, and, of course, survival issues, and suffering – thus hiding from you or closing off your access to your true and divine nature. And that is why it is absolutely essential that you take the time daily to go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, where access to the spiritual realms, to your guides and mentors, and to your true Self are constantly available, when you quieten the flow of distracting thoughts and anxieties with which the illusion is endlessly presenting you.

Go within, every day, be at peace, and relax into the energy field of pure Love that envelops you.

As you have been told so often, Love is your nature, It is Reality, and you are, as you struggle with the vagaries of daily living, mostly unaware that this could be so, let alone aware that it is so. The essential daily visits, or pilgrimages you make to your inner sanctuary help you to break down the barriers or dissolve the veils that hide Reality from you. When you get glimpses of what is possible, absolutely possible because it is Reality, all that exists, you are uplifted, inspired, and encouraged to focus your attention on your spiritual calling – and you all have a spiritual calling, it is your reason and intent for being on Earth – which by that very intention eases your path through the illusion.

This will not necessarily happen physically, because many of the events or situations you encounter are lessons that you have chosen, waiting for you to encounter them and learn from them, but it will happen spiritually and emotionally by assisting you to accept, moment by moment, what life offers you in the knowing that nothing is accidental, that everything occurring has a divine purpose. What that purpose is is frequently unclear, but if you just accept and deal with it – and, please, ask me, or your favorite saint or spiritual guide for assistance with whatever arises – you will find yourselves living more peacefully and more contentedly. Yes, even in what may appear to be the direst of circumstances you can find peace and contentment.

Most of you have met people who despite unenviable circumstances are happy and contented, and who demonstrate an inspiring example of living powerfully and lovingly in the moment. You may have wondered why such a loving and indeed wonderful person should be in such an unfavorable situation? Well, maybe, it is to show others how effective it is to surrender to the situation, whatever it may be, and trust in the field of Love that always envelops you, and then allow it to actually embrace you. If and when you do practice acceptance of the now moment as it occurs, you will be amazed and uplifted.

Try it, that is what we in the spiritual realms are constantly encouraging you to do. It has to be done wholeheartedly, not grudgingly, resentfully – why on Earth is this happening to me – or with conditions – if this doesn’t work, then I’m done with acceptance! Acceptance of what is has to be unconditional in the same way that God’s Love and acceptance of everyone is unconditional.

Reality is unconditional! And that is because there is no need for conditions. In Reality all is in perfect and utterly conflict-free harmony, any other state would be unreal. Just remind yourselves daily, regardless of how you feel emotionally and regardless of how dire your circumstances may be, that you are a beloved child of God, taken supreme care of in every moment, and turn to Him with an open heart so that He may fill it with His Love for you. When you do this with faith, and with acceptance of life as it is flowing for you in this now moment, you will feel the Love, and you will be uplifted. A knowing will grow within you that you are and never can be alone because there is only the One, there is no separation. In that knowing you can allow all doubts, all self-doubts, and all perceptions of unworthiness to fall away to be replaced by a positive and powerful sense of self-acceptance in the absolute knowing that you are and always will be a beloved child of God.

As must be coming apparent, there is only LOVE! Anything that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, illusory, and may be freely released. When you take that step peace and contentment replace doubts and anxieties. Trusting in God works! The problem is most people do not trust, they expect that it will not work, and what you focus on – not totally trusting in God – is what you experience, distrust and disappointment. Call on me, at any time, and in any situation, and I will help you to trust.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 21st
Here in the heavenly realms, the state from which you seem to be so far removed, we are in celebratory mood as your awakening draws ever closer. I know you have heard this before, but words are extremely limiting and so we have to repeat ourselves very frequently to ensure that you “get” the message that we are charged with delivering to you. Namely, anything that is not of Love, of God, of Source, is unreal, of the illusion. You are Real, the illusion is not! But the illusion’s seeming reality constantly confuses you and leads you to make unwise or erratic choices that in the moment that you make them seem appropriate. Then, when things do not work out as you had hoped, fear and anger arise.

Dreams, nightmares, and general illusory states of consciousness are the indicators pointing to the unreality of what you are experiencing as life as humans. That is why, when you come to awareness of the unsatisfactory nature of your lives, that you are drawn to seek real meaning in life; the lives most of you lead are not satisfying.

You were created to experience the bliss of Union in every moment, and within the illusion that most definitely is not what you do experience. So you seek meaning, but mostly within the ongoing dream where no answers can be found. We commune with you, when you quieten your busy minds and let us in, in order to offer you the guidance that will lead you Home. We are always here for you and we always hear your calls, but due to the many distractions with which the illusion presents you, constantly, it is frequently very difficult for you to hear us. That is why we keep emphasizing your need to enter the peace and quiet of your inner sanctuary every day to commune with us, your guides, angels, and spiritual mentors, so that we can assist you with your inevitable and imminent awakening. How long do you want to go on sleeping and missing all the joy that awaits your awakening?

For many of you a quiet mind is an unacceptable condition, a condition that you need to correct by thinking. But it is only when you temporarily cease thinking that you are open to “hearing” us, that is sensing and feeling the intuitive ideas that we suggest to you. It is those ideas that bring you peace, a sense of belonging, of divine purpose, enabling you to lay down your worries and anxieties and rest in the assurance of knowing that where you are is precisely where you are meant to be in this now moment.

And that relieves your stress and lowers your blood pressure. It is very good for you! When you allow yourselves to let go of stress inducing worries and anxieties you move forwards towards your awakening, and be advised that you can no longer regress because the human collective has made the irreversible decision to awaken. That is why we are in a celebratory mood, well, hardly a mood! We are in a state of anticipatory celebration as we see what lies ahead for you.

So, please, make a determined effort daily to enter your holy inner sanctuary and call on us for assistance in your awakening process. THEN just relax, allow all thoughts, worries, or anxieties to just fall away. You can do that, and we will help you. When you do you allow God’s Love to suffuse you, bringing you into a state of unaccustomed peace and contentment in which you engage only with the now moment, the only moment there ever is.

It is in this now moment that peace, joy, ecstasy, in fact eternal and infinite Love can be momentarily experienced, bringing into your awareness the wonders that await your awakening. Most of you are burdened with utterly invalid feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that were inculcated into your personal belief systems when you were children by those who were assisting you to grow from childhood to adulthood. And those caregivers were only passing on their own beliefs which they “knew,” from their own human life experiences, that you needed to accept and honor for your own good and safety, earthly or eternal.

They were of course misguided, but they were doing their best for you. Don’t judge or blame them, understand that they, in their limited understanding, were doing what they honestly believed was in your best interests. Just be aware that you were given invalid information with the best of intentions, let it go, and forgive those who led you astray. They were, on the whole, acting from love.

Remember that within the illusion, where you are experiencing a very limited form of consciousness while living as humans, that the concept of love is severely misunderstood. It is thought that true love involves sacrifice and self-negation. This is most definitely not the case. You, every human without exception, is One with God, with Source, and therefore you are Love! So, being Love, it is your divine nature to LOVE Yourselves. When you love yourselves you are then in a position to love others. If you are taught to discount yourselves, as so many of you were, to refrain from loving yourselves, then, as long as you accept that insane belief, there is no way that you can possibly love another, because you have shut Love out of your lives, out of your hearts, hidden It behind the veil of the illusion. That was a free will choice you made as you entered the illusion to prove to yourself that you had no need of Love. Insanity!

Love will flow through you to all with whom you interact in any way at all, and to Earth and all life forms, when you love and honor yourselves. When you don’t love and honor yourselves love is blocked, leading to enormous unhappiness and suffering. Planetwide this has been the case for eons, but now, since the middle of the last century, this state of denial of love, in which sacrifice is demanded instead, has been in the process of being released, and signs of this are apparent everywhere.

Love conquers all. And Love, the Tsunami of Love, is opening every heart. Some are indeed resisting, but, as the “aliens” in one of your sci-fi movies stated so forcefully: “Resistance is Futile.” Humanity’s awakening into Love is divinely assured, all that you need do is go within, daily, and allow that Love to suffuse you totally.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday June 4th
To be fully alive, fully aware, fully conscious, and infinitely loving is your natural state, the state in which you were created and which can never be changed or altered. And there is absolutely no desire on the part of even one of you to alter that undeniable divine Truth, because you are all One with your Source, God. Why would you wish to change anything that is already eternally perfect? You would not, and never have! However, there was an extremely brief moment when the thought of change did occur, and in that moment was the illusion born. To you, as humans, thoughts, ideas, and dreams can seem ephemeral, unreal, inconsequential, but, as divine Beings, eternal sentient aspects of God, the One and only Source of all that exists, thoughts, ideas, and yes, even dreams have an existence that surpasses the age of your known universe. Nothing is or can be forgotten!

Every ascended master, mystic, or spiritual guide who has worked on the Earth plane has told you the importance of guarding your thoughts because, being of God, you have the creative power of God, and what you intentionally create has eternal ramifications. Mostly you do not use that power because you are generally unaware that you have such enormous power, but you are going to awaken and become fully aware of your divinity, of your Oneness with God, and if not fully aware of that power due, perhaps, to an underlying sense of sleepiness, of not being instantly fully awake you could construct another illusion. That is most definitely something you would not wish to do! And our task, among others, is to ensure that you awaken fully, when you do awaken, to ensure that this does not happen.

Those of us in the spiritual realms who are tasked with guiding and protecting you are determined that this will not occur. That is why we never cease to remind you of the unequivocal requirement that you daily go within, to your private and holy sanctuary, and while there feel and experience the Love that dwells there, the Love of God, the divine Light that is the life force that knows Itself as One with God, You, and which, unveiled, will awaken you to your true nature.

In doing so you will be firmly and lovingly guided to intend and desire to live lovingly as a human, and to demonstrate Love in action in every moment in order to assist all others in the awakening process. Every single human is actively involved in the awakening process, because there is no separation, all are One. But many are unaware of their involvement, because of the nature of the illusion, its seeming reality, and so are totally focused on it and do not see, except perhaps momentarily, that their real purpose is to find their spiritual path home to Reality, to awaken.

The task of awakening humanity is, in human terms, gargantuan. As you are so very well aware, there is disharmony, disagreement, distrust, and, of course, tremendous disinformation abroad within the illusion that must all be dissolved before you can awaken. Awakened, there is only Love. Anything that is not of Love, anything unreal, cannot awaken.

If you are fully engaged with the illusion, and with all its ongoing problems – suffering, deprivation, conflict, disease, and desecration of the environment – as most of you are, it can be very difficult to set aside the necessary and essential time daily to go within and while there to know and honor your spiritual heritage. Nevertheless, please remind yourselves of the essential daily need that you have to go within, quieten your mind, your ongoing and sometimes seemingly endless flow of thoughts, feelings, and other distractions, and then sit doing nothing, and thinking nothing, and allowing your mind to be blank, empty! That is the state in which you make it possible for yourselves to listen attentively – but without striving or trying! – and hear the spiritual guidance offered to you in response to your requests or prayers.

We, those in the spiritual realms to whom you address your requests and prayers, are always here for you, but frequently, due to the noisiness of your anxiously thinking and worrying mind, you are unable to hear us. Be quiet, be still, be loving, forgive yourselves for anything about yourselves that you judge unworthy, wrong, bad, or inadequate, and in that self-forgiveness peace and quiet will arise enabling you to hear us.

Doubtless many of you have read about and attempted various practices that have been suggested as good ways to still the mind and arrest the almost constant flow of thoughts, and if one of those methods works for you, then of course use it. But we often see people getting so caught up in the practices and then self-assessing their competence or lack of it, that the space that they are attempting to access gets filled up with thoughts about practicing their practice. Sitting quietly, silent, still, as you seek your inner and most holy sanctuary does not require effort, it is just a gentle letting go – watching the grass growing, or the paint drying, or the river flowing softly by – there is no effort, there is just being.

When you make the intent to go within, to be quiet and listen, we are there with you, embracing you lovingly. So trust that we are there with you, and just let go. It is really very simple, not difficult at all, unless you make it difficult by striving!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 31st

Excitement mounts as the moment for “The Event” approaches. Many of you are not feeling the excitement, and it seems to you that the imminence of humanity’s awakening has been horribly overstated. It has not! Just try to release your need for a time-line because it anchors you very firmly in the illusion from which you are in the process of awakening. It is a little as though your alarm clock had rung to wake you but you hit the snooze button as you groaned “not yet!” Many of you are far too comfortable snoozing on as you complain that nothing of note is ever going to happen. Remember, what you focus on is what you experience, so focus on your intent to awaken from the dream, because that is what you incarnated to do. And humanity will awaken with you.

There is only One Will, God’s. You are always in alignment with His Will because you are inseparably One with Him, just as you were created, and nothing can change that. Of course this does not seem to be the case as you continue to maintain and cling to the dream of separation. It is a very convincing dream, an absolute nightmare of betrayal, pain, and suffering; and an ongoing denial of Reality is an essential intent that you regularly reaffirm in the maintenance of this unreality.

Your modern psychologists will confirm for you that denial is part of cognitive dissonance, the state in which your basic beliefs are in conflict with each other, and you have to deny one forcefully to enable you to believe in the other if you are to be able to live in any form of peace with yourself. However, this solution is only temporary, and the need to engage in denial intensifies, leading eventually to addiction and or insanity.

As we have said so often the illusion is insane, and you no longer truly want to maintain it, you want to wake up. Deep within you the flame of divine Love is always burning, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for you, for any human to ignore It. It is Love, a Light that is so intense It cannot be ignored, It can only be denied until the dissonance within becomes unbearable, unmaintainable, and Its brilliance overwhelms a person. A personal catastrophe such as a severe illness or accident, the loss of a loved one, or a near death experience can initiate a breakout from the state of denial that seems to have served someone well. When that happens it is wonderfully shocking!

Humanity has collectively made the decision to awaken and it is presently in the ongoing state of putting that decision into effect. As a result many strange and confusing events are unfolding around you, events that seem weird and unconnected. People everywhere are changing their attitudes and behaviors, seemingly unaccountably, and they are giving up or redefining the images they have long maintained as their public personae as they “come out” and allow the Love burning within them to be seen and expressed publicly.

That is the reason for the increasingly pervasive air of excitement that nearly everyone is feeling but cannot put adequately into words, a feeling that appears unsupportable by any “normal” occurrences in daily life. Nothing seems to have changed, and yet everything feels quite different. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say that an air of eager anticipation is abroad rather than excitement, but a sense of excitement is building and will soon be uncontainable.

You have been praying and hoping for a return to Reality since the moment of separation. Within the illusion that appears to have occurred eons ago, but in Truth it was but a moment ago. It is extremely difficult for you to make sense of that enormous time discrepancy because time is one of the bulwarks of the illusion, and like it is unreal. Nevertheless, you all experience time constantly passing or dissolving, making it appear very real. But your modern science has shown that it is unreal, a relative component of an environment that is composed purely of energy that appears to be and in fact feels very solid, very real, in the relatively small quantities that coalesce to form a planet in the vastness of seemingly empty space. Some of you have had terrifying dreams of falling endlessly through dark empty space where you are utterly alone, and that was how the illusion was experienced originally– as nothing! That was too extreme and so you built physicality into the illusion to, as it were, give you something to hold on to, to cling to.

Over eons of time the illusion developed, as suggested in the Big Bang theory, to provide an environment in which the game of separation that you chose to play could grow and develop, reducing to a certain extent the sense of terror that pure emptiness, nothingness, separation initially established. After that initial and horrifying shock you made the choice to return to Unity, and to do so the illusion was developed to seemingly provide a path or show the way. History tells of the many attempts that ancient cultures over the eons have made to identify and personify Reality by inventing gods with whom you could communicate if you behaved appropriately, or to whom you could pray for deliverance from the illusion which seemed so real and threatening.

You are always in the Presence of God, because, as you have so often been told, God, Love, pure energy is all that exists, and It is totally unlimited in any way, It just is! You are eternally embraced by and enveloped in that divine state, lovingly held in infinite joy, in Reality where all exists in perfect unchanging harmony. But the illusion is like a heavy veil that you inserted between yourself and God, and you are now in the process of removing it.

As we have said, time is as illusory as the illusion, and your separation from Source, from God, was but a momentary excursion into a place that does not exist followed by your instant return to Reality. It was a little like when you go into another room to get your spectacles, a book, your wallet, and on arrival you forget what you came for, a fleeting lapse of consciousness and memory occurs. That is what the illusion is – a fleeting lapse of consciousness or memory!

Now it is time for you to recover from that memory lapse, and you are feeling a sense of anticipation or expectation. That feeling has always been with you as you have lived your countless human lives – “I feel sure that something is missing, but what?” And so you have turned to your origins your spiritual essence for assistance. That spiritual essence is One with God, with all of creation, and so when you contact a favorite saint, a guide, an angel, or a departed loved one in prayer, or when you go within to your most holy sanctuary you are in fact making contact with the real You, the unseparated aspect of God that is your divine and eternal nature.

Who You are never changes or alters, you just had a momentary lapse of consciousness from which you are about to awaken, and then awareness of Reality will come flooding in filling you with untold joy. Don’t hit the snooze button again, it is time to wake and enjoy Unity consciousness once more. Your welcome Home will astound You.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 24th
Humanity’s awakening is inevitable. Of course you have heard that many times before, but within the illusion doubts and anxieties assail you almost constantly. That is why it is necessary for me to keep reminding you, so that you hold your course regardless of the apparent lack of physical evidence within the illusory environment on which you focus most of your attention, to confirm that God’s plan is unfolding just as He intends.

The illusion is a place in which inconsistencies flourish, new information arises that displaces previously held beliefs by demonstrating their inadequacies, and the pace at which that is happening is constantly accelerating. No wonder you feel so assailed. The illusion is an environment of almost constant change – peace to war, love to hate, trust to betrayal – and reversals of those states. At this point in your spiritual evolution – and everyone physically incarnate on Earth is here to evolve spiritually – an enormous effort is being maintained through prayer, meditation, and through humanity’s intense desire for positive change, to move from violence to non-violence, from endless states of war to lasting peace, and awareness is growing that this can only happen if people trust each other and absolutely refrain from betraying that trust.

The briefest moment spent considering what is required to bring a state of peaceful and harmonious coexistence to all on Earth makes it quite clear that no progress can be made without first establishing trust, and to do that it is apparent that all cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, religious and political beliefs must absolutely respect all others. The intense egoic need to be right that so many have, the need to belong to the right religion, the right political party, the right nation, the right . . . (fill in the blanks!) is, as history never fails to demonstrate, an unmitigated recipe for disaster, because it spends its time making others wrong, and thereby making others its enemies.

Worldwide, as children are born and start to grow, they have egos that need to grow and mature to enable them to live on Earth as wise and balanced individuals. Initially they have needs that they cannot fulfill for themselves, needs that require acknowledgment and fulfillment by someone other than themselves, and so they have to learn to attract the attention of those who are there to provide for those needs, and that attention seeking behavior strengthens their egos. This is normal.

What is not normal, but in fact always happens, is that these egos, the egos of nearly every individual human without exception, are hurt and abused to a greater or lesser extent by their caregivers during their years of growth to adulthood. Generally the caregiver’s intent is to teach and not to harm, but because of the damage that the caregivers themselves have experienced, they teach fear, not love. They unintentionally betray the trust of those for whom they are responsible, mostly believing that “it is for their own good!” The result is that the little ones growing up experience betrayal of their trust by those who are there to nurture them, and they are consequently conditioned to expect betrayal and thus learn to be forever on their guard. Consequently trust is not something they will offer lightly to another once they have lived through those unavoidable human growth experiences and had it betrayed.

How can humanity move forward then? The only way forward is by trusting one another, and yet to do that seems at best insane and at worst a total denial of reality. Your experience shows you that trusting individuals are gullible, unwise, immature, lacking intelligence, and are almost always betrayed. And yet reason and logic make it abundantly clear that without trust progress towards lasting peace is impossible. It would seem that humanity is caught in a “Catch 22” situation. There appears to be no way to escape from an absence of trust because, as experience shows most clearly, those who trust are always betrayed.

Nevertheless, the only way forwards is by choosing to trust. The vast majority of humans want only to live in peace and harmony with everyone else. When that state is achieved, as it has been many times in small communities, amazing cooperative creative ventures are undertaken and brought lovingly to fruition. However, the success of those communities arouses jealousy among those whose environments are less loving. If you look closely at what happens you will see that only a very small number of badly damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a harmonious community by spreading rumor and gossip.

That is the point – only a very small number of damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a community, BECAUSE others listen to them and believe their embittered gossip.

If that gossip is ignored the gossipers move somewhere else. They seek egoic satisfaction in destroying the harmony and peace that others have established because they themselves are so damaged. And because they are in such intense pain, which is mostly denied and buried deep within them, they wait attentively for an opportunity to project that pain on to others for the slight relief it brings to them. When individuals are that badly damaged their only pleasure is found in hurting others. When you meet or interact with someone as hurt as that do not judge or condemn them, just intend for them to be healed, and send them love or blessings. That is one of your earthly tasks.

The way forwards therefore is to ignore all gossip, and instead to trust your own intuitive sense which tells you that others can be trusted, and then to trust them! Yes, within the illusion, your present apparent “home” environment, your trust will be betrayed occasionally. But, being an illusion, those experiences cannot harm you, they are the just unreal dreams from which you will awaken. The way forwards towards your awakening is to forgive those who betray you!

As I said above, only a very small number of damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a community. However, if the community refuses to be influenced or manipulated by those in pain then those efforts are ineffective.

Each and every human, each beloved child of God, is permanently connected to the divine field of Love in which all of creation is eternally maintained, but the illusion, which seems so real to those living within it, is ego-driven and fear-driven, and it does every thing it can to convince you that you are an insignificant life form whose existence is short and meaningless. And of course that is its purpose. It was conceived of and built to allow you to experience separation from your Source, the infinitely loving God who created you in joy and for joy.

Your real state of existence – eternally present in the field of Love that is God – is unalterable. You are there always, and you have never left. You could never leave because there is, as you are constantly being reminded, nowhere else. Therefore there is nothing to fear!

As we in the spiritual realms keep telling you, through the various channels that we use to make contact with you, and through the divine intuition that you each have access to in every moment, there is only Love! God, the divine Source of all that exists, the sole Awareness, the One Sentient Consciousness that permeates every individual mind is Love. You are never absent from God, and therefore Love is your true and inviolable nature. What you experience within the dream, within the illusion – fear, conflict, betrayal, suffering, pain, and constant confusion – is unreal.

When you detach from the illusion, even momentarily, by going within to that sacred place where the flame of God’s Love burns constantly within you, then you will find peace. By going within and intending to know God, your divine Source, the place from which you arise renewed in every moment, you spread and extend Love to all with whom you interact in any way at all. That is your purpose during this incarnation. You chose to incarnate as a human this time around to help others to awaken, because the Love that you share with God motivates you most powerfully to bring all of humanity home to their natural state of awareness that all are One with God. You know that state, and being Love incarnate you want everyone to experience it permanently. You are in truth perfectly in alignment with the divine Will, and you are walking on Earth to shine the Light of God’s Love so brightly that no one can fail to see It.

That Light is shining brilliantly all across the world because so many of you chose to be on Earth at this time to awaken humanity. No other options are available, humanity will awaken, and the chaos and confusion that seem to be intensifying all across the world are clear indications that humanity’s awakening is happening right now!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday May 21st

As the divine plan for humanity’s awakening moves steadily forwards, those so successfully holding the Light on Earth to assist in this great venture are highly honored by all in the spiritual realms. Without you the plan would come to nothing! However, it is God’s plan, and so perfect success is, of course, absolutely guaranteed. Nevertheless, your willing and enthusiastic involvement is an essential aspect of His plan.

At times most of you experience doubt, lack of motivation, even a sense that you are doing nothing of value as you carry on with “normal” life in the illusion. Those feelings and sensations are just another aspect of your illusory environment whose only purpose is to confuse you, and undermine your confidence that you have a divine purpose on Earth at this time. Do not be misled by those depressing moods and doubts; when they arise just let them pass, as they most surely will, and turn to us and ask for a comforting and loving hug. We are permanently on call to answer your requests for assistance because that is our purpose and our joy.

Do not doubt that we are watching over you lovingly in every moment. Call on us for confirmation, and we will respond. Our task is to assist you and ensure that nothing prevents you from completing yours. We shall not fail and nor will you because the divine Will insists on success, astounding and, to you seemingly, amazing success! God’s Will is achieved instantly, but within the illusion that is frequently not apparent.

Remember, there are no coincidences, everything that occurs has a purpose, and every purpose, even though it may appear to be evil, of the dark, an attack on God, on Love, is in the end always used to assist in the task of bringing humanity home to their natural and eternal state of Oneness with God. A state from which they have never departed for the simple reason that there is nowhere else.

There is no alternative to the divine Will because there is no other will. Options and choices are as illusory as the dream that you are presently experiencing, and which the vast majority of you consider to be reality. It is not real, it is a dream or nightmare from which you have no option but to awaken. Yes, you can delay your awakening, as some misguided ones may choose to do, but humanity’s awakening will not be delayed. The moment in which it is to occur was chosen in the instant that you chose to play your games of separation, because your Father’s Will for you is that you live in everlasting joy, nevertheless, while you play your games that state remains hidden from you.

When you release your fearful hold on the illusion, as you most surely will, with all its distrust, betrayal, conflict, and suffering, you will awaken into joy. That is God’s Will for you, and because all are one, there being no separation, you cannot forever deny Reality, the state of being that is forever One with Him.

The illusion has brought you much pain because even to imagine that you are separated from the One, from the Source, is utterly terrifying. God is All that exists. To be separated from Him would eternally terminate your existence, and it is inconceivable to imagine a greater terror than that. But such a state is impossible. Release your fears because they close your hearts, and closed hearts are unable to feel the Love that envelops them in every moment. When you allow your hearts to open by simply letting go of fear, the Tsunami of Love, the divine field in which all that God creates lives joyfully and eternally, flows through you unrestrictedly as divinely intended uniting all in the perfect harmony that is God.

You do have free will because you were created in Love, and Love neither imposes nor demands, It sets free. It was your free will choice to enter the illusion that you imagined and then constructed. It is a state of intense limitation, of lack of freedom brought about by the restrictions that you built into it for your amusement. And as humans you are constantly dealing with limitation in your daily lives, and this seems totally normal, appropriate, and it is – but only where it occurs, within the unreal confines of the illusion!

Over the last six or seven decades these insane limitations have become increasingly noticeable, undeniable, and increasingly unacceptable to large numbers of you, who are now constantly seeking to remove or destroy them. And there are others among you who are striving desperately to keep them intact, to maintain the old order as they attempt to persuade you that they are building “a new world order” that must be established to ensure humanity’s survival. Very few among you now believe those old, utterly false, and cynical arguments that continue to be regurgitated as the only way forwards to peace and security on Earth by those who have for so long held the reins of earthly power.

The deep secrecy in which these ancient families and their powerful allies, ably assisted by their utterly subservient entourages, have operated is finally being exposed for all to see. Some choose not to believe what is being disclosed because it is far too painful for them to admit that they have been so deceived, and that their trust has been so flagrantly betrayed. However, the end times are rapidly approaching for those who have for so long ruled and controlled the world by corruption and deceit.

The time for games of pain and suffering that can only be played within the illusion is drawing to a close. What is unreal is ephemeral and cannot last. And every human knows this at the depth or center of their being. However, having chosen to enter the illusion, they are bound by the rules under which it appears to operate – that is until they choose to see through the veil that presently hides Reality from them.

Vast numbers are now choosing to see through that veil, that choice is dissolving it, and as it dissolves it becomes even easier to see through it. The Light on Earth, carried on high by many loving and partially awakened ones, is intensifying. When you each make a point of daily going within to your own personal sanctuaries to reset your intent to awaken into Reality the Light intensifies even further.

The work you are doing – holding your Light on high – is essential to humanity’s awakening. Only you can do it, which is why you are so honored. You took on an enormous task and success is in sight, so keep on doing what you have been doing. The fact that you have for the most part not been able to see what a marvelous job you are doing makes your strength in doing it and your unbreakable determination to succeed even more remarkable. Remind yourselves frequently that infinite joy awaits your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Message for Sunday May 3rd
We in the spiritual realms are very much aware of your restlessness as you wait hopefully, intending to be patient, for humanity’s awakening. We are also very aware of your doubts about the divine plan as the media continue to report seemingly endlessly about further groups of people all across the world undergoing intense suffering, while nothing appears to be happening to relieve the suffering that so many are already undergoing, and have been undergoing for such a long time.

What is occurring across the world is truly the climax that is leading to the release of humanity’s ancient karmic inheritance, a release that is an essential aspect of your awakening process. That karmic inheritance is seen unfolding whenever thoughts, words, or actions that are not in alignment with God’s Will, with Love, direct people’s lives.

As you have often been told recently, and as I need to reiterate, enormous attitudinal changes have been occurring in many cultures and races across the world over the last one hundred years. The two world world wars in the first half of the twentieth century really started the process because the suffering of many who were involved was so dire, and because of the international news coverage that carried the horrific news to every part of the planet. Fixed egoic attitudes that encouraged people to believe that their side in the conflict was right and that the other side was wrong were severely weakened and undermined as the atrocities committed by by all participants in these wars became public knowledge. Initially there were attempts to hide the worst of these, and when that was unsuccessful then attempts were made to justify them.

Those personally involved in the extreme mistreatment of others were shamed; then, frightened that their reputations would be damaged and they themselves destroyed, they strove to convince anyone who would listen to them that the accusations leveled at them were untrue. Many succeeded at the time, but later, in numerous instances, the truth came out. The more that was revealed the more shocked and horrified people became and a change of attitudes became inevitable, as people everywhere finally began to realize that violence always and inescapably leads to more violence, and never results in lasting peace.

But change of this nature does not happen overnight, new generations have to arise with these new attitudes instilled – as you can see from world history, these new attitudes are very recent – and that is what is happening now.

All over the world you are hearing about corruption and dishonesty being revealed as never before, as whistle-blowers report on the shocking truths that have been concealed and denied for far too long. This is an enormous change! Those who support concealment continue to fight an intense rearguard action to prevent further “leakage” of intensely damaging information, but their efforts are to no avail. The truth concerning many hideous plans and activities that have harmed and hurt so many and that have also done great damage to the planet and her environment can no longer be kept secret.

Humanity is demanding to know the truth, humanity is demanding change, and humanity is being heard! There truly is no way in which the old order can remain in power let alone in control of the means to power. The vast majority of humans seek love and know that treating others with love, treating others as they themselves absolutely yearn to be treated, is the only sane philosophy by which to live, even though most of them would not express it as simply as that.

The major world religions have a lot to answer for in regard to the suffering that so many throughout the ages have endured. These various religions were established by followers of wise and loving men who, having taught and demonstrated love in action, surrendered their human bodies to the dust from which they came. Very quickly afterwards rules were established by some of those who had been close to these men, the main purpose of which was to secure authority for themselves, thus allowing them to claim expertise in understanding more fully than anyone else the wisdom and meaning of the man whose teachings they then chose to interpret and promulgate in a manner intended to glorify themselves and confirm their arrogant self-appointment.

Organized religions were established as power structures to control and enslave populations in a similar fashion to that used by emperors and kings. Power is extremely seductive. Once held it is never gently or willingly relinquished, and those holding it generally try to justify doing so by claiming that their subjects or followers need the wisdom and knowledge that they alone possess to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which they can live in peace. No one believes that for long, as leaders promises are reneged on or forgotten dissent develops, and eventually a new leader appears at just the right moment to overthrow the enthroned one.

Humanity has lived in that fashion for eons, as your various histories make abundantly clear, but now major changes are in progress because the Light of God’s Love, which has always surrounded you, is being recognized as the only Power that has ever existed. It is infinite and eternal. It is the power of self-hood, the power with which God endowed every one of His children, and it means that you answer only to God, Who loves you infinitely just as you are, just as He created you. You can do nothing to improve yourself to gain His approval because you already have it, and no other human has the right or authority to judge or condemn you on His behalf. To do so is to attempt to judge God!

God is Love . . . Love is . . . You. Each and everyone of you is Love, because that is how you were created. You have temporarily lost sight of this, your inalienable nature, and it is to permanent awareness of your true nature that your awakening process is leading you.

You, each one of you, as you turn inwards to seek the divine Light burning eternally within you, are thereby setting the intent to know God. That intent starts the release of all aspects of yourselves that are of the illusion and that are not in alignment with Love. The journey can be hard as doubts arise when you are seemingly attacked or judged, and you are tempted to defend yourselves. However, as you have so often been informed, you are fully supported in every moment by God’s Love for you. Continue to hold the intent to be only loving because then your only option is to awaken, and so you will.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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