Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday February 7th
On Earth chaos seems to be erupting in many places like volcanoes! Change is accelerating as awareness also erupts due to whistle blowers and alternate news web sites publishing information that has long been kept secret as part of the intention by the very few to control and enslave the rest of humanity. This new awareness cannot be contained. There are organizations intent on crushing it or ridiculing it in order to prevent the old order from collapsing.

However, due to the ongoing enormously expanding communication abilities allowing anyone to communicate instantly with anyone else anywhere on the planet, dark and sinister secrets can no longer be kept hidden. Consequently those who have for eons been used and abused by those who have taken power by stealth and corruption are now becoming evermore aware of how their trust in authority has been exploited and used against them. And they are refusing to allow it to continue.

The old order is utterly dependent on willing men and women in the police forces, intelligence agencies, and the military who will unquestioningly carry out the orders of their superiors. These men and women are now realizing that they are the ones with the power, and they are asking questions and demanding honest and responsible answers as to why they should follow orders commanding them to control, disperse or destroy other human beings. And of course there are no answers that can possibly justify those orders.

Much of the chaos and confusion that is being reported in the mainstream media is arising as a result of the unwillingness of many varied groups of humans all over the planet, often employed by the police forces, the intelligence agencies, or the military, to continue cooperating with the authoritarian forces that have been in control for so long. Seeing, often for the first time, how they have been so systematically controlled and manipulated over the eons, they are now absolutely refusing to cooperate with the “authorities” who have and wish to continue removing or crushing the God-given rights of every human. Enormous changes are occurring all across the planet, and a return to the old order, where authoritarian regimes forcefully suppress and oppress their citizens, is now impossible.

The grand scale of corruption on the planet that has enabled ancient family dynasties to remain in positions of enormous power and influence for generations is being revealed. The Light is shining in dark places that have been hidden from view and disclosing the endemic corruption that is a concomitant of the will to power at all costs. When the Light is shone into those dark places the dark dissolves and what remains is the decaying detritus of vested interests that can only exist in the darkest of environments.

You have a saying “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is true. In the illusion power is the ultimate addiction, no one who has experienced it ever wants to give it up, they always want more. Rising through the ranks of political, religious, military, or corporate organizations generally confers increasing amounts of power on an individual, who, completely seduced by it, will do anything for his superiors to continue rising up the ladder. Of course only the chosen few, the age-old dynastic families, have real power, for the rest it is but an ability to crush those beneath them who threaten their own positions or those of their superiors. When one of these is no longer of use to those in power his fall is fast and catastrophic. That is where the expression “dog eat dog” comes from.

Those who appear to really have power on the planet remain hidden, unknown to the general public, while playing their subordinates off against one another, or destroying them to suit their nefarious purposes. However power within the illusion is of course illusory, just smoke and mirrors, and once that is realized it is gone. This is what is occurring now on Earth. As more and more of the dirty secrets and self-serving agreements of these power-driven Moguls are disclosed they end up like the Emperor in the fairy tale – with no clothes. Most of them are now rushing away to hide, but there is no hiding place. The truth will out!

For you Light bearers and Light workers your earthly task remains the same – Keep Holding the Light on High! You do this by making the daily intent to be loving at all times and in every situation and by walking your talk. As you have been told so many times – There is only Love. You either engage with It or reject It. Rejection of It drags you further into the illusion, into the seemingly endless nightmares of pain and suffering. Conditional love is not Love and does not work.

Love is free, unconditional, accepting, forgiving, and healing, and It is God, the Source of All That Is. It is your divine nature that makes you eternally One with God. It gives endlessly, never seeking a return on Its investment. It doesn’t need a return on Its investment because It is All That Is. It expands lovingly and creatively forever offering Itself to all without exception. Time and the illusion will end and all will return Home.

In the meantime as you live out what some are calling “the end times,” do not attempt to judge those who have apparently so blatantly betrayed humanity and the planet. They are indeed misguided, and in great pain, which they hide, as they engage in their games of bitterness and hatred. They only do this because they have, as it were, fallen so deeply into the illusion that they really believe that there is nothing else. When people believe that they tend to play the game that many describe as “he who dies with the most toys wins!” That is a game in which no one wins. Eventually all playing that game will cease to do so, but until they make that choice they will find themselves in an environment in which they can continue to play it.

The rest of humanity, who are seeking only peace and Love, will return Home. Your task, as you well know, is to assist in the awakening process by living with Love fully alive in your hearts and thus demonstrating Love in action. To do that is the most powerful thing you can do to help your fellow man. You are, each one of you, incredibly powerful energy fields of Love, because that is how you were created, and nothing can ever change that. Your God-given Power, true Power, real Power, the Power of Love spreads from each one of you out through the universe, there is no object, obstruction, or forcefield that can restrain or mitigate It. It is God, and You, and It is All That Exists. Therefore rejoice in the knowledge that your relationship with God can never change, and that you will awaken into the divine Reality for which you have been yearning for so long.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday January 31st
Here in the spiritual realms we continue to watch with joy as humanity collectively strengthens and intensifies its intention to awaken from the illusion. Within the illusion signs of the awakening are apparent all over the world, pay attention to them because doing so uplifts and inspires you further strengthening that intent. The strength of your intent is important and powerful, and to simply reset it further intensifies it. You want to awaken, so focus on doing that.

All across the world people are doing that in increasing numbers, while others are engaging in group prayer and meditation sessions for world peace. You are always heard and deeply honored for holding these intents and events, and they are very effective. God’s Will is for humanity’s happiness, and therefore so is yours because all are One; there is no separation.

However, you can choose to continue playing the game of separation and intend to have a will that is not in alignment with God’s. But, that will, like the illusion, is unreal. Yes, within the illusion it seems to be possible to hold an intent, a will that is at variance with the divine Will, and it does produce results within the illusion that are in opposition to the Will of God. Doing that is like drawing the blinds to shut out the Light of God’s Love for you, enveloping you in darkness that give rise to much unnecessary suffering, suffering that because it is so painful is then projected out on to others in the form of attacks.

Until very recently this was the way many lived on Earth. It seemed natural because to be loving or trusting invited attack or betrayal. But as your awakening process got under way more and more people began to work with Love, treating others with respect and compassion and finding inner peace as a result. All over the world now people are attempting to establish systems of government that honor everyone, not just those who are wealthy and influential. And those who have been accustomed to having inordinate power and influence are ineffectually resisting these inevitable changes.

Corruption in high places, which previously was so cleverly concealed, is now being revealed further galvanizing the efforts of those who seek to dissolve the old order and replace it with a system that works compassionately and lovingly for everyone. And a new system is what humanity wants, needs, and will bring into being because it is the collective intent. The mainstream media does not report on the desires, the wishes, or the intentions of humanity, it reports what its paymasters demand, so do not waste time looking for news of an uplifting and inspiring nature there.

As you have been told before, the New Golden Age has arrived, and the evidence for that is widely accessible if you seek it out. All across the world Love is flowing freely and many are feeling It and engaging with It as they let go of old attachments that have been holding them hostage to grudges and grievances, unloving attitudes that are undoubtedly the underlying causes of so much earthly suffering.

The future is very bright as the veils that you drew between yourselves and the Light of God’s Love become tattered, shredded, and are withdrawn. They will not be repaired because the times for hiding from God in fear and darkness are over, and the infinite and eternal Love in which He holds humanity can no longer be denied. God loves all His children without exception, He sees no difference between race, color, creed, political or religious persuasion, male or female, or sexual orientation. You are His beloved children, absolutely free to follow the life paths that appeal to each one of you personally, and to develop them lovingly and creatively for the enjoyment of all.

There is no right or wrong! You each have the most wonderful creative abilities that, when you quieten the need to judge yourselves or others as right or wrong, and rest in His Presence intending to hear His Voice, you will realize that He encourages you in every moment to develop those abilities and enjoy them to the full.

You are Love, there is nothing else, and if you honor your true nature suffering will be gone because no one could possibly choose to say or do anything that would harm or hurt another. That is why I, and all others in the spiritual realms, keep telling you that Love is the only solution to the problems and issues that seem to plague you.

There are no problems! There are only illusions that you have invented and produced by investing in fear which is an utterly unreal figment of your incredibly powerful imaginations. Your belief in fear has persuaded you that you need to defend yourselves from myriad threatening catastrophic possibilities that endanger you in every moment, and so you have built all sorts of defenses – psychological, religious, political, physical, and military – which only serve to confirm those fears and beliefs. And what you believe in you produce so that your worst fears are confirmed and catastrophes occur.

In those areas where people are releasing their fears and demonstrating Love in action by being themselves, instead of presenting to the outside world the fearful masks that they have hidden behind for so long, issues and problems are being resolved and no one loses out. As your awakening process continues it will become increasingly apparent that there are no problems, and harmonious creative interactions will replace the tiresome and ineffectual negotiations to which you have become inured.

Just engage with Love, your true nature, instead of denying It and hiding in fear, and enjoy the presently unaccustomed peace It brings you. As you do so your worries, anxieties, and unrelieved stress will just fall away, and you will feel the Love that is your nature embracing you and showing you that you are Free!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday January 22nd
Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you truly reside in every moment of your eternal existence, we watch with joy as you resolve and intend to move ever more fully into your natural state as beings of Love.

It is a state you have never left, and never could leave, but you have – through your choice to experience as real as possible a state of separation from God, and therefore from each other – hidden from yourselves your divine and eternal connection to Source. Consequently you feel alone, small, and insignificant in the vast universe in which it seems humanity’s planet, Earth, although large in relation to each of you, is itself utterly insignificant. A planet that could itself be instantly destroyed by collision with some rogue and wandering celestial body. Your security as humans on the planet truly appears unsustainable due to many factors that are beyond your control and beyond your knowledge.

Often it seems that those who are searching for God, a Prime Source, a Supreme Intelligence, or who believe in one are merely hiding from the truth of your inevitable and eventual death in whatever form it strikes you. It is an issue far too fearful to address consciously – unconsciously it creates great emotional stress and pressure that needs to be relieved – and so you hide from reality by imagining and hoping for a divine deliverance from your eventual and inescapable extinction. Others strive for material wealth and military security for the very same reason – an intense fear of death. That is the game of separation that you chose to build and engage with. And it always ends in death!

So, rejoice that it is unreal. You are God’s beloved children forever completely safe and utterly adored as you rest, apparently asleep and dreaming, in His welcoming and unconditionally accepting Presence. Remember, Love is always unconditional, and God is Love, and so therefore are you. It is the place in which you belong – the field of divine Creation – and from which you will never depart because there is no need for you to do so, and there is nowhere to which you could depart. If that sounds dull and boring that is because you have totally forgotten the joy and ecstasy in which your eternal existence there is constantly enveloped.

That is why we are so joyful as we finally see the signs of your awakening from the nightmare, the illusion in which it seems to you that you have been contained and imprisoned for eons. When you do awaken the nightmare will dissolve, and it will be as though it had never been dreamt. Naturally the memory of it will fade rapidly from your minds because it was unreal, meaningless, and because you have no need to remember the unreal. Fear is unreal, and it too will be gone, never to return.

Ahead of you lies your awakening, and that is a most wonderful prospect. Many of you have indeed been hoping and praying for this for most of your lives, and many of you have been disappointed more than once as the moment of your awakening, as apparently foretold by many channels, seemingly drifted off into the distant future.

This was because of humanity’s collective freewill choice. On a number of occasions when your awakening seemed imminent, those who wished to maintain the crumbling old world order – whose sole purpose is in fact to rebuild, renew, and strengthen it – used their power and influence to intensify fear among you all by causing a variety of catastrophic fear-inducing events that led the collective move back towards fear and away from Love. Fear empowers those with dark intentions because it provides the negative, or, if you prefer, the dark energy on which they feed.

Humanity’s collective energy field is a bit like a see-saw on which negative energy fields and positive energy fields are attempting to outweigh each other. When the illusion was first built the energies were basically in balance so that an interesting game could be played, but over time this changed as your memories of Reality became more deeply buried in your minds, below your level of conscious awareness. Fear arose and the need for defenses against one another seemed to be essential for your continued well-being, and so balance was lost and the dark energies became dominant. This continued for eons, and civilizations and empires arose and were destroyed with monotonous regularity.

Over the eons many have sought God, Source, Supreme Intelligence, and religions have been established with the aim of leading people Home to God. Many wise ones have come among you demonstrating and teaching that the only way homewards is through Love. However, for a long time that message was thought to be unworkable, and many took sides to support the view of God that appealed most to their cultural or ethnic origins. Wars between different religious persuasions caused immense suffering as the opposing sides convinced themselves that they were doing God’s Will by destroying the enemy, which was, in their painfully benighted opinion what He required them to do.

Finally, in these last few centuries since the start of the industrial revolution, and particularly within the last few decades, humanity has collectively begun to realize that a better way of living together had to be found as conflict and disharmony had shown that the only results that could be counted on from that approach was further suffering. Taking sides just did not work. It took a great shock for a great many people for this to become apparent, and the wars of the twentieth century, reported as they happened by the newly mobile and connected news media, provided that shock or wake-up call.

Now many realize that Love is the only way to live together in peace and harmony, and the numbers coming to that realization have been growing exponentially, increasing the power of the positive or loving energy fields and unbalancing the energy see-saw, hence the attempts by the dark ones to increase the negative energies by bringing about catastrophic events that terrify people. When people are terrified they have in the past turned to the dark – the military industrial complex and its leaders – for protection.

That is no longer happening. People have wised up, they have realized that they have been used and abused by those who claim to be looking after their best interests. They now understand that Love can resolve the issues that have for eons seemed irreconcilable. In other words the see-saw has swung permanently towards the Light, towards Love because the collective has made the irrevocable choice to awaken; it has made the choice for Love.

The dark will continue trying to distract you for a while with tactics of fear, but the events that they contrive will become increasingly insignificant in their effects. Their energy fields are collapsing in on themselves as the Light of your Love swamps and dissolves the fearful and negative emotions on which they are utterly dependent.

Continue your good and essential work of bearing your Light on high for all to see. I assure you that your Light is seen when you live with Love in your hearts, holding the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation. You have no need of fear, or of defenses. In your holy innocence, in your loving vulnerability you are invincible. Let go of all your doubts. Deep within you, at the holy altar where the flame of divine Love burns eternally, you absolutely know that you are One with God, inseparable from Him, that untold joy is your destiny, and that your awakening is inevitable because God wills it along with you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday January 16th
Here in the spiritual realms we watch in awe as so many of you continue to hold the intent to be loving in every moment despite the chaos, conflict, and confusion you see across the world and that some of you are also experiencing in your personal lives. You are living in very difficult times, times that you willingly and enthusiastically chose to live in because of your intense desire to assist in humanity’s awakening.

You are highly honored for what you chose to do and are doing, and, of course, you are, in every moment of your eternal existence, lovingly held in complete security in the infinitely powerful arms of God. Please continue to maintain your loving intent. Within the limited awareness illusory environment in which you are doing your work you can really have no idea of the enormous power of the Tsunami of Love, the energy field that you are each personally creating and intensifying in every moment of your lives. It is what you have been doing since you incarnated in this lifetime, even as small children, and that you are continuing to do with your constantly held intent for humanity to awaken. Humanity is awakening, and because of your loving efforts the moment for attainment of that goal is close . . . far closer than you can possibly imagine.

Many of you may well be saying to yourselves as you read this “Yes, how many more times am I going to hear this? I’ll believe it when it happens!”

Well, it is your personal intention, the personal intention of each and every one of you that is bringing it about. You are all members of a massive worldwide team of Light bearers and Light workers who have been striving diligently for a number of decades now, and your efforts are about to pay off. Trust your intuition, your inner knowing, where you absolutely do know that you are delivering the goods you came on Earth to deliver. You cannot fail because what you are doing is God’s Will and yours linked together in perfect harmony.

As you wait to awaken, understand that you are not waiting but are very actively involved in humanity’s awakening process. Due to humanity’s generally severely limited awareness of the spiritual realms, your apparent inability to make direct contact with those who are “off-world,” your spiritual guides or mentors, does cause you to have doubts which can be very strong. Just remind yourselves that doubts about the reality of God, and about the non-earthly realms are yet another aspect of the illusion, an aspect that mainstream science, medicine, and the media would encourage you to accept as valid because there is no scientific proof for the existence of the spiritual realms. Nor of course is there any scientific proof for their non-existence! Science can be very dogmatic and very wrong!

Let me remind you once more that everyone on Earth is on Earth by their own choice and at the place of their own choosing! God created you all in Love, and Love sets everyone free. No one is forced to be where they find themselves – where they find themselves is where they chose to be. That can be a painful fact to accept when the environment in which they find themselves is filled with pain and suffering, and, as a human, it is normal to seek out someone else to blame for the misfortunes that befall one. Just remember that whatever arises in your immediate environment always has a lesson for you, and that lesson is always to love, to accept, and to forgive.

To be on Earth at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution – and humanity is most definitely in the process of evolving spiritually – is a most loving, generous, and compassionate gift that each one of you offered freely and enthusiastically because you knew how effective your presence here would be. Being One with God you recognize that there is no separation, that there is only a dream of separation, that all who are dreaming it find very painful, and you have chosen to assist in dissolving that dream so that all can once again delight in the joy that being fully conscious and fully awake in the Presence of God nourishes and sustains.

The truly compassionate loving kindness and generosity that you demonstrated by choosing to be on Earth at this time is a major aspect of God’s infinite creative imperative. God is Love, Creation is Love, each one of you is Love. You have just very temporarily forgotten or lost sight of that divine Truth. Nevertheless, you made the choice to be here to help your brothers and sisters in these difficult times, and when you awaken, as you will, you will be amazed at what you have achieved.

Reality, God, Heaven is your eternal Home. You have never left It – there is nowhere else! However it does seem to you that you are in some other place, a place where betrayal, pain, suffering, conflict, bitterness, and hatred are endemic; and in that utterly illusory place they are. That is why you must and will awaken. You were created in Joy out of Joy because Joy is Love, is God, is Reality, and to awaken is just to be once more aware of who you truly are and experience that Joy eternally.

As many have told you many times, the illusion is illusory and very temporary. Illusions, dreams, nightmares do not last, cannot last, because they are unreal. Your awakening is but the realization of this, and many now refer regularly to “the illusion of life on Earth” as they accept that a loving God – and, as you know so well, God is Love – could not and would not create an environment in which there was pain and suffering. If he did so, he would be insane and therefore he could not be God! Obviously, therefore, God is REAL! The illusion is not and you will awaken from it.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday January 10th
The New Year of 2016 has started well. Much of importance is happening in preparation for the events ahead, which will unfold quite dramatically and spontaneously as the Love that so many are now holding and extending to all of humanity brings about the enormous changes necessary for the endemic suffering and poverty of the vast majority on earth to be fully relieved. In 2016 all the major causes of human misery will end. The New Golden Age for humanity has arrived and the first signs, like the first green shoots signaling the arrival of spring after a harsh winter, are about to appear.

Do not allow the negative energies that arise when you see and hear news of intense suffering to drain and exhaust you as you offer love and compassion to those so effected. This occurs whenever you choose to enter into their pain. Why would you choose to enter into another’s pain? Perhaps because you feel somewhat responsible for it? Every human on Earth is following a path chosen with great wisdom and foresight before incarnating. Every single human is precisely where they intended to be as a result of pre-natal choices.

Obviously, for many, these choices have led to intense pain and suffering, but what they are doing, what they have chosen to do – even though awareness of that choice has for the most part been forgotten – is assisting in humanity’s awakening by helping to clear the deep negativity that has built up over the eons so that Love may flow in and bring Light to the dark that has become heavily established in various areas of the world.

In time, in the illusion, there have, over the eons, been many technologically advanced societies on Earth, societies that became so ego-driven and power hungry that they totally forgot their divine origins – all sentient beings were created in Love by God, and so Love remains their true nature – as they played the game of separation from God. As humans, severely limited by the “rules of the game,” they allowed their hearts to close thus hiding from themselves their true nature, and instead developed great (within the pre-set limitations of their human bodies) intelligence that they further developed in order to “win” the game of separation from other like-minded humans. This intelligence – more really a set of very limiting but powerful skills – was used to build nations, cultures, armies, and the necessary weapons to enable them to impose their will on others, by focusing intently on the “so-called” dark or shadow side of their human natures.

Humanity is now collectively working to reach a balance between the dark and the enlightened sides of its nature so that the two sides may become integrated, whereupon the heart will open, or the veil that has hidden the Light will dissolve and the creative abilities of the dark side, overwhelmed and unconditionally accepted by Love, will cease playing the unreal game of separation.

When the game is terminated by humanity’s collective choice, and the opposing sides of your individual human natures combine and integrate, enormous creative abilities and competences will arise enabling you to cooperate in a wondrous state of harmony and very quickly heal all the damage that has occurred over the eons.

Separation is a state of disharmony where the yin and yang have moved away from their state of union, have become extremely confused, and have then chosen to see each other as ferocious enemies. This has been pointed out by many sages and wise ones over the eons, and finally the realization of what this means is becoming apparent as the human collective seeks to move lovingly together as recognition of the Oneness of all becomes inescapably apparent.

The divine Reality is the state of Oneness in which all that God creates has its endless and eternal existence. There is no alternate reality or place where, for instance, evil exists. There is only God.

Evil is unreal. However, in the illusion you are playing a game with many facets, and evil is one of those facets. It seems very powerful, but that is only because you fear it. When you open your hearts to the divine field of Love in which you are eternally enveloped fear dissolves. When fear dissolves so does conflict which is but a reaction to fear. It is like waking from a nightmare which is unreal, while in the moment it seems very real, and recognizing it for what it was, whereupon it dissolves and fades from memory (unless you write it down immediately) along with the fear that it engendered.

Humanity’s awakening is the same but on an extremely large scale, and when it is complete there will be no more nightmares to frighten you. The Reality of Love will envelop you in overwhelming joy and the unreality of all your worries, anxieties, and fears then becomes unmistakable as they all fade and are forever lost because they never were.

You are eternal divine beings, infinitely loved by God, the Source of All, and you live – now, in this only moment – in permanent joy. However, by choosing to build and engage with the illusion to attempt to experience a reality separate from Source, you shut out Love by veiling yourselves in an unreal state of darkness and fear. It could best be likened to a small child hiding in a dark closet and terrifying itself even though there is nothing terrifying in there with it. All that frightens you is unreal!

It is unreal because it was unreal when you made it. You made it to play a temporary but frightening game of being separate from Source. But you can never be separate from Source. That is impossible because Source is All that exists.

However over the illusory eons that you have been playing this game its apparent reality has intensified right up until this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution – where spiritual evolution is merely your path to awakening – where you find yourselves no longer willing to undergo the pain and suffering that the game continuously provides. Thus you have, finally, chosen collectively to awaken.

All you need do is open to whatever arises in your lives and realize that that is the path you have chosen to follow to your awakening, and that because your awakening is both your will and God’s then your resounding success is divinely guaranteed and consequently absolutely inevitable. Go within daily, to your holy and sacred altar where the Light of God’s Love burns constantly, and ask for help to awaken, and you will be inundated with help instantly. If you allow it, then you will feel that divine field of Love enveloping and embracing you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus audio blog for Tuesday December 29th
Do not be alarmed as a number of unexpected events unfold quite early in 2016. Much has been going on at deeper levels of the human collective as you prepare yourselves collectively and individually for your awakening, and the effects of those preparations will start to become apparent in various areas of human endeavor. There will be much to intrigue and delight you in 2016 in spite of the ongoing disagreements and conflicts occurring across the world, which the mainstream media tends to use to further develop their fear-driven agendas which would encourage you to believe that things will only get worse!

To awaken is to become free. Free of all the emotional and psychological baggage that drains your energy fields and undermines your enthusiasm for life, leaving you depressed and unmotivated as you struggle with your daily round of worldly commitments. Commitments that seem only to increase in number no matter how many you resolve and leave behind. The illusory world, in which humans appear to interact as separate individuals, with each one seemingly in an almost constant battle for survival while seeking desperately for love and acceptance, is a very demanding and exhausting environment. But every one of you chose to be here at this time to undergo and grow from the lessons that you set upon your path before you incarnated, and to assist humanity in general to awaken.

You do each have an essential purpose on Earth in every moment, but uncovering that purpose and allowing it to emerge and change your lives is not that easy, although it is simple. Simple? Yes, it is simply to be Love in action!

However, the world in which you experience life as humans seems so real and dangerous that to just live seems to demand almost all of your personal energy and resources, leaving little time or motivation for your essential spiritual task. When you feel threatened and fearful you erect defenses and conceal yourselves behind masks that disguise your true identity. You have been doing this for so long that you have forgotten that your true identity is as one with each other and with God. Instead you fear one another, even in the most intimate of relationships, because betrayal of trust has become endemic.

The only way out of this quagmire of fear is to let it go and allow Love to direct you in every moment. But, because your unreal and threatening environment appears so real to you, that seems to be an insane course of action, one that is bound to end in disaster. Over the eons wise ones have come among you frequently to demonstrate this way of living, and while for the most part acknowledging the wisdom of the lessons they have taught and demonstrated, you have convinced yourselves that they are somehow “special,” and that what they did and how they lived is impossible for “normal” people.

Now, with the power of the Tsunami of Love flowing freely across the planet, more and more of you are feeling its effects and are reassessing your lives and the way you are living them. You are recognizing that life is intended to be a far more uplifting and satisfying experience than a purely materialistic life style can ever provide, and so you are turning inwards to engage with meditative and contemplative practices. These practices are enabling you to find within you a sense of peace and resilience that confirms for you that your true nature is indeed spiritual, while giving you the strength to remove your masks and operate daily from that place of inner strength by engaging with Love instead of with fear.

You are, as most of you well know, spiritual beings of great power and creativity having a temporary limited experience as humans within the illusory world that you built when you made the decision to be separate and to accumulate the strange but utterly unreal knowledge that life separated from your Source would allow you to investigate. You knew that separation was impossible because there is only All That Is which is Oneness, extant in an infinite creative field where Love is the power that makes all that is possible possible.

By entering the illusion, the unreal and temporary environment that you had constructed for some temporary and seemingly promising diversions from your natural state of limitless creative ability, you lost sight of and then totally forgot Who You were. That was Your intention, it was to be part of the game, but God, understanding how lost, frightened, and confused You would become, instantly provided the means for you to retrieve Your memory, awaken from the dream, and return to Your divine Home, even though You had never left.

Yes, what You constructed in order to play with the sense of separation was and is very convincing once You engage with it and seemingly find Yourself within it. Split into innumerable myriad individual entities each of whom felt alone, abandoned, insignificant, and of little if any value in the apparently vast universe in which you found yourselves, fear arose. Fear is utterly unreal, and therefore You had never experienced it. But, within the illusion, it arose because You were now apparently a tiny and insignificant individual desperately attempting to survive in a very hostile environment in which others, just like you, were dealing with the same issues in myriad different ways. The experience was, and remains, overwhelming.

In order to survive you chose to limit your awareness so that the illusion’s vastness and your insignificance would be hidden from you. This limited the amount of fear or terror that you might experience. However, in the last few centuries, your scientists have begun to realize how vast the illusion is, and that shocking realization has led you to seek an escape from your seemingly complete insignificance in the larger scheme of things.

Throughout the ages of the illusion there has always been what has come to be called The Perennial Philosophy, after a recent book of the same name, whereby it is seen that all the world’s major religions have always offered the same basic spiritual message, a message of unconditional Love. However, as these religions became established and mainstream the message became corrupted because the first followers of these loving beings – the founders of these religions – on whose beliefs and ways of life these various religions claimed to be based, almost invariably sought to attain personal power and influence through their connection to the holy one. Consequently most religious organizations, instead of showing Love in action, built power bases from which their leaders could draw enormous material benefits while subjugating the masses of separated souls, who were desperately seeking salvation, by convincing them to surrender their sovereignty and instead support the hierarchy that then used that support for its own nefarious purposes.

Now awareness of this corruption has become so widespread that the elite bloodlines who have enjoyed, engaged in, and used these corrupt practices for eons, can no longer control humanity. Humanity has, as we have remarked before, made the collective decision to awaken into their true heritage as unseparated divine beings at one with God. And that decision is irreversible. You will awaken, because it is your and God’s Will that you do so, and because you are already awakening.

Your main, indeed your only task is to be loving in every moment. You know that Love is always the answer, regardless of any question that might be asked, because with Love there are no “ifs” “ands” or “buts.” So, Walk Your Talk! That is how the world changes, by people, just like you, walking their talk. It does not change through rhetoric, discussion, or argument, let alone through war and conflict, it changes one person at a time, and now is the time when all persons are changing together.

The will to change exists, because it is the divine Will. So does the intention, because you have all had enough pain, suffering, and war. Therefore be sure to go within daily and hold God’s Light on high by intending to be a conduit or channel through which the divine field of Love, the Tsunami of Love flows freely and abundantly in every moment to all on the planet. The results will astound you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus AudioBlog for Saturday December 19th
In the illusion moods occur in your subjective experiences that flow like the weather. Sometimes that emotional or experiential “weather” stays dull for long periods. Some have referred to it as “the dark night of the soul,” meaning a time when they are feeling very down and seemingly unable to connect with their spiritual side, their oneness with Source. That is depressing to experience, but it is a time in which great and important spiritual work is being undertaken beneath the level of your conscious human awareness, and when you come through it, as you will, it is as though a great burden had been lifted from you, and enthusiasm for life once more bubbles into your consciousness, and your inner knowing that you are an indispensable and infinitely loved aspect of God comes back into your awareness.

It’s all about letting go of the illusion, and the first steps involve the personal realization that it can never satisfy you, which is depressing because you have relied on it for pleasure, enjoyment, and distraction, and to finally realize and acknowledge that it can never truly satisfy your needs is very unsettling. BUT it is also the first step towards awakening as you come to realize that only God’s Love can satisfy you, even though you may often have felt yourselves to be unlovable and then assumed that God judges you even more harshly than you do yourselves, thus confirming your unlovableness. In this you are in fact producing an idol from your imagination, an imaginary human type of authority figure much larger and stronger than you whom you think of as god, and who has the same insane need to judge, condemn, and punish as you do!

BUT God does not judge, ever. He is Love, and Love is unconditional because there is nothing else, so no one is excluded, everyone is infinitely loved for all eternity. Those whom you choose to see as evil, unacceptable, deserving of hell are just mirroring back to you your own self-judgment. When you cease to judge and start forgiving and accepting, you will see those others in a different light – as suffering damaged ones desperately seeking Love and terrified of rejection. There is no rejection because every child of God – and all are children of God – was created perfect and nothing has occurred or ever could occur to change that.

That sense of being unlovable is an aspect of the illusion that absolutely drives many humans to seek joy or relief in a variety of addictions that, in the end, only bring them more pain. Letting go of addictions can be very difficult as issues that you would rather not look at tend to invade your consciousness – guilt for misdeeds, and judgment of self as unacceptable, not good enough, not strong enough. As clarity arises it is very tempting to flee back into the apparent safety of whatever addiction you use for escape – anything that you use to avoid being quietly alone with yourself, to keep yourself busy with the world “outside” yourself, is an addiction. And there is nothing outside yourself!

That is why it is essential that you go within daily. Doing so allows and encourages your hearts to open to the divine field of Love in which you are eternally enveloped. Many have difficulty with this because the ego is ever alert to the possibility of you abandoning it in favor of God’s Voice which is with you always just waiting for you to become quiet and open. So your egos fill your minds with all kinds of distractions – needs, shoulds, anxieties, anticipations – anything that will prevent you accessing the state of quietness and stillness that will enable you to hear the quiet and loving Voice for God.

However, if you just persist and sit, allowing the issues that you fear to arise, and then just observe them without judgment, you will begin to feel the Love enveloping you, and you will be able to forgive and accept yourselves, as you come to the realization that there is only Love, that all else is illusory.

Intellectually many of you know this and accept it but, due to the enculturation that appears to enfold you and make demands on you as a human from the first moment that you experience human awareness as a tiny infant, you all have a deeply ingrained sense that you need to conform to the cultural norms of the society into which you were born. At some stage an intense need for personal freedom will arise and the child or young adult will either rebel against the intrusive nature of the imposed culture, or succumb to cultural pressure and conform. From that moment on inner conflict will disturb and confuse the individual, and the only way forward is through it as the mind develops the ability to reason and then discard all that dishonors the integrity of its divinely created self.

All have the ability to move forward and leave behind the cultural conditioning that they have undergone. You are all divine beings of infinite integrity who chose to incarnate as humans and experience self-doubt, unworthiness, and unacceptability for the lessons that a life in the illusion could offer you. You chose human life in this moment of the illusion to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and in order to be of service you had to undergo the full illusory experience. This does make it difficult initially for you, as the memory of your true nature is hidden from you by the cloak that is the illusion.

Nevertheless, you have limitless assistance from your support team in the spiritual realms who are constantly available to answer when you call. You have been very well prepared for the human task you undertook because, prior to incarnating, you were given intense training to enable you to deal with all the eventualities that you might encounter. Still, the cloak that hides your true nature from your awareness is heavy, and frequently, when you attempt to go within, it appears to shut you off or isolate you completely from your spiritual guides and mentors, the Voice for God. Often people feel that they are wasting their time trying to connect with spirit, that the spiritual realms are just a figment of their imaginations, a sad and desperate attempt to find something holy to believe in because “the real world” is such an unhappy place filled only with suffering and poverty. But of course that “real world” is illusory, as you well know, and you will awaken and find it has dissolved without trace.

Until that moment it is your most urgent task to go within, to keep going within, to persist in your attempts to hear the Voice for God, and to distance yourselves from the distractions with which your egos attempt to entice you back into the illusion. You are on Earth to be the Light and the Salvation of humanity by demonstrating Love in action and by constantly holding the intent to share and extend the Love which our divine Source wishes to channel through you to humanity. All you have to do, all that you need to do is to intend to be a willing conduit through which God’s Love can flow. Nothing more.

But when you allow your doubts about God or about your own worthiness to be a channel to occupy your thoughts it is as though you were damming the river of Love so that beyond you the ground experiences a drought. Trust in God, the Source of All That Exists, and know that the Light and Salvation of humanity shines through you to bring all home to awakening. It is a done deal. Humanity’s awakening is inevitable, but your input, your individual loving intentions are an absolutely essential part of the deal.

God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity, and your will and the holy Will are One. You cannot fail because you have already chosen to do the Will of God. So go within at least daily and feel the Love that envelops you, and listen to the Voice for God offering you wisdom and guidance in every moment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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